Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Video stores in Brooklyn

I've heard about alot of people going to video stores in Brooklyn and renting well videos. Kinda odd considering dvd is a better format and also cause net flix is a really good program with a better selection then any video store could have. At first honestly I thought it was like people just trying to alternative or something but doning it in the lamest way possiable.
But then I thought about it Video is dying there's really no nice way to say it but it's true. But we all grew up with video. Most of my knowledge of movies is from video.In fact I remember going to a video store in maryland called Video Center everyday in the summer. They had this thing on monday - thursday were you could rent two for the price of one. Oh man I saw so many movies. It was $2 for old movies and $3 for newer movies. Which alot of times would take forever for a movie to become old and they would get stuff later then blockbuster but I didn't mind I knew everyone who worked there. Which was an old couple and they knew most of my friends it was awesome. They also loved it that I would rent older movies instead of like crap teen comedies or something.
I can understand if you're going back to video for something like that writing that makes me want to have a place near me in queens i could go. But let's be releastic that won't happen. I think video stores are good for finding stuff that will never get released on dvd or well actually more like hasn't cause they release dvds like crazy there so cheap to make. I have heard of people doing that and I really honestly respect that I recently got a vhs copy of Johnny Guitar and I'm very glad I have it cause there was really no other way I could have it.
But honestly if you are just renting dave chapelle's block party then it's not worth it. Let dvd go it had it's time. If you think hey netflix takes a while to deliever stuff. ok not really I watched my netflix like crazy last summer and I usually had new dvds in two days and I was on the 3 movies at a time plan. If you rent something that obscure it will take longer sometimes. Not cause there mad just cause they don't keep all there movies in new york there all over so sometimes it takes longer to get it but you can wait you know if you need movies that bad. you probably ether need a job, find a movie on tv, or watch stuff you allready have. And the thing about netflix slowing down movies never happened to me and if you rent that many movies you need to get a job or find something to do with yourself.
So basically I do like video stores but Netflix is a better idea. Also I find fincially as well. they don't need to worry cause there stock went up again and had another record profits. I do think it's coo but also kinda dumb


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