Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Most Awesome Games and cartoon all stars

Well this is my last day of work for the year. Cause I work for a school. So this is the last regular post of the year. All though I've been working on making a back log of material to keep this up. Might just post right before i go to bed or something.
Normally when I write these I watch the today show and eat cherrios with water. That's my morning pretty exicting huh.
I think this year has been a good year for tv, video games, and movies. I think music was ok but not as good as last year. My top lists of the year will finish soon. Top films of the year not coming out til 08.
also since I didn't play enough games or know enough about video games to really write a video game top 10 here are the most Awesome games of the year.

in no perticular order

This game is super sweet. I agree with everyone who says 2 is better the songs arn't as coo. but Sonic Youth is in this and there my favorite band so that's coo. I used to play on easy until recently i moved up to medium and i'm doing pretty good. I don't own this game but if I get to I could get to hard easier.
I have to also say that the way they use the stereo in the 2 player thing is really good.

Man I kinda forgot about this game but it's fucking coo and fun. I always liked Metroid even when I was a kid. Even though I suck at video games and this is kinda hard. But I like it.

This is online so you can play it Here at adult It's a simply game but alot of fun. You just have to kill yourself before a big meeting that you don't wanna go to. You get to kill yourself with staplers copy machines. well you only have 5 minutes. It's a great way to pass time. I think my best is I did it in 2:30

This is THE BEST FUCKING GAME OF THE YEAR BAR NONE. SERIOUSLY. The score is out of control in the best possiably way. The stereo mix is so far beyond what the film industry can do that it makes the film industry look like morons. Yeah it is that good and that well done. in DOLBY STEREO. The game never stops amazing me. Every level is awesome and with all the stars to gather it makes it worth it. It takes me back to the sega genesis Sonic games (sonic 1 and 2)and obviously the older mario's. It reminds me of when I was kid playing those games. awesome game seriously your doing a dis serve to your life as a human being but not even trying it out.

So I don't know how many people remeber this

But I do. I found it on you tube the whole thing is one video. Not sure how they did that shit. but who cares. havn't rewatched it yet too exicted. But here's the thing when i was a kid I though the kid all the cartoon characters are trying to get off drugs. man i thought he was into some hard shit or something and then i found out all he does is pot. WHAT really like come it was the 80's what about coke or crack or like something that is proven to be addictive. maybe this is why this kinda stuff never actually works. anyway check it out.


Blogger Scott said...

i got to play super mario galaxy in best buy (i do not yet own a wii, damnit) and i felt like i was 8 again. its amazing. can't wait to actually get into it one day, haha. should be getting some games for christmas, maybe i'll weigh in on them here, haha.
anyways, long time no talk. hope you are doing well. have a good christmas and all that fun crap. haha.
- scott.

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