Thursday, April 05, 2007

cool hand luke was born in flames

I'm doing two movies today both of which i liked for totally different reasons. well maybe not totally different.

This is a great film and I'm woundering why nobody puts it with bonnie and cylde and easy rider as movies that started the 70's thing espically since it was made around that time. but anyway.
Paul Newman owns this movie like few actors can and has to. this film would not work if he didn't use all his charisma to make luke someone all the prisoners look up to. I think that shows a good actor.
Also this was shoot by the amazing dp Conrad Hall. This was first of 3 film he would do with Paul Newman in it. the other 2 Buth Cassidy and Road to Perdition which was also his last film. This film looks gourgous and should this is right before his amazing job in the film in cold blood. Also and this is just cause i found this out and has nothing to do with the film. Conrad hall was the dp on the film incubus the only film EVER in esperanto. I'm very serious. it starred shatner.
Anyway this film is amazing and the actors are amazing in it. Paul Newman really created one of films most memoriable characters.

This film was made back when making a dirty looking independent movie was still ok and frankly i do miss that nobody does that anymore. A kind of science fiction film about new york 10 years after the peaceful revoulution where men and women are equal. the film focus's on the women's view of it. espically lesbian women. they make it kind of like a documentary.
This film is very poltical and doesn't really hide that. almost as sudtle as Sweetback . I like when films don't shy away from there politics and arn't over baring. this film makes no apologises for that.
It also has very few if any men and the ones that are arn't portrayed in a positive light at all. I would complain about this but there are so few movies like this that I can't and i like most of there politics so yeah.
If you like old independent films then you will like this or if your really political and you thought fight club was the craziest shit you've ever seen check this out now.


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