Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Jim Lyons 1960 - 2007

I'm sure any of you have seen the film superstar but it's online here. This is the first film from Todd Haynes who would go on to direct far from heaven and velvet goldmine.
it was also the first film from Jim Lyons who recently passed away. I was and still am working on what i guess has turned out to be his final film or at least one of the last things to work on.
I remember when i was in high school i looked forever to try and watch superstar. jim lyons edited both of todd haynes films velvet goldmine (he also wrote the stroy) and far from heaven as well as prozac nation and imaginary heroes. his filmography is Here.
I actually have never met Jim Lyons however from what I was told about him he sounded like a really nice guy. I hope all his friend and family are ok during this time. He was really a good editor and i saw what he was doing from a scene that looked totally different before he got his hands on it and then after. It was always a better scene.
It's werid to think about cause he is the only professional editor i've worked with. or at least editor who had been around longer then me.
Everything he did for the film was for the better and everytime i saw a new scene he did I would always see why he did it and it seemed so simple after he had done it but before i have no clue how he got there.
anyway watch superstar. Velvet Goldmine is also really good and so is far from heaven both of which i can defently reccomend.


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