Wednesday, April 04, 2007

German kids on herion not as up beat as high school the muscial

Last nite i watched Christine F. a true story. It is an actual true story of a girl Christine F. who at 14 was addicted to herion and prostuting (if that's a word) around berlin to pay for it.
This film was made in 1981 and has a soundtrack by David Bowie. Ths score is defently awesome and certain points reminded me of the opening score of the warriors. Also it is a very dark film and looks of it's time which is very very coo. However David Bowie's performance has really nothing to do with the movie at all. It's kinda just there. I mean I like Bowie but it really has nothing to do with the plot.
I unforently saw a dubbed version of the film so i did not get to here there coo german voices. However the film the way it was made and shot is the best part. the acting isn't amazing or anything but i also saw the dubbed sooooooo.
Also the girl may have been a little too pretty like i don't know but i don't know what the original girl looked like so maybe I'm way off base here.
I will tell you that it is depressing and does show the cycle of drug addiction that very few films about drugs actually show.
I will tell you this about this film. if you really wanna watch a film about herion that is depressing and has David Bowie in it and there teenagers and it's always night in 1981. then this movie is for you. if half of those things sound un appealing . then this isn't for you.


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