Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Fantastic Four

allright one thing i defently want to do with this blog is write a review for most of , if not all, of the movies i see. so yeah this movie will be an exception because it is currently in theaters and most of the movies i see are not but alot are so yeah.

Fantasitc four is a terriable movie, there's really no way of getting around it seriously it sucks balls. It's not as bad as comic book as say catwoman because catwoman was just bad this movie is at least somewhat funny bad ( meaning it's so bad it's funny). With most of the first act consisting of bad puns about the characters powers which they would get later. I took a shot everytime they did this in the theater to see if they did it to much. Well needless to say i was drunk before they went into space.
The director of this film is not so much of a director as he is a studio lap dog. He simply makes the film the studio wants to be made with very little artistic value at all. I think this film would have been alot better with the countless other directors that were rumored to be attached cause they of course would have done this.
The perfomances were crap, with the exception of chris evans nobody was at all intresting and even he is kind of a ryan renolds rip off, who himself is a jason lee rip off. so basically Chris Evans is shasta cola. That's the kind of perfomances you get from this film.
I think if this film was made in 1998 it wouldn't be as riped apart cause comic movies weren't what they are now. i think this film has obsoultly no chance after batman begins and spiderman 2. but i guess it never wanted to be.
I don't think this is a good film to see if you like the comic or if you have any intellagence at all. but if you need a good fun movie, actually nevermind this movie sucks see something else. seriously it's a horriable movie.

oh i did like one thing about this movie , early on Jessica Alba to become invisiable has to be nude, now this is a really good device espically for a fun stupid movie, they used it twice and then gave her a suit.

Monday, July 11, 2005

First entry


I'm sure if you're reading this your proabably a friend of mine or heard of this through cletusthefetus.com. I'm just gonna talk about movies and other entertainment related things. possiable my turtle who is awesome. I hope you'll all like this blog and come back again and again or maybe just once and have a kinda good time