Thursday, November 30, 2006

pop up video only back for a week

or well thats what vh1 classic is saying which sucks i fucking love that show.

I think if everyone watches it maybe it will stay hopefully or maybe they're gonna bring it back this is just a nice launch i don't know we'll see

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Red State marketing

so today I was eating in a wrap shop in the dumbo part of brroklyn. A really good wrap shop by the way, I don't know the name but I'll remember it next time i go.
anyway they were playing Z100 and Hinder came on. God they fucking suck I thought and that Vh1 you hear it first thing is so bad like they want to bring back fun rock. I have yet to have fun while liseting to them and I don't think a slow song about some girl having the lips of an angel is really a fun song. like welcome to the jungle which the band looks like they think thats what they're playing but i guess they thought Creed was a great idea to copy rather then a band that people still like and actually listen to after they stopped making new albums.
anyway I read in rolling stone that Hinder only sells album in the red states and none in new york. The recored store i work at doesn't have it on our top 50 yet. So it accored to me WHAT THE FUCK is wrong with people who live there. ARE YOU SERIOUS like really this is what you like Hinder. Hinder think long and hard ok

Remember Creed you may make fun of them now but you bought them then. Don't make the same choice.

but hey I don't watch cars drive in a circle for like 3 hours or something . So maybe if i was into that and bad beer. Then I guess Hinder would sound really good.

Pop up video showtimes

I wasn't sure if it was a on time thing or anything like that but here seems to be the monday to friday times for pop up video on vh1 classic

8pm and then 8:30 pm

11pm to 2 am

11:30 am

actually going through my guide it seems 8 pm and 11pm are the only guartneed time that there on but yeah

Monday, November 27, 2006


So for some dumbass reason Vh1 stopped playing pop up video and man those were the days when they would all pop up video, behind the music, and where are they now. That was a really good network. fuck celeb reality that shit is awful.
anyway vh1 classic is playing pop up video now. pretty sweet. i have no clue what time but i'm assuming if you just turn it on radomly for a while you'll find it

Friday, November 24, 2006

Spock the director

Leord Nimoy or Spock is probably the most suessful of all the original star trek cast members you might be lie how the fuck is he doing well.
Well he directed two films that made over 100 million dollars Star Trek 4 and Three men and a baby. Crazy right.
this also mean Spock has just as many films over the 100 million dollar mark as Scorese.
And has two films that have made more money then the highest groessing films by both Robert Altman and Woddy Allen.

Thursday, November 23, 2006


Thanksgiving has never been my favorite holiday. in fact probably like my least favorite. I really just never liked the food. My family makes really awful thanksgiving food. They make really amazing mashed potatoes however everything else espically the turkey is so awful. I think they put alot of salt in it wait two minutes and put more salt in it.
When I was a kid i never liked it espically cause my uncle michale would be right next me in line to put food on my plate and make me choose everything.
Then when i was 14 i had really bad acne and my grandma pointed at alot of zits on my neck and wanted to know what they were.

Yeah that really did it.

anyway I'm alone in new york this holiday and well yeah I'm kinda sad. I through up earlier cause the weather made me sick. I have to work tonight and most likely tomorrow I'm not leaving my apartment.
I'm not sure were I'm going with this. I know people will ask me about this and say like sounds like your want be like this or something. I don't know man you know i'm just trying to get by.

Point is Thanksgiving is kind of a stupid holiday and the reason it started ( actually made after the civil war to unite the country by abe lincolin) holds no value but that shit doesn't matter. I mean nobody cares who's birthday party it is they just like hanging out with there friends. So I guess that's it you know. The food sucks and all it's just a reason to see your family and friends and hopefully get off work.

Friday, November 17, 2006


I havn't written about movies in a little bit and i pretty much stopped with the whole news bullshit. but there are 2 movies coming out before the year ends that I really really really wanna see. DREAMGIRLS and THE FOUNTAIN. And i have coo news about both of them.
I'll start with the FOUNTAIN because I think the DREAMGIRLS news is way better. My favorite theater of all time with a doubt in my head at all. Is defently the senator. I'm talking about the screen sound system it's balimores premeire showcase for movies. I think the charles is more fun to chill out in and is an amazing art theater and probably the best one i've ever been too. Also the charles has an awesome feel. But the senator cna make a big movie even better. The charles is not meant for big movies but the senator is. if you have a big fucking screen and a loud sound system your born to play star wars and the matrix and lord of the rings. well my point is they got the FOUNTAIN. Which basically is the only place to see it. And i am extremly jealous of anyone who gets to see it there. It looks out of this world and i hope it is as good as i want it to be.

Next is DREAMGIRLS. So DREAMGIRLS in case your not familiar with it. is a big musical in the way bug musicals used to be. or well that's what they're saying. it has big stars lavish songs crazy sets and costumes and everybody wants to see it. Or well i do. Anyway to like help promote the movie starting december 19th. You can see the movie in only three theaters until it's national release on christmas. But ot make this crazier at this theater there is an exibation of costumes and sets and you get a 50 page booklet. there is also no commericals or trailers it's just the movie. and there is reserve seating. oh yeah but it's $25. which i may do.
This goes back to what they used to do with big blockbusters back in the 50's and 60's. they'd open it in one theater and have a traveling roadshow with it and the tickets would be alot of money. it helped build buzz. The last movie to do i read was ether the early 70's or 60's. Point is it's been a long time since they've shown a movie like this and. even though it is $25. the sprit of it works. this is a lavish musical and they are doing it just like i've read it books. I really wanna go. I think this is a fun way to promote a film and i hope this does well cause i would love to hear of more films doing this.

anyway that's my movie news. i just thought that shit was coo.

Thursday, November 16, 2006


I have to say the worst thing or well one of the worst things about working retail. expect for the fact that I'm working retail is when you have to ask if they want a bag. Some will say a simple yes or no but then there are people that get offended that I even asked because of course they would want a bag and it's terrible i ask. Then right after that person you get some who gets offended that i even asked because of course they don't want a bag why would you even ask they have a bag with or a backpack which of course you noticed.
Then there's people that simply can't make up there minds at all. At first they say no then they say yes then when you hand it to them they don't want a bag and never ever did. then they'll come back for a bag.
I know the envornment and shit but really just know before had it's not like that big of an issue to worry this much

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

a better ending to The Da Vinci Code

I saw the Da Vinci code and it was really really boring. It went on for like 3 hours and like the secret that jesus had sex with mary magadlin was like sub par. I mean seriously who cares who jesus had sex with big deal.
what would be alot better of and ending would be like if Jesus had sex with the virgin mary oh hillarious. YOu would not se it coming at all right. It would be totally crazy if that happened like i can understadn if people would be pissed off about that. Shit Seriously they shoudl reshoot the dam thing witht that ending and give me a piece when they release it.

yeah that would be sweet.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


man if you want evidence rock and roll is dead and not like kinda dead but just like dead as dirt. What Vh1 classic. Seriously it's so depressing. With commercials for rock and roll curses and fantasy camps and shit. Also talking about how great it is that some band put out there first album together in thirty years then you hear the album and your like oh jesus are you serious.
I'm not sure how rock and roll is dead but it certainly is when historians wounder when it happened i hope vh1 classic is blamed for it. cause frankly it should be

Friday, November 10, 2006

minium wage

So since like the democrats now control congress alot of people are like minium wage will be higher and that will be good and all. But really I don't think it's like as magical as everyone thinks.
I really doubt they'll get to for a while. Also the nation minium wage is 5.15 per hour which is a really ridiculous low sum to live off of. I don't know the state one for new york or maryland but yeah there not to much better.
Alot people tell me there state is cooler cause it's like 6. 15 but i make fucking 8 an hour and it's hard. So unless it's 10. which would be really nice I don't care. Most likely i will still be making 8.

I think if we made minium wage higher people would be more likely to buy things cause they would have more money. Hopefully like products to help the economy. SO i don't see a problem. oh yeah some rich guy will make less oh boo hoo. that's really sad. i feel for you. your bmw and your daughters nose job. seriously tears man tears

Thursday, November 09, 2006

did anyone else know that the notorious BIG was 24 when he died. meaning he was like 21 whne ready to die came out and around 20 when he recorded it. He brought bakc new york to hip hop and was one of the best rappers ever and he died at 24. I'm 23 and frankly that shit is crazy

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

When you grow up everybody sucks

so like I was talking about this with my room mate Ian and he was telling me how when we were kids you didn't think most people suck that everybody has like good intentions but then you get old and your like what the fuck everybody is like evil. There ether fucking stupid or mainly care about themselves or werid or fucking stupid.
When I was kid I think I did think most people cared or what not.

Also I've noticed alot of people care more about what other people think of them and such. like they would help you but what would there friends think. By the way I'm talking about regular stuff not like creepy crazy stuff you know just like helping with an art project or something.

I don't know if there is a point I just know that the older you get the less you have faith in society.

Then again I do work in retail