Friday, January 18, 2008

dinosaurs and Sweeney Todd

So i found this yesterday after a long time not remembering the name of. it's dinosacers. I don't remember the show. I know i watched it but the theme is coo.

also here is denver the last dinosaur

To say this is a great musical would be like giving a second rate diner a five star review. There are some good stuff. Helen Bonham Carter deserves acclaim no joke. Maybe my favorite part. and going in i thought she just got the role cause she's married to the director. So she proved herself. Also Sacha Baren Cohen was wonderful. Johnny Dep was ok I guess nothing that great.
Then the music was mixed horriably. like really bad mixing. the music was loder then the vocals which has important plot information that i missed cause of stupid mixing mistakes. Frankly I find it both lazy and unprofessional and think they should be ashamed of themselves.
Sure this movie is ok but it's not worth seeing in theaters so wait for dvd or something


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