Friday, August 31, 2007

yes i finally saw hairspray

so yeah i did give in and see it. Regardless on how i feel about the ethics of this film it's a good movie and maybe work better as a musical then dreamgirls. there was a couple of parts that sucked but for the most part it was coo.
This film was obviously ment to be a crowd pleaser. Much like how the studio era musicals used to be. With some ridicolous amount of stars and lots of crazy musical numbers. I defently missed that when i saw both of the high school musicals. This is not perfect with some overbarring parts and it doesn't always work. It's also weird seeing a parts of the john waters original creep in but most is different. Sure he does have a cameo but it doesn't make up for anything.
the lead nikki taylor is really good and kicks all the actual perfessional big acting peoples ass. If Zac Efron is supposed to be a big deal i have yet to figure out why. but Nikki Taylor is worth and i hope she does tons of shit after this.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

night of the comet

sorry for the lack of posts this week. It is a rather tough week at work. but yeah posts will be regular from now on. so yeah

this movie is alot of fun. If you like all 80's cheese if you don't then well whateva. In fact it's a great movie for a party for anyone from 14 to my age to older. It's fun and it does it's dam job pretty well.
It's kind of a werid concept but it works and i never questioned it. basically it's about a comet that wipes out everyone in the earth by making them either dust or zomibes. except for anyone pretected by steel. Which cause this one girl was fucking her boyfriend in a film booth she was fine. Because film projection booth are reinforced with steel. It is a building code in both new york and california so there are no fire hazards.
Anyway yeah it is fun this might be a good film to watch before dawn of the dead. so if you like fun cult kinda things check this out.

Monday, August 27, 2007

new nockforce quickie BAY BRIDGE

so this quickie is a little different it's about a smal sub genre i found on you tube. See people make videos of themselves going over the chesapeake bay bridge. The bridge which you have to go over to get to ocean city is possiably the scariest bridge ever made ever in history. but anyway we kind of did an improv type thing if we were driving over the bridge and i'll post other videos from this sub genre below it. oh and by the way it is illegal with good reason to video tape this while going over the bridge.

for more fun go to

this one below is from 1986 and when they allowed one line to go one way and the other one the other way which was alot fucking scarier. now one bridge is one way and the other the other way.

this one is my favorite cause why would you put this online and it's kinda dumb. Also how have 345 people seen this

Friday, August 24, 2007

little children

This coming week is a littler crazier at work so not sure if blog will be posted everyday but most likely it will be fine and there will be posts all week but i just figured i'd tell you

watching this reminded me of american beauty. This film was alot less shocking and more realistic then that film. Well I guess it is a little more raw then that film but it feels more plausable.
All the acting and setings are so remarkably like suburbia that you can tell what kinda of neighborhood it is.
I really like the direction the acting is great but Kate Winselt has been good in almost every film she's been in since ummmmmm ok so ever but yeah you know.
The kid actors are also really good. in fact the director finds great ways to use them as characers. even though minor characters.
when this film was up for a ton of oscars the clips they showed during the ceremony that made me really really wanna see this film. it is i think worth the hype and a newer film that most missed that deserves bussiness so go check it out you'll like it alot.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

a place in the sun

I'm sorry for the lateness of this post for some reason this blog was not letting me write or post anything for a bit this morning. but now it's coo. unforently tomorrow i will not be near a computer for most of the day so i will not be back til friday.

I've liked this for a while and watch it last nite. I really like how kind of melodramatic it is on the surface but it's a really good simple story. A poor kid who has some rich relatives is shown the good life. He is given a small job in there factory where he meets a girl alice they fall in love then he gets a much better job and meets high society girl angela. Of course he wants angela more and she's a hell of a lot hotter.
The framing in this film tells the story so well you could probably turn the sound off and tell what's going on exactly. Which is a truely great complament for any film.
everyone plays there part so well you think they were born for them. elizabeth taylor and shelly winters are both really remarkable in this film i think motogomery clif does a great job as well.
I guess the trail at the end always feels like they didn't film it right but i really love the rest of the film. I'm never sure how i feel about the trail but it doesn't work.
George Stevens is a favorite of mine and this is one of his best. I think he was good at doing these kinda stories and making it so everybody could see them but they were still good as well.
If you havn't seen it rent it's defently worth your time

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

batman the animated series

Recently I have been watching batman alot recently. This without a doubt is the best animated show of the 90's and maybe the best cartoon fox ever made. The show that was influenced alot by the fleisher superman cartoons of the 40's. Is one of the smartest shows around. Using alot of film noir ideas and older cartoon techinques that most shows shy away from.
This show even changed batman the episode heart of ice was amazing and even got the show an emmy beting out the simpsons for best animated series one year. Which by the way like rarely ever happens. the simpsons always win.
the voice acting is better amazing everything in this show is top notch. I'm always complaining about how they fuck up batman in live action films. In fact they have never gotten it right and i doubt the sequal to batman begins will do change that. in fact forget those movie i call them action movies with batman in them.
Regardless if you wanna see a good detective story get some of this show.

Monday, August 20, 2007

nockFORCE Quickie# 8 and superbad

This one is a 4th wall joke. Not sure what that is the quickie explains. I like this episode and i also like ian designs and my lip synch. I hopes you like it as well

For more fun go to

Let me say this is my favorite comedy of the year but not cause it's funny. Because in the tradition of the great teen films like Fast times at ridgemont high this film is fucking awesome. High school for these kids isn't awesome. I'm sure She's All that is true for those kids who stay and die in there home town all there lives and go to some awesome state school with a kickass football team. but for everybody else this movie reminds you of how much you liked hanging out with your small group of friends and how much things fucking sucked. You can't really do anything at all.
This movie shows that so well I stopped laughing and remebered high school. the acting is this movie is so good. One scene where evan is about to be able to have sex with the girl he's wanted all year is so good i don't wanna ruin it but it's worth the admission.
When everyone freaked out about knocked up and it sucked forget that. This movie is worth the hype and makes up for that forgettable film.
Also Bootsy Collins yes the guy from p funk does the score and it's only second to the Ratatouille as the best of the year. bottom line see this movie

Friday, August 17, 2007

the wire

I've been a big fan of homicide life on the street for a couple years and really wished there were more shows like it. Well creator of Homicide David Simons has made 3 shows all about Baltimore. The Corner, Homicide, and The Wire.
The wire is not like most shows. Television shows are usually episodaic regardless of how much on going story they have they always try to be episodaic. The Wire doesn't want to do that. The wire is without a doubt an ongoing story and nothing else. There are no episodiac kind of episodes. David Simon descibes it as written like a book. I agree because the episodes work more as chapter. You learn new things about characters but the on going plot is most important.
But the real thing that makes this show good is the characters. There so rich I feel like i'm the room with them I wanna spend time watching this show. Are all the characters good people no not at all. In fact some are really bad people but you end up liking all of them. It's a dam good show and really if you can download it or get it on netflicks just get it. Don't think about it. It's better then any movie i've seen this year so far. Except like ninja turtles but obviously.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

ELVIS is still DEAD

yeah well he died 30 years ago today and all though I'm not the biggest Elvis fan. I did read the book Elvis and me and that was fucked up. Seriously fun.
Well actually i never finished it but it was good as far as i read it.
He is a figure that really influenced alot of stuff. ummmmmmmm
Yeah I don't know Elvis was coo. I mean I wouldn't go to graceland and i'm not gonna listen to his cd today or anything but he was coo.
Apprently had he been alive he would be 72 but he's dead so he never really will be 72

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

obama has coo pics on his myspace

i was going through myspace and found this pic on obama's i like it cause it's not your average thing that a politican would use. Sure in time magazine or rolling stone but never for there campaign. Anyway i thought it was coo

star trek 4 the voyage home

This used to be one of my favorite movies when I was a kid. I don't think it's my favorite now but it's still good. I don't think it's as good as 2 and 3 (those being search for spock and wrath of kahn) but it's not the worst.
It's more fun then the other star trek film and probably the easiest to watch. You don't need very much prior knowledge to be able to watch this. Also it still is the highest grossing of the star trek films.
The whole whale think is somewhat preachie sometimes but other times it doesn't bother me. Over all it's fun popcorn movie.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

the rat on the grass and the western/horror genre

I got a message on myspace from this guy who had seen nockFORCE and decided to make his own cartoon. I think that's pretty coo. So I figured I'd share it with you.

billy the kid vs. Dracula is just as fun as the title suggests. With Billy having to fight off Dracula. Frankly I saw this coming a while ago how could they not fight each other.
The guy they cast as billy isn't very good but he's bad enough for the film to work. The real great casting is John Carradine as Dracula (yes david's father). He's ridcoulous but you like to see him do what he's gonna do. The whole plot is like something out of a pulp comic book or something. Everything in it is fun. It's a fun ride and you gotta be prepared to have fun if not then go see something serious or something. a great cult movie. ok well maybe not the best but worth taking the trouble to find it.

This played after billy the kid vs. dracula as a double feature. Frankly i like this one alot more then billy the kid. It's stranger and has cooer music as i remember.
One thing that doesn't make sense even though it's called jesse james meets frankensteins daughter she is frankensteins grand daughter. I'm assuming the posters were all ready order or it just wasn't as catchy. but also frankenstein didn't happen that far from when the american west was going on so the whole idea that his granddaughter is in this doesn't make sense. but during the while you don't think about that.
This film is the most fun of the too and even more ridcolous as it just kinda does what it wants. I would say this is the better choice but both films will be fun if you like a good cult movie.

Monday, August 13, 2007

NEW nockFORCE quickie

This episode i think it's pretty funny and best showes the personality of nockFORCE or at least me. Also this is my 500th post on this blog pretty crazy didn't know i blogged so much.

for more nockFORCE fun go to

Friday, August 10, 2007

when the leaves break

At my old job i worked with 2 guys who lived through katrina and i know alot of my friends in baltimore went down there to clean up. They all told this movie is the most acurate portrial of what was going on. I don't know if that's true but they were there so.
Spike Lee does things in this documentary that all the new onslaught of documentaries don't do and that's change view points. At one point Nagen is good then your like he's not as good i thought but he did that good thing. This could have been incredibly one sided and it's not it shows why certain things happen and even goes in the history of new orleans.
For example that rumor that one of the leaves had a bomb in it. Well the reason they think that is because it in two previous floods that actually had happened but mainly for finacal reasons. Everyone knew it was blown up on perpose so when it broke and sounded like an explosion that's why.
The running time is 4 hours but it's cut up into 4 acts covering everything for before the hurrcaine and the aftermath. But you won't notice cause it flows so well. I would recomend this to anyone and this might be my favorite spike lee film in a long time. in fact it might beat everything except do the right thing. point is it's good there's no reason not to see it so see it.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

this film is not yet rated and olmypics

This is a better film then you'll think it could be. But at the same time it has some problems with it. My biggest complaint is you have directors talking about there films that were given really nc-17 or R or something. Not all of the directors but some made films that like seriously were never going to get an R. I had seen most of the films they talked about all ready and most of them were various obviously not going to be R. So maybe John Waters and Trey Parker were bad choices but the other ones were good.
They bring up good points that if you compare other films it is a terriable unfair system. female nudity or and female orgaism is automatically nc-17 but the same for guys is ok. same sex anything not getting an R. It's frankly a fucked up system and it's not really fair.
The film goes in to that and does a decent job and if your into knowing more about the ratings system this is a good film to check out.

Ok another little rant

The olmypics are a year away as of yesterday. Cause NBC is pushing it like crazy really really early. apprently michael phelps is going to be a big star at this one. Even though personally i hate his guts and made these a cartoon making fun of him last time here but honeslty i do like seeing him swim it makes for good tv. But it only happens every 4 years. I mean if you think about it I'm sure i could run a mile every four years or something. But anyway I'll watch it but Michael Phelps is still probably an asshole

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

motion capture takes a hit

I read today that motion capture or mo cap films can no longer be elijabale in the best animated feature cateogorey. and thank god too. Motion capture doesn't really work and it's not animation so it makes a lot of sense.
I think motion cature wouldn't piss anyone as much if well alot of things one it looks like shit the people in it look really weird. Also Robert Zemeckis said that it's better then animation. Bad move cause it made him look like a jack ass and everyone kinda hate mo cap.
Motion Capture doesn't really have any good movies so far all we have is Polar Express and monster house. both i don't wanna see and the little bit of polar express that i saw was so bad i didn't wann finish it.
Usually to have a new technology take off you have to have like a classic film that really showcases it. But also you need a new technology that doesn't like shit. So that 's two strikes against them.
Beowolf which is the latest mo cap film. Has wounderful backgrounds and that's it. all the stars in the film don't even look themselves they look like bad imatations of themselves. It does have a script by Neil Gaimen but i doubt it's worht while

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

the simpsons movie and swing time

At first I didn't want to see the simpsons movie thinking it would be really bad. Well it turned out being ok but not the best the simpsons have done. I think the simpsons are great show and for a while they were one of the best shows.
This movie is ok attempt at making a simpsons film but all the ideas were ones that had all ready be done in previous simpson episodes. Making the movie less unipue and a plot line that is unbelievable.
I think this isn't horriable but there really is no reason to see this other then it's in theaters. That's about it. It's about as good as a current simpsons episode is and that's not very good.
The voice acting was good and there are enought good parts to keep you intrested but over all you know it's not working out really and you would much rather see an old re run.

this is a coo movie and suprisingly the humor didn't age very much at all with jokes and humor that you might fun on current tv. Of course the dancing is what people really saw this movie for but i found myself liking the plot as much as the dancing.
Fred Astarie does a really great job and makes you want to follow him. Not many stars have ever had that.
This is also directed by one of my personal favorite directors George Stevens. Who can do both comedy and drama and they both work in there own way. The more I watch Stevens I'm shocked by how many different films he tackles in his career and having a different way of doing each genre. anyway I would check it out and it's alot of fun.

Monday, August 06, 2007

new nockforce quickie

this has a movie scoop in it about the new Transformers 2. It also marks the only time I've gotten my good friend Russ to have a cameo kind of which he turned down Cletus tons of times and all my movies but we finally got him in something.

I also like the drawings Ian did in this one alot.

more fun at

also fan art that someone sent us

Friday, August 03, 2007

wow the Bratz movie is a 7%

yep rotten tomatoes has it at a 7. this is a glarious thing cause rarely does a film suck this suck it is in single digit land. wow.
I do however really like it when this happenes because you get the follow quotes from reviews.

"The girls in the live-action Bratz movie look less - what's the right word? - whorish than the dolls, but the lifestyle their movie is selling is no less disturbing."
Josh Larsen
Sun Publications (Chicago, IL)

"Bratz is like being raped by MySpace." (this one deserves to be on the poster)
Joshua Tyler

"Wow, is this movie mind-numblingly vapid and shrill."
Christy Lemire
Associated Press

"This is why the terrorists hate us."
Nathan Rabin
Onion AV Club

This movie sounds so bad it makes me actually want to see it on dvd ok ok on usa

I finally saw Harry Potter 5

This maybe the best one. Not the best shot and maybe not written but the best movie. You see the other 4 and espically the first 3 worked as companion pieces to the book. This however works on it's own. Which is really how it should work anyway. So for that I give it tons of props.
The kids acting is still good and really make warners have a good reason to keep them around and pay them shit loads of money. Daniel Radcliff is good enough to carry these movies and I'm curious what he'll be like in other films.
However the script needed work. When Sirius Black died I didn't care and not cause I'm actually a robot but because I didn't know him there was never a scene of them bonding or anything. In fact in the 3 films he's been in there wasn't enough bonding to make his character emotionally invested. Lupin maybe ok cause they did a good job of that in the third. In fact I noticed I cared alot more for Lupin.
Also Cho like what the fuck harry. I didn't know her either. Like what does he see in her. If i was him i would hook up with that weird girl who lost her shoes. It would be crazy but at least he somewhat knew her.
I did like alot of it and special effects were intagrated the best out of all the films. I think David Yates did a dam good job and even though I've been against him since his name was annouced i liked it so bravo.
If you like a good harry potter movie you will like it. If they had the well written script from 4 and alfonso back i'm sure it would be better but so would gang of new york being made in 1978 so you know it's just dreaming but it is a good movie and probably the best out of all the big summer movies this year even that is not really saying much at all.

The original Hairspray

Ok so I know i promised more movie review stuff and I saw order of the phoneix but i wanna share this video. I got it from the senator theaters weekly email. they send out I'm on the list of course. It's about when the original came out and premeriered at the senator.
There's been alot of stuff coming out about the original like tons interviews with waters and focusing on Divine's Death. Which really this was the last thing Divine did for my life until the musical that's the biggest thing about it.
The film represents mainly how John waters career changed. in 72 he was doing pink flamingoes now he does a pg movie weird. I find it odd that they took out so much John Waters from the musical but i havn't seen it yet.
Anyway this film made me remember what the original ment. All though it's not his most fun movie. (his 70's stuff is way more fun) this is probably his best made and cry baby as well started a whole new era of John Waters that ended with A Dirty Shame

Thursday, August 02, 2007

my friend has pilot online

comedy central is doing a test pilot contest were there are four and the winner gets on comedy central. My friend is in and help make one well both are my friends. Pat and Dan. Pat or Pat Bryne ran the school of visual arts radio station with me for 2 years and is a really funny talented guy. also the other guy dan is a really talented guy as well and i love his films.
Anyway just go HERE and it's called redeeming rainbow

it's like the second one down so just watch it and vote don't watch the other ones cause who cares about those people.

it's my birthday

yeah todays my birthday. I turn 24 woooo. I guess not that notable of an age but it is an age. A year ago I started my job on the virgin megastore and I found a way to stay in new york. now i'm alot better off.

yeah so here's other people who have birthdays today

Peter O'Toole (75)

Kevin Smith (37)

Wes Craven (68)

Edward Furlong (30)

Jacinda Barrett (35)

Carroll O'Connor (if he was alive)

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

lady snowblood

i know that Michelangelo Antonioni but seriously lets do a movie review thing for once

This movie is alot of fun and awesome. A great action movie with alot of crazy fake blood. Also it works all through out this film knows what kinda film it is and has fun with it.
The similair to kill bill mostly because tarantino is a fan of this film. The main character goes after 4 people who raped her mother and killed her father. Then she goes out and trys to avenage them. I guess you could say tarantino did more with it but that doesn't make this movie bad. If you are coo with samruai movies and having fun and tons of squirting fake really red blood you'll like this movie.

The fake blood in this movie is so red i wish they still did blood like that.

also here's how close kill bill references this film