Monday, April 30, 2007

it should happen to you and fantasia

I saw this movie for the first time a couple of years ago and really liked it. It's about a girl who rents out an empty billboard and puts her name on it. then becomes famous because of it. That premise alone is kinda coo but there is also a romantic comedy element with Jack Lemmon in his feature film debut. Yep this was his first movie.
If you like old romantic comedies you'll like this movie. also if you want an intresting story to watch along the way. I think all the actors are really good. And it works very well as a film. I bought it for 5 bucks and most places should have it. I think if you rent it instead of a modern romantic comedy you'll probably have a better time with this.

This probably disney's most experimental movie with all the shorts and espically the weird stuff at the begining. But then it becomes a tradinol disney movie by the end.
I really like this movie but will admit that it doesn't carry all the way through that well. as a film the first part work even the dinosaurs part but after a while it petrs out. Which is unforente. However the fact that they attempted this at all is amazing. this is a crazy fucking idea and for disney to say yeah lets do the most expensive thing we've done to date. wow.
Another thing about this film is the work of expermental film maker Oscar Fischinger who did alot of the work on the first short in the film. He however did not get along with the disney crew because they made fun of him and his stuff was werid. but if you like the first short in this film check out a review i did for his DVD

Saturday, April 28, 2007

crazy commerical

i just saw this commerical for this product for baldness called Scalp Med that helps you grow your hair back. It had like this orchestra going all crazy and all these cuts of people saying it works. and it buidls and builds and builds until it ends like boom.The commerical looked like it had a small shooting budget but the editing was top notch.
I don't know why I mention this but I thought it was coo.

Friday, April 27, 2007

spiderman 3

in a week this movie will come out and i will see it. This is the trailer. I hope to good this will not suck but it defently has the possiablity to do so. but in a week we'll all know til then. watch the trailer

the hired hand and hollywoodland

Most Likely you havn't seen this movie. the only reason I saw it was by accident i found it and put it on my netflicks. It was made it in the early 70's right after easy rider universal gave Peter Fonda make a movie and have complete control over it hoping for another hit with the youth audience. I don't think this was gonna be a hit with the youth but it is good.
Often called the hippie western. It's a slow paced and often silent but when they do talk it sounds like an old western with a little bit more realistic dialouge. I feel like Peter Fonda knew westerns really well i'm assuming he has been on the set of a few John Ford films.
It's a very good western and it's simple but there is other stuff there. It is defently a 70's film but you can see it's influence on the limey. Also the score is amazing.
The other thing is most of the actors are character actors and the performances are amazing.
I would recomend this movie if you like westerns or if you just like kinda moody films.

I kinda like this movie. Well I do everybody was coo and it's a great mystery. it's shot nice and ben affleck is good. I can see wanting to compare this to la confidential.
It also goes into the life of George Reeves. I do think sometimes this was like made to be an oscar movie which is kinda lame but as a film it gets itself past that. I think some may not like the ending but i found it good rather then a different one.
Adrian Brody as well great actor and wish I would see him in more stuff he always has charisma.
I don't know if it's a classic but it's good

Thursday, April 26, 2007

i found this and i liked it

this is a coo pardy i found from the conan show. He's always been good at making werid pardies to current stuff and it's a good aaron sorkin pardy check it out

two movies starring children that you most likely will not let your children see

This is kind of unusual but last night I got to go to the US premeire of Tekkonkinkreet at the musem of modern art. It's made by Studio 4°C who most likely are the best hand drawn animation studio around and defently one of the best animated studio around.
In 2005 MOMA also did the us premeire of Studio 4°C's last film Mind Game that film was one of the best films of the decade and my pick for top film of that year. This film is not as good at least story wise. However some scenes are amazing and memorabile and others are terriable. While watching it when ever it would get good i would hope for here on out it will be like this but no.
In fact some of the scenes are the best I have seen this year but as a whole it didn't work and it felt like up to 3 hours when the running time was actually under 2 hours.
However the animation is amazing and worth going to check out. You can tell this is done by a quality studio and that this is maybe not there best film but still technically well made. really it's just the screenwriters fault it wasn't so good.

also this studo made ghost in the shell but anyway if your in new york and want to see this film and I know my review made it sound so good here are the times at moma. I think if you like film it's worth seeing.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007, 8:30 p.m., Theater 1, T1
Thursday, April 26, 2007, 8:30 p.m., Theater 2, T2
Friday, April 27, 2007, 8:30 p.m., Theater 2, T2
Saturday, April 28, 2007, 2:00 p.m., Theater 2, T2
Sunday, April 29, 2007, 2:00 p.m., Theater 2, T2
Monday, April 30, 2007, 8:30 p.m., Theater 2, T2

This documentary is about the country of Romania were abortion and any birth control has been outlawed because they thought it would make more people for there work force. However it created thousands of unwanted children.
These kids are a result of that generation. well not all but most. It's a very unsettling documentary about there life in the subway. Were the sniff paint fumes and beg for change.
Some of them have run away from home and other have no home. This film show alot of the reality that homeless kids not just in romaina but anywhere face and doesn't censor anything. I've heard people say this film is kind of harsh. yeah that's true but it's also a very good documentary. you follow a group of kids and you get to know them and there quirks.
I'm curious to see more from this director and I think this is a good film for someone who wants to see a good documentary. I don't think this film is for everyone because it will be hard to watch for most. But hey there loss.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

my new cartoon

all though it has been a while since the last cletus the fetus I've been working on developing a cartoon with my room mate Ian.
all though we're keeping quiet on the name of it and anything about it except that it's both a cartoon and a rap group. i figured I'd post the image Ian posted little bit ago just so you get a sneak peek.

Replusion and being replusted by the plot of Tarzan

I really like Roman Polanski. He is a very stylish horror director and also just a great director. This is his first hit in america. Before Rosemary's Baby. You tell it's by the same guy and like Hitchcock. He shares symbolism with his later films. Catherin Denuve is very good but alot flitter then we are used to her now.
The score , Which polanski also help write is also very good. I saw a latter film he made called the tenant and I really didn't like it. but this uses a similair concept and it works alot better in fact this movie was good. I know people talk about psychlogical thrillers most of them that have that title don't seem very psychlogical but this is. You simpathise with the main character and some what are with her.
Also most the film takes place in an apartment but the way they shot it you really couldn't tell which is fucking awesome.
If you like roman polankski defently see this espically early polanski like rosemary's baby. also i think teeangers would like this movie and how moody it is.

I hadn't seen this film since it came on video way back in the 99. I didn't much like it then. Now well the story sucks bottom line. it's made like an average disney film of the 90's and rosie o'donnell is annoying as shit.
Much like Twice upon a time the animation perticualtry the deep canvas they used to make the film are really pretty looking. Deep cavas is this according to wikipedia
"To create the sweeping 3D backgrounds, Tarzan's production team developed a 3D painting and rendering technique known as Deep Canvas. This technique allows artists to produce CGI background that looks like a traditional painting. For this advancement, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awarded the creators of Deep Canvas a Technical Achievement Award in 2003."
It is nice looking and it's the best part of the film.
But other then that there is no reason to see this film. I remeber on it's release several people listed it as the best animated film of the year. I guess they didn't see Princess Monokee or Iron Giant or even the South Park movie. 1999 was a good year for animated film however Tarzan does not live up to that at all. Deep Canvas is coo and seeing it for that is worth it but you might just wanna fast forward through the rest of it.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

oh yeah also

so i usually do only post once a day but i watched this and it's fucking awesome. it really is. this show was never as good as this intro also the animation was never as good as the intro. I remeber watching it on sunday morning's before everyone else woke up. if you just think this is dumb the movie review thing is below.

grass and my netflicks rental history

I kind of picked this up by accident only to find out it was a film made by the people who made thr original king kong. so i figured why not. It's of all things a silent documentary about the team of Merian Cooper and Ernest Schoedsack producing a documentary of 50,000 Bakhtiari people and their animals on the Summer migration to winter grazing.
It's intresting because it is a doucmeny of something that is no longer even there and if they hadn't most of us would never see it. infact that country is now Iran. but anyway.
Some of the things they capurted on film is amazing like how they had to get there animals across this huge river by just swimming and you watch some of them drown and swim and it's crazy. also some of the title cards through out are kind of animated which is a good touch. however even though it is 71 minutes it is a little hard to get through because we are all used to doucmentaries with a lot of talking and htis obviously has none but as both a historical doucment and film it's worth while checking out.

I know you all we're sitting around and thinking what if i could see every movie you've rented since joining a renting place. well netflicks lets me do it so why not see what i've rented. this is not the complete list. but it is everything i rented from 2005.

Once Upon a Time in America

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

Mutiny on the Bounty

The Dead Zone

House of Bamboo

The Most Terrible Time in My Life

Don't Look Now

Blow Out


A Boy and His Dog

Torrente 2: Mission in Marbella

Saturn 3

In the Realms of the Unreal

Metallica: Some Kind of Monster

Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry

Prime Cut

Six-String Samurai

Viva Maria!

Confidentially Yours

Chu Chin Chow: Special Edition: Original Restored Version

The Stairway to the Distant Past

Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky

Wild Zero

Bad Education

Switchblade Sisters

Follow That Bird

The Trap

The Mini-Skirt Mob / Chrome and Hot Leather: Double Feature

They Came Back

The Fog

The Man Who Never Was

Ringers: Lord of the Fans

Leave Her to Heaven


Monday, April 23, 2007

chungking express and bed and board it's a foreign movie entry

chungking express is a 90's movie there is no doubt about it. all though some thing May be dated this film works. There isn't really a plot but 3 stories all of them fun to watch. I saw another film this director made called Fallen Angels which everyone thinks is better cause it's sad and depressing and I guess that some would think it's deeper. Well those people are assholes. cause this movie is has fun and energy and makes you wanna watch it over and over again.
Most of the film is about a cute love story and it's as rewarding as anything Audrey Hepburn ever did. All though the beginning may feel like your stepping in to a darker film by the end it makes up for it. This film has great humor and heart.
All the actors are really good as well and frankly i kinda wanna watch it again. all though i did watch it twice. It's weird because yeah you could watch this as just escapism but at the same time it's a good fun art movie. if you wanna someone to get into asian cinema watch this movie.

I know I've been watching alot of Truffaut lately. But I've been able to get alot of them and I haven't seen all his filmography so I want to. anyway
Truffaut is most famous for 400 blows and not is well know i guess. Is how he made several kinda of sequels to this one of the latter ones is bed and board. following the Antoine Doinel character. He at this point is married and living with his wife whom he met in the last film stolen kisses.
I didn't like stolen kisses that much but i do like this film. It shows Truffaut's love of Hollywood movies. but at the same time Truffaut is a very french film maker. the balance works very well in this film. I don't think that this film is his best but it defiantly makes me rethink the Antoine Doinel series. I wasn't thrilled with it after stolen kisses and love on the run but after this film i wanna go back and watch all of them. At this point I think I have seen them all. This isn't the best of the series and how could it 400 blows is an amazing film. but it takes a good second place and really there's nothing wrong with that.
I also notice that this film shows a particular love for hollywood romantic comedies you could even seen Carry Grant in this film. Even with some scenes reminding me of that era but you can tell when and were it was made too.
This is a good film Americans may find it's views on Fidelity a little odd but if you can get beyond that and i don't think it's a big hurdle you'll like this film.

Friday, April 20, 2007

The amazingness of Johnny Guitar and Scarecrow

So I got a copy of this 2 christmas's ago from my parents and honestly just hadn't watch it until last nite. which I have no clue why I waited so long.
This film is amazing. I'm not sure if it is a western. I guess it is, it's defently one of the best things I've seen in a while.
It reverses the cliches of bad and good in the west. while also having melodrama and the openining with the howling wind is creepy and strange but has alot of amnosphere.
Joan Crowford owns this movie and shows her vetern actor chops she had at the time. Defently one of her best roles.
the cinemotraphy is this pulp style but also very beautiful.
Man i do like westerns and for a western this is awesome I guess it is a western but man wow. unforently to see this I had to get my parents to buy me a vhs copy on ebay. so it's not easy to find but frankly totally worth it.
Also truffant was a fan of this saying "Beauty and the Beast of Westerns, a Western dream" and also from wikipedia "Truffaut was especially impressed by the film's extravagance: the bold colors, the poetry of the dialogue in certain scenes, and the theatricality which results in cowboys vanishing and dying "with the grace of ballerinas""
also from wikipedia "The film's unusual sexual politics influenced some later Westerns (e.g. Samuel Fuller's 1957 Forty Guns, starring Barbara Stanwyck, revisits the formula of the strong woman. It also influenced foreign cineastes such as Godard, Truffaut, and Sergio Leone[citation needed]. The plot of Leone's Once Upon a Time in the West (1968) is partly based on Ray's Western"
this film was directed by Nicholas Ray and this might be his best film. He also directed Rebel without a cause and in a lonely place. He was really coo and his films about rebels were all made before 63 making him predating the later 60's crayz huh.
It's truly unforentate that this is a film most can't see and yeah it is that good but i found some clips on you tube so i will share them below.
the first one is a better scene to get you into it but the second one comes first in the sequence of the film.Actually the first clip is fucking amazing.

This film is obviously a 70's film. Having both Gene Hackman and Al pacino. Hackman just done the posideon adventure (wow what a transition) and his next film would be the conversation.
Pacino put this out between the godfather and serpico.
The director's previous film with pacino panic at needle park. which was one of the few pacino film's before godfather was actually the film he did before the godfather.
So this is in a good place filmography wise.
This film is basically a character study and a really good one. you can tell the influence people like truffant and godard made on 70's film making in america.
This film is crazy to thing it was basically a studio picture and two huge movie stars were coo with doing a character study film directed like an art movie. espically have someone come off one of the biggest films of all time and do this. unforently shock of all shocks it bombed. but it's still awesome. It is somewhat forgotten sometimes but is defently awesome to watch with all the other great films of the 70's.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Kool-Aid post

hey this is jim every now and then i let my friend Kool-Aid write a post and this is one of those.

QUICK!!! Get me all the footage of columbine and as many parents of dead columbine kids as you can!!!! The head of marketing/news shouts.

Sir, but why?


Sir, you do know that columbine, is in Colorado, and Virginia tech is in Virginia?

OF COURSE YOU IDIOT!, but the people don't need to know that!!!, now show the footage from columbine while you talk about this marketing…. err um tragedy.
The end?

Now I will tell you what I was doing. I awoke to my cell phone ringing, it was a text message from Alex "there is a sniper at Jeff's school!" I called him right away. He explained to me what was going on and said he was going to call Jeff. Luckily I found out later in the day from matt that Jeff, Dan and our other mutual friends were on a bus at the time, and were safe.

After getting off the phone with Alex I started flipping threw the news channels to try to find out what was going on. I don't usually watch fox news, except when I need a laugh. But when I came upon the channel I was paralyzed with a strange feeling of contempt, and outrage. They were showing columbine footage, talking to parents from columbine and showing no date on the screen (in typical fox news fashion). This is redunkulas. They were asking the parents what they thought happened. Ahhh fox news "if the truth is unknown, ask someone who doesn't know ether".

As far as the other networks, I noticed a lot were outside of the high school the shooter (and 2 other killers) went to saying "it is a tragedy that now the spotlight is on this poor school, who didn't ask for this." Ok, so then why are you there, if you feel so bad for them, leave!!
I'd like to say that in a tragedy the news crews come to report on the incident and give the facts, but, it seems they only give the ratings. How sad of times we live in when there is NO legitimate news coverage. Nothing good can come out of this. Instead of looking to blame somebody other than the shooter, how about you offer the news, and not personal opinion, hearsay and conjecture. That is what us people on the interweb are for.


judge dred and clint eastwood

ok so i know alot of blogs have shying away from movies with guns in them because of monday. but seriously there just movies. also that kinda shit is lame. what am i supposed to do write about reign over me or something.

so when this film was orginally was released i wasn't allowed to see it cause it was R and I was 12 or maybe even eleven yeah eleven. Frankly i think it may have been cause my dad didn't actually want to see this movie with me and frankly who can blame. but i have to say there was little to no reason this movie shouldn't have been a pg-13 I really didn't feel like the violence was excessive enough to be R.
As a film well this film is bad but it's not awful. see when Judge Dred starts you know it's gonna be bad and do every cliche and all that. but it never trys to be anything but judge dredd. so it's really not a failure as a film cause they wanted judge dredd and that's what they made. but of course it is still shit.

I like sergio leone but who doesn't. Anyway this was the last of the man with no name trilogy i hadn't seen. It's intresting cause i think the trilogy gets better as it goes on. pretty wild thing for a series of films.
Eastwood really owns in these movies. even though he didn't know these would ever be in america he did his best and it really shows. the shots are always awesome and i really want to own this and watch all 3 in order.
The thing that is really intresting is how much silence and nothing going on there is sometimes in these film.
then a crazy gun fight. all the gun stuff is amazing espcially for when it was made. I don't think any films were doing that kinda stuff then.
These are just great westerns or even better great films and need to be checked out if you havn't yet.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Jim Lyons 1960 - 2007

I'm sure any of you have seen the film superstar but it's online here. This is the first film from Todd Haynes who would go on to direct far from heaven and velvet goldmine.
it was also the first film from Jim Lyons who recently passed away. I was and still am working on what i guess has turned out to be his final film or at least one of the last things to work on.
I remember when i was in high school i looked forever to try and watch superstar. jim lyons edited both of todd haynes films velvet goldmine (he also wrote the stroy) and far from heaven as well as prozac nation and imaginary heroes. his filmography is Here.
I actually have never met Jim Lyons however from what I was told about him he sounded like a really nice guy. I hope all his friend and family are ok during this time. He was really a good editor and i saw what he was doing from a scene that looked totally different before he got his hands on it and then after. It was always a better scene.
It's werid to think about cause he is the only professional editor i've worked with. or at least editor who had been around longer then me.
Everything he did for the film was for the better and everytime i saw a new scene he did I would always see why he did it and it seemed so simple after he had done it but before i have no clue how he got there.
anyway watch superstar. Velvet Goldmine is also really good and so is far from heaven both of which i can defently reccomend.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


So like i guess I'm supposed to write about movies but this blog is called things i come up with not movie dance party. However I really like the other title and it would be alot funnier. you could be like yeah i read this blog movie dance party by this guy who can't spell. well i guess it would be the same then. anyway
so like this virgina tech thing is all over the place. I'm kinda like who keeps a school open after a school shooting. why would you do something like that. I really don't get yeah lets keep class's running you know these kids spend alot of money to go here we don't want to upset them. That was an obvious no brainer to keep that school closed and i really hope that who ever made that decision gets fired. like seriously fuck them.
and there was enough time to close the school. the first shooting i heard was at 7 am. the second was during a class which i think was either 9 or 10 depending on when class's start there. so they had 2 to 3 hours to like close school but were like well he probably left so we're coo.
one day someone will make a documentary about this and they'll look even worse. I really hope that day comes cause the president of virgina tech is truly a fucking ass hole.

wait also why would a shooter just go away. they were like yeah we didn't catch him but like you know i'm sure he's not gonna come back again you know let's not go crazy or anything.

Monday, April 16, 2007

capturing the freidman's and returning to grindhouse

The most intresting part about this documentary is not just the story it self. All though I have to admit that would probably be a really good documentary too. It's the freidmans they make this film intresting.
I defently think this is a good documentary and yeah a great one. By seeing this family you even find yourself looking at yourself and how you will defend people you know as well. but at the same time your not sure if they really did everything they were convicted of.
This defently can go up there with great documentaries and also with great films. The director who by the way is from maryland did a very good job of making a documentary and got amazingly lucky about how good everything turned out. I think for this film and hoop dreams shows that the best thing for documentary is just plain luck.
but when it happens it's awesome.

So normally I don't see movies twice in theates unless it involves spierman. But my girlfriend wanted see grindhouse and nothing else is out really. also the experience of aqua teen was disappointing so we had to make up for it.
So i go in and I expected we could go to any show but alot were sold out which was kinda suprising espically cause I think the film made 4 million this weekend. but maybe new york is the one place it's doing well. the 11pm show was packed.
We sunk in beers which we were a little heasate to sneak to drink cause it was packed. but then as the movie started i poped the cap off and then noticed the whole theater was doing the same. when theater emptyed out you heard tons of beer bottoles.
Grindhouse is fun and is a good movie to watch with beers in fact a great movie to watch with beers. I really think this should be watched with an audience espcially one that is in to it. granted some people don't get it and whateva. but it's fun. if you wanna have a good night get some beers in the theater then go out to a bar afterwards you'll have a good time get drunk and watch some good movies. by the way it two movies for one so pretty good deal.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Don't See Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters

so yeah um
Ok maybe i expected to much I don't but I honestly can not really recomend this movie. All right the begining was funny no doubt about it but the rest just didn't work. It's sad cause I think the guys who do Aqua teen are really talented and I love things like 12 oz. mouse and Space Ghost Coast to Coast. but this film didn't work.
But shows for movies often don't. Even the mystery science theater movie wasn't really that good of an episode. It was good but it wasn't amazing or anything. The south park movie was probably the best one.
The film found the need to tell us the origin of the story which I never really gave a shit about in the first place. I don't understand peoples need to have the origin to everything. I don't think origin stories are funny. In fact it's really just fan masterbation and most origin stories are shit. By the way this is why there will never ever ever ever ever be an origin story for cletus the fetus because it is not and never will be funny. and i can't tell you how many fan scripts I got about an origin episode and not a single one was romotely funny. Which is why it's not nessacry to make an origin for everything. Something can not have them and aqua teen was one of them.
I seriously feel kind of ripped off by it and even thought I defently reccomend the show to anyone this movie is shit. In fact I will say WORST FILM OF THE YEAR SO FAR.
Listen if your curious about Aqua teen watch the show you'll have a great time. When the show has a great episode it's hillarious. but DON'T SEE THIS MOVIE.
I do have to say the first maybe 5 minutes were genius hillarious and if the whole movie was like that this would be a different entry.
This movie had way to much plot in a show that's best moments are conversations between the characteres maybe if this film had less of a liner plot or something.
But the plot for this didn't work and yeah i know it's supposed to be surreal but oh who the fuck cares.
I honestly dislike this movie enough not care enough to make fun of it.

Funny I had be thinking this blog was like every movie is great kinda thing and Aqua teen proved the defently wrong.

well at least the chicken gif is coo. i guess

Friday, April 13, 2007

riches marathon tonight

so i know fx is like a great channel that no one watches but don't be with those people.
The riches is a really good show and i have seen most of them. the marathon is all the episodes so far. it's about a family of con artist's pretending to be a rich family that they killed. Eddie Izard is really great and so is minnie driver in fact everybody works and they work as a family. it's a coo show check out at least one. if you happen to not be doing anything or were just gonna rent a movie this is cheaper. it starts at 9pm.

if you like good tv you'll like the richies

Point Blank and Drums along the mohawk

Point Blank is an amazing film. Much like the cutting of the limey which was no doubt influenced by point blank. We follow a man trying to get his money and wanting his revenge. It's a great revenge film. Some of the scenes have everything in it humor action drama.
This is defently a great movie. It's sad when it came out it was ignored by most critics but it feels current. even now which is shocking. I would say it's more current then Bonnie and Clyde of the graduate which also came out the same year. I mean this is defently a 60's film. not doubt about it. But the film is more like films of today showing how influentical it has become. At the time critics didn't like it and thought of it as an average action movie. It's really more then that and I would put it on a best films of all time list.
Also Lee Marvin is fucking awesome in action films

John Ford is most likely the most influentical film maker of all time. I really love Fort Apache and the seacrches and all sort of films that he's done. However this wasn't one of them. The end of the film is very good and makes up for alot. Also the cinemotaprahy is some of the best at the time. but the story doesn't work.
There's a good movie in here but it doesn't come out til the end.
Henry Fonda is good and all. I doubt I will see this film again. and I don't really recomend it but the end was really very good so maybe if you like John Ford or something.
It does have the layers that his westerns have and is more about plot. This film doesn't showcase the best of Ford. If you havn't seen any John Ford before don't see this film. If you have and you like him then yeah sure. but if there's something else you might wanna go with that.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

the letter and the incredibles

I think Bette Davis is totally awesome in this film and frankly until watching this didn't really know that much about her beyond all about eve and the ex-lady. However she is defently an actress who can take on a role own the role and then step back when needed to so other actors can shine is great. also people don't seem to know that she is the first actress to have 10 nominations only two others have done this and gotten more and they are Meryl Streep and Kathern Hepburn.
Also William Wyler is an amazing director the story is intresting from begining to end. I really wish more people would remember him for his great career rather then just Ben Hur. He also directed Roman Holiday, The Best Years of Our Lives, Funny Girl , Wuthering Heights, and Detective Story. I really think he was one of the great old hollywood directors.
This film has scenes that are just chilling and all the characters are well thought out. If you like mysterys and I know I often choose rather intense mysterys. but this is good for everybody and still a great movie. Just rent it and at first you'll be like what why but then by the end u'll love it.

I hope people remember this as the best Pixar film. Personally I think it is amazing. It has a style all it's own while barrowing from James Bond, X-men, Fantastic Four, Speilberg. Really making it a great piece of post modern film making.
The actors are such an odd choice for a film that made like 400 million dollars. But they work in fact there is nothing that doesn't work in this film. There are on paper odd choices some of the voice actors weren't even actors before this film. like Violet for example is by author Sarah Vowell. But there is never a second you would know.
The score is even amazing. they even recorded it the same way they did the old james bond scores.
I could write about this film all day just it's amazing. reasons to see it on dvd however are that the dvd comes with a special way to adjust your picture and volume for the best quality for the film. I really want all dvds to have this because i project for classes all day and that for this film and it was amazing. the projectors i use are collabrated by professionals and are amazing on it's own. even on a shitty tv this is a great dvd. just watch it's worth it.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

early review of hot fuzz

I saw Hot Fuzz last nite. I think it's a fun movie and defently in the same vein as the directors pervious work. It's defently a good comedy and fun to watch but I didn't like it as much as Shaun of the dead. I think Shaun was more of a pardy of zombie movies then this is of action movies.
Now don't get me wrong this is a good movie. Simon Pegg is great in it and so is the rest of the cast and if there gonna make a ton more films like this you know making fun of films. I'll see them. It's defently a british movie not just cause everyone in it is british but also the writing.
I guess the best way to talk about this movie is to say that if I was 13 right now I would want to see this movie and would not be disappointed. You could easily play this in a double feature with gross point blank and it would be fun. so if you like that movie and shaun of the dead you'll have a good time.

The Buried Secrets of M. Night Shyamalan

So yeah I know your probably going why are you writing about this. Well curiousty was the original reason because i heard people got upset that it was basically a sham even though i remeber people on the internet knew that before it aired then the regular media got wind of a couple days after and got all mad. the other reason is it is directed and starring Nathaniel Kahn who directed My Architect which was really fucking amazing.
As a documentary it's ok but as a way to promote a film it's fucking awesome. like ok instead of making a making of special and having the stars go oh it was fun working on the set and they talk about how much the love the script. They made a myth around the thing. seriously it is silly. but it's better then the village and signs in my opinion and even suprises you how far it goes in to it and has a suprise apprance from Johnny Deep.
I know the media and alot of people think that it is terrible that anyone would make a documentary that was actually fiction. I really don't understand the problem. How many stupid self promotion things do big movies need. I'm sure the village had a real one and they were all on talk shows. I think this is good and i applaud who ever had the idea cause it was fun.

now since i found a clip of this film on you tube I figured it'd put it up here so maybe to show you some of it.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

forget the clever titles i saw day for night and the corporation

I had never seen day for night before today and I have it say it is defently among Truffants best. Like I would put it up there with 400 blows and Jules and Jim.
Why? Cause like 400 Blows it just feels very real. Like I can see myself there and from my film experence it was so much like what really happens. Granted yes I havn't been on a huge mega blockbuster set but the crew in this film is small. Small enough that I have experenced that. there are people like that on sets and very little I felt was far fected.
I really didn't feel like I was watching a film more of a documentary or something. It just felt very real. It also is a good fucking movie in fact a great movie. I know people like to list Godards Contempt as good film from a new wave director about film making but i find this one alot better and alot more about film making.
It also has a fun and youthfullness you only find in the best movies. It's hard to say where i would rank this among the other two i mentioned before but I havn't seen them in a couple years but it's defently one of his best check it out. also Jacqueline Bisset was kinda hot and i like seeing Jean-Pierre Léaud act in truffaut movies.

hey remember ferenherit 9/11. yeah would you watch it now most likely not. why cause it had the self life of the cereal you bought at the store the week that film came out.
But the corportaion is the film that freinheight 9/11 wanted to be. It shows the corporate enviornment and all the problems with it. how people have faught against it and so forth. I think this film will speak to people for a while cause corporations arn't really going anywhere and they have alot of political power.
I think this film is alot more cultrally relevant then alot of political documentaries.
It also really shows the power and cluelessness alot of these corporations have.
If you really like political documentaries see this it's worth checking out.

Monday, April 09, 2007

well at least I saw Grindhouse

first off I really wanted this film to do better at the box office. I thought it would be number one but whateva cause everyone is missing out.
Grindhouse is a fun movie and not just a little fun it's a 3 hour fun movie. It's funny and a good thrill ride all at the same time and it's one hell of a good movie to sink a beer into. well a couple beers.
Planet Terror is a good zombie movie. even down to the music he got the fucking music right. It sounds like an old zombie movie. I heard they almost got John Carpenter to do the music. well it's pretty close to that anyway.
Death Proof is half slasher movie half 70's car movie as promised by tarantino. I heard people like this one alot less then the first. Well if you havn't seen Dirty Mary Crazy Larry or you really hate the car chase scene in bullit then i guess this isn't a movie for you. Forently for me i have and this movie was fucking awesome and most defently has THE BEST CAR CHASE SCENE IN LIKE MAYEB 20 YEARS. in fact yes that is true case you hear the engine. if you're in a car going like a crazy speed you hear the engine it's part of the whole experence and that was in there.
The trailers are awesome I liked thanksgiving and don't. rob zombies was ok i guess.
It was just fun you know this movie wasn't trying to be more then fun. It did what it wanted to do. the dialouge is still coo and there both the movies you wanna see from both directors. I will own this on dvd and watch it a still load of times.
In fact i could say more about this movie. I guess if you like b movie kinda stuff this will be for you. but if not then maybe you won't but i don't think so i think you will. it's fun just have a good friday nite with the grindhouse.
also so far (and this isn't saying much) favorite of the whole year

Saturday, April 07, 2007

twice upon a time

for everyone who really liked the yellow submarine animation style you might wanna check this out. but then the story, plot, acting, and well most of it well probably bore you. this film looks very very nice. however that's basically it's only good thing and yes it is really good and saves the film from being utter crap.
George Lucas produced this during the 80's when I guess he was sitting around in that 2nd pool he bought with all that ewok money.
I really feel like this film was made with very little passion and insight but then again the animation is awesome and very few films are animated like this one. so it is nice to see but the story just fucking sucks and is stupid. but if it was cg and released in 2004 it would be called shrek 2 so at least this is more intresting then that.

Friday, April 06, 2007

in my office

when I was in baltimore like a month ago or something. I went to the DIY fest and got this coo sticker of snoopy sitting around with a bottle of root beer . Here's what he says or well thinks

"how many root beers can a man drink? How many does it take to drive the agony from your brain? Curse this war! Curse the mud and the rain!"

I don't know why I liked this sticker but i do

OLDBOY and the mischef makers

once again doing two but one is a short subject so well it's still two. anyway here it is.

I really don't know what to say about this movie except this


anyway I don't wanna tell you anything cause it will spoil this film completely so don't ask just go see it. seriously it's kind of greek. that's all i'll say just see it your missing out on one of the best films of this decade you really seriously are.

truffants first film the mischef makers is in a simlair vein as 400 blows. it follows 5 boys that follow around two lovers because they are fasinated by the girl. This is a good shot and tells a very clear story.
The most intresting thing is this was truffants next thing was 400 blows and the big jump in production quality that happened is astounding. this is a great film and truffant shows how great he is with showing children.
I got to see it on a nice critrion dvd with 3 extras about him that were awesome. ir ecomend it to anyone who likes truffant. now that would normally be the end of this review but i found this short on youtube soooo why not let you see a great short from a great director so here it is

Thursday, April 05, 2007


Jim here Ok if you come to this blog and want to read the movie thing it's right below this post. what this is, is every now and then I let my friend Kool-Aid write a post and that's what this is.:

I’m back, time for bitching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bush is the Antichrist.

Well at least according to what I’ve put together from Christian doctrine. The Antichrist will unite the middle east, well once bush has taken over that region it will be united under one chard ground. Also I read that the Christian Antichrist will make a mark on people so they can bank, and participate in the economy. Bush wants to make a national id card that in order to vote, bank, or do anything you must have. Hmmmm sounds like the mark of the beast to me. Why couldn’t the Antichrist be like an iron maiden album cover?

“Disturbia” or how I re wrote a classic Hitchcock film and got a million dollars

Just because you write rear window, and update it to modern times, doesn’t mean your not ripping off a classic movie. At least the other scum fucks had the balls to keep the name of the movie they were ripping off, even when they wrote sequels to the movies they ripped off. I hear they might be re making one of my favorite movies “dark passage” I can see it now, dark passage staring Owen Wilson, and the latest rich kid turned actress, that is only famous because they are rich. If this happens, I say we burn Hollywood to the ground who is with me?

Gov. KooL-AiD

cool hand luke was born in flames

I'm doing two movies today both of which i liked for totally different reasons. well maybe not totally different.

This is a great film and I'm woundering why nobody puts it with bonnie and cylde and easy rider as movies that started the 70's thing espically since it was made around that time. but anyway.
Paul Newman owns this movie like few actors can and has to. this film would not work if he didn't use all his charisma to make luke someone all the prisoners look up to. I think that shows a good actor.
Also this was shoot by the amazing dp Conrad Hall. This was first of 3 film he would do with Paul Newman in it. the other 2 Buth Cassidy and Road to Perdition which was also his last film. This film looks gourgous and should this is right before his amazing job in the film in cold blood. Also and this is just cause i found this out and has nothing to do with the film. Conrad hall was the dp on the film incubus the only film EVER in esperanto. I'm very serious. it starred shatner.
Anyway this film is amazing and the actors are amazing in it. Paul Newman really created one of films most memoriable characters.

This film was made back when making a dirty looking independent movie was still ok and frankly i do miss that nobody does that anymore. A kind of science fiction film about new york 10 years after the peaceful revoulution where men and women are equal. the film focus's on the women's view of it. espically lesbian women. they make it kind of like a documentary.
This film is very poltical and doesn't really hide that. almost as sudtle as Sweetback . I like when films don't shy away from there politics and arn't over baring. this film makes no apologises for that.
It also has very few if any men and the ones that are arn't portrayed in a positive light at all. I would complain about this but there are so few movies like this that I can't and i like most of there politics so yeah.
If you like old independent films then you will like this or if your really political and you thought fight club was the craziest shit you've ever seen check this out now.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


turner classic movies is playing a total of 6 newly discover thought to be lost rko films that nobody has seen in 50 years. There showing 3 this wendesday and the other 3 next wendesday. It starts at 8 pm instead of 7:30 like there schdule said yesterday. But it is at 8 pm. if you miss it. it is replaying all 3 starting at midnight. so you can tape it either way the first film is Rafter Romance.
"A salesgirl falls for a night worker without realizing they share the same apartment.
Cast: Ginger Rogers, Norman Foster, George Sidney. Dir: William A. Seiter. BW-72 mins
then Double Harness
"After tricking a playboy into marriage, a woman sets out to win his love honestly.
Cast: Ann Harding, William Powell, Henry Stephenson. Dir: John Cromwell. BW-69 mins"
then One Man's Journey
Father and son doctors disagree over the son's materialistic goals.
Cast: Lionel Barrymore, May Robson, Joel McCrea. Dir: John S. Robertson. BW-72 min

All 3 are from 1933 the next 3 are all from the 30's but different years. It's amazing to say you're going to see a movie from the 30's nobody has seen in 50 years but it's true. I'm defently taping them. have no clue when i'll watch them.

German kids on herion not as up beat as high school the muscial

Last nite i watched Christine F. a true story. It is an actual true story of a girl Christine F. who at 14 was addicted to herion and prostuting (if that's a word) around berlin to pay for it.
This film was made in 1981 and has a soundtrack by David Bowie. Ths score is defently awesome and certain points reminded me of the opening score of the warriors. Also it is a very dark film and looks of it's time which is very very coo. However David Bowie's performance has really nothing to do with the movie at all. It's kinda just there. I mean I like Bowie but it really has nothing to do with the plot.
I unforently saw a dubbed version of the film so i did not get to here there coo german voices. However the film the way it was made and shot is the best part. the acting isn't amazing or anything but i also saw the dubbed sooooooo.
Also the girl may have been a little too pretty like i don't know but i don't know what the original girl looked like so maybe I'm way off base here.
I will tell you that it is depressing and does show the cycle of drug addiction that very few films about drugs actually show.
I will tell you this about this film. if you really wanna watch a film about herion that is depressing and has David Bowie in it and there teenagers and it's always night in 1981. then this movie is for you. if half of those things sound un appealing . then this isn't for you.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


this is kinda fucking crazy.

Turner Classic movies found 6 old rko films from the 30's that everybody thought was lost and restored them and they're airing them this wendesday and next wednesday. some media outlets will say it starts at 8 however it really starts at 7:30

Here's a link with everything I'd list the films but no one I know has even heard of them. but this is real they really havn't been seen in 50 years


70's kong not so bad and Dective Story was awesome

Sorry for two movies at once but sometimes I watch more then one movie in a day and I feel like why write about only one sometimes

KING KONG (1976)

As a verison of king kong this movie is terrible. However as a 70's big budget event film it works. yeah it is cheesy but it never really takes it self seriously. I didn't really take this film seriously and it never wanted me to. It just wanted me to passively watch it while drinking a big soda and popcorn.
The ending is ridiculous and silly but whateva. The effects are amazingly corny and did not hold the test of time. And Kong is a guy wearing a suit most of the time. but it's better then most of the big budget films I've seen from Hollywood recently so if you wanna have fun yeah this will be fun. But don't expect anything. like really anything just go in like I did and expect a shit movie.

Back when more of the people making films also did theater this film fit in. This actually based on a play and most of the film takes place on the same set. It's really good and even deals with some heavy stuff for it's time. it really does but i don't wanna tell you cause it'll ruin it.
One problem I had and this might not be the films fault is that some of the dialogue in the beginning is a little cliched now. However I'm guessing when it came out it wasn't but when you get to the end it's worth it.
Kirk Douglas's Character reminds me alot of Pempleton from Homicide life on the street and whole feel of it is like homicide I wouldn't be shocked if the writers of homicide liked this movie alot.
Also it is directed by william wyler who directed Roman Holiday and Ben Hur.
Check it out

Monday, April 02, 2007

I FINALLY SAW Casino Roayle and 300

yes I finally saw both of them and they were both good but here's why


I remember when I was like 12 and I hung out at this kid Rob Boyd's house alot. He really liked the movie Braveheart and would watch it like alot. Then his mom would tell like this scene is important cause of some historical thing. I hate that fucking movie. it is 3 fucking hours and I fucking hate it. the battle scene is really not worth it for me never has been and never will. in fact fuck that movie.
Basically yes there are good historical epics like barry lyndon and even good 3 hours movies. But most of the time you just need a break from this was historically acturate. I guess it's good when it is but not really when it blows. Sometimes movies should be fun that's why I liked 300 it was fun and they made it like a movie. I know it was a myth but you didn't have to sit through Troy. It also made it current and it was entertaining. Yeah it was a guys movie and it wasn't perfect. But it was good fro what it was. Detour was never that great but it is a wounderful film. 300 works the same way.

Casino Roayle

I think bond is a good franchise. however it lives off of the cliches in the franchise espically the brosnan bond films. not that it's actually bronsnans fualt to my understanding he wanted a casino roayle type film to happen.
However the series has kind of just been doing cliche bond films.
that was until this one.
Casino Roayle is dirty gritty and fun but also is a good movie all at the same time. Daniel Craig pulls off 007 like a real person instead of a cartoon. This film was suprising for me. I actually think this is a good movie on it's own right and takes it's place with Dr. no, goldfinger, and From Russia with Love. I'm glad they made a film worthy to be up there.
I would also go as far to say this is the best of the revial films. that seem to be so popular right now. I liked this better then superman returns and batman begins.
One other thing is the character development and that people got made at each other and bond screwed up. also Money penny in the shower was like wait I'm watching a bond movie.
if you liked old bond this movie is for you. it has a really long card scene and everything. I would say best spy movie of that year and better then both bourne movie and probably the best spy movie of the decade.