Tuesday, July 31, 2007


everyone seems to be doing this story. I even saw stuff on MTV about it. I never thought he would be suhc a big deal when he died.
In Film History at one time he was one of the most important film makers ever and probably still is but not what he once was. Every film history class used to do a class just on him. Now no one does that.
I don't think that makes his work less important.
His films are supposed to be so called intellgent films. I don't know if that's true because that is just kinda pretencious. But he did make really good films made in a way nobdy but Bergman makes films and I think that is an amazing thing.
I wasn't that into him until I saw Fanny and alexander. I think that's a great film with alot of life in it. I've even seen his version of the opera the magic flute. He was a great film maker. Nobody will really forget him. When he put out his last film. A year ago every critic gave it tons of adiration.
One thing i always thought about Bergman now that is funny. So many people look to films like the royal tenbaums and eternal sunshine for all this meaning. There great films but Bergman did that before them and better. His films are so complex i'm not sure I fully understand some of the ones I've seen several times.
Regardless this is a great time to rediscover a great film maker.

also woody allen's quote about him is coo.

"I was very saddened by the death of Ingmar Bergman. He was a friend and certainly the greatest film artist of my lifetime. He told me that he was afraid that he would die on a very, very sunny day. and I can only hope it was overcast and he got the weather he wanted."

Monday, July 30, 2007

new nockforce quickie

yeah we put these things up alot. This one is new I like my lip synch in this one. I think it's funny and all. Also the situations we're in are always coo.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

michael Gondry on you tube

sorry with moving and nockforce stuff it's harder to watch a movie everyday but i still wanna post.

michael Gondry became known to most of you because of the eternal sunshine. But what i wish more people knew was how crazy of a mad cap genius special effects guy he is. he's made tons of music videos over the years and his style is really awesome. somewhere between a 12 year making movies with his parents camera and a low budget art student but it doesn't suck. anyway he started a you tube profile and has two videos. i thought i'd share them.

also a music video of he directed by cibo matto

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

just watch this trust me

so i normally don't do two posts but i really like this clip.Ian showed it to me a while ago and it's crazy it works. it's the song mambo no.5 synch up with the matrix lobby shoot out and they did not edit it. yeah it just fits like dark side of the moon. but it's way more awesome.

Harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban

No I havn't seen the new one yet but i'm moving and have no money so be prepared for an onslaught of new movies when i have money again.
This film is probably the best one and yeah it cuts stuff out and all but it still works. I had no problem unstanding the story and I really thought it didn't work but it does. Yeah the best script for a Potter film is Goblet of Fire but overall this one is the best.
Visually it's fucking amazing. Making you forget how pedestrain the original two were.
It sucks that he only got two do one cause everything looks so good in this film and you could probably even turn the sound off and follow it ok.
Even the actors are better in this one.
I hope they can keep it up after this one cause this was like a big shot in the arm to the film world like hey harry potter doesn't have to suck.
If you could only own one I would pick this one however it is the lowest grossing one so maybe they knew not to do this again.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

the Man Who Turned to Stone

The plot of this film sounded really promising mad scientists keep a really old guy alive and they do so by sucking the life out of reform school girls. Because the people that own the reform school are the mad scientists sounds pretty awesome cause of course your thinking these girls have to be hot i mean if they weren't who would see in fact why even make a movie like this with out hot girls.
Well it was made in 1957 so there not that hot. also it's kinda lame and everbody is wearing alot of cloths the whole time. I guess it is kinda good maybe if someone wanted to remake it but with alot of hot girs in a reform school it has the possiabilty of being an awesome crazy stupid movie but unforently this was just boring.

Monday, July 23, 2007

new nockforce quickie

I'm just going to post this today but i think it's pretty good and it's abput movies. also i know the secret to the harry potter book and i really kinda want to say it to be a jerk but i won't cause that's mean. anyway here is nockforce quickie #4

also a bonus image if you like the video GO HERE

Thursday, July 19, 2007

adjusted american box office

ever wondered what the all time domestic box office would look like if it were adjusted. well i did and it's intesting the top 10 are as followed

1. Gone with the wind
2. Star WArs
3. the sound of music
5. the ten commandments
7. Jaws
8. Doctor Zhivago
9. The exorcist
10. Snow white and the seven dwarfs

a much longer list is linked below. Speildberg has two films in there fucking bastard and he owns 2.5% of star wars man that lucky guy. anyway i thought it was intresting

adjusted box office

I've tasted first blood

So I had never seen Rambo until last nite. Honestly it is a good action movie. You've got things you know are coming but you want that. And it's great. That's what's good about first blood. You want it to be the movie it wants to be. so all is good. Stalone is not really good at acting in this movie but he doesn't need be he just needs to kick ass and he did that real well.
I leanrned at important lesson from this film DON'T FUCK WITH RAMBO EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!
SERIOUSLY. all they did to piss him off was a cop didn't were he was walking. Man if Towson punks were like this nobody would be left. Seriously Rambo doesn't take shit from anyone.
I hear the later ones are seriously ridcolous but this one was coo and as an action movie it's great. as a regualar movie it's ok but you're gonna see rambo for the action not for some stupid character stuff or something.

Fun FACT: Initially Mike Nichols was interested in directing and wanted Dustin Hoffman to play the lead. Hoffman wasn't interested, however, as he thought it was too violent.

Why is that because the book was a very critically acclaimed New York Times well reviewed book. That people though was good literature. Guess the movie strays a little from that.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Contemplating Hairspray

so orignally i was against this film Go Here but now I'm not as sure first off from a fincal aspect everyone in baltimore really should understand this. In supporting this film you are supporting films that take place in Baltimore being filmed in other cities. Taking money away from the Baltimore economy. The worst part is there are a ton of Baltimore film makers that really need jobs and this film would help them out alot. Heck i was considering going to pa for the shot and call them up and do it. Instead it was in toronto. Which is really shittie.
But there is some reasons to see this film. First off this is a mainstream movie remake of a John Waters movie that is crazy. I really wanna see for that reason and that reason alone. But it is kinda one of the most mainstream John Waters movies. I can't imagine John Travolta would be in a pink flamingoes remake. My 14 year old self would flip the fuck out over this film. Partly for selling out but i would want to see it.
I think they did a crazy job of promoting it with so many stars they can have one star go on a talk show everyday for the week before and most of the week after the release which is great way to make buzz. Also is has tons of stars for young girls and old people and basically every demo. It's every studios dream. But maybe it will flop cause as much as i love mars attacks movies which a huge cast often don't do all that well.
To Finish off If you see this you'll actually probably end up helping John Waters make another movie. Making a hit have something to do with him. (Also congrats to new line for sticking with him since pink flamingoes to now) But it will hurt Baltimore I'm actually being serious if a stuido sees hey fuck filming there man the hairspray movie worked. so if you really really wanna support it will help John Waters which in turns mean he can make more movies in Baltimore but other people won't. That's really the truth of the matter if you wanna go that guy doesn't know what he's talking about fine but remember how many cgi movies have come out since Toy Story did well think about it.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

kung fu from beyond the grave

yes this is actually a real movie. and it's worth every penny i paid. which is a dollar. As I have been buying up bad one dollar movies for a while and finally got around to watching it. I can't really find movies this bad and fun normally. I knew just form the title that i was gonna have a good time.
This movie is everything i wanted it to be with the combination of both Kung Fu and Zombies. How can you really go wrong with that. But the mainly and probably most noteworthy part of this whole film is when they tell you the deadlest move ever. Apprently the deadlist movie ever is (according to this film) When you rip someone's hear out while there having an orgaism. who ever came up with that deserves something i don't know what but something.
Honestly i just wanted to share that with you.

Also it's coo if you like this sort of thing

Monday, July 16, 2007

nockforce quickie #3

yes another new nockFORCE quickie is up. I did all the lip synch might be my best lip synch for the series so far. Which after i typed i relise most of you don't really care or can't tell but whateva. it's funny so check it out

also if you want a desktop image of nockforce from the episode go here

happy together

Wong kar wai is one of my favorite directors working today and happy together is yet another great film by him. Using more of a gritty feel then a majority of the senmentality that most gay romance films do. The film has great acting from both Tony Leung and Leslie Cheung.
I really liked all the different film stocks they used in this film and how he got that to work in the film. It's both a heartbreaking love story and a wounderful one. You hate that they are fighting but you love them together. the film intregues you and pulls you in.
I don't like this as much as i like In the mood for love and Cung king express but i think it is better then 2046 and days of being wild.
I really liked Tony Leung and Wong Kar wai. One of the best duos in asian cinema since John woo and Chow young fat. Actually i think it might be close to De Niro and Scorese. Yeah i like that one more

Friday, July 13, 2007

the searchers

wow the searchers is frankly amazing. By far the best John Wayne film. The best John Ford film. Fuck the best Western. And most defently one of the best films ever made.
There's so much in here it's like trying to pick apart Citizen Kane in one post it wouldn't be right so i won't attempt to even try. if you have never seen this film and have any intrest in film. you don't have any intrest in film til you see this and you can quote me on that. Is it that good fuck yes.
John Wayne is an amazing actor. But you wouldn't know it. when i was a teenager i would be like John Wayner can't really act but John Wayne is an actor who has a tough job. He plays similair parts but has to find a way to make them different. Most actors can't do that but Wayne looks like he doesn't even think about it. This is probably one of the few different roles he took and most defently the guys best performance and that is really saying something.
There are so many John Wayne/John Ford films to pick from and so many amazing ones but this is the best. of the 14 they worked with.
Anyway here are some coo trivia facts about the searchers.

The searchers was shot in projected in a different way the most films. as the films was shot horizonatlly instead of vertically making the colors richer which is why the film looks so amazing.

the film is based on a true story wikipedia quote "The story of the original novel version of The Searchers is often said to have been inspired by the 1836 kidnapping of nine-year-old Cynthia Ann Parker by Comanche warriors who raided her family's home at Fort Parker. She spent twenty-five years with the Comanche, married a war chief, and had three children, only to be "rescued" against her will by the Texas Rangers. James W. Parker, Cynthia Ann's uncle, spent much of his life and fortune in what became his obsessive search for her."

some imdb trivia quotes

"Natalie Wood was still a student in high school when this film was being made, and on several occasions both John Wayne and Jeffrey Hunter had to pick her up at school on days when she was required on the set. This caused a good deal of excitement among Wood's female classmates."

"One of the first movies to market itself with a making-of documentary aired on TV. Gig Young hosted the program, with Jeffrey Hunter as the guest."

David Lean watched the searchers tons of time to prepare see how to shot landscape in Laurance of Araba

this film influenced tons of films including Star Wars, Taxi Driver, Apocalplyse Now, and was a favorite of every good director that came out of the 70's.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

rather here then on my myspace

the searchers is not a movie i'm gonna rush into writing about so tomorrow so i will write that post. sorry and that movie is fucking awesome.

This is too stupid for me to put on my Myspace profile but since i update this pretty regularly I can just put it here and stuff and then not see it for a while. anyway some shit site does this and i don't feel like giving them a link but you can search it and stuff. i mean i'll give myself a link here but no one else.
yeah so apprently i look like Anthony Kedis which is coo cause he's kinda coo. out of the 8 people i only got two americans which is coo cause i thought it would be like way higher. I have no problem with David Beckham and Pirece Brosnan. but i don't know who that foreign chick is. George Harrison is coo. at least i got nice looking people for the most part and Einstein. but yeah but Ashely Tisdale ummm not sure exactly about that one but hey whateva

post be up after 12

sorry i'm projecting the searchers and it's important to me personally i get this shit right post later

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

no movie reviews today but other stuff

unforently i didn't see a movie yesterday i know i know shock of all shocks. but i will see one today. regardless of that there are a couple of things i wanna link and stuff.

if you saw the aboriton of a film called Transformers then you saw a trailer that had no title and was unclear on what it was about. but everyone is talking about it. Most are calling in 1/18/08 because that was the only thing the trailer said was when this film comes out. it is produced by J.J.Abrams and despite the fact he doesn't have the best tract record in terms of quality this is the best movie pre release campaign i've seen in a while.
people have no clue what this movie is about or very much about it at all but they want to see it. i've seen tons of articles so hats of to this trailer for giving us something to talk about anyway

also michael moore has been on cnn alot lately because he said they lie about all sorts of health care issues i think that is coo cause most of the stuff i see about foreign health care i usually find out to be pretty un true. Also i find it fun that even though his two previous films are little lack on the truth at times. Barely anyone mainstream wise covered that but then he makes a film that even Fox news gave a good review to and Fox News admited (I'm serious) that the films facts are correct. that now we give him shit for it. i think that this dumb like we could have gone after him for humliating that us senator in freinheit 9/11 but you know that guy doesn't buy ads on cnn.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

arn't we all beyond thunderdome

Previously I had seen the other two mad max films in Ocean City for the first time. So I figured I would finish the series when i went down this time. Unforently this isn't the best one but it's still ok.
One would hope that Since the first Mad Max was good and Mad Max 2 The Road Warrior was great that it would continue to get better in quality. Well that would be awesome but it doesn't always work out like that.
First why is it called Thunderdome when there is only one thunderdome battle. Thunderdome is fucking awesome and i could have gone with like 17 more thunderdome battles. and even the line two may enter only one can leave is awesome. but oh well. the car chase with the train is awesome and shot really well.
I don't know this isn't a bad film but it is more of a stupid audience film then the other 2.
Road Warrior is really a great film and can be compared to both westerns and samurai films. It's just awesome.
You won't be as let down as like Pirates or anything in fact it's probably the most kid friendly one and if you have like an 8 year old rent this and they might like it.

Monday, July 09, 2007

nockFORCE's second Quickie called ENDOR is up

this is our second quickie I think it's pretty coo we talk about Endor and I think it's fun. Also you don't have to like rap to like nockFORCE or this cartoon.

Transformers was really bad

I kinda knew this one wasn't going to be bad but it's even worse then my expectations. I expected very little knowing Michael Bay was directing it but wow.
I don't know what was really going on and i didn't care either. That movie was shit seriously shit. I can't really think of anything good about this film.
In fact there is no reason. you should probably just see rataouiee again or something.
This is really just a big dumb summer movie and or maybe just dumb. so i guess if your in to that sort of thing then knock yourself out.
but i personally perfer the original animated film. it's alot more fun and i understood what was going on and stuff.
Also it was kinda racist and wins the distinict honor of the only film currently out that uses the word mamie. yeah that's right so when you go to see transformers thats what your supporting.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

while I'm gone

so i'm going to Ocean City today and won't be back til Sunday so basically this is the last post til Monday. but instead of reviewing a movie i'll just embed shit like crazy.

If you havn't heard of this your probably really old and don't know who t.i. is but anyway this guy took this from a japanesse game show and it became an internet sensation with a ton of remixs which i will play including a kill bill remix. i put the original clip below and the kill bill remix.
ok normally i don't like videos like this but this makes me laugh and i really like so i know you're all gonna be like what the fuck but i think it's coo.

also a few more

Monday, July 02, 2007

yes another new nockforce cartoon

This cartoon is different from the one that came last week. That is a full episode this is just a quickie like under a minute. We're gonna put out several of these between episodes.
I do all the lip synch and Ian does all the drawing and movement that isn't a mouth. Making this kinda of a return to doing lip synch for me as I havn't done it since Cletus. I did do it on the episode but i really like the job i did on this one. anyway check it out i think it's pretty coo.


Brad Bird is probably one of my favorite directors working right now. So with out a doubt I was going to see this film.
Sometimes i need some time to really take in his stuff both his previous films i liked after many viewings. In fact when I saw the incredibles i didn't like it as much as iron giant. But now i consider the incredibles his best film.
This film i'm not sure right now i want it as my favorite Brad Bird but after it comes out on dvd and I've watched it numerous times. then i could tell you more.
As for right now. This film without a doubt is a very different film for pixar and it's very good at doing that. In some parts this reminds me of 101 dalmantions and aristocats. In good ways cause it makes excellent use of Paris much like Hitchcock would do in his films as well.
The acting is top notch and nobody really give Brad Bird alot of credit about directing actors but shit i would put him with any of the best directors working today. Like some of the performances were perfect Patton Oswald, Jeane Garfolo, Ian Holm. But the best performance was Peter otoole who just really blew me away and deserves any voice acting award. He was so fucking good in this movie it's insane. Like I was shocked how good he was. It makes me want him in moore movies. Yeah he was that good.
Animation wise this is Pixar's best film. The lighting and shots are beautiful. Everything is amaizng.

Frankly this is the film , other then sicko, to see this weekend. if you want to see shit blow up and your dumb see die hard and transformers but if you wanna see a good movie see this. or you can see all of them.