Monday, April 09, 2007

well at least I saw Grindhouse

first off I really wanted this film to do better at the box office. I thought it would be number one but whateva cause everyone is missing out.
Grindhouse is a fun movie and not just a little fun it's a 3 hour fun movie. It's funny and a good thrill ride all at the same time and it's one hell of a good movie to sink a beer into. well a couple beers.
Planet Terror is a good zombie movie. even down to the music he got the fucking music right. It sounds like an old zombie movie. I heard they almost got John Carpenter to do the music. well it's pretty close to that anyway.
Death Proof is half slasher movie half 70's car movie as promised by tarantino. I heard people like this one alot less then the first. Well if you havn't seen Dirty Mary Crazy Larry or you really hate the car chase scene in bullit then i guess this isn't a movie for you. Forently for me i have and this movie was fucking awesome and most defently has THE BEST CAR CHASE SCENE IN LIKE MAYEB 20 YEARS. in fact yes that is true case you hear the engine. if you're in a car going like a crazy speed you hear the engine it's part of the whole experence and that was in there.
The trailers are awesome I liked thanksgiving and don't. rob zombies was ok i guess.
It was just fun you know this movie wasn't trying to be more then fun. It did what it wanted to do. the dialouge is still coo and there both the movies you wanna see from both directors. I will own this on dvd and watch it a still load of times.
In fact i could say more about this movie. I guess if you like b movie kinda stuff this will be for you. but if not then maybe you won't but i don't think so i think you will. it's fun just have a good friday nite with the grindhouse.
also so far (and this isn't saying much) favorite of the whole year


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