Friday, November 30, 2007


so in 1999 this movie came out. I saw it when it came on video and frankly didn't like it that much. I didn't get what people liked about it. I saw it again recently and i guess I was a little hard on it but it's not that great.
One of the storylines the 2nd one in vegas has little to do with the other two. all though it somewhat contects the main characters are more annoying then actually watchable.
But this is kinda fun to see a 90's movie after the decade has been over for a little bit. I don't know about it. I don't agree with the movie of our generation thing but very few believe that. I think it's just the 90's big studio rave movie so for that it's ok but as a movie it's not that great.
Also i don't like Katie Holmes so that might be part of this.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

brain dennehy and cletus

last nite was Brain Dennehy's night as a guest programmer on tcm and he did a pretty dam good job. Here's what he played

odd man out

Saturday night and sunday morning

the wrong box

the russians are coming the russians are coming

Anyway it was all really good and worth checking out kinda suprised me but i ended up watching a bit of it. tonight devo's mark motherbaugh is the guest programmer.

also this video is so crazy insane craziness you won't believe it. but this proves snoop is a crazy genius or crazziness

this cletus i always kinda liked. I thought it was lost thus why an episode number 36 is coming out when i've gotten to the 50's. the next ones will be like catching up. all the stuff that i couldn't find. Also the end theme is not the orignal one for this episode but that was so horriable i didn't want it on you tube. so evil-dog gets too episodes.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

benders big score

pretty good and worth you checking out. Not sure if it's like the best thing they've done but it was real good. Defently better then the family guy movie. also this actually works as a movie. All though it is going to be cut up into episodes when comedy central gets the rights to futurama in 2008.
All the time travel stuff was coo and i really liked it. Just as a time travel movie it's up there. I like all the concepts they have in it.
I guess my only complaint is that I think is not liking the newer theme song at the begining but other then that coo.
if you like futurama you should check this out. and maybe if you havn't but i'm not sure if you'd be as down with it.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

secret wars was fucking awesome

when i was 9 i thought the secret wars was awesome. what it was well this

Like all the heros from all the comics came to fight in this one battle. it was nuts. Sure ok i know it's stupid and infinity gaunlet did the same thing way better. but when i was 9 it fucking ruled. and i have all of them. I got them from comic conventations in the dollar bins. or i think they were called something. but they were comics that weren't in the best condination but were still read able. anyway i got all if not most of them that way including the one were spidey gets his black suit but that wasn't as coo as the toys. which i really really wanted. and apprently were the main reason for marvel doing the secret wars mini series in the first place.

but i really wanted these toys

and i still do if i ever had the money i would totally track down all of these things. i just think secret wars is coo

Monday, November 26, 2007

new nockforce thing

so nockforce took a week off but we wanted to put something up in the time being so we put a video of my turtle Trevor. What I say about mashed potatoes is pretty true i do. seriously do that.
also i made the music for this.

for more turtle fun go to

Sunday tv round up

The simpsons were ok
Xavier renagade angel was really strange and weird in a coo crumb way and maybe had there best episode.
tim and eric was good
Metalacolypse was a rerun but was coo
same with
The venture brothers

thats about it hope yall had a good thanksgiving.

oh also because of this video Ian and I figured out we could get videos from the camera to the computer at our apartment. meaning i can put a ton of stuff on you tube that i previously thought would have been harder. So I will release stuff on you tube that I made in school like my freshmen year even.
So the release order of stuff is this

Finish all cletus by the new year

Movies by me

I'll put out the movies by me like once a month or something. i don't know if i'll get the cletus thing done when i say i would cause i think i told people by thanksgiving and that didn't work out but. I wanna finish cletus first. so when all the cletus's that i can find our up then i will do my stuff. Or well at least most cause i might find a cletus way later or something.
but yeah it'll be coo cause most of my stuff has never been online and not alot of people will have seen. so it'll be nice to release it so that it's not on some dv tape in a box in my closet.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

thanksgiving stuff and stuff

I guess this will be my last post til next week. i think it'll just be a video one. also if you couldn't watch the latest nockforce quickie it will be at the bottom of this post. there were techincal problems for some people with the latest quickie. but most people it worked so i don't know but yeah.

this cletus ep is the thanksgiving special. However It didn't come out on thanksgiving 2004 like it was supposed to. cause there wasn't enough time for me to animate it. but i figured i could make it part of this thanksgiving right here.

this may not be on dvd but it's defently my favorite thing about thanksgiving. don't know why this movie isn't real. anyway yeah here it is.

I guess the only thing to bring up is that thanksgiving is the birthday or Mystery Science Theater 3000. Which makes sense cause they used to have the turkey day marathon on comeday central for years with special commercials and such. They also had one thanksgiving day marathon on sci-fi that didn't have anything special but they still had one.
anyway searched on you tube and found a little clip from the 1995 turkey day marathon. it was an infomercial for some tapes they used to sell. i own the poopie tape but not the other one.

and finally if you missed it the latest nockforce quickie.which i am espically proud of. cause of all the sound shit in here. also it's a good quickie

Monday, November 19, 2007

new nockforce quickie choices and cletus

so yes we have made it to quickie 20. with this saga i managed to top the cletus saga i think.
this video for some reason has been acting funny so hopefully it will load for you and stuff. also i put the special 20 quickie playlist that lists them in most watched order.

for more choices go to

so here's cartoon tv breakdown

King of the Hill (fox 8:30 Sun)
Metalacolypse (CN 11:45 Sun)
Xavier Renagade Angel (CN 12:00 Sun)
Venture Brothers (CN 12:30 Sun)
South Park (CC 10:00 Wed)
The grim adventures of bill and many (CN 4:00 Weekdays)

this one is fun fore me because i both hate good charlotte and love dan playing a member of good charlotte. this one was fun to make as well i recall. also a coo end theme from joe kapp.

I'll be honest i don't really love this one but it's doing well cause a bunch of meryl streep sites have linked it. don't know why. anyway yeah

Friday, November 16, 2007

rock video games and upa

i found this and i think it was kinda funny

upa or united productions of america are a animation studio you most likely havn't heard of but you've probably seen there cartoons. they created mr. magoo. but they actually made some good stuff and won a couple of oscars. so yeah here are a few of there stuff

this one is really good.

this one did really really well and it's really good

this one i havn't seen but i'm sure it's coo too.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

south park at a new peak

Apprently two weeks ago when the end of there 3 part imagination episode was the most popular episode. bringing bigger ratings then the cartmans dad episode. Making a new peak for the show with it being past it's like 10th season. thats pretty shocking. I wish more people were writting about this.
Regardless they've had some good episodes and good gags this season. the guitar hero episode was really good. the imagination trilogy was pretty good the last part sucked but the first two were awesome. if you look at most shows there horriable by this point and nobody watches it but for this show to keep it up is really awesome so hats off to south park for keeping it up.

i found this on you tube and this has to be one of the oddest shows. i remember as a kid i though too many people were on this superhero team and thought like spiderman was involved or something.
also i found out none other then stan lee wrote the lyrics. who know?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Weird Cult Show You've (most likely) Never Seen Garth Marenghi's Darkplace

This show is really coo. The premise is this in the 80's popular sci-fi/horror writer made a show on a really small budget called darkplace however it was cancelled quickly. Then in the 2000's they decided to bring it back but with talking heads inserted in the show. The whole premise is funny itself but they pull off all a badly written and funny show with awesome 80's music.
The real story behind this show is it aired on channel 4 in 2004 and didn't do that well in the ratings but it had a really good following. recently adult swim started aired (as of last friday) the show. which only has six episodes.
if you wanna see how coo this is here is just the theme song

well if you think that was coo and you wanna see an episode of it and since adult swim won't let me embed. (but really who watched embeded videos on blogs anyway) so youtube let me do a playlist so if you've got a half hour to get away from work or if you just wanna watch a good show check this out.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

this fall so far

so this fall has brought us alot of war movies that nobody saw and alot of kids movies. I know there have been more but i'm just gonna talk about that.
I guess there not really war movies but about iraq and they've all sank maybe cause they don't look very intresting to anyone. I get that there about a conterversal subject but really when you see an ad for lions for lambs did you expect that to make tons of money. like it really looks unappealing. Also you probably would see american gangster first anyway.
Then the kids movies. I swear right when november hits we get tons of them and in a year nobody remembers them. This year with Fred Claus which will probably be around for a little bit but looks about as intresting as santa claus the movie. for anyone who remembers that. Bee movie is unintresting and i'll just say this do you still think about Sharks Tale. Mr. Magourium looks so awful I can't even imagine it doing well. Walden Media doesn't do a very good job of making kids movies cause most of them bomb. I wish thye would give us a movie that would be something with not such a quick sell by date. like a Harry Potter or something and with no pixar or harry potter in the winter we're stuck with this.
i don't know i just wish there was something that when it's thanksgiving you want to see not like well it's playing and there's nothing left to do but american gangster is still out soo.

Monday, November 12, 2007

new nockforce quickie book unfair

This one was alot of work but I think it was worth it. alot of sound effects. it's about how unfair the scholastic book fair thing is.
also the ep is getting closer to being done and will be out very shortly. but not too shortly.

I didn't get to watch much tv on sunday cause we were working on nockforce. but i heard Xavier did really well. kinda suprising hopefully pffr will have somewhat of a hit. but south park was awesome on wednesday.

i don't think i have ever posted this here. at least i hope so. anyway this is a coo cartoon from a friend of mine and Ian's i like this movie it;s coo.

and here is a clip from the mentioned south park episode

Friday, November 09, 2007

another post

i normally only post once and don't post images i think are funny but this is funny


i think my new favorite animation studio is the fleisher studio. All though they didn't last as long as Disney and Warners. There animation was really awesome with stuff like Betty Boop, Popeye, and the superman shorts. anyway they did this thing called multi plan which was a really coo techinque.
yeah well i couldn't find one that did that thing but i found a coo betty boop.

oh and also. I think Charlie Rose is probably the best interviewer around and if he has a guest you care about it's an amazing show. so he has a site with a ton of his interviews on in trust you can find something of intrest it's a coo site and i know it'll get better in like 2 years when all that shit goes up.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Ratatouille and other stuff

yes i had to get this the day it came out with out question. This is still in my opinion the best film of the year. there are just so many amazing things about it. the music, sound, acting, animation, lighting, character design, and directing. Seriously the whole thing works and even better the second time. Peter o toole is amazing really i want him in more movies hes so fucking good. like if there was award for voice acting i would give it to him he's awesome.
I know people liked to say how this film didn't make very much money. silly american you didn't know people overseas see movies too. this film did better then cars in it's worldwide gross and is breaking records over there. here it did very well but really it was a really really tough summer. this film should have come out in the winter. but this film is amazing and check it out.

also it did get a pretty pathetic dvd compared to the incredibles dvd which is proabably one of the best dvds ever. first off it's a one disc boooooooo. it used to be all pixar films came out as 2 discs but i guess they know they can re release it in like 7 years and i'll be dumb enough to re buy. dam them with making good movies. jerks.

strike continues still reading that networks are fearing adult swim because even shows that havn't aired yet have there entire seasons allready written. so if the strike does go on they are good for a while. I don't know if this will happen but i hope it does cause i like adult swim. so if anyone hears anything about it let me know.

oh yeah and jay-z's new album is fucking goood. like real good. better then the black album and no filler. also the best mixed rap album of the year.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

american gangster

This is a really good film but is it amazing no. It is very very good genre film. I would recomend it to anyone who likes a good crime story. The film makes on think about morality when it looks like a black and white story but Frank Lucas is alot of better person in his personal life then the cop russel crow plays could ever be. But at the same time the cop russel crow plays is so noble about doing his job it's ridcolous and frank lucas is a herion dealer. I think this film can say alot about a morality.
I guess thats not what the film is about but there's alot of it in there.
This is a easier over 2 hour film then most are because of the way it moves. I never thought i was there for 2 hours and 40 minutes. Which is a really good compliament i think.
Yeah so far this is one of the best films of the year but it's not like the best film. It doesn't make me wanna rent a ton of crime movies it's just a good movie.

hey so the strike started yesterday with the writers. seems kinda stupid about online retail because there really isn't that much money there. Itunes doesn't sell that much stuff. The companies are right it is questionable weather or not there is alot of money. not that many people have video ipods or media players that can play downloaded shows. i get the bigger dvd thing. that is a real issue. but online media is mainly ad revenue not purchasing. and that doesn't make that much unless you get a ton of views. which most stuff from tv doesn't. so fucking stop come on just settle this is dumb.

but good news for adult swim. all there shit is done for a while so go watch adult swim cause it's nothign but new over there. well when they show new stuff but you know cause it's animation.

this is a cletus that i don't like part of but i like the end part

Monday, November 05, 2007

new nockforce quickie THE BIBLE and cletus

this one is pretty coo cause it's about the bible. also has a coo end theme.

for more sinful entertainment fun go to

Sunday recap

Metalocalypse (AS 11:45
Xavier Renagade Angel (AS 12:00)
Lucy Daughter of the devil (as 12:15)
Venture Brother (AS 12:30)

Also the south park on wednesday was coo

This might be my favorite cletus. i just really like it and it was fun to do

For some reason some people believed that i could get nichole kidman to do cletus. well here is the result

Friday, November 02, 2007

Poltergiest and cletus

I hadn't seen this film since i heard that spielberg directed alot of it and not tobe hooper. It's pretty obvious when watching it. All though this isn't the best speilberg movie it's still a good one with humor and horror.
The little girl though man she is freakie. like she looked weird man. When they cast her they must have been like yeah she will freak people the fuck out.
judd nelson was good in this. I suspect that Brad Bird (an obvious speilberg fan) got the idea to cast him from this.
It's a simple horror film and you can probably watch it with kids not real little kids but like 8 or above and it doesn't suck. so if you wanna see a movie with your whole family check this out.
the older daughter part had no reason to be in this film it really went no where don't know what that was about.

people told me that this is the single most offensive episode of cletus. i disagree there were worse one but this one is really funny

This one is about spraks and a personal favortie of mine to both make and watch

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Embed post and cletus

so this post is all embeds, so is cletus but whateva. anyway my friend Will Wedig has a film coming on Dvd from lionsgate. We actually wrote a script together one summer for a film called townies that he made. but yeah he's a coo guy and this should be a good movie it comes out on November 13th.

I've been watching alot of home movies and it was really a great show. i wish more people got to see it so here's a great clip from it.

and finally cletus. this one has been getting good views despite the fact i havn't posted on here yet. Don't know were these views came from but whateva coo. This is about the punisher.