Friday, December 14, 2007

The biggest event in movies and box office of 2007

A couple people noted that I said Katherine Heigl probably wasn't nominated for knocked up cause she has said she won't cross picket lines to attend. But she got a nomination for best supporting actress in tv. Ok i don't look at the tv part of the golden globes sorry my bad. but she still says she's not going.

oh and Persepolis was in there but not in anmated film category it was in the foreign film category for some reason that i don't know understand.

ok so this is the end I want to put the top 10 domestic grosses and then the top 10 worldwide grosses. also all info from box office mojo


1 Spider-Man 3 Sony $336,530,303
2 Shrek the Third P/DW $321,012,359
3 Transformers P/DW $319,071,806
4 Pirates 3 BV $309,420,425
5 Harry Potter 5 WB $292,003,714
6 The Bourne 3 Uni. $227,471,070
7 300 WB $210,614,939
8 Ratatouille BV $206,435,493
9 The Simpsons Fox $183,121,527
10 Wild Hogs BV $168,273,550


1 Pirates 3 BV $961.0
2 Harry Potter 5 WB $938.5
3 Spider-Man 3 Sony $890.9
4 Shrek 3 P/DW $794.6
5 Transformers P/DW $702.9
6 Ratatouille BV $614.3
7 The Simpsons Fox $525.5
8 300 WB $456.1
9 The Bourne 3 Uni. $439.5
10 Die Hard 4 Fox $382.1

i guess these can like change but really if you make money in 08 then it should count for 08 you know. makes sense that way to me. So with not that much time left i feel it will end like this.

Anyway so really when it comes to 2007 there were alot of events or stuff that happened that was a big deal. This Summer was crazy. Scorese finally won an Oscar. Those may have been two of the biggest but I really think that biggest deal was 300's ad campaign.
With a huge myspace promotion campaign where everyone was able to have 300 photos because of the movie. Also weeks before it came out insuring that you would want to see it. The film had probably the biggest internet campaign of any film ever. Much like how Jaws introduced tv commercials as a huge way to promote films on tv. The internet hasn't had a huge film until 300.
All though alot of films do have big websites and stuff. I really think 300 had the smartest idea using a site everybody uses and being all over it. A lot of films just buy the main login page of myspace but 300 was on all the photo pages. Also the imagery was coo.
Other films has huge box office but really this film wouldn't have made 70 mil in one week in like march if they had done it the old way.
300 wasn't really a great film but it had a good ad campaign and probably the thing that when people look back on 2007 in film 300's advertising will defently come up.


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