Tuesday, December 18, 2007

golden compass and willow it's a fantasy movie post

When Star Wars came out to took everyone by suprise and many studios made basically rip-offs. like Saturn 7 or Black Hole. This is like those films because the studio that brought you lord of the rings. Decided that when you piss off the guy who made that franchise that made you alot of money you have to do something right.
Golden Compass is best summarised by a review i read and forgot who wrote it but it said the golden compass is like Harry Potter meets lord of the rings meets empire strikes back. I think there may have been a fourth movie but i forget it.
Anyway it was basically like a clueless studio film. One that this time period is lacking so in a way golden compass fills the void of films that a studio completely miscalculates.
Also the only reason to see this is for the polar bear or the cowboy in it. WHAT you say you didn't know this was a Cowboy and Polar Bear film. I know worth the rest of the crap a big polar bear (voiced by Ian McKellan funny huh) makes up for it with awesome bear fights. So for that this film is worth it but it doesn't work really.

So I hadn't seen this is a while but Luckly I own it on DVD. This film is intresting cause all though now we have a lot of films that are fantasy films. In 1987 there was very few or there were but nobody saw them. This film was mainly getting the promotion and stuff it wanted cause of George Lucas.
Frankly I do like this film it is not perfect. The little mini human small things are annoying and probably up there with jar jar.
But Val Klimer is awesome in this movie and so is Warwick Davis. Who was only 18 but I think he was playing like a 30 year old.
For me this is a good film I know you can knock me for it. I saw it in theaters when it came out and loved it then and i still do. Sure it is not as good as the orignal trilogy but it's better then the newer star wars's.

As a side story. One x-mas after Willow came out and I was like obcessed with it. I got tons of Willow action figures and I thought it was awesome. It turned out my dad got them all at a kmart or something that was selling them for incredibly cheap. I think I had like all of them cause of this. Anyway I thought that was coo.


Blogger Jordan W said...

The funny thing is that the Golden Compass is part of a very successful book series in the UK -- they just picked the wrong film here. And tore out its soul. Haven't seen the film yet, but I probably will torrent it or something and watch it drunk.

1:35 PM

Blogger Opra said...

I appreciate that nowadays people create different kinds of movies. As for me, I don't like fantasy. However, almost all children like fantasy.

1:27 AM


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