Saturday, April 07, 2007

twice upon a time

for everyone who really liked the yellow submarine animation style you might wanna check this out. but then the story, plot, acting, and well most of it well probably bore you. this film looks very very nice. however that's basically it's only good thing and yes it is really good and saves the film from being utter crap.
George Lucas produced this during the 80's when I guess he was sitting around in that 2nd pool he bought with all that ewok money.
I really feel like this film was made with very little passion and insight but then again the animation is awesome and very few films are animated like this one. so it is nice to see but the story just fucking sucks and is stupid. but if it was cg and released in 2004 it would be called shrek 2 so at least this is more intresting then that.


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