Friday, April 13, 2007

Point Blank and Drums along the mohawk

Point Blank is an amazing film. Much like the cutting of the limey which was no doubt influenced by point blank. We follow a man trying to get his money and wanting his revenge. It's a great revenge film. Some of the scenes have everything in it humor action drama.
This is defently a great movie. It's sad when it came out it was ignored by most critics but it feels current. even now which is shocking. I would say it's more current then Bonnie and Clyde of the graduate which also came out the same year. I mean this is defently a 60's film. not doubt about it. But the film is more like films of today showing how influentical it has become. At the time critics didn't like it and thought of it as an average action movie. It's really more then that and I would put it on a best films of all time list.
Also Lee Marvin is fucking awesome in action films

John Ford is most likely the most influentical film maker of all time. I really love Fort Apache and the seacrches and all sort of films that he's done. However this wasn't one of them. The end of the film is very good and makes up for alot. Also the cinemotaprahy is some of the best at the time. but the story doesn't work.
There's a good movie in here but it doesn't come out til the end.
Henry Fonda is good and all. I doubt I will see this film again. and I don't really recomend it but the end was really very good so maybe if you like John Ford or something.
It does have the layers that his westerns have and is more about plot. This film doesn't showcase the best of Ford. If you havn't seen any John Ford before don't see this film. If you have and you like him then yeah sure. but if there's something else you might wanna go with that.


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