Monday, April 05, 2010

I live in Fear

I live in fear is an interesting film. It’s about Nuclear paranoia. Most of the time you hear that you think of the bomb shelters people made in 50’s in america. in Japan it was a different deal. cause you know i don’t know if you heard but we dropped like a bomb on them. And it didn’t just create Godzilla and the rest of the inhabitants of monster island. There was a real fear.

The thing about this film that makes it more then just about the a bomb. personally i found the paranoia to be quite universal. The protaganist is a father who keeps moving to where he think they’ll never drop a bomb. even trying to make an underground house. It’s basically drove him made. Fear is a powerful emotion but it doesnt change. it seems the same to me as 9/11 paranoia. you could probably repurpose this film very easily to anything that is going on.

That’s what makes this film so worth while. Sure there are films about just Nuclear paranoia and only that like Atomic Cafe. but it shows we always are afraid of something. and what the fear can do if taken too far.

In addition it’s directed by Akira Kurosawa and stars Toshirō Mifune. It’s also the film Kurosawa made between seven samurai and the throne of blood. I know when we think of Kurosawa we think of Samurai’s but he could make films that took place in present day Japan. and they could be really awesome too.


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