Thursday, January 03, 2008

Late nite came back and it's the 600th post

well it's finally happened this blog has now hit post 600 wooooooooooooooooooo. I guess.

So the big networks returned with late nite last nite. Really thought it could suck but Last Nights Conan was really good. in fact I don't last time i liked conan that much. All though he seems kinda bitter about something that is going on with his wife. I twas still a funny show and had enough jokes to make me wonder are the writers on Conans show holding him back.
Dave was good as well and starting the beard thing with Conan. I guess they didn't ask Leno. Oh yeah right nevermind. The lamest part about letterman was defently all the Strike jokes which was most of the show. But Letterman defently had the best Guest and all the other people they used through out the show but In short Conan was better.

I have seen Charlie Wilson's War and Perspholis. I need to see alot more stuff but I'm making more head way then I was last year and I will see No Country for old men this weekend.

Top 10 albums and songs coming soon.

Also I got mugged and that kinda sucks but only lost my wallet and a scratch on my finger. I did get hit a bunch of times but no bruses or anything. Apprently a band that my friend and sometimes contributer to this blog Kool-Aid is in dedicated a song to me last nite cause of all that well thanx guys.


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