Friday, January 25, 2008

Charlie Wilson and Silver Surfer

When I first heard about this movie I was really that intrested and I heard that they changed the ending which i didn't like either. Then I saw the film. This is first off a fun movie that also is very serious. Which is good you can sit through this thing without it getting to much like this is really serious. I mean it is a serious issue and it did really happen but the fun they have with the material is what makes this movie. I remember reading Roger Eberts 3 rules of film and one of them was " A movie is not what it is about but how it is about it" This film would be a good example of that.
I think Tom Hanks does a great job as the title character and really I wanted to see it again to spend more time with him. Phillip Seymour Hoffman is good in everything and I almost find it to be a no brainer that he will be good. I liked also Charlie Wilson was this scotch drinking ladies man. Espically all the hot ladies in his office that was coo too. anyway this movie is both fun and a good movie.
Also the deal with the ending I felt the film works. I know many feel he helped train the people who did 9/11 but he also did not want to stop aiding them as the US did so I'm not sure it's his fault.Regardless this is a about the movie and the movie works so who cares.

So through a series of events i bought a bootleg dvd of Silver Surfer cartoons from the 90's. Most of Marvel's 9's stuff isn't as that well animated. X-Men wasn't the greatest but some times they would have good scripts. People often says well DC always has great animation. yeah well there owned by Warners so that's like not fair you know.
Anyway by the end of Marvel comics making tv series they got pretty good. I find alot of the Silver Surfers alot better them. This one is perticular is my favorite. It's just a crazy episode and it's written by Harlan Ellison. well it says story by.
I've always liked Harlan Ellison not for his books which I havn't read at all. (probably should though) but he used to do a segment on this sci-fi new show called Sci-Fi Buzz and always made sure i watched it. In fact I still remember most of them.He was really coo and I've always liked him cause of that.
yeah but it's a good episode and i made it a playlist so you can just hit play and sit back and watch.


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dude...i want these silver surfer cartoons. haha.

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