Thursday, January 17, 2008


not sure if any of you have seen this but it's a coo twist on the dark knight trailer. Using the audio and then cuttin in the original footage of Batman for 1989.

I Remeber when it came out good that movie was so huge it was rediclous.

anyway here's a review too.

I understand that a animated film in French with subtitles about Iran is not the kind of description that makes people run out to the theater but I think alot of people would really like this film about a girl who grew up during the Iranian Revolution. This film is very personal story but also says about the country as well. The script is really good and you really feel connected to this girl and what happens to her life.
I like that i was in black and white added to the feel of the film. There hasn't been a black and white cartoon for a while. there are a few seqments in color but for the most part it's a black and white film. I like how fantastic magically and relisic black and white still looks.
The actors are all great and even though I can't tell you who did each voice i know that Catherine Denuve is in it.
France does have a animation industry we just don't get that many of those films over here. So it's great this one is getting a push. If this is just a taste i really wanna see more current french animation perticularly from this studio.
Also when watching a film I always think who would like this film. I think smarter Teenage Girls will love this film. The main character is great to relate too and she has that lisa simpson quality about her. Like kinda bookish girls who end up seeing like whatever crap teen movie. So yeah if you have some teenage daughter take her to this but even if you don't I would recomend this film cause it is so good. And it's just a great film.


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