Tuesday, April 10, 2007

forget the clever titles i saw day for night and the corporation

I had never seen day for night before today and I have it say it is defently among Truffants best. Like I would put it up there with 400 blows and Jules and Jim.
Why? Cause like 400 Blows it just feels very real. Like I can see myself there and from my film experence it was so much like what really happens. Granted yes I havn't been on a huge mega blockbuster set but the crew in this film is small. Small enough that I have experenced that. there are people like that on sets and very little I felt was far fected.
I really didn't feel like I was watching a film more of a documentary or something. It just felt very real. It also is a good fucking movie in fact a great movie. I know people like to list Godards Contempt as good film from a new wave director about film making but i find this one alot better and alot more about film making.
It also has a fun and youthfullness you only find in the best movies. It's hard to say where i would rank this among the other two i mentioned before but I havn't seen them in a couple years but it's defently one of his best check it out. also Jacqueline Bisset was kinda hot and i like seeing Jean-Pierre LĂ©aud act in truffaut movies.

hey remember ferenherit 9/11. yeah would you watch it now most likely not. why cause it had the self life of the cereal you bought at the store the week that film came out.
But the corportaion is the film that freinheight 9/11 wanted to be. It shows the corporate enviornment and all the problems with it. how people have faught against it and so forth. I think this film will speak to people for a while cause corporations arn't really going anywhere and they have alot of political power.
I think this film is alot more cultrally relevant then alot of political documentaries.
It also really shows the power and cluelessness alot of these corporations have.
If you really like political documentaries see this it's worth checking out.


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