Tuesday, July 25, 2006

ABC don't take shit from nobody

When the emmy's were annouced this year abc was basically left out despite being the biggest network right now. And they also don't get to boradcast the emmy's NBC does. Usually the other channels show reruns and unintresting things so they can toot there own horns as they win. Well ABC isn't do that this year. Nope there airing this at the same time.
ouch huh. yeah the same movie that just a few weeks ago shot up the dvd sales chart (I'm talking about the original by the way). ouch sucks to be you emmy have fun with that cause guess what they have a Dick Clark tribute with a segment featuring Barry Manilow. wow now doing that nbc is sad and well honestly what were you thinking.
oh and also they are airing reruns of Desperate Housewives on lifetime. Which is good for ABC cause they make extra cash but it's also making fun of lifetime for turning down a show that made ABC a huge monster of a network. ouch.
yeah basically don't fuck with ABC.


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