Thursday, May 31, 2007

the war room and space thunder kids

This is a really good documentary espically for everything it captures on film. Clinton was a big part of the 90's and this film shows how it started. we follow the campaign from jennifer flowers to the end and they still won. There really good at making this work for them.
James Caville was crazy to watch as he has a huge personality. Then stefonaplis is a character himself. Following these two guys around is pretty crazy.
It's also intresting to see alot of the press people and clinton people just hanging out. Then when the cameras are on there completely different. But when the cameras off there talking about getting beer later. That i wish still went on cause i feel like alot of people now arn't as down with doing that if there an opposing side.
This is a really good documentary even if you have no intrest in clinton. but if you know more about it then say i do then you'll probably like it alot.
This film was also directed by the director of Don't look back.

Let me start off by saying this is a $1 dvd i get at a dollar store near my place. So anything about serious film has left the building. This film does not have a chohesive story really. But it's awesome cause they just took clips from other animated $1 movies and cut them together but it's all the awesome robot battles.
so if you want like an hour and a half of robot battles and like nothing else this is your movie and it's worth every cent you paid for it. for the rest of you i don't think you'd like it

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

ZOmbie and Slim City

I have no clue why I watched two horror films but I did so yeah kinda worked out that way.

So I think this is a good Zombie movie and no doubt if you love zombie movies you'll love this one. Espically an underwater scene with a zombie and then a shark and a zombbie attacks a shark. like a realistic and i think a real one which makes me wounder how they did that cause i would think a shark would not be coo with some stupid human dressed as a zombie grabbing it.
This is a coo zombie movie but unforently lacks any social commentary that usually seperates bad zombie movies from good ones. however not every film should be the same but this one was good I kinda wanted it to be more I guess.
I really like the make up and the begining and the end it was fun. If you havn't seen the original dawn of the dead see that first but this would play well right after so maybe an awesome double feature.
also here is the awesome zombie vs. shark scene seriously he's a real fucking shark

I had never heard of this movie but it was recomended because it was made by a former student of were i went to school. It's fun and kinda dumb but it's made to be a bad midnight movie.
I think I like this more cause of the choice of locations in astoria queens where I used to live and the fact he's from my school.
The make up was good and all the horror stuff. If you have like a teenage son or know a teenage boy whos having a sleep over they'd probably be down but i went to some weird sleepovers when i was in my teens I saw blood sucking freaks a ton of times because of this. so maybe not everyone does that but anyway it's a fun midnight movie to drink beer and chill out to.
also here's a clip after he drinks some slime

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

vampire lovers

i found this and it was coo

man bites dog and thaknk you for smoking

A very intresting film. It's about a documentary crew that follows around a serial killer. Before Fight Club there was this film. A film 7 years before that has darker humor and filmed in a way that only a fan of film could love. I think the way it's shot makes it intresting. But the main actor makes this film work and his timing and charisma makes this picture work very well.
It's sade I wait so long to see this and I kinda wish I had seen it sooner. I really like this film and defently think you should check it out. There a million scenes you'll think about and talk with your friends about. I think this should be on the list for best 90's films.
Also defently an influence on the blair witch project.
anyway here's the trailer

I was suprised how much I liked this film. To bring up fight club again this post. I defently think this film is obviously shows it was made post fight club. With all the cutting and voice over and explaining there beliefs.
It was intresting to see all that stuff from the big tobacco companies and about how they deal with stuff. Which I'm assuming is somewhat true.
Aaron eckard is also good. I think it wasn't amazing or anything but it was kinda fun and it was good at being kinda fun. I wouldn't mind if more fun movies were this good but maybe thats asking to much

Friday, May 25, 2007

30 years ago today

star wars came out and it's imporriable to think of the film business without it. Espically now that we're in the summer blockbuster season. i really put these up cause of Harry Knowles article and i really like the empire trailer with those coo viensian blind things anyway check it out.
I have to say I don't remember a world without star wars because well i was born after it Jedi came out. I really don't know what to say about them. I remember countless times watching them as a kid and i remember when i was like 5 or 6 my dad told me he was gonna tape return of the jedi that nite and i was so exicited like jumping on my bed doing light saber moves and shit.
In middle school when like everything totally sucked i had these 3 movies and watching them. This is not a joke everyday after school i would watch a part of one and then pick up the next day. Seriously.
It's sad that there lame now because when i grew up everyone liked them. like when they were re released it didn't matter where you were on the social latter you saw star wars. jocks and nerds would talk about those movies together. it's sad it's not like that now and i really miss it.
This trilogy isn't perfect but it's fun and i love it.

Dressed to kill and please don't see pirates

I like DePalma and this film is certainly another reason why. I do understand the simularites between this and psycho but who cares. This is a good Hitchcockian thriller . I like how Depalma made everything scary but the way he shots and edits is the real star on imdb it said the average shot is 6 seconds that's a long time. Also he makes really coo camera movements that really pay off in this film.
Much like his film Sisters this movie knows what it's doing for the most part. Granted you probably can guess the villian before and stuff but it's fun when you get there. Depalma is better at thrillers then anything else and should really just stick with them. good movie if you like sisters if you didn't then i don't know do something else.

So Pirates 3 opens today or opened last nite at midnite. I really just cannot believe everyone wants to see this movie. The first was good but only for a big action thing. The second one was so boring and long how can people want to sit through it again. It's almost 3 fucking hours. I'm really confused. Also are these characters even that good like Johnny Depp never has enough rum haha hillrious. There are a million other people in it that I'm supposed to remember that everyone seems to know. These films make me weep for the american or well worldwide public.
This film is going to be truly awful and thanx for helping it become possiably the biggest thing ever with predictions going to 200 million for the 4 day weekend. Seriously people SERIOUSLY you need to see this movie that bad. you understand there are other movies out. i don't know honestly what the fuck seriously what the fuck

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Internal affairs and the departed

Today I'm gonna do something a little different. I'm gonna talk about one film and then it's us remake in the same post. Let's get the big question out of the way first The Departed is the better film however neither are perfect. Also Infernal Affairs isn't 140 minutes it's like an hour and a half which is alot nicer.
Infernal Affairs is a great action movie and has Tony Leung in it and kills it in fact he's like the star he steals it Andy Lau does a great job as well. Also I like the soundtrack more in this film.
However the Departed has good performances from Nichlson, Walberg, Sheen, Damon, and Dicaprio. Nichlson is the only one who made a better character the second time around. Marky Marks character wasn't even in Infernal Affairs in fact it was just Martin Sheens character. Also and best change I think is that the therpist for Leo is the same person as Matt Damon's Girlfriend. In Infernal Affairs they are two differnt people making the reveal less shocking but here it's way better. This is a far more complicated film then the original and it's werid to like a remake more but if we can always make remakes better that would be coo.
I think both are good and both have great performances. But the stupid rat at the end of the departed really bugged me this time. like LAME seriously.
But there both great movies I say see Infernal Affairs if the running time of the departed is to much but the departed is still awesome.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

man of marble and animal farm

i have to say I really like films directed by Andrzej Wajda. even though I have only seen two this and Ashes and Diamonds. I think I like Ashes and Diamonds more but this movie is still really good. It's about a young female director trying to make her dipolma film (i guess thesis film really but thats what they call it in the movie) about this 1950s bricklayer, Birkut, who was briefly a proletariat hero.
The character of the film maker is very good and shows how good Wajda is with creating characters. Really her movements and manerisms showed so much of who she was really great acting.
This is what some say a Polish Citizen Kane. Well I guess it is but whateva.
The music is really really good and has this weird kinda Talking Heads vibe even though they didn't come out with there first album until a year later.
I really do think this is a good movie and worth checking out. Polish film making is often ignored so if you do see it you can look extra smart in front of your friends and I won't tell them i told you about it.

This one is probably easy to find in the $1 dvd section. I don't know about much else. Apprently this is britians first animated film. i have found nothing to prove that wrong so i guess it is.
The film has good animation and voice acting and you can probably show it to your kids or something. also it costs a dollar which is the best part.
I havn't read the book in a while but most of it seemed to be the same and it defently got it's point across. The ending is changed cause the CIA apprently paid for it and wanted a more anit communist ending. you might say that's not coo but film backers do that kinda shit all the time so it's not that shocking really. anyway i found the whole thing on you tube. so if you have like 73 minutes with nothing to do you can watch it. it's on 8 different videos but i will post the first one. if you click on the user guys name you cna find all of them it's pretty good and free so check it out

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

three kings and black caesar

I remeber watching this with my friend Jordan right when the current Iraq war started. It certainly makes you think about the whole thing. Now i feel the same.
It's defently David o russel's best film. You take 4 people who otherwise do not give a shit about the people in this country they've been fighting in. Then on the way to steal some gold they start to realise oh wait these actually people and this situation that our goverment has made for them has really fucked them.
It's certainly hard to watch this film and go yeah we should just leave but then your like but the first time it didn't turn out so good.
In fact wait that does bother me like if it was your family then you'd be like no wait fix everything up. But since we don't live there it's like lets leave and save our people. that kinda bugs me.
Regardless if you agree with me or not I'm glad there are films out there that are watching you get all fired up and want to think about things like this. And that is good enough reason if you havn't seen this to. or see it again it's still good and strangely a box office hit which is fucking weird. oh well

So if you've never been a fan of blackpoltion then you saw that poster and don't care all ready. Regardless it's not a bad genre. This film even has a score by James Brown and a veyr fucking awesome great score.
The film itself is really good mafia story but told in harlem which believe it or not gangs are kinda like organized crime. all though i've always woundered what unorganized crime would be like.
It uses all the great streo types of the genre and it's always fun to watch how each of these films worked with them in new ways. this is actually a remake of little caesar. and it works very well. I wish remakes were all coo like this.
everybody does what they need to do in this movie and it works. if you like Coffy, Shaft, Superfly, and just really like snoop dog then see this movie. if black people make you nervous i don't like you and also see this movie. why cause it's a coo movie not the best but defently in my top 10 of the genre.

Monday, May 21, 2007

faster pussycat kill kill and spinal tap

this movie is crazy amazing. the dialouge is so ridcoulously campy cult movie that it feels almost unreal. It's shot well and dam. I know this is John Waters favorite film and i can defently tell. This is not I guess a good movie but shit it was fun to watch. if you like watching movies so bad there good then check this out. I don't know if it tops beyond the valley of the dolls but it comes dam well very close.
if you wanna have a good time see this movie.
Honestly it's hard to describe it so just watch it here with you tube.

to write about this movie is a little stupid cause everybody talks about how great it is and shit. i don't think it's a cult movie cause it's a little to big for that.
I mean i feel like everyones heard all the jokes and stuff.
it is still a good movie and i've watched it countless times. I kinda wish they would make so many of there movies now i mainly like spinal tap. Same thing with Rob Reiner he was way better when he made this movie then now. But all the jokes are there.
I did feel like we hear all the jokes to much so that now watching it isn't as fun. but maybe after a while it will be funny again.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Pale Rider and the WARRIORS

So ok I walked in to this one expecting kind of a stupid movie but honestly i really liked it. like enought to own. I'm shocked.
This movie is not a great western and no were near what the man with no name films. However this film is alot of fun and never tries to be anything more then a popcorn action movie and that's what it is. In fact this film does a western in way that makes people who arn't fans of westerns intrested. Cause it's made like any action movie. If you're looking for a comment on the existental condition then this is the wrong movie for you but if you want a fun action popcorn western this is perfect.
I know if borrows from Shane but I never liked Shane it sucked. Even though I like the director of that film. This is much better.
This is directed by Clint Eastwood who obviouly understood to keep the western releavent you had to make them like action movies. if more people had done this westerns would still be around.
Also both female characters fall for Clint Eastwood man that guy is a pimp.

I hadn't watched this movie in like a year but i rewatched it last nite and it was really good. I never noticed how well the shots were composed before but there really beautiful. Reminds of the 50's and early 60's.
It still bugs me there are not more subway movies. it's such a great location.
Apprently they shot the whole thing in one subway station and painted and such to look like more. you can't tell which is amazing. also alot of the fights are just awesome like the one in the bathroom oh shit.
There isn't enough time to write how great this film is. I think it is more then a cult thing it's just an awesome movie

Thursday, May 17, 2007

another BRUCE CAMPBELL OLD SPICE commerical

this one is just as awesome as the other and alot different. The way he delievers the lines is perfect.

the stunt man and oliver twist

This is a fun movie and defently one of the best films about film making. Peter o Toole does a great job. He apprently based his performance on David Lean. Man in that case David Lean is fucking crazy.
Everything is great in this film and it really works as both a kind of comedy. well I don't know if it's comedy but who care it's good.
I think if you like film you'll love this movie. apprently Truffant almost did this movie but did day for night instead. i like day for night a whole lot more then this film but this film is still great.
one good quote about the movies from this is Peter o toole saying "if god could do what we could do he'd be a happy man"
anyway check it out

So I like Roman Polanski but this movie was like I don't know. It just wasn't there. Yeah it looks good but there are alot of stuff that didn't work. I think he works alot better doing horror. but i really liked knife in the water. I don't know. I loved the pianist but I would much rather see an earlier Polanski film.
I know this was his dream project which last i checked i think he has like 40 million of those. like most directors just have one. well i wish he hadn't made this and i can understand why it got released very poorly it just wasn't that good. sorry

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


It's werid to think a music video like this got heavey rotation on MTV but in 1996 it did. I remember being 12 and watching it. thinking it was coo to have like old stuff in your video and be all dirty. that has since gone out of style and superdrag never had a hit again.
this was also a time and a very breif time when collage radio and rock radio were almost the same thing. crazy time anyway i hadn't seen this video in 10 years until yesterday. also a very good example of post nirvana alternative rock.

so enjoy

2046 and Jaws

Yeah I know there has been alot of Wong Kar Wai film on this blog lately. But honestly there all film that you should be checking out and seeing and going gaga over. This is the end of a kind of loose trilogy with Days of being wild and in the mood for love I don't think this is the best film in the trilogy but it's terrible or anything.
It is a good film about a man writing a sci-fi story about people trying to get to 2046. It's hard to explain without giving things away. so just see the other two films before this one.
Tony Leung Chiu Wai does a great job and many call me a modern day Clark Gable in this role I agree with them. He has the class and unclassieness to pull it off. also a really kick ass moutache.
Aprently everyone is speaking there native language in this film. i couldn't tell most of the time cause they all sounded like languages i didn't understand. but thats intresting. I hope if you read this blog and have not seen these films you will cause there defently good and really you need to see more world cinema anyway.

so man I don't really know what to say about jaws. it is really wild and amazing film. everything it started. I watched this in the av room with some student workers and intresting fact there are like 5 black people in this movie. however there was debate over if there are 4 and we counted someone twice because they walked by the camera too quick.
anyway instead of writing a review for a movie everybody loves here's some facts.
one of the first "high concept films" a term that was made up by media executives Barry Diller and Michael Eisner while they were at abc.
wikipedia quote
"The plot of a high concept movie is easily understood by audiences, and can often be described in a sentence or two, and succinctly summarized by the movie's title. High concept movies feature relatively simple characters and a heavy reliance on conventions of film genre. Stylistically, high concept movies tend to be high-tech, crisp, and polished. Such movies also rely on pre-sold properties such as movie stars to build audience anticipation, and use heavy advertising, market research, and test screenings to ensure maximum popularity. Some high concept movies are built as star vehicles for successful music and sports personalities to enter the movie business. Often high concept movies are pitched as combinations of existing high concept movies, or unique twists on existing titles."

Jaws was the first film to use tv ads.

also started a big release stragey which is now common place films that followed it are the omen the next summer and then star wars the summer after that.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bruce Campbell is awesome

This is awesome and i will buy old spice just so they make more of these.

if you love Bruce Campbell's Spiderman cameo's then man your in for a treat

in the mood for love and the untouchables

This is a good movie. no wait This is a great movie. My Girlfriend has been trying to get me to watch this movie for like a week and I finally saw it. Defently one of Wong Kar Wai's best films and you could argue which is better between this and Chung King Express. The mood and tone to this romantic film is something that no amount of witty dialouge or anything a normal romance film could ever achieve.
This is kind of a slow movie i guess but once your in it you won't notice. I don't know me discribing it is like kind silly because I can't just see it.
It's very very very good.

So this film is good but has alot of dated parts and then really awesome parts. Also Kevin Coster has the personailty of that guy from your accouting department. Seriously he really sucks what the fuck is with that guy. We really as a culture made him a movie star. like forget how we idolise Lindsey Lohan him really come seriously a movie star. man the 80's must have really sucked.
anyway Sean Connery is awesome but dies in a hokey way. everyone else is coo.
The Action sequeneces are ok but the best one is the odesa steps reference really an amazing scene that makes this movie worth checking out. yes it is that good.
However the score in most of this film makes it turn to shit and the tone is a little lame. sorry but I expect a little more from De Palma

Monday, May 14, 2007

the namesake and martin

the namesake is a good movie and certainly one worth seeing but it's structure is like all over the place. The film centers around an indian family whose parents imagrated to america. We start off with the focus on the parents which is intresting. then we go to the son. they do have a daughter but I'm assuming she's not very intresting because she does not get a plot line as upfront as the brother.
This film is very sad too and goes into tradition and family and all that stuff.
It has the best performance from the guy who played kumar in harold and kumar go to white castle that at this point he has given.
The parents are the best characters and part of me wounders if the film was just about them would i like it alot more.
If your woundering if you can see this on dvd you can't. well not yet cause it is currently in theaters. It's barely in any and has like no advertising but i think this is a hard film to advertise to people. in fact the trailer i saw had it about the son only and I was kinda confused at first when watching the film. but if you want a good family drama this is the film to see right now.

George Romaero is know for night of the living dead and dawn of the dead. everything else he's made isn't usually as good. well I would like to put Martin on the good list.
Martin is a vampire film. or well I think it is because your never sure if he is a vampire. he doesn't have fangs, he can go in the light but he doesn't like it very much and he has to cut people with a razor blade to drink there blood.
Yeah this film is strange and kinda werid but it's good. at no point does the film take a turn that wasn't coo.
I think George Romero made a really awesome film here and it shows that he is defently one of the better directors of horror. not because I have ever been scared by anything he has done because I want to watch his film over and over there intresting. they make comments on things. this is a really good character study on a vampire or maybe a vampire. you can go either way.
before recently this film was hard to find. I remember way back in the vhs days my friends and I looked everywhere for this one. thanks to dvd i saw it. defently a worthy film to check out and I would say i will own this one day so I guess you can take that as a recomendation.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

mc hammer has a blog

this is crazy silly and not really that good but the mer fact that it exists is amazing enough. also it's mainly photos but weren't you woundering what hammer was doing dya to day.


rocky and days of being wild

I recently saw chung king express and really liked it. Before I saw that the only film by Kar Wai Wong fallen angels and i didn't like that. This film I liked but much like chung king express I need to see it again. His movies don't really have a plot but stories are going on. It's more about about mood and enjoying were you've been at the end then I guess telling a story. My girlfriend said he makes kind of cinematic poems. I think that's true. The stories in this film are awesome.
Man I know it sounds like i need to watch this again and I think I will bottom line discover this director he's worth while. in fact I think most normal people would like chung king express (cough cough) who like big hollywood movies (cough cough) this probably not as much but we'll see when I watch it again. but this is still a good movie so check it out.

I'm not a big rocky fan. But I do like the original rocky and I saw 2,3,and 4 on tnt in the late 90's. But this wasn't half bad. I don't know if it's good but it comes close to good. The documentary feel of this didn't work sometimes but works other times. Also I do miss adrianne cause she's dead.
By the way she would have done it. but the choose to have here be dead.
anyway yeah it's fun I think it is a better rocky sequal then most of them. It defently is not perfect but they really tryed on this one. I think if you wanna see a good rocky sequal this one does it's job. and what more could you ask.
But the use of old footage was dumb and I don't like it when people do that it a final film. Like this isn't a tv clip show. but regardless if you grew up with Rocky you'll like it and if you like the first one you'll like it.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

grizzly man and pickpocket

All though the subject matter in this film is rather it is still intresting enough to see it however Herzog puts himself in there to much and ends up hurting the film. I don't understand why I needed to know the main characters point of view on life versus Herzogs didn't make much sense. There was a great documentary in there some where but it ended up just being good.
I heard when I interned for this documentary company that Herzog's kind of a asshole. Nobody likes thus why this film didn't get a best documentary nomination. but it worked out cause the film isn't that good anyway.
It is still a good movie and worth seeing it's just not a great film. It could have been but it's director didn't let it do so.

I have heard people tell me how realistic the pickpocketing was in this film. I have no clue if it is as I have never pickpocketed anyway but if I ever do I'll get back to you.
This is a good film moving like a noir of it's time. Espically with the whole moral thing which is intresting cause France (this being a french film) has looser censorship.
The main character is well played and everything it in is coo. Don't look for to much realism. I don't think this film is really that realistic but is kind of a fake noir style. not tha that's a bad thing it still works. It's also a short film a 75 minutes so if you wanna watch two movies in a night and don't wanna spend 4 hours on the coauch this would be a good choice also it's fun to watch by itself. I would recommend this film.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

see 9 minutes of Rataouille

As you probably have noticed if you read this blog that I like animation. Well one film I am really excited for this summer is Rataouille. Which is directed by Brad Bird. Who did both the Iron Giant and the incredibles. also he worked on the simpsons.
anyway on apple trailers they have the first 9 minutes HERE
I watched it and it's good and most likely the only film not called spiderman i will see in theaters this summer

spiderman 3 and 101 dalmamintons

So unlike most third comic movies this doesn't completely suck. However it's not the best either. The first 2 acts are great and defently use the structure set up by the first films and is alot of fun. Then the third act gets all villians teaming up bullshit.
The black suit stuff was great but the Venom stuff was dumb. Venom in his own movie would have worked far better then stuffing him in this one even just putting him getting it but then he's venom in the next one.
The sandman stuff was very good and sam raimi is good at picking smaller actors to play villians.
Overall yeah i guess it was good but the ending thing sucked also the whole trilogy thing was stupid. Spider-man was never a trilogy it was on going. The villian team up was like watching the mistakes of X-Men 3 and Batman forever all over again. I liked the most of it and the score was the best score of the 3.
Also Bruce Cambull was hillarious as always.

I've been wanting to watch this movie for a couple of months. all though it is disney's big christmas dvd release this year. until it comes out it's nearly impossiable to find. However i found a vhs of it.
I really like this movie and defently would put i up there with the jungle book because of the quality writing. also the style of it is awesome and very of it's time. I wish we still used the 60's style now I think it would look really good.
The music as well is very good and most of the music cues work very organically because of the human male being a songwritter.
The big thing about older disney films is at times they could be scary and have parts that weren't as pleasent and then have a part with alot humor. I wish they would study films like this and try to do this still. I would say this is one of the better disney films.

Friday, May 04, 2007

nockFORCE thanks for the add

So a coo thing that Ian made are these thanks for the add things for people who add us on myspace there are 3 one for each of us and then a group one. Everyone has told me they like Ian's the best but I walk on the fucking moon so i don't know anyway I figured I'd put these up for the people who don't have myspace. which is weird were your grandparents like the last to get a tv on ur block or something just get one. also people who only have facebook which is also weird. anyway check em out

thank you for friending nockFORCE


thank you for friending nockFORCE

best comic movies of the new era

With the release of Spider-Man 3 today. i figured I'd do something coo and talk about the best comic movies since basically this decade began and comic movies were all over the place and some were actually good. This is really amazing because before this decade comic movies suck. I mean did you see Steal or Dr. Strange or anything that didn't have batman or superman it wasn't so good. Unless it was like a documentary or something. Alot of people said the first spider-man movie made comic movies huge. And yeah that's true so I guess it's fitting to see what has happened since the first film came out.
I just picked the best ones there is no real order just the best comic movies that have come out this decade.
The X-men had been around in media for a while in 2003 but no film or tv really captured the writing of the man who made X-Men huge and intresting. That man is Chris Claremont.
When Bryan Singer made the first X-Men film he knew little of the comics but this time he read up and it shows.
I think this film works two ways one it is crowd pleasing when wolverine brings out his claws and cuts people up your like holy fuck this is fucking awesome. In fact most of the movie your like fuck yeah. but also it's written well. there are lots of storylines that work and there is just enough going on so that it doesn't get to convaluted.
I think this is the closet anything movie or tv show to any X-Men comic and it's wounderful.

The first spiderman is good don't get me wrong ok. it was a little to power rangers sometimes but over all it was good. The slow mo totally works to bring all the crazy fights from the comic to the screen.
The big thing about both spiderman films is there done by a guy who grew up with spiderman and loves spiderman.
This movie shows that so well. In fact I think Steve Ditko inked it. It felt so much like a spiderman comic come to life it's crazy. I watched it again recently and was amazed at how Sam Ramimi totally had fun with this and it showed in fact this does get my vote for the best comic movie of all time. He puts in dialouge that sounds like it should be in a comic with imagery and then even has a tribute to evil dead and it comes off. Fucking awesome

Remeber the first time you got made the academt didn't nominate paul Giamantee. well it was this movie. A werid idea but it works the same way his comic works and it's good. Showing even how his comic is made and tons about his comic doing a basic outline of his life.
I like that underground comics get made into films that are good rather then fritz the cat.

This movie came up wiht the idea lets just use a comic as a story board and make it that may and it was awesome. The film noir refferences are there but most importantly as an experiment this works so well that I really want a ton of comic movies to do this. This was an amazing idea and proably Rodriguez best film to date. Everyone was good in it and I don't know this worked and I can't wait for a sequal.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Please see Confetti and don't ever see High school the musical

Normally I'm not a big fan of the mockumentaries that most americans make but this isn't an american film. It's british. I saw this in the theater which i think it opened on like 4 screens or something and loved it then. well it's still really good. using alot of BBC actors including Martin Freeman from Hitchckers gudie to the galaxy and the office.
It's about a magazine doing a contest with whoever has the best wedding gets a house and they pay for the wedding and judges decide who gets it. It's between a nudist wedding a musical sequence and a tennis one. It's funny and very good.
Everyone is really spot on and funny and it's a good compromise for a good movie if lets say your wife likes bad chic flicks where it never rains cough cough. also it's pretty funny and has great timing.
This is should be at most video stores with like 4 copies but it's worth finding.

Ok so I tried but this movie is utter shit. like I know most likely I wasn't going to like this but shit it was bad. the songs are terriable the musical numbers are so dull it's actually like watching a high school musical. I get that it got kids into doing musicals at there school and thats coo. but aside from that this movie has no redeeming qualities.
It was even badly cast they have this wimpy kid playing a jock a fucking jock go see election that's how you cast a jock. all the jocks did not look right. It's a typical disney channel shit movie.
If you have kids who wanna watch this with you be like yeah I gotta like do something over here or something

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

nockFORCE my new rap group

I have a new rap group that is also a cartoon and the rap group part came out last nite on myspace. so check it out. It's fun hip-hop kinda thing. We've been working on this for a while to make it perfect and I am very happy with it. I mixed all the tracks and I'm very proud of it. If you have great speakers it sounds coo.
the cartoon part will come out in a few weeks but until then Listen to our tracks

The passenger and night watch

I'm not as versed in Antonioni as much as i would like but this film defently makes me want to. This is a hard film to get the pacing is so different from what I'm used to but it's so good. I have to see this film a couple more times just to understand it and i like it alot. Defently amazing.
one thing that Antonioni likes to do is show a wide shot of a town to show the environment. It's crazy there is so much to this film and everything is great if you love film check it out.
Also if you get the dvd none other then Jack Nicholson doing commentary. Which he never ever does. He admits he doesn't know how to do them but he tries to narrate it a little. and tells stories. the most intresting thing is Nicholson talks about how he likes that to Antonioni acting is not the most important thing. He understands his place in the film. It's also coo to listen to so check it out and pour a glass of wine with Jack.

Do you like X-men and Borune movies then see this movie. I thought it's a russian sci-fi movie so i expected something werid. don't this is a hollywood movie. or well it's made like one. A big sci-fi movie. If you like Sci-Fi action I really think you would like this movie. In fact I think if this had a big ad budget it could make like 100 mill. It was huge in russia. where it's from.
I don't think this is a great one of those big budget sci-fi things but it is coo. and it follows all the cliches and stuff. If i was going to show films from this preiod of big budget sci-fi i would show this cause nobodies seen it but they would like it.
Even if you don't like foreign films you'll like this movie. check it out