Monday, January 14, 2008

Golden Globes Winners

hey welcome back. So the shortest gloden globes ever was probably going to be a somewhat intresting one had it actually gone on. I think it's totally lame that it had to be like this but whateva. Also if your woundering why the critics choice awards got famous big movie stars. well cause it's a non union show and the golden globes is a union show. So is the Oscars. I wish the grammys were cancelled too but i guess I'm not that lucky.
Unforently for alot of these films they could have gotten the publicity they need to make tons of money but with no show less of that which sucks real bad for sweeney todd which would be cleaning up next weekend.
With the oscars coming up some of these winners mean something some don't but we don't really know honestly til the they are here

Also Here is what i said when the golden globes were annoucned go here

Best Picture drama ATTONEMENT

I did say this was a competetor and it did win. I think it may get an oscar nomination but the academy isn't as down with this kinda stuff like it was previously. and don't think cause they won this is a lock for best picture. It will get some stuff but you. I think it's a good chance though that it will get a nomination. I havn't seen attonement but it would have to be pretty fucking good to beat both there will be blood and no country for old men.

Best picture musical/comedy Sweeney Todd

I did say this would win. I seriously doubt it will get a best picture nomination. I also saw sweeney todd and didn't like it all that much. I kinda wish something else won and i kinda thought juno would take it but charlie Wilsons war was probably the best of them

Best Actor DRAMA Daniel day lewis - there will be blood

Yeah well no shit. He should win and no else has a chance to win the oscar but him. also called it

Best Actress Drama Julie Christie - Away from Her

Got this one too. Yeah she has a great chance at a nomination this time.

Best Actor Musical / comedy Johnney Depp - Sweeney Todd

I said he was gonna win but after seeing the movie i was suprised he wasn't that great. This also would have been the big win of night had they gone on and had johnny depp been there. He make have a slight chance at the oscar but i doubt it.

Best Actress Musical/ Comedy Marion Cotillard - Môme, La

yeah i did say she was the safe bet and she will get an oscar nomination. I didn't get to see this but i'm glad it got the regination.

Best Supporting Actor Javier Bordum - No Country for old men

Not a shock i kinda though Casey Affleck had a shot at this. I think they should just give Javier Bordum his oscar now cause i think he has won like every supporting actor award ever or something. also he was fucking awesome in that movie.

Best Supporting Actress Cate Blanchett - I'm Not There

Harvey Wenstein certainly works hard. Well yeah i did say this and no shock I don't see a competor with Amy Ryan somewhat of one I think Cate Blanchett has a chance at winning her second supporting oscar. Also I think this is the Wenstein companys only chance and those guys were great at oscar compaigns.

Best Director Julian Schnabel - Scaphandre et le papillon, Le

Well i was right about one thing he did win best foreign film i didn't see this coming and i don't think anyone did. The coens deserved this one and it makes me remember that award shows are not kind to them. Remember Fargo there most likely not going to win but have a great shot at it at the same time we'll have to see what the nominations are.

Best Animated Film Ratatouille

I guess no suprise i will get the oscar. I hope the simpsons isn't in there but i know it will be.

Best Screenplay No Country for old men

They will give the coen brothers a screenplay oscar any day of the week. They will win best adapted screenplay no doubt about it. they always give the screenplay to something good.

Ok that's it hope you have a good week and guess what i will be back tomorrow too. crazy


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