Thursday, April 30, 2009

Half Nelson and Who's Harry Crumb

This movie is was hard to get into at first cause it was doing the whole shaking cam thing. i hate shaking cam when you just do it just cause. it doesn't work. it just makes you look lazy. sure if you have no money nobody cares but if you have lots of money then why the fuck do you do that.
Then I realised i guess that was the style of the time so i got over. yeah this is a pretty good movie.
I guess it's mainly following Ryan Goslings character. He's an intresting guy in the film. playing this really high minded teacher addicated to coke and crack (which are the same thing but yeah). sometimes i wonder if his class was a little too much but i remember teachers kinda throwing out bigger ideas. He's kinda like one of those teachers in high school that you wanted to go to there class.
Gosling is good at it and i guess i understand all the buzz. He looked coo in his coke glasses with his jacket over his shoulder. like yeah i'm that greatest teacher ever. all you other guys suck and i'm super coo.
My big problem with this movie is that sometimes it felt very real and then it would feel kinda forced. which was an odd paring. but at the same time i got lost in the movie. which is a good thing. however i can tell you it's faults as well. so i don't know. i think this is a good movie. there are so many things that are cliche but does that matter. if the ride was good who cares.
I guess thats what i think of half nelson. it's good but i know it's kinda dumb too. While your watching it you won't think it. cause it's engaging and it's a good movie. so yeah i guess it's worth seeing.

I found this John Candy vechile and i thought why not and really it's not so bad. i can understand that this is the kinda thing that i should hate. but there's something about John Candy in this movie that doesn't make you hate it. he just carries himself extremly well.
Both doing phyiscal comedy and improving dialouge and not in a like he thinks it's funny way. i like wanted to see him.
Sure this movie is stupid. this movie is really stupid. But John Candy certainly has a great charm about him and makes it work.
Also playing his boss is Jeffrey Jones. who i love seeing. so that also helped this film.
It's almost like this was a more well thought out kind of ace ventura. like i know it's a vechile like all those jim carry movies. while those got really annoying this holds up.
I never really thought about John Candy but he's a really coo guy and this movie is further evidence of that. if you like stupid comedy check it out. you'll like it. it's alot of fun.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Missouri Breaks and Murder One

alot of people don't like this movie or didn't like it at the time it came out so it bombed. But apprently over time people seem to like it more. I'm not sure why that is cause this is a good movie. It's also the only on screen pairing of Marlon Brando and Jack Nicholson. Which sounds more like a movie buff find then an actual good movie. but it is an actual good movie.
Directed by Arthur Penn (Bonnie and Clyde) This mid 70's film is about a group of Outlaws that set up a cover farm in a small town. However this small town has hired a crazy very good guy to keep order around town (played by Brando) and is on to the gang of outlaws.
Brando does a great job playing the villian. This was the first film he did after Last Tango in Paris so he's right at his 70's peak. And you can tell. he really knows how to play a good bad guy. Also the score they gave him was great everytime it layed it made me uneasy which worked very well for the film. Brando also uses his excentric ways helps keep his character also strange.
Nicholson is the real star of the show however. It alot of scenes i feel like he's trying to like school Brando and alot of times he does.For what I've read i think it was cause Brando demanded he have cue cards with his lines off camera. Nicholson i guess didn't like it but it gaev there meetings an adversary relationship that really works.
The film itself is a good 70's western. Kind of a mix between a dark western and something like Butch Cassidy. which is really intresting Arthur Penn has made other westerns. He made the left handed gun. He was usually darker but this seems to have a kind of mainstream heart. like it wants to be artsy but it also wants you to sit down and have a beer with it. I like this movie it's a good western and with two really great actors. if you like either check it out.

Murder one is a show that maybe would play better now then it did then. It was a show that was going to have one murder case be the subject of a whole season. Sound alot like a show that would air on BBC or something for like 6 episodes. However this is a us show and it had the usual 22 or so episodes just on one murder case.
Obviously in the pre dvd pre internet era it was really hard to keep a show like this on. It required people watch everyone including the first episode. so it couldn't really gain in popularity later in the season. It also eventually had very long previously on before episodes by the end of the first season. Unforently the network revamped the show and ended the murder case a season idea (LAME). and made it more of a regular show also firing many major cast memebes. really a shame cause my favorite actor on the show left.
that actor is Daniel Benzali. who plays the main character and head lawyer or whatever theyre called of his firm. he is so awesome. i may watch other stuff he's in cause i like him so much. he just like really brings it to this show. Apprently they wanted the main character in this show to really stand out. and it doesn't matter that Daniel Benzali doesn't look like a tv star. cause he carries himself like a titan of an actor. he rules. it sucks they got rid of him for the second season. so i suggest you don't watch them.
The show also has a b-plot which are episodic unlike the a-plot. I though for a while the b-plot was put there by the network. not sure if that's true or not but the b-plots sometimes feel like they're fighting with the a-plot. like they show wants to be crazy awesome going there kinda shit but then we have our regular b-plot holding us back. however i think it gives the show and intresting dimension because you learn more about the other attorney's at the firm through it which will help the show down the line.
This show is really good and is so 95 it bought a stone temple pilots and totally thinks they're sell outs. really it is sometimes. espically the score. but it's a dam good show and i suggest the first season. i put the first episode under this. start with that. it's a good show.

also i wanna suggest to people really look through hulu cause you can find some really good stuff. i'll be posting more of it. but you might find something i havn't that you like so yeah.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Swing flu, The Tv Set , and Octane

Watch this video to see the deadly effects of the Swine Flu

HEHEHEHE I'm totally reposting this all over the place today.

This is a movie about a tv show going from pilot season to being put on the air. Showing all the changes that can happen to a show while dealing with a network. the director of the film Jake Kasdan has experience with this. He was a tv director and producer for such shows as Freaks and Geeks and Undeclared. So I'm sure some of this stuff is real. So in some ways this movie is really intesting.
In other way though it's not. This film goes into too many subplots that are both unessary and a bit overkill. Really alot of these subplot don't really help the film There just mearly there. Some I even like however the ending is kind of a dud. sure we get to the show to that point. but alot of the story didn't really end at all. or well it did. it just wasn't very satisfying.
Ioan Gruffudd has a wife in the film played by Lucy Davis (of The Office (original or uk version)). sure she does a great job in all her scenes and i liked her in the film. but it didn't really work for me.
Yeah this movie defently has it's moments and it's more good then bad. I mean Sigourney Weaver does a good job as an executive. as does David Duchovny as the creator of the show. but it just didn't really go deep enough or far enough like the guy is compromising this show that means alot to him. I don't know. I mean it was good don't get me wrong.
Listen this might sound dicky but it kinda felt like a tv director made it and well sure it is good and you'll have a good time. so yeah.

FUCK THIS MOVIE. seriously this movie sucks. It's a horror movie about this girl and her mom who are driving for 6 hours cause her dad lives far away and then while driving home the daughter goes off with some freaky travlers or something. jeez this movie was bad.
This is one of those horror movies where you think is this supposed to scare me. like i don't get it.
The acting in this was pretty lame. I don't really get why people like Mischa Barton cause she can't act. like at all but that probably explains why the only reason we hear about her is on tv gossip shows and magazines rather then actual movies. cause she fucking sucks. This movie also had Bijou Phillips who i thought was famous for being famous or something. apprently she justifys that by making this movie or something.
I don't know why Jonathan Rhys Meyers is in this but I'm assuming cause he's not in it very much they were like we'll pay you a shit ton and you don't have to do too much.
This movie isn't structured well. it's just falls on it's face. with shit it started. like at the end they just bring up huge things that could have been I don't know foreshadowed earlier. but no they just went like oo yeah well did you know this. ok that might be a great way to have an argument but this is a movie. so it didn't work.
Like i just don't get this movie.
The only good thing i can say at least they were just freaky people who drank blood and not lame ass vampires like twilight. cause if your not gonna go full vampire then you might as well stay home. so i'll give them that. this movie sucks and man the logic in this movie doesn't even make sense. like in a way the sticks out like a sore thumb. fuck this movie. never see it. fuck this movie for real.

fuck this movie

Monday, April 27, 2009


Man we love those things. They usually only cost like 50 cents, its a pretty good deal

more balls at

end theme made the Filipino Kings



I watched NEWSRADIO on you tube does that count

Friday, April 24, 2009

Little Fugitive and Sexy Beast

This is a very influencial film. in fact you might be able to say that there would be no 400 blows without it. Made by a bunch of still photographers on a tiny budget. It was before people knew what independent film was. but this was one of them.
About a young boy who is concvenced by his older brother and his friends that he was killed his older brother. then he runs to cooney island as what he believes to be a fugitive.
This film much like 400 blows really gets into being a child. The main actor who was not a professional actor does a great job of expressing himself infront of the camera. There's certain scenes with him were you almost feel transported back to childhood. and espically since it's not just kids having fun or being super dramatic. It's just kids being kids alot of the time. It's really a strong suit for the movie to do that.
I can understand at the time why this was a big deal. there weren't many non hollywood films really being screened anywhere. this is very unhollywood and i can understand it's influence.
Truffaut said "Our New Wave would never have come into being if it hadn’t been for the young American Morris Engel, who showed us the way to independent production with [this] fine movie."
I think you can defently see similarities between this and 400 blows. and i still think 400 blows is the better film. but i think they're very different. Obviously Truffaut was very influenced by this film.
This is a really great film and a great film about kids. like real kids. also it's great seeing cooney island the way it was back in the 50's. seemed like a pretty aweosme place. I really recomend this film. it's just a good movie and it does it's job real well.

Sexy Beast is an odd crime movie. most crime movies are more about the crime. this was more about character. how he doesn't want to do it anymore. for the most part Ray Winstone's character is more concenered with living comfortably in spain then doing a job in london.Well until Ben Kingsley shows up.
Really what i like about this movie is that. it's more about the main character is feeling then showing a job. honestly i feel like this just happened to be a gangster film. it could have been about anything. granted a gangster is more intresting then a dentist. or at least al the dentist i've met.
Most crime movies have that theme in a character not usually the whole film which is intresting. I feel like a huge chunck of the film is ben kingsley tryhing to convence him to do it.
Ben Kingsely is very good in this. It's a good part. He defently pulls it off. He's a real asshole. but he's good at being an asshole and he's an asshole you wanna watch from scene to scene. yeah it's one of those movie stealing characters. but in way he had to be. Or else the movie wouldn't have worked.
Ray Winstone also does a great job as the main character. alot of regret in his performance.
The direction was good by music video director Johnathon Glazer. He directed the video virtual insanety and rabbit in the headlights. He shows alot of promise and this has to be one of the better shot films i've seen recently. I kinda hope he gets to direct more movies after seeing this.
This is kind of a simpler gangster film in a good way only focusing on the little stuff. it's not as straight ahead as a long good friday. sure a long good friday is better. but this film is good enough that it's still worth a watch. I rarely see action films this intrested in character. It also defently has a good energy to it. It's a weird feel but it's good.

watch the movie here or a Johnathon Glazer below this.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sneakers and Neath the Arizona Skies

To be honest i had never even heard of this movie until this weekend when I saw it. Written and directed by the same guy who directed Field of Dreams Phil Alden Robinson . This is a good kinda more adult family thriller.
You're like adult family thriller the fuck you saying. This isn't a soft pg. i doubt someone would make this now. but sure it's not dirty it's just a lot more adult then we get from pg anymore.
It has a great cast with River Pheonix, Dan Aykroyd, David Strathairn, Sidney Poitier, Ben Kingsley, and James Earl Jones. With Robert Redford as the lead. Having all these great people in one movie is certainly one of it's charms and they all do good jobs. Then however you have a terrible sucking you out of the movie performance by Mary McDonnell. She was so bad that i was watching it with a friend and we thought she had to be married to the director or something. I really still don't know how she got this role. She looks so stupid and she plays Redfords love intrest jeezzz man. I really hate her in this cause this movie would have been so much better without her. However it's still has good acting except for her. so try to ignore her even though it's hard.
This movie is very 90's technology super secret kinda thing. It does a really good job. and I have to admit that i wish this had maybe done better and been a bigger hit. I also think if you need a movie that won't suck to watch with an elementary school kid this is a great one. also cause it doesn't suck. and it's not very kid like. so they can feel like they're watching something adult and you don't have to watch whatever crap they wanted to watch.
If you like thriller you will like this movie. or if you like big mysteries it's fun and good which doesn't happen all the time. This movie is from an era that has long since passed. I know there's no Bourne influence or anything. but trust you'll see why that isn't always a good thing. check it out. it's pretty good.

This another John Wayne western from before he really broke big in 39 with Stagecoach. I can defently see him getting better at this whole movie thing with this one. Certainly this was a b picture at the time. I don't know if this is really a b picture in terms of quality. It's pretty good.
John Wayne has to get a indian oil hiress to some place. Apprently she needs to collect 50,000 for some reason. Which i guess at the time was enough to make a lot of trouble over.
Wayne is good playing off this kid. Much like Chaplin did before him and Arnold Schwarzenegger did after him. I'm sure at the time this worked have a star with a kid and has similair results as those two other stars did too. He looks like a caring tough guy with a soul. Wayne is good at pulling it off.
For some reason most of the film wayne and the girl are seperated but suprisingly the film still works. all though i guess that was the selling point in the ads. kinda sucks if that thats what you wanted to see.
I think this is good. i know this is considered a b picture at the time. Made by the lone star studio. It has some lame ass special effects. I don't see why they needed to do this. i feel like sometimes when people own the rights to a movie thats old they just go. what if we odd some lame music or effects. seriously that is dumb. don't do that. however that is minimal and you can still enjoy this movie very much.

check it out below thanx to hulu

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

the beat that my heart skipped and The Dana Carvey Show

I know this is foreign but if you just dubbed it I'm sure no one would really notice because it is very american made. Of course it is either inspired by or a remake of Fingers. I say inspired by or a remake cause the wikipedia pages of each say different things.
All though I have not seen fingers I really liked this film. About a son of a former piano star. who is now working in thug work and real estate. he stumbles upon his moms former manager and he asks him to audition.
This film also goes into kind of the bad side of getting in to the arts. I guess not sure if thats everyone. But i guess the bad side of some artists. As he gets more and more obsessed with piano and gets edgier. the intresting thing is we know from earlier that his mother did this as well. I like when films do this. not that everything you do is like your parents. but obviously some traits do carry over. and I liked that.
The piano playing is very good and makes one of my grips over film piano scores go away. I've heard intresting piano playing from Art Tatum and I never get that kinda stuff from a film. I feel like alot of film makers don't really know what the piano can do. This film maker does however.
It's very real and it moves like the whole time you'll be sitting there just following it. i felt like i had to know what was gonna happen. It's just a very compeling film and it works very very well.
I also really like that the main character mainly listens to current music. Like he is a normal person at the time and stuff.
I would recomend this movie to anyone. I know it's french but it's not very french if that's because it's possiably a remake of an american film or that it is heavily influenced by american film. so it's not too hard to get in to. I recomend it. it's really good seriously check it out. it's on netflicks and instant netflicks as well.

I had always wanted to see this show and really i never thought i would then Hulu brought it back. with mind you an episode that never aired.
The Dana Carvey has an impressive cast. At the time unknowns but now wow. None other then Stephen Colbert, Steve Carrell, and Robert Smigel. All worked on this show. It's also were the amibgiously gay duo came from. ever wonder why Plus you have Dana Carvey towards the end of his prime. He's the main player of this sketch show. which is often good but sometimes a bad thing.
The show does have good sketchs and probably better then you'd think a forgotten show would have. Sure the bob dole jokes are dated but some of them are so funny it really doesn't matter that there old ass bob dole jokes. bob dole is funny in any age.
The show often goes really far into the extreme bizarre odd zone. which I'm not sure who is responisble for knowing all the comedians involved. I would say Colbert or smigel but I feel like Carvey was the ring leader. man it's crazy.
I think this show was funnier when it aired because this was the first place many people saw colbert and carrell and smigel. and not familiar with there comedy. now we are. and it's less intresting as it could have been.
But it's still somewhat of a good show. i think some episodes are iffy. there are only 8. the last one never aired and features a sketch the dana carvey later re did on saturday night live word for word a few years later. but i think he thought it was never gonna see the light of day at that point so can you blame him.
I put my favorite two the first and the last episode below. I think it's fun. i doubt it could ever have gone on much longer then it did. but it's still funny.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The World's Greatest Sinner and Desert Trail

There are two types of weird people those who wanna be weird and strange and try really hard. And then there are those guys who are so fucking weird and strange they don't have to try cause in the deepest recess's of there soul there weird. That person is Timothy Carey and he wrote, starred, and directed this movie.
The Worlds Greatest Sinner is the great cult movie that you don't know about. Sure it's as oscure as you can get. But it's also weird and strange enough that it will no doubt live up to your expectations.
It's about an insurance sales man who is convinced by the devil as a snake. That he should promote his own kinda religion with rock and roll as a rock and roll star. if that isn't enough. The film's score is made by a young pre-mothers of invention Frank Zappa. Yeah this was the first thing he ever did.
This movie is one of the greatest cult movie's I have ever seen and I know I'll be watching it tons of times. Cause man this is so fucking out there. It's just wow. And how did Timothy Carey come up with this. sure this sounds like something that might be a tales from the crypt episode in the mid 90's. This was 65. That's pre hippies. Just wow.
I don't know if there is a time when this movie would be considered normal actually. but dam this movie's awesome.
This movie is hard to find and not on dvd. In fact it's always been hard to find. There would be a screening here or there but it's mostly got it's good name from rave reviews from directors. And even then Carey would organise a screening for them. Those directors are Kubrick (who cast Timothy Carey in Paths of Glory), Coppolla, and Scoresse. I've heard other directors did also really like it but I never got names. so we'll just guess that they did. But I know and you can tell that Scoresse loved it.
but TCM played it on TCM underground recently and knowing them they'll show it again. but if you ever get the chance to see this movie take it for real see this.

Also Martin Scoresse says it's one of the top rock and roll movies of all time

This is an early John Wayne film. Well really it's his 61st movie but it's only 1935. so this is before Stagecoach. John Wayne was a star but he hadn't blown up yet.
This film shows alot of promise from wayne and I can understand what John Ford saw in him later.
The plot is this (wikipedia do your stuff) "Rodeo star John Scott (John Wayne) and his gambler friend Kansas Charlie (Eddy Chandler) are wrongly accused of armed robbery at the Rattlesnake Gulch rodeo just after John Scott gets his rodeo prize money. The Rodeo Official is robbed and murdered by Pete (Paul Fix) a minute after Scott and Kansas Charlie leave. Pete then says he just saw John and his friend Kansas Charlie leaving the office. The two fugitives flee to another town where they assume new names. But Pete arrives to point them out and they find themselves in jail. Pete's reluctant accomplice, knowing they are innocent, gets them out and they head after Pete to try to get a confession."
So it's a whole misunderstanding type of thing. It works well with John Wayne and Eddy Chandler. They work very well as co stars so much so I'm almost sure they were partying buddies during the filming of this movie.
Really this movie works cause it's fun and John Wayne looked like he was having fun. so it's a good western from 35.
But some jackass decided that it needed some lame ass keyboard music. I don't understand why old movies need terrible keyboard music. This one really didn't need it and I wish they wouldn't have it but ooo well. that's unfornate. Check out this movie below.

Monday, April 20, 2009

lifeboat and Pin...

This is a great hitchock movie. but a great non thriller as well. which usually hitchcock isn't good at making non thriller movies. like really but this movie really really works.
The whole movie is people on a lifeboat after there boat was sunk during world war two. the people in the boat soon find a german solider guy and have to have him on the boat as well. Of course they don't like him cause it's world war 2. but i'm sure if it was you at the time you probably wouldn't like him that much either. This movie works with all the characters playing off each other. These kinda stories really use character very very well. also you have good actors too so you know that it's gonna be intresting to watch.
These seems to be much doubt about the german character. at first many critics really like the film but then found his character to be propaganda and them seem to rule the whole film as an unsubtle wartime propaganda film. However critics at the time found it to be too much of a positive protrayal. well knowing that really I don't think it's wartime propaganda i think it's a character and if we let one character make a film propaganda that's dumb.
This movie is a good movie. I really enjoyed it. and it has a hitchcock cameo. doesn't seem like the right movie for a cameo but hey he's hitchcock he can do anything he wants.
Don't let the modern bullshit stop you this is a good movie. It's fun to see a film where a bunch of people are just stuck together and have to deal with it. great movie check it out.

This is a cult horror movie from canada. it's about two kids that are shown all of lifes lessons through a creepy doll that they call pin. And suprise suprise it really fucks one of them up.
I like this movie. sure yeah it's a silly horror movie but i liked. it's really more creepy then scary. the brother is really unsettling and they set up really well that him and his sister have a good relationship. so that later when she's not sending him to the looney bin right away it makes sense.
The sister is really really hot. I wish she was in more stuff during this time. cause she was hot then. all the picture of her now make me not as into her. but yeah.
The dad is played by Terry O'Quinn from lost. He's alot skinner and i almost didn't recongnise him.
If you do or don't like horror movies. I think you would like Pin. It's way better then a bad horror movie. and I know cult horror movie is not high on a lot of peoples lists but this one is actually pretty decent.
The only way to see this that i can find is to watch it throguh instant netflicks only. yeah thats right you can't rent it. and even the instant netflicks thing will expire soon. so defently check it out soon cause you might miss your chance.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Confessions of a superhero and Dance Party USA

This movie looks like it will be a lot stupider then it actually is. But you know what it's pretty good. Following four (really actually 3) people who dress up as superheros on Hollywood Boulevard for tourists to take pictures with. We learn about there failed acting careers and how much money they can make on tips alone. And how they defently like there jobs but there are bad sides as well.
So of these guys obviously have some problems. Certainly batman and superman seem a bit odd. Batman has anger issues and can't get jobs cause they say he looks too much like George Clooney. Superman says he is the son of Sandy Dennis an older former kinda movie star. however her family denys this.
Wonder Woman is in a bad relationship. But she's hot. i wonder what she's doing later dam.
I have to say this could have been kinda like look at these freaks but instead they made a really good documentary about these people and how it's kinda hard doing that for a living and they can make some made dough. but also why they're in la in the first place. I like this movie and thankfully you can watch it for free below. the film acts like it follows 4 people. a guy who dresses up as the hulk but they barely show him. so really i say 3 but whatever. you don't have to like superheros or comics to like this movie and honestly it doesn't matter at all either way. it's good check it out below.

After I saw Funny Ha Ha I thought mumblecore was awesome. I was in love. I was like sweet this movie is awesome. of course all the other mumblecore movies are gonna be good. well i was wrong. really wrong. Cause I saw this movie.
Now o this movie doesn't completely suck. I mean sure it has it's moments but i feel like it was trying to hard and so points and took giant kinda leps of faith that the viewer would just accept it and love it. well i didn't and i don't.
Also the acting was really lame. I understand this is low budget but they could have tryed harder.
Also This just felt like I'm an indie movie. yeah i know. in fact if this movie was a person i think by the end of hanigng out i would be yelling like I FUCKING KNOW OK I GET IT STOP PLEASE. how many times can i watch people looking at stuff looking moody. i work at collage i don't need your a movie to show me. even if i didn't. that is so unintresting. I feel like they were like oooo man we're short on time. we'll put a bunch of shots of people looking at shit.
Really i think this movie is kinda intresting a little with the subject matter but it wasn't that well made and was dated yeah it wasn't even made 10 years ago. and not dated in a good way. Don't see this movie see funny haha. Honestly i feel like i've seen this indie movie before on ifc a million times. forently this was an hour and 6 minutes. thats about all it has going for it.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Great Silence and Before the Music dies

After this movie I really want to see all the Sergio Corbucci movies. This is alot more introspective then Django. In fact it's almost like these films are done by two different directors. making Corbucci that much more awesome.
It's a spaghetti westerns in the snow. yeah the fucking snow. there arn't that many westerns in the snow. I mean sure alot of them have scenes in the snow. but a whole fucking movie. shit man. and it works. like heat and the sun you think of as such important parts to a western and espically a spaghetti western. whats even better just like Leone before him he did research. he used actual snow storm the Great Blizzard of 1899 in Utah. showing he actually knew about the real west.
The movie plays with the convention of a western in such a way that really it's a western masterpiece. sure his previous film Django is a more fun and in my opinion a better film. This is almost a playful essay about westerns. he even decided to have the main hero be a mute because he felt that how often does the hero in a spaghetti western talk anyway. and have a title that is both a pun and introspective.
Then you get Klaus Kinski as the villian. which is good enough just to see this really. but even better. you spend more time with him. so your almost morally confused who is the hero. the film brings up moral questions.
and to top it all off. you get a haunting and amazing score by none other then Ennio Morricone. who anytime you hear he scores a spaghetti western it's gonna be fucking awesome.
I really like this movie and i think it would actually play really well after Altman's McCabe and Ms. Miller. This is an awesome western and i think you'll like it even if you like westerns. cause it's fucking great. this movie is a spaghetti western masterpiece check it out.

This documentary is a nice idea. but just communism and the democratic party it never really gets there (OOOOOOO super new york liberal burn). well ok it gets there a couple of times. but this documentary never really fullfills it's self righteous views on music.
This documentary basically claims that the music industry is more about hits then making careers. that's probably true. however they seem more intrested in focusing on artists that wouldn't really ever sell that many albums in the current music climate anyway. To bring up that U2 and Ray Charels and Steve Wonder wouldn't get signed today. well yeah but then if they were around then they probably wouldn't sound the same as they liked them. also who wants to sign people who sound like 40 years ago. there not gonna sell. this whole notion is kinda a dumb point.
And of course they don't bring up how many small labels get kick ass distrabution deals with majors and do make coo music. and how alot of artists have control over whats going on now. instead this movie just wants to show people who got screwed over. but there people that when you see them play your like holy shit thats lame. I'm not gonna buy that.
Listen this documentary has some good things about it but it just was too over blown to call it good. for instance i didn't know that before 1996 a company could only own up to 5 stations however after legislation can own as many as they want. spooky. but if you really love widespread panic and dave matthews band and really think that music will never be as good as the 70's. well you should understand that popular music evolves and sometimes not in your favor you can either grow up and realise that or you can watch this movie. cause you'll probably like it.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Quickie #65

effnocka and FUCKFORCE talk about food!

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Monday, April 13, 2009

i'm sleepy

i got in mad late last nite and realy don't feel like writing a long ass blog or nothing. so I'm just gonna put a ton of video embeds and call it day. but i'll be back tomorrow.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Hulk Vs. and Higher Learning

i dedicaded that since the hulk vs. dvd is really two differnt stories. I would review them both seperately. they really have no connection or anything so yeah.
But i did wanna say the design of the newer marvel animation is defently looking up. compare this to there designs in the 90's. it didn't really work and the animation showed that. now i feel like they realized they couldn't just put out anything and we'd accept that. I'm glad they uped there game.

This script would work as a comic. like either an annual or a super deluxe issue or something. The writing is what it needs to be for a subject like Thor vs. Hulk. So yeah this is a pretty dame good 45 min comic adaptation. It's defently better then the cartoons that dc has been putting out lately. sure it's not as great as say the high that the batman animated series was. But very litte is. This is a good cartoon for fans and was well done.
It's not really and all out fight the way I certainly would have wanted. I wanted to see just hulk vs. thor for 45 min. and i would be good. there is other stuff going on with character and plot. so they have the begining of a fight and then a cut away. but this was so lame as crap that it pissed me off. I actually thought it was a good idea. this was really done like a thor comic. now i'm no exppert on thor comics. but for what i can remember this is like a thor comic.
If you like action comic book cartoons. then you will like this. I think it's generally good. not just if you like comic but i think that defently helps.

I really didn't expect much from this. really i didn't want it when i heard it came with the Hulk vs. Thor. I just wanted the hulk vs. thor. not this wolverine movie tie in bullshit. like what the fuck. then i realized sure ok i get another cartoon for with the hulk vs. thor. ok ok. well what i got was better then hulk vs. thor.
You get lots of awesome Wolverine hulk fights and the kinda battle i was dreaming of for hulk vs. thor. This is the one with the awesome action sequences. sure the other one does too. but this one is full on kick ass wolverine hulk fights.
You also get team x which has Deadpool, Omega Red, Lady Deathstrike, and Sabretooth. So you get all those guys too. and i think they did a good job with each character. espically with the voice acting. who ever is doing deadpool. that guy should do him in all the cartoons.
This is more violent then the show wolverine and the x-men. all though this is supposed to be a prequel to that. since i had to pay for it. I'm glad they up the ante to something i couldn't see on tv. not that is was evil dead type or shit. but it is rated pg-13.
If you watch wolverine and the x-men then defently watch this you'll love it. in fact if you have any intrest in comics you'll like. cause i think from what i hear it'll be better then the wolverine movie.

This movie is so 90's it hurts. both itself and you. oooooooo man i slay me. anyway this was a time that John Singleton was thought of as more of a name director and less of that guy who directed that shaft remake and 2 fast 2 furious. This was probably the last time he could make like a name director kinda movie. but while watching it. i can see why that changed after this film.
It's almost like this was the last movie for Boyz in the Hood John Singleton. Sure that gave him a name. but this movie is almost a mess. and the way he made Boyz in the Hood was very much for early 90's gangsta rap. While approaching the mid 90's gangsta rap was changing. as Dr. Dre put out I've been there and done that a year later. This shows things weren't quite stale but it was certainly getting there. This was 95. Cobain was dead. snoop dogg had broke. it was almost 90's business as usual for this year. Rap hadn't taken over yet and the teen bop thing was like 3 years away.
While watching this movie i really understood why there was a big movement through the rap community to change. this film certainly has high ideals. which works well for an Ice Cube album but doesn't work as well for a movie. the political minded eddie vedder world was really being pushed. Really though this shows why the mid 90's ended and we all started dancing to the prodigy.
It's just too much. A rapper making a silly political point is one thing but a movie is a different story.
This movie like it seems like every movie about collage starts out well and then eventually becomes so unrealistic you wonder if they really know anything about collage. I don't know how realistic this is. cause i never went to collage in the 90's. I mean sure i went to collage's in the late 90's but it wasn't the same.
But yeah i don't know if this is a realistic.
I mean sure it does work on certain levels. It's an intresting concept. where you follow a white student (Kristy Swanson) and a black student (Omar Epps) and see how there experiences are different. but not intresting enough. really i just wanted to follow Ice Cube.
Man i fucking love Ice Cube. espically in the 90's. he was the fucking shit. and certianly in this movie. John Singleton and Ice Cube need to do more together cause Ice Cube is always really good. they never let Ice Cube be good in anything anymore but that guy is a good actor. he just needs a good role. man Ice Cube your awesome. really without Ice Cube I would have not made it throught this movie.
I read that Tupac was supposed to play the part that Omar Epps plays. but he couldn't cause he was in jail. i kinda wish he had gone with pac. not cause Omar Epps sucked. he didn't at all. in fact he was good and i feel bad for saying this about him. but Tupac in high minded political John Singleton movie. dam it would have been perfect.
This movie is dated and really i don't recomend it. well i would if you love listenign to vitalogy in your car. which is probably what most people did while leaving the theater when this came out. I don't think this is good. it's ok and something of it's time. but it's nothing more. really just see it for Ice Cube. Ice Cube rules for real.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Funny Ha Ha and Horse Feathers

This film is notable for being the first film in the mumblecore film movement. All thought that might be enough to see it once. This film's alot better then just a film kind of curiousty. Really what I like about it. is that it's a film about a girl right out of collage and her kinda being lost. Sure there are tons of movies like this with guys and that's coo but it's defently refreshing to see it changed up.
This is a serious low budget production made for only a few thousand dollars. production wise it shows but not in a bad way. I know at first that might be a problem but as the film goes you'll barely notice that.
The star of the film Kate Dollenmayer does a great job playing the main character. I feel like she really got the whole wait what feeling of what she was going through. I'm glad they got someone who was kinda hot but also kinda plain white girl thing. so that it's more kinda real. but she plays it well. not sure if she kinda just worked or if she was a good actress but that doesn't matter she was great in the role.
The director who plays a role in the film actually was one of my favorite actors in the film. which usually isn't the case when it comes to directors. but he really stole the show in this. well ok not that good maybe but he was good.
I also liked how the guys in the film seemed to act kinda like weird and don't make much sense. i often find that guys do all sorts of stupid shit with girls and really liked this kind of stupid uncertainty. instead well he's afraid of commitment.
I don't know much about mumblecore. This film makes me want to know more about it defently. i would compare it to Godards my life to live. but i never liked that movie. but i do like this and think most people would. it's pretty coo. check it out netflix has it.

This was the marx brothers film before duck soup and a night at the opera. Here you can see all that great humor that was in those films almost there. it's not quite what it was in those later films. But it's still great cause it's the marx brothers not quite at there peak. not a bad place to be.
Groucho really steals the show in this film. i feel like he's almost the main character. well I guess he is. He does a good job steering the ship.
I feel like Harpo was the character audiences at the time probably lost there shit over. I mean sure he's not that funny now but i'm not living in the early 30's. so how would i know. but just his slapstick stuff. i mean man it was probably killin em.
This film is about groucho becoming the head of Darwin u and wants to stop his son from getting to involved with a collage widow. now what is a collage widow well apprently it was a term at the time. it means (wikipedia break it down for us)"The term, which is somewhat derogatory, referred to a woman who stays in college after graduation in order to find a husband. It is used to describe Connie Bailey (Thelma Todd). Such women were stereotypically "easy"" I guess it's bad news if you get involved alot. all though i assume you'd get laid alot cause she would be easy. I'm not exactly sure what the problem is. but i wasn't around in 32.
I think this is a good comedy. certainly it lacks the magic of there masterpieces that they made later. but it's still a nice comedy and i think worth a watch. i mean it's fun you'll have a good time and it's only 68 min. so if you don't like it. it's not even that long.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Driver and Korgoth of Barbaria

Have you ever watched a film noir and thought man i like this but it needs more car chases. well boy do i have a movie for you. The Driver takes the film noir mold and brings it to 1979. I've heard people call this a an existential car-chase movie. yeah for real. did you ever think that existential and car-chase would be put together. well except for what i was thinking when i saw gone in 60 seconds in theaters. I never thought they would combine them
Directed by Walter Hill. It was the film he directed right before having the best 1979 that anyone would ever have ever by producing Alien and then directing the Warriors. yes the same year. i can't imagine. anyway point is this guy is awesome.
This movie is really great with Ryan o'Neal playing the driver. a the driver for criminals like bank robbers and things. and The detective is trying to catch him.
yeah everyone really has names like that. you never learn there real names they just reffer to themselves as the driver and such. but it's not done in a super cheesy way in fact you probably won't notice.
This movie of course has a lot of awesome car chases in it. which of course it should. you could put this with any good 70's car chase movie. and good enough to be with any 70's detective movie.
I like the acting Both Ryan o'Neal and Bruce Dern give good performances.
Really just see this movie. it's a jem that you've never heard of. but it's worth it you'll have an awesome time. really i could keep going about this movie. check it out you won't be disappointed.

I guess nobody has the balls to pick up a cartoon show like this anymore. But to think what could have been man. with direction from Genndy Tartakovsky (samurai jack and clone wars mini series) this show is fucking awesome. i love the animation in it. and well it's just alot of fun.
Most of the time i hate fantasy comedy. like that show comedy central has premering tomorrow. yeah but this is a good show. Adult swim aired it only a couple of times and on halloween last year too.
It's supposed to be like a conan parody. Not sure how well it does that but i do know i like it. and instead of just talking it up i put a playlist with all the parts together from youtubes.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

the long good friday and the motel

This is a great british gangster film with a killer late 70's syth soundtrack. and it fucking rules. this movie is awesome. it's a gangster film but it's almost more then just cause it rules and it awesome. It also uses what was going on with redevelopment in england as a part of the story.
If you havn't seen this and you like crime movies. fuck if you like movies in general this movie is for you.
I mean the theme alone dam. just dam. is that a cathcy tune.
And Bob Hoskins oh my fucking god. don't even judge hoskins. right now i feel like i know Hoskins way better then you. yeah i know u seen rodger rabbit you ain't seen shit. i feel like I'm hoskins mistress and your like his wife. I know him so much better then you. i mean he obviously likes me more cause first i saw this movie and second ummmm well point is you have no clue how much of an incredible bad ass Bob Hoskins has cooking inside of him. He rules
Also Helen Mirren who apprently is also hot even back then too does a great job as Hoskins girlfriend and does a great job in the role. hell everyone is great in this. even the few scenes with a very young Pirece Brosnan.
Listen do you like movies with action and awesomeness. well don't complain about seeing bad movies this movie fucking rules. for real.
I'm not gonna tell the plot see it. truely awesome in all the best ways. really a great. also perfect film. I can't think of a better movie more people need to see. really awesome.

ok this is not the trailer and i don't know how debra winger got in here but hey thats kinda funny. anyway just listen to the music it rules.

I really like this poster too. really well done. actually may have been the reason i saw the movie. cause this poster was really good.

There really arn't that many films about kids that don't have a talking cg animal or arn't made for kids. this film i guess is made for kids but it has all kinda painful and embarressing moments of childhood (well they were at the time).
The Motel is about a kid named Ernest who's family owns a motel. His chores are to clean all the rooms and stuff. With only his mom, grandpa, and lil sister. It's both fun and uncomfortable depending on the guests staying in the motel. We follow Ernest through most of the film and see his 12 year old life.
They made him as 12 as really he could be. which is nice cause theres alot of moments that are really genuine kids moments. like him sitting on someone who disagrees with him or when he spazz's out. Making the film have a very human quality.
It's also framed almost like a cartoon. it's very visually simple. I guess this maybe to try and show the world through Ernests point of view. I'm not sure about that. but i really liked how they shot this. It was simple but it let you know alot about the characters.
I know this film will get compared to Welcome to the dollhouse. really they are different films. You could say that Welcome to the Dollhouse is like a band that was big 10 years ago and The Motel is that new band thats influenced by them. but in other ways there different films about two very different characters. you can still feel that it is but it's not just a rip off or something it's better then that. it's just influeced.
I really like this film and at 75 minutes how can you go wrong. It's a very geniune film. I think sometimes it goes over the top a little but for the most part it's a good movie and you'll have a good time. i actually think 12 year olds would like this film but what do i know. I'm not 12 and i don't like high school the musical.