Tuesday, January 29, 2008

what the hell is with LCD Soundsystem

Does anyone else find it suprising that LCD Soundsystem wasn' mentioned all year and then the end of the year top albums lists come out and that shit is number 1 every were or at least pretty close to it. Frankly I don't get it. Every LCD Soundsystem song is always way longer then nessary. Like it takes forever for the singing to come in and then it never fucking ends all his shit is like 6 minutes long. I actually don't care about song length but with LCD Soundsystem is very obvious that i'm listening to a song that should have been cut down.
I'm gonna put up my top albums list tomorrow. and I keep thinking about LCD Soundsystem but I never liked them. Really there doing stuff that is really out now the whole dance thing. I just don't really know about this thing. I really wish it wasn't on all those lists, but really i didn't even hear about that album until like the last month or so when the end of the year lists came out.


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