Monday, January 29, 2007

John Ford

I have long had a theory that John Ford is the most influentical film maker ever. Simply because he is a major influence to the following directors as Akira Kurosawa, Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, Sam Peckinpah, Sergio Leone, and Jean-Luc Godard. In fact I could go one for a while. Basically everyone who the current directors of the past ten years have listed are those guys as influences are all influenced by John Ford. So yeah i guess he is. I don't hear a ton of film students listing him as an influence but who lists buddy holly anymore either.

anyway here's two cool facts from wikipedia about John Ford.

1. He appeared uncredited as a Klansman in D.W. Griffith's 1915 classic, The Birth of a Nation, as the man who lifts up one side of his hood so he can see clearly.

2. He married Mary McBryde Smith, on July 3, 1920 (two children). Ford never divorced his wife, but had a five-year affair with Katharine Hepburn after they met during the filming of Mary of Scotland (1936). The longer revised version of Directed by John Ford shown on Turner Classic Movies in November, 2006 features directors Steven Spielberg, Clint Eastwood, and Martin Scorsese, who suggest that the string of classic films Ford directed 1936-1941 was due in part to his affair with Hepburn.

films made during this time

Mary of Scotland (1936)
The Plough and the Stars (1936)
Wee Willie Winkie (1937)
Four Men and a Prayer (1938)
The Hurricane (1937)
Submarine Patrol (1938)
Stagecoach (1939)
Young Mr. Lincoln (1939)
Drums Along the Mohawk (1939)
The Grapes of Wrath (1940)
The Long Voyage Home (1940)
Tobacco Road (1941)
How Green Was My Valley (1941)

the second one i will disagree with because Wee Willie Winkie isn't that great it's just a shirely temple vechile. all though a good one not the best. I feel like this theory is good film lore but not as coo as you'd think but i do agree there are great films in there other not so much.

Friday, January 26, 2007

KOOL AID POST: misplaced anger

Jim here, I used to say every week I let my friend Kool-Aid write a post on this blog for me but this time i'll just say every once in a while regardless i like this post anyway here's KOOL-AID

More tales from the drunken governor:

Misplaced anger my hairless fat ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The other day I was at the food store and a lady rammed me with her cart. She then stopped talking on her phone and shrieked watch where you are going! I replied fuck off and walked away. She then tried to have me kicked out, but the grocer who saw the whole thing said it was her fault and that was the end.

I don't understand why no one takes the blame when things are their fault anymore. Where I live if you and a car are coming down the road from opposite sides the car with room to pull over is supposed to, yet when ever I am the car with no room to pull over the jackass in the suv plows threw and gives me a look, sometimes yells at me like I was supposed to hover over the parked car next to me.

Ill be the first to admit I yell at inanimate objects all the time, but I know the reason I stubbed my toe is because I wasnt looking where I was going. My dad asked me why Im so angry at idiots, and that my anger might be misplaced. The fallowing example is from earlier this morning and is a shining pile of truth of why my anger isnt misplaced, just my fist.

So I had to call my health insurance company to straiten out why they wont pay for the things that they should pay for. I get the computerized operator and I deal with that aggression. Apparently my birthday does not exist. I finally get a message saying all operators are busy and I should wait. No problem there. They play muzak and in between songs they give good health messages. One being misplaced anger can lead to stress, panic attacks and other health ailments. And it accrued to me. My anger isn’t misplaced its right where it needs to be, ON YOU!!!!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

read this and tell me you don't wanna see this movie

one of my friends at my now former job (yeah i have a better job so this blog gets updated alot more) bought this movie called maxium overdrive. it stars emilo estevez who no matter what those dumb ass's who liked bobby for whatever reason think sucks. It also has a score by AC/DC and is directed by stephen king. now the description from netflicks.

"When a mysterious comet passes close to Earth, machines everywhere suddenly take on murderous minds of their own in this film directed by horror mastermind Stephen King. Soon, video games, cash machines, drawbridges and steamrollers all go on a global psychotic killing spree. But when the Dixie Boy Truck Stop is held hostage by a mob of homicidal 18-wheelers, human vengeance goes into overdrive. Who will survive the final showdown?"

this is sounds like a perfect movie to watch and get drunk with your friends. it also won worst actor and director at the razzies. unforently netflicks says it's unavailble boo but i get to save it so maybe one day

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

the oscar nominations are in

So everyones kinda shocked by dreamgirls and yeah I am to but here's the good news. It's not that bad this year. ok yeah No Jack Nicholson nomination which I'm still like what. I know he has 3 but what the fuck he was really good and mark Walberg instead oh well. Whatever but I'll list the big ones I'm happiest about.

I'll start with best supporting actress
you've got two really great performances Jennifer Hudson and then Abigail Breslin. I really like both of them and this will be really tough. I rang up Abigal at my work with her mom and brother and they were really nice to me even when i have to ask for id with a credit card when i usually get shit they were really nice to me. Regardless she really did steal that movie but so did Jennifer Hudson this will be hard for me to decide who i like more.

the sound cateogries

what the fuck is pirates doing there. woopie shit it's loud wooooooooo. big deal there was this movie that allready did all that shit it was called Star WArs and yeah the sound was amazing but doing the same thing but not as intresting. Fuck Pirates that it got this is complete shit. INLAND EMPIRE every sound guy i talk to say INLAND EMPIRE is fucking amazing that it didn't get anything is retarded. any dreamgirls should have got a sound editing one.

costume design

i normally don't care that much. but i have seen all the episodes of sex and the city so. i want Patricia Fields to win. the costumes were really good so i think she has a shot. and the little i know about fashion is that she knows her shit.

best actor

I don't think will smiths performance was worth all the hype. Sasha Baron Cohen was alot better. Will Smith just did Will Smith nothing new.

best actress

helen mirren won it's over ok. that's it. meryl streep was good but yeah we all know. but this is Streep's 14th nomination jeez

best supporting actor

Eddie Murphy is probably the front runner espically with jack gone. I really liked Eddie Murphy in it so i hope he does.

Best Director

Martin Scorsese come on just give it to him. seriously liek come on the dude from babel thats this years crash. (by the way crash sucked)

Best animated film

well this year had like nothing around but where is flushed away. Also fuck monster house. that shouldn't be in there

but yeah pretty good this year over all and stuff. the nominations list on so many site it's pointless for me to post it

Saturday, January 20, 2007


So I have been slacking on seeing all the movies i wanna see for the best of 2006 movie list but i do hvae the music list. I'll break it up in to both singles and albums for you. Singles first albums tomoroow


10. Go home productions - Juicebox rock

I've been a fan of Go home for a while and he's defently the king of the mash up. from combining u2's new years day and whitney houstons "i wanna dance with somebody" TO this track combining the strokes song that came out this year that I don't rmemeber the name of and the munsters theme song and some other song. point is it's not just fucking good cause of all the samples it's fucking good cause it's well produced put together track

9. Shakria FT. wycelf - hips don't lie

just honestly a good pop song. Ireally enjoy it and catchy as all hell. Also most likely something i had no intrest in until i heard it.

8. Rihana - S.O.S.

Name me a better pop song I doubt you can. Rihana nails it and actually made me like a song that would sample tainted love.

7. Outkast - morris brown

Ok i know everybody didn't like this but i sure as fuck did. the drum mix sounded horriable on my tv but on my headphone sit sounded great. Espically supriseing is that it doesn't feature andree at all. But sleepy brown and big boi was all it needed.

6. Justin Timberlake Ft. TI - My Love

No beat this year made me go what the fuck was that more then when i first hear this. if you have a subwuffer turn that shiot up the bass is crazy as well. And Justin sings with cockness and reminds of you of why you started listening to him in the first place. Ti's rhymes are excellent but it all come down to timbaland who really with out a doubt is on a completely different level then the rest of hip hop

5. Nelly Furtado ft. Timbaland - promiscus

The drums are so loud but so good it makes this song so much more then it is. This is a simple pop song. At least the way it's written but the production thanks to timbaland was fucking nuts. like thos werid keyboard tone sin the chrous crazy baby.
also they chemistry was so good you'd think they were dating

4.Lupe Fiasco - kick push

Lupe is certainly the best rapper aroudn and this soung nails it. with what sounds like an orchestra as the beat while he raps about a skate board kid who eventually falls in love it makes you miss the days when new york hip hop came back. even though i think he's from chicago or something

3. Gnarls Barkely - crazy

even though there album was inconsistant and really this is there best song. But hey it's still good.Cee-lo sings the shit out of this song and danger mouse produces the hell out of this. but took a break with the rest of the album

2. T.I. - what you know

when this song starts and you hear two different keyboards playing a low tone sand high tone swhile bleeding into each other. it's all ready good. then ti starts rapping. He doesn't bragg about shit he's an obsever and an all around nice guy. it's both catchy and beauitful. T.I. wanted this album to be huge and this single set everything just righ

1. Justin Timberlake - sexyback

if you don't like this I'm sorry but really name a better song this year. you can't and when your at your daughers wedding like 30 years from now and you dance to this song and know all the word remmeber this post. This song makes you wanna dance right along JJ Timers while he acts cockeyier then well anybody. with distorion mic in a dance song that got played on mainstream radio this song is simply awesome and Timbaland and Justin did the best job of anybody. Everybody knows this song and there's a reason for it. it's fucking good.

Friday, January 19, 2007

guess who won the format war

HD -DVD and blue ray are trying to be the new format despite the fact that like 3 years ago everyone converted to dvd and most likely do not want to change so soon but anyway.

It's pretty much known when porn embraces a format it sells. VHS had more porn then beta. DVD had alot of porn too. So who has more Porn HD-DVD the porn industry really likes the format. also apprently blue ray said they don't want to have porn on there format good move guys have fun living with lazer discs and beta tapes. man what a stupid move


Bloc Party's new single fucking sucks

I have heard the single called well I'll be honest I don't care really cause it is awful. It sounds like some boring coldplay snow patrol bullshit. The production is normal boring current rock production, woopie.
My girlfriend said that eventually most english bands try to be coldplay and start to suck. I really wish they would skip the coldplay part and go for Radiohead. Cause seriously it's liek the difference between coke and that 1 dollar shit they sell at the grocery store shasta cola. yeah why do you wanna be shasta cola. I mean yeah it was cool they had an ad in signs. (it''s really in signs go rent it if you doubt me but it is) Nobody likes shasta cola when they could have coke. it's almost as bad as going why sound like Preal Jam when we could sound like Creed.
I really blame this one everyone who bought a coldplay album and then talked about how amazing they are. thanx now a band I really likes sucks thanx alot. I guess now they can be on the grey's anatomy soundtrack too.
I still however think there first album (bloc party that is) is amazing and hearing the intestity in his voice and there playing is wounderful. I would defently put silent alarm on the list of best albums of the decade. I guess i understand wanting a bigger audience but they didn't need to sell out. but how can you sell out when you buy in.
wait doesn't that mean the same thing.

anyway bottom line there song sucks]


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Nobodies as Slick as Rick

Recently i aquired Slick Rick's first album the great adventures of slick rick. I think he is a very under rated mc. all though some of the beats are out dated and his mysgonistic content including the first song "treat her like a prostiute" It has enough reasons for you to put it away and never venture towards him again.
But if you listen to his lyrics and his way of describing a situation and his witty rhymes. Also Rick's flow is incrediable and almost cartoonie in delivery. He defently paved the way for Busta rhymes. If you want a track on The great adventures of slick rick that will get you into it I'd have to say hey young world. The beat is intresting enough but slick rick rhymes like he lives there with an easy and cofidence rarely displayed anymore.
I read up on slick rick on wikipedia and apprently this was the only album that really did very well. He was in jail right after this and even almost got him diported (and you thought other rappers were bad) cause of murder charges. He was born in england and moved here when he was 11 but his parents are american. he never came back but if you listen to this you can hear a million other rappers that came from it.

Also how many albums do you own by artist who wears an eye patch on it. for that alone


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Charley Varrick

this is my second post in a row about a film starring Walter Matthau and also an action film starring him.
This film is directed by Don Siegel. this is his frist film after dirty harry and also directed the original Ivasion of the body snatchers. This is directed and espically shot very beautifully. The locations and wide shots of hills and valley's in the south are beautiful. The actors including a suprise good permoance by Joe Don Backer who has cult status in being one the best mystery science thater episodes. I understand why people actually cast him after this.
Unlike Pelham Mathau plays a bank robber. after taking the money. he must make sure no one coneects it to him and destory and remaining evidence. It's very well crafted and quiet something that very few back robbery films are. But the best and maybe first heist film was riffi which i'm asuming don siegal has seen.
This film was made in 1972 and reflects the film making of the time also the soundtrack is very vinatafe.
If you get a chance check out Charely Varick I got it on netflicks took forever to watch it but really loved it.

I don't know why more action directors didn't use Mattahu he's really good in this genre.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

the taking of pelham one two three

I watched this movie again recently and I kinda feel like everybody else should if you havn't.
The plot is basically 4 guys weraing glass's and hats kidnap the 6 train (if you don't this is basically new york's most popular train)and steal the lat car and keep it's passengers hostage for a million dollars. It stars Walter Mathou and Robert Shaw (pre jaws but not by much) and it was made in 1974. so it's sassy new york and with alot of attude.

if the plot alone isn't a reason for you I all ready don't wanna be your friend. However one fact that is kinda coo the train robbers call each other Mr. Grey and such. Which Taratino used in resavoir dogs and yes said he got from here.

anyway it's really good you should see it.

Monday, January 08, 2007

has anyone seen?

has anybody seen the new degrassi cause if you havn't your missing out. craig does coke with manny and shit it's crazy. if you get the n and noggin then check it out they play degrassi enough that you can watch it

Friday, January 05, 2007


I'm not that knowledable about tv but I do watch alot of it. So here's what I thought were the top 10 shows of 2006.

10. Arrested Development - Even though it ended and Febuary and it wasn't the best written episodes I still really love this whole show.

9. Metalcoplypse - one of the oddest ideas for the show to have a metal band so big that the economy is built around them.

8. South Park - it's still a good show and the tom cruise episode was really funny

7. Aqua teen hunger force - to ahve such a great tie in villian with motorola and still be really really hillarious

6. Everybody hates Chris - this show is probably my favorite comedy on any regular network. Every episode has alot of nostelga but also cna be really really funny.

5. Venture Brothers - one of the funniest sci-fi shows since futurama and defently one of the best written as well.

4. Entourage - flowing vinnie chase go from the biggest box office hit to not being able to find a suitable movie was a great story. I really like the whole cast and all the hollywood humor.

3. Grey's Anatomy - it's appointment tv but you have to be somewhat decent to become appointment tv. I think this is a really fun show to watch and doesn't get really cheese like most hosipital shows

2. Wonder Showzen - The second and last season of this show had horse apples and a bootleg episode that just went all crazy. I think this show is defently an experince.

1. 12 oz. Mouse - sure it's on at 1:30 am on a sunday or i guess monday but it's werid lychian way of storytelling and all sorts of crazy things going on. If you can ever see this show you should.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

random kind stuff

ok I decided to restart this whole bullshit over my top 10. I see children of men, pans labriyth, and inland empire, and good german.

and thats it. I gonna see the lynch film this weekend. and one other as well. so we'll see

also this is a intresting thing i read today in spin. Ghostface Killah himself said that he wanted to do something with the Killers. and he infact even contacted them but they said wouldn't do it.

Man what a stupid man. No wounder there album came and went.

also has anyone watched the show american gangsters on BET. o i guess that kinda ends that for most of you cause you know I said BET. well the wire is gonna be broadcast on there soon and i know alot of people who don't get HBO really want to see that so maybe you'll have a change of heart. anyway american gangsters pretty coo show and narrated by ving rhames