Tuesday, January 15, 2008

There Will be Blood

When this film starts you sit through 15 minutes with no dialouge in a time when people didn't talk more then they had to. And pulls it off so well that I didn't even know it was 15 minutes until i read it online.
Paul Thomas Anderson has made a film that most likely would have been made about 30 years ago. And most likely it would have done well. For those of you who don't like 3 hour great movies that show a time that you're not used to then don't bother reading anymore or seeing it cause your not gonna like it.
This film is great and other then No Country for Old Men it's one of the best live action films of the year.
Daniel Day lewis is amazing and brings so much life to the character I really just thought of the character which has always been what he's strongest at. Paul Dano plays a preacher in the town he finds oil in and he is just as great. They play off each other so well I want like 3 more movies with both of them. They can be both funny and dramatic and so well that I can't believe it.
Honestly i could write all day about film theory with this film. It is the best film to see if you love film. and not I love going to blockbuster. Like you know you own 8 and a half so bottom line awesome movie. the scenes are so good and rich that it reminds me of the godfather. Anyway go see it.


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