Saturday, January 05, 2008


so since my girlfriend has a show that has been open for a couple of days I thought I would do a shout out post and just talk about photos she did and stuff. Her site is here to see more. Since I've been there for most of these shoots but not all I'll give a lil commentary.

also the show is located here

601 west 26th st, 15th floor, new york, ny 10001

it's there til the 12th and the gallery is open for 6 -8pm

This is Tasha's grandpa he's coo. He likes Westerns and so do I. I also hooked up his Wii. This is his backyard

This is Michela she sang the chrous to I Just Drive on the last nockforce ep. She's a really good singer and stuff. Everyone says that most every photo looks like some album cover and stuff. I agree there might be some single covers in there too.

I think this one looks coo

Tasha always says Michela looks really 90's. I think this photo could have been put out in like 96 to maybe 98.

Michela in Tasha's old apartment

I don't even know who this is but I remember she told me she was from MD and I think we hung out in Towson once or twice. This was in McCarren Park, in Brooklyn

This is Meg she's coo I like this one It was on a Bus.

This is Natali. I like her she's coo. I think this is my favorite picture of her cause it looks coo when she's messing with her glove

All though my Mom is not latino and never lived in New York. I think had my mom actually lived in new york in like 1980 then she might look like this. Just based on pictures I've seen of her. also I think Natalis apartment looks like somewere my mom would take me when I was a kid.

I think this is in Enid's in brooklyn they have a nice brunch

I was there for this shoot. It was a fun shoot. We all got to fly a kite. Also I think I reinacted the choices nockforce quickie cause I didn't think we were going to make it into a quickie. then when i came back to my apartment i found out we were making that one that week. embaressing.

This is Lilli she's Taha's other sister. She's coo shes really smart and reads alot and stuff. In fact she's probably smarter then me. I think this photo was in Dallas, TX

this was shot in oklahoma in grandpa's backyard. Not sure when maybe when i was there or not

This is Marcus. He's 10 years younger then me but we've hung out alot he's a coo dude and a stud.

Ok I left me for last cause I have more stuff to write cause i was there for all of these.

Belive it or not She shot this in New york in a park deep in brooklyn. it was a nice park they had a nessy sculpture which I made tasha take a picture of cause i thought it was so coo but it didn't come out that good.

this was in oklahoma near this dam it was a crazy dam. This was also right after i got my picture taken on Garth Brooks Blvd cause this is the town he grew up in.

We were supposed to be going to Montauk this day but the train for it left too late. So we went to long beach instead. It was like October so it was cold but it was fun. We took an hour train ride brought beers with elephants on them and drank them under the boardwalk.

Behind Tahsa's former apartment building. that seat was dirty cause it was outside. Also if your wondering I'm playing with rubber bands cause i always do that in my hands.

I have this as my pic here and on myspace. I think it's my favorite picture anyone has ever taken of me. I think I was tellin her about how coo spiderman was at the time we took it and my day at work cause i had just gotten off from virgin. Which is the shirt i'm wearing under this. also this is on top of her former apartment building.


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