Monday, July 31, 2006

Weekend Box office

here it is

1. Miami Vice $25.7M $25.7M
2. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest $20.6M $358M
3. John Tucker Must Die (2006) $14.3M $14.3M
4. Monster House (2006) $11.7M $44M
5. The Ant Bully (2006) $8.43M $8.43M
6. Lady in the Water (2006) $7.14M $32.2M
7. You, Me and Dupree (2006) $7.11M $59.1M
8. Little Man (2006) $5.12M $50.2M
9. The Devil Wears Prada (2006) $4.67M $107M
10. My Super Ex-Girlfriend (2006) $4.1M $16.8M

For the first time on four weeks Pirates was not number one but it doesn't matter because with close to 360 it will defently cross 400 by the end of it's run.It also has become disney's highest grossing film ever. yeah

Miami Vice didn't have an amazing opening but didn't bomb like everyone thought. Depending on the word of mouth this film may or may not fail. But everyone who grew up on the show are going to check it out. Also nothing else is like it that's out right now and has no competion really. So it could make over 100 million but we'll see.

The big shock is John Tucker must die. I think the main reason is that they had tons of ads on both the wb and the-n. Also it used myspace which will soon be the most important marketing for a teen film. And finally there are no teen films right now it has nothing going against. all in all it did well cause nobody even thought about it.

The ant bully pretty much bombed. good that movie looked stupid. I'm sick of animated movies just talking about the stars in it. kids don't care ok. they don't know who nick cage is there parents barely care it's not a good marketing tool.

devil wears prada stayed in the top 10 and ended up staying there longer then superman

Scoop and little miss sunshine both opened in limited release. scoop did ok and little miss sunshine did really well.

Pee-Wee movie news

I just watched Paul Rubins on E news daily talk about the upcoming pee-wee movie and said that both Laurence Fishburne and S. Epatha Merkerson. if you don't know them there Cowoby curtis and Reba - Mail Woman. This could coo to see them have a pee-wee movie tie in with the show

sorry for no posts again

hey sorry for no posts for a while I was in Ocean CIty and had no internet. BUt I did see alot of movies. I'll have reviews for Pirates 2 and Clerks 2. I will also write about Match Point, Spider-man 2, Evil dead, Harry potter 4, and Dawn of the dead. They'll be up through out the week and kool-aid's post will be up sometime this week he had surgery and is recoverying.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Video stores in Brooklyn

I've heard about alot of people going to video stores in Brooklyn and renting well videos. Kinda odd considering dvd is a better format and also cause net flix is a really good program with a better selection then any video store could have. At first honestly I thought it was like people just trying to alternative or something but doning it in the lamest way possiable.
But then I thought about it Video is dying there's really no nice way to say it but it's true. But we all grew up with video. Most of my knowledge of movies is from video.In fact I remember going to a video store in maryland called Video Center everyday in the summer. They had this thing on monday - thursday were you could rent two for the price of one. Oh man I saw so many movies. It was $2 for old movies and $3 for newer movies. Which alot of times would take forever for a movie to become old and they would get stuff later then blockbuster but I didn't mind I knew everyone who worked there. Which was an old couple and they knew most of my friends it was awesome. They also loved it that I would rent older movies instead of like crap teen comedies or something.
I can understand if you're going back to video for something like that writing that makes me want to have a place near me in queens i could go. But let's be releastic that won't happen. I think video stores are good for finding stuff that will never get released on dvd or well actually more like hasn't cause they release dvds like crazy there so cheap to make. I have heard of people doing that and I really honestly respect that I recently got a vhs copy of Johnny Guitar and I'm very glad I have it cause there was really no other way I could have it.
But honestly if you are just renting dave chapelle's block party then it's not worth it. Let dvd go it had it's time. If you think hey netflix takes a while to deliever stuff. ok not really I watched my netflix like crazy last summer and I usually had new dvds in two days and I was on the 3 movies at a time plan. If you rent something that obscure it will take longer sometimes. Not cause there mad just cause they don't keep all there movies in new york there all over so sometimes it takes longer to get it but you can wait you know if you need movies that bad. you probably ether need a job, find a movie on tv, or watch stuff you allready have. And the thing about netflix slowing down movies never happened to me and if you rent that many movies you need to get a job or find something to do with yourself.
So basically I do like video stores but Netflix is a better idea. Also I find fincially as well. they don't need to worry cause there stock went up again and had another record profits. I do think it's coo but also kinda dumb

Star wars cartoon scheduled for 2008

I don't like new star wars movies and I could care less about the live action tv show coming in 2010. but I do love the old movies and the clone wars shorts. This apprently is going to be set later like after ep 3 I don't know much but I hope it's good.

The white stripes on the simpsons

apprently instead of making a new album that is actually good the white stripes have recorded voices for the simpsons. the episode will air September 17. the simpsons season starts september 10th

chapelle dvd out allready

Comedy Cenrtal is putting out the lost episodes today. two days after the season ended. this may be a good move cause the ratings for those were not good. I think it's good to make some use out of stuff networks weren't gonna use but they never end up doing that well. look at System of a down's album steal this album. They do ok but not great. Also the packaging for this dvd set was lame just old photos they're reusing. I guess they had to but it's real sad.

ABC don't take shit from nobody

When the emmy's were annouced this year abc was basically left out despite being the biggest network right now. And they also don't get to boradcast the emmy's NBC does. Usually the other channels show reruns and unintresting things so they can toot there own horns as they win. Well ABC isn't do that this year. Nope there airing this at the same time.
ouch huh. yeah the same movie that just a few weeks ago shot up the dvd sales chart (I'm talking about the original by the way). ouch sucks to be you emmy have fun with that cause guess what they have a Dick Clark tribute with a segment featuring Barry Manilow. wow now doing that nbc is sad and well honestly what were you thinking.
oh and also they are airing reruns of Desperate Housewives on lifetime. Which is good for ABC cause they make extra cash but it's also making fun of lifetime for turning down a show that made ABC a huge monster of a network. ouch.
yeah basically don't fuck with ABC.


If you think I'm lame or whatever for reviewing this I don't care. I don't like Nsync or anything but I do like this solo stuff. I liked his last album alot and think his whole Micheal Jackson like sound is really working for him.
I just heard it. Honestly at first I was confused. it has him singing through a distorian mic with an odd Timbaland beat. I have to say I like it. I think over time I'll like it more. I do like it alot and alot more then the first single of his last album. I know alot of artists espically big ones like Justin put out the single they think will be the big hit second. So I'm more looking forward to that.
The song it self is strange and popie. something that Timbaland should be proud of. It's hard for a producer to do what Timbaland did with this song. Combine a pop song and a different sound. Also even though he signs the chrous you wouldn't know he did the song it doesn't sound like Timbaland.
Justin does the vocal well and really carries the song. He's good at it and it's been a while sicne we've had a good mainstream pop album. He I think can deliver that. A good pop album is a really important thing cause we have to live with it for like a year and if it works then it's alot nicer.
If you like Justin at first you make not like this song but it will grow on you

Superman sequal may not happen

even though Bryan Singer is talking about and alot of sites are talking about it. Warners havn't greenlite the project. it sounds like there talking about it though. I don't really think this is a good move. I do like Brendon Routh as Superman alot and I would see the sequal Bryan Singer is talking about but fincially it's a bad move it won't come out til 2009. who's gonna remember a movie that most didn't like and did ok bussiness in 3 years. But Singers idea may help the franchise to become well a franchise. until it's greenlite it's all bullshit

sorry for no posts


so i didn't post yesterday mostly because I was working on getting a job. which I did and I'm getting paid to help someone move which takes up most of my time. And on top of that I'm gonna be in Ocean City starting Thursday and won't be able to be on internet til Sunday nite. So be patient it won't be like this for to long cause my work situation will be alot more stable making this blog be as well. Also my last post will be a list of 20 links to various coo videos online that I like and then a list of trailers. so if you want something you can have that

Sunday, July 23, 2006

KOOL AID POST: Your weekly rant

Jim here every week I have my friend Kool-aid write a post this is this weeks:

Your weekly rant

By KooL-AiD

Mo Rocca, NOT FUNNY he never was funny, he most likely will never be funny. Fuck a bunch of Mo Rocca.

Bmx, bikes, if your gona ride them as normal bikes, expect to fall on those sharp turns.

Hipsters, these are the same kids who were popular in high school, their the cool kids who decided to be underground. Fuck em’ your hair is dumber than mine, and I have only half a beard.

The work place, give me a damn job you sons of bitches!

Pseudo intellectuals, your not really that smart, just cause you read Satra doesn’t mean you understand it. I can read relativity, doesn’t mean I understand it.

Shitty emo bands that sucked 3 years ago and still suck now, I’m looking at you fall out boy, you sucked then and still suck now!

People that won’t give Jim a job, you douche’s wouldn’t know talent if it sodomized you with a Buick (with out lube).

Heart conditions, what the fuck this is completely dumb. (if you know me ya know what I mean)

Doctors who are imprecise on the phone, fuck your liable, tell me what the fuck is going on!!!!

People I left out, I’ll get around to writing about you sooner or later.

Weekend Box office estimates

top 10

1.Pirates $35,049,000

2. Monster House $23,000,000

3.Lady in the water $18,210,000

4.Dupree $12,787,000

5.Little Man $11,000,000

6.Clerks 2 $9,625,000

7.My Super Ex-Girlfriend $8,700,000

8.Superman Returns $7,460,000

9.The Devil Wears Prada $7,425,000

10.Cars $4,910,000

Pirates is number one blah blah blah it's huge and stuff. But third week at number one is amazing and shows how big this movie is. We'll see if it can keep it up next week with Miami Vice but i think it has a good shot of still being number one.

Monster house did what is was supposed to so it worked out

Lady in the water did under 20 (big shock) mostly cause who wanted to see such a lame idea. I think Disney was smart to say no orignially. Honestly this shold shoud M.night that he's not as good or big as he thinks he is. He should have known this with the village but I guess he's kinda dumb. Basically this movie wasn't something anyone was intrested in thus why it's so low.

Dupree beat little man cause little man dropped most of it's ad campaign this week while Dupree didn't. Smart move for dupree. it also did better druing the week then little man. I'm guessing Dupree may end up being the sleeper they say it will be but we will have to wait and see. I think it won't be honestly and that it's gonna be one of those movies that's a punch line in ten years.

Clerks 2 did 2 million better then most said. I really did think it would make 12. but unforently it didn't it did well cause of a good tv and internet campaign the so so reviews didn't help it. but putting it in alot of art theaters did.

My super ex-girlfriend bombed hahaha. it was a bad idea and not intresting and not very funny. It did have a good campaign and I guess would have done worse if it didn't have that which must hurt cause it did like 10 million less then everyone though ouch.

the rest superman returns still not doing great but hangs in there

Devil wears prada will hit 100 million during the week.

thats it


I have never listened to a whole funkadelic album before. In fact I think I've only heard like two of there songs. But I always wanted to.
Frankly it doesn't matter this is a great album. George Clinton may look like he's some werid wacked out guy but he knows how to make a good record and the arrangements are amazing. There big productions too not just some simple guy playing bass there's a huge chrous and then a guy singing and then a guy with a deep voice singing. It's nuts in fact it may be the best stoner funk album ever made.
Ever wonder where Andree 3000 got all the werid guitar solo and strange stuff all from p-funk. This record is both influentical and amazing. it's odd and funkie at the same time. I think it does get a little tiresome but I'm assuming you have to get high well listening to it or something. I'm sure it's really good then.
But basically if you havn't heard this you should cause it's good. not amazing or the best ever but worth checking out and chillin with for an afternoon

Tina Fey leaves SNL

Tina Fey told Jay leno friday that she will not come back to SNL this season to work on her show 30 rock. Is this bad news well most likely for her because 30 rock is a show about a tv show being made. Much like studio 60 on the sunset strip. Which everyone is talking about instead of 30 rock. However SNL hasn't been very good since she has been head writer. I mean I like Mean Girls alot and all but seriously it has been kinda bad. So maybe this is good. I can't imagine snl being any worse.

Also apprently alot of people think the show is doomed because it follows 20 Good Years which herc from aint it coo said was one of the worst things he's ever seen ouch

Vh1 classic playing old made for tv movies

back when all vh1 had was behind the music and where are they now. and before they played alot of shit reality tv. They made tv movies of some of there more popular behind the music's. All though they don't play behind the music. which sucks alot cause i love that show. they have played the monkees movie, ricky nelson, and the def lepard one. If you have vh1 classic check it out.

oh yeah and there also playing the first 24 hours of mtv sometime soon which should be coo. i want the old commericals too but I doubt they'll do that.

Spider-man 3 promo pictures

They all look really coo. I'm getting the impression Raimi is trying to give each spidey film a different feel. This one looks alot different from the first two I'm really pumped and the venom pick looks really good. Fuck they all do

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Tom hanks and tim allen back for toy story 3

I kinda don't want this movie to happen cause John Lasseter is my least favorite pixar director and both cars and toy story 2 were kinda bad like the songs ewwww. But i guess they want to do it. John Lasseter should really just stick to running the studio he's better at that.

Friday estimates and clerks 2 is kickin ass

I got the friday estimates

here's the top 5

Pirates $9,950,000

Monster house $7,530,000

Lady in the water $6,850,000

CLERKS 2 $3,920,000

Dupree $3,910,000

well acording to this my predictions for this weekend were correct. Clerks 2 will make 12 million suck on that also layd in the water may not make 20 million or just make it so guess it won't make as much as everyone though. Also my super ex-girlfriend is totally a flop it'll most likely end up with 6 million for the whole weekend sucks to be them but it was a silly concept.
everything else is normal but congrats to clerks

Friday, July 21, 2006

Bryan Singer says there will still be a Superman sequal

Even though the movie didn't really do what everyone thought. Bryan Singer is planning a Superman sequal for 2009 and apprently Waners is talking to him about it too. hmmmm maybe this will happen. I don't know if this is a good idea but apprently the villian will be an alien.

This was at comic-con and he also was asked about returning to the x-men and he said he'd have to see who was left in the cast. Also Ironically, right before being asked about it, he had been joined on the dias by original Superman director Richard Donner, whose wife Lauren Shuler Donner produced the first two "X-Men" movies.

how come nobody knew this until now huh nobody could have figured this out. I took that from and seriously not til now come on

Steely Dan says that dupree was there idea

this is odd but may actually be true apprently on Steely dan's 2000 album they have a song called Cousin Dupree which is about a slacker kind of guy. humm maybe so they wrote on there website a letter to Luke Wilson cause they think there clevar and thought Luke was the older borther even though Owen is exactly older. they note it later cause I guess they didn't go to imdb before they just assumed. anyway here's what they said

"spaced out little bro is generating some major harsh-ass karma for himself"

"join Steely Dan onstage and tell the audience and the band and the crew that he made a bad mistake and that he's sorry."

Steely Dan did post this before the movie came out but unforently since nobody really likes them that much anymore nobody realised it til now


The Biggest Loser – Sept. 20
Crossing Jordan – Oct. 20
Deal or No Deal – Sept. 18
ER – Sept. 21
Friday Night Lights – Oct. 3
Heroes – Sept. 25
Kidnapped – Sept. 20
Las Vegas – Oct. 20
Law & Order – Sept. 22
Law & Order: Criminal Intent – Sept. 19
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit – Sept. 19
My Name Is Earl – Sept. 21
The Office - FUCK THIS SHOW Sept. 21
STUDIO 60 ON THE SUNSET STRIP – Sept. 18 ********supposed to be good*********
30 Rock – Oct. 11
Twenty Good Years – Oct. 4

New Fountain TRAILER

this looks like it might end up being the best movie of the fall. I'm exicited and really cause I have no clue what to except like at all. I personally like the teaser trailer more but I think this will be an amazing film.
It's really a love story. Which I havn't seen a really good love story that was smart this may be it. It has sci-fi for the guys and love story for the ladies this has the potiential to be huge. I really hope the best for it.

Charlotte's web looks really awful

I had very little intrest in this movie before but now I have less. It's from Walden Media which has yet to put out anything good. I hated the narnia films they made and this is even more awful. I understand they want to make films for kids but maybe you could do a better job. Like really it would work out in the end.
Please don't see this movie if you have kids or a little brother and sister have them watch the cartoon. That cartoon was good this just has tons of celebrity voices and stuff that about it. But that cartoon was coo and had a coo song from a rat. It's on dvd go get that for them.

anyway watch it here but it looks bad and it has bad cg too.


it's Peter Cullen who did the original voice of optimus prime. This will still suck but it's coo that they got him rather then like james earl jones or something.

New Movies Day

well I guess pirates will continue to be number one and nobody is strong enough to take it down but the other movies will have to fight among them selves.

Lady in the water I've heard will make 27 and I guess it could but who the fuck do you know who wants to see this movie. Like seriously nobody the ads didn't help. I hear it may be good but whateva. anyway it will probably be in the low 20's. I know that's werid but i believe it

Monster house will get 23 million. it's the only kids movie and it will do well from that it would do better but the ad campaign wasn't that good.

My super exgirlfriend this movie looks dumb and I would never ever see it but it did run a good campaign in fact maybe the best of all the new movies. I think it might make between 15 and 17 and wouldn't be shocked by 20. There ad campaign was really good.

The last slot in the top 5 will be dupree it is doing alot better then little man during the week and it will be high in the long run. espically since little man stopped showing it's ads as much and dupree kept going.

Clerks 2 I'm not sure what to say but it's getting alot of press and I think has a shot at 12 million. why it has alot of ads and some shows have mentioned it over monster house and super ex-girlfriend. Also the only comedy oooo take that super ex-girlfriend but seriously it is. Also it will be playing in art theaters and movies have been doing pretty well there this summer. with art theaters and multi plex's it may have an advantage.

Magic Tv Box Friday

Not much on it is a firday but there is some good ones.

First off

DEGRASSI TELLS ALL 7:30 pm on the n - don't worry it's an hour long with Craig, EMMA, and big suprised SEAN yep SEAN will be there. it's the one were spike and snake get married and includes lots of degrassi old school cameos. also you can just want the host segment on the-n with there the click thing.

39 STEPS TCM 9:30pm

- it's a hitchcock classic nuff said

then tonite's CONAN will be awesome guest include Paul Giamanti and boring Al Gore boring. that part not so good but musical guests the BEASTIE BOYS 12:30 am tonite


Guess what the fucking hairspray movie musical thing isn't filming in baltimore. yeah that's right. they decided to move to fucking canada. what the fuck that movie is baltimore and you know how many movies we get in baltimore like none. ok. and you remake or reimagine or whatever pretencious stupid fucking thing you want to call it a John Waters movie which have ALL BEEN FILMED IN BALTIMORE and shoot it in fucking canada. you are really shit heads. go job getting like every famous person you can in the cast. well guess what one you musical sucks balls. I like that John Waters gets money from it that's coo but really it sucks.
Also hey remember december when the producers came out and nobody fucking saw it yeah that's right. Guess what will happen to your movie. OOOOsucks to be you. nobody who lives in iowa wants to see this fucking movie ok. It will suck and you will take the John waters out of it which is what made it good. Also it was a lite John Wates movie too. Fuck you guys Baltimore needed that movie and you really showed how much you cared I hope casting another huge celebrity will make up for the fact it was a dumb idea to make it and even though it was you could help out a small city but I guess not fuck the new hairspray movie and fuck the people who moved it to canada natie boh is better anyway

REVIEW: NEW Jarvis Cocker song

If you don't know who Jarvis Cocker is..... Well he's the lead singer of the band Pulp who I really like. When I read he had a new song on myspace I had to hear it. I did.
I think it's a good song it's not really a single and people have said since the chrous is actually "the cunts are still running the world" that it's not radio friendly. I don't know if that matters. Song's should just be based on if there good not about bad words or if it's a hit. This song by the way is good.
It's one of those songs that are deep in an album that you probably will really like after falling in love with it. It has a nice piano riff in the track and then brings in a electronic drum beat from a casio or something.
The song starts off mellow and gets more bigger as it goes on.
I think it's really good and honestly I kind of expected a bad song not that I doubted him. It's just when people go solo you do that. It's a good song and it shows that whenever his album comes out that it will be good. Also his vocals as always are amazing defently reccomend it if you love pulp. If you have never heard pulp I'm not sure but I think you might so check it out too.

anyway here it is ON MYSPACE

NEW SPIDER-MAN 3 promo pic

Since sony wants us all hyped up for there panel at comic con they released this promo pic and it totally works for me. Apprently there is a panel on Satruday I will tell you what I hear unforently I don't get to go cause I don't have the money to go to sna diego comic con. The movie comes out May 4th

Daniel Clowes writing Death ray

Daniel Clowes is adapting his short in eightball called Deathray but changing it from a little kid to a old guy living in suburbia.

"I like the idea of him as a cranky 48-year-old man," Clowes said. "Using his powers to throw kids off his lawn."

Sounds coo he is also writing Rudy Rucker's Master of Space and Time for Michel Gondry, who also own the rights. I heard a while ago Jack Black would star in this but have heard nothing since. Also Jack Black's production company called black and white.

I really like eightball and Ghost World was good, midn you not great. It is good but it has it's flaws. But Art School Confidential was awful my pick for worst film of the year so I am worried but I will most likely see it

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Jane's Addiction kind of best of coming September 19

It's about fucking time they did this. Obviously they can't really do a greatest hits they could call it a best of but they like to call it a compiltation yeah well sounds like a best of to me so stop trying to act coo. anyway it will include the following "Been Caught Stealing," "Summertime Rolls," "Classic Girl," "Three Days" and "Just Because." Also it will total 16 tracks and some other songs that the band also has that I'm assuming are the BEST OF there catalouge.


NEW Alfonso Cuarón movie has a Trailer and it's online

this concept may not sound intresting on paper but it looks good Clive Owen is the star and it's called Children of men. I think this fall will be awesome for movies. anyway


new hulk movie may work

the new hulk kind of remake maybe not or something. whatever who cares well anyway.

they have a director Louis Leterrier (he directed the TRANSPORTER films)

This is just what this needs a fun action director may help this movie.

Zak Penn is writing and helped write x-men 3 and Inspector Gadget but also PCU so maybe this will be awesome. I hope so


I used to live by ninja turtles when I was little. I remember having the action figures with soft heads and then hard heads. I saw the original movie when in came out too. I loved the ninja turtles am I exicited.FUCK YEAH.
when I was little and we had pizza for dinner I used to bring my turtle figures to the dinner table and have pizza with me turtles rule and hopefully this will work.


if snakes on the plane doesn't have a trailer for this before it the weinstein company is dumb as shit

wanna see Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip before everyone else

Aaron Sorkin's new really talked about show that everyone is talking about and I really wanna see. Will be availble on Netflix Aug. 5. Nbc is using it to promote the show and will give netflix on air plugs. also the show Kidnapped as well.
I really want to see this show I think Aaron Sorkin is a really good show runner and this may be the best new show next season I will rent the disc and review it here when it comes out

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The new show Eureka

Eureka or as I like to call it Eerie, Indiana

oooooo take that sci-fi channel

wounder showzen and Degrassi dvd release dates announced

Wounder Showzen Season 2 -OCtober 10th.

This might be the best season of the show. And most likely will remain that way knowing that the show will probably not come back. The horse apples and bootleg episodes were amazing and I really want this

Degrassi the next generation Season 4 - October 24th

This is my favorite season. It has the school shooting and the best episode they have ever made ever the Gonorrhea episode. it's so bad it's good in fact really good. It's wounderful how bad it is. You can always have a drinking game with these dvds. It also has the episodes with Kevin Smith as well

Then there's this
if you watch nickeldeon in the early years you watched this. i really want to see this again. call me a nerd but it's coo
it comes out November 21st

Awesome TV dvds and when they are out

I got this from ain't it cool news they have a long list but i only put the stuff you care about on here.

here's what came out just yesteday

Also this week 4 yes 4 reading rainbow dvds and the ren and stimpy lost episodes

here the long list is

NEXT week

Chappelle's Show: The Lost Episodes (yeah allready werid but comedy central wants moeny)
Galaxy High School Vol. 2
Animaniacs Vol. 1
The Prisoner: Complete Series Megaset (took a while for this)

August 1st

Beavis & Butt-head Vol. 3

August 8th

The Brak Show Vol. 2
Sealab 2021 season 4

August 15

Hong Kong Phooey: The Complete Series
Magilla Gorilla: The Complete Series
Simpsons season 8
The Weird Al Show: The Complete Series

Mickey Roucke not in Grind House

apprently he's not in the Tarantino/Rodriguez film. HE was slated to be in the Tarantino part be he's not going to.

M. Night shamalamamamamam says what he would do if he directed a Harry Potter movie

go here at pottercast to learn more.

he sounds like he's just having fun and really shows it's any directors dream to do a potter film. I don't think he'd get it but if he did one I think it would probably be really good. he did say he wanted to write so i guess there would be some twist at the end then

Disney cuts back but not too much

disney is cutting back it's films from 18 to 12 or 13. Not as much as excepeted but it's most going to be Diney films made not tochstone. it will be 10 Disney, 2-3 Touchstone. They want the Disney brand out there I guess.
Also they are cutting 20% of there work force and giving marketing president Oren Aviv the head of touchstone.
This annoucement might be because Pirates is it's last hapy meal campaign and there trying to show Mcdonalds they have changed. McDonalds dropped Dinsey after having to many flops

this may be the last season for Gilmore Girls

apprently this the last season they have a contract for and people are saying the lead actress's on the show may leave. Most likely because the creator and head writer and head director and main reason why the show is the way it is left. So don't be suprised if this is it for the show. I think the season finale was week even though it had a coo Sonic Youth cameo. It's good to go out before you suck to high heaven. Also the show has been huge for a while and you don't want to go out when your not doing so hot.

anyway here's what Lorrin Graham said "I think we're all really excited to where the show can go, and I read the first script and I love it. So a lot of things could happen. The fact is that our legal contracts are up. So you do begin to imagine, 'Well, what if?' in a different way than we have before".

this also mgiht mean they want more money but i guess we'll see

Frank Miller directing The Sprit

Frank Miller is Directing the big screen version of Will Eisner's spirit. I'm not sure how good a directer Frank Miller is cause he did co direct with Rodriguez in Sin City. But Sin City was a really good film and I think Frank Miller maybe a great choice to helm this. He knows Will Eisner in fact he probably lived Will Eisner. That's the best director for a comic movie. I'm excected for this. I'm a little worried but I think Frank Miller can make this one good.

It will start shooting next spring so I assume we'll see this in 2008

Apple will let you rent movies on itunes

Steve Jobs apprently has failed in getting studios to offer films to download for 10 bucks. Yeah I could have told him that wasn't going to work it undermines dvd and studios make shit loads off that. Studios are notoriously against new technology and it's hard to get what you want when going against them. it took forever to get them to do dvd.
they will let you rent them with a date code on the movie and it will go away after that. I guess Steve Jobs losses this round but I'm sure his Disney stock will make him feel better.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

IFC is dumb

the Independent Film Chanel is one I've had a problem with for a while mostly cause Indepedent is only how it's fincaiced which basically means most of the star wars films are independent. anyway they did a segment at the la independent film festival and they covered the screening of the devil wears prada by asking the stars what they thought about independent movies. good job guys that was a great one.
It's bad enought your progamming is shit. Playing movies over and over and over and then having pulp indies like the fuck does that mean. Then playing Scream 2 I mean scary movie was put out by miramax too and so was she's all that do let's play that too.

Start dates for New ABC shows

I don't really like this network but maybe one of you do. here it is

Friday, September 8
9:00-11:00 p.m. 20/20

Tuesday, September 12
8:00-10:00 p.m. Dancing with the Stars

Wednesday, September 13
8:00-9:00 p.m. Dancing with the Stars Results Show

Monday, September 18
8:00-9:00 p.m. Wife Swap

Thursday, September 21
9:00-10:00 p.m. Greys Anatomy
10:00-11:00 p.m. Six Degrees

Friday, September 22
8:00-9:00 p.m. Ugly Betty
9:00-10:00 p.m. Men in Trees

Sunday, September 24
7:00-9:00 p.m. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (two-hour season premiere)
9:00-10:00 p.m. Desperate Housewives
10:00-11:00 p.m. Brothers & Sisters

Tuesday, September 26
9:30-10:00 p.m. Help Me Help You
10:00-11:00 p.m. Boston Legal

Sunday, October 1
7:00-8:00 p.m. Americas Funniest Home Videos

Monday, October 2
9:00-11:00 p.m. The Bachelor: Rome (two-hour season premiere)

Wednesday, October 4
9:00-10:00 p.m. Lost
10:00-11:00 p.m. The Nine

Thursday, October 5
8:00-8:30 p.m. Big Day
8:30-9:00 p.m. Notes from the Underbelly

Monday, October 9
10:00-11:00 p.m. What About Brian

Tuesday, October 17
9:00-9:30 p.m. The Knights of Prosperity

Wednesday, November 15
9:00-10:00 p.m. Day Break

Queer Duck the movie

I don't know haow many people remeber this short they played after queer as folk. I saw it on the internet but I think this at least worth checking out. I've met the creator Xeth Mcfarlene. He's a really nice guy and I love all his shorts. It comes out today netflick it I'm sure it's worth it. Also your helping out a really good guy.

No Critic screenings for Snakes on a Plane

Everybody is making a big deal over the fact that new line is not going to have critics screenings for snakes on a plane. I mean I guess that might effect it but really we're all seeing this cause it's a ridciolous and everyone wants to be half drunk and stoned before seeing it so does it matter.
This a smart move for new line cause they no one cares what the critics say about this movie

Everyone on the internet says Clerks 2 is good

Alot of internet critics are saying clerks 2 is really good. I honestly really want it to be but I have seen this happen to me alot of times with other films so i'll see when it comes out but i have low expections.
also i think it will do well which is coo. I think people will be shocked by the language. remember the first one was almost rated x making it the only film to get an x for Dialouge. yeah and you thought your little unrated version of wedding crashers was bad.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Magic Tv Box Tuesday

Another pee-wee is on tonight,

here what happens

Jambi grants a wish, badly; Ms. Yvonne gives Mrs. Steve a make over.

souds pretty good and has anyone else noticed a john waters influence on this show. anyway 11 pm

also on nick at nite they're playing a marathon of

i think this show is maybe the 90's answer to all in the family. really good show check it out it's on all nite

also on TCM at 8 pm
I love James Cagney and the title is awesome don't you want to go to work in the morning knowing you saw something called that. It sounds really coo probably the best choice tonight

Speilberg talks about upcoming stuff

Speilberg said all this at the chicago thing for him this weekend. I know indy 4 will suck. I waited for episode one and that's not happening to me again. anyway here they is

Indy 4
"George and I have been promising it for a lot of years now, but I'm making every attempt to keep my promise. I just want to make sure that the fanbase is given the best 'Indiana Jones' anybody could possibly make, and until I can assure myself that at least I'm trying to make the best 'Indiana Jones' film of all time, the development will continue. The process of developing the script will continue, and it continues right now with David Koepp writing the script... I feel that if anybody can do it and pull this together, David can".

"It's viable. The script's being written, and hopefully sometime in September/October of '07 I'll have the chance to start that. I can't guarantee that, it's just, once again, like 'Indy 4,' that script is in process"

some other sci-fi thing
"It's called 'Interstellar.' That's the name. It's a detailed treatment by Dr. Kip Thorne, and I'm working with Lynda Obst, who's the producer, and Kip Thorne on this project... I don't want to categorize it yet, 'cause I'm just at the beginning of the process. I don't see it as '2001'".

Arrested Developmet may not be as dead as we thought

apprently there may be a movie this is what the actress who play Maeby Alia Shawkat said in tv guide.
"Mitch Hurwitz, creator actually recently told us that there is a good possibility for a movie, and that he's talking to Ron Howard about it".

Hopefully this will happen I know it will be good. If you want this to happen too buy lots of dvds of it and buy season 3 when it comes out at the end of August they seriously will make it if enough are made

Owen Wilson talks about the next Wes Anderson project

he said this

"I am going to do a movie with my friend Wes [Anderson] in India, and that's not going to be a buddy comedy movie. [I play] one of three brothers, and they go on this journey in India. I haven't really spoken to Wes yet in regards to what I can really talk about"

But Wes Anderson is doing The Fantastic Mr. Fox first so we'll see. Hopefully it won't suck balls like life aquatic

Cw star dates

here it is I got this from from Ain't it cool news I figured I list them cause there the only place that has this

"All of Us" Oct. 1
"America's Next Top Model" Sept. 20
"Everybody Hates Chris" Oct. 1
"Friday Night Smackdown!" Sept. 22
"The Game" Oct. 1
"Gilmore Girls" Sept. 26
"Girlfriends" Oct. 1
"One Tree Hill Sept. 27
"Runaway" Sept. 25
"7th Heaven" Sept. 25
"Smallville" Sept. 28
"Supernatural" Sept. 28
"Veronica Mars" Oct. 3

J. J. Abrams made 55 million dollars this weekend

J.J. Abrams the guy who created Felicity, Alias, and Lost and then directed Mission impossiable 3 made a total of 55 million from seperate deals with Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. TV. This sucks for Disney because there trying to steal him away and well they're doing a good fucking job. Paramount wants him to do the new Star Trek movie.
Ok honestly What the fuck like 55 million are you fucking serious. For fucking Star Trek that will make maybe 80 million that's not good bussiness. Ok well all together both totaled 55 so i guess it's like 20 or something but Star Trek. I mean I like Star Trek but it doesn't have what it used to with people. Also the one movie he directed did not do that well. I guess there not blaming him.
Warner brothers tv did make a great deal cause tv wise he is worth.
ok honestly I do like him I just can see a problem coming. I really do want a good Star Trek movie but don't over spead that will hurt it more then anything.

Pirates top film of the year allready

yeah and in only 10 days with $258.2 million. I hear this is a good movie but i am waiting to see it at the carmichael theater in ocean city with my friend russ.

Roger Michell to direct next bond movie

If you don't know who Roger Michell is I'm not suprised he did a movie 4 years ago called Changing Lanes that was really under looked and forgotten. I hope he gets this job they want him to have it cause he's worked with Daniel Craig before.
Also I know alot of people want to say the only big thing he's done is Notting Hill. Well first that was better then you remever and second he's better then they're telling you go rent changing lanes if you don't believe me

yet even more Silver Surfer casting

sorry only image i could find of him. He's the guy in the middle who is tall and thin. His name is Doug Jones he was Abe Sapien in HELLBOY. He also has been on buffy. He is very unknown but I do have some faith in him. all though I would perfer Jason Lewis but maybe he can do the voice or something.
Apprently his convention booker is saying he's pretty much in. We'll see but it could happen

Pedro Almodovar has a new trailer

Alot of people like Almodovar. I feel like he's real hit or miss like for example Bad Education was not that great. so I kinda feel like this film could go ether way but it does have Penelope Cruz. And they worked really well together on All about my mother but I guess we'll see November 3rd

Go here to watch trailer

J. Jonah Jameson says there will be more Spider-man films

Tv guide did an interview with him about stuff here are some quotes

"I probably had not as much to do as I did in the second one and maybe a little more than I had in the first one, but from what I saw the new bad-guy stuff is once again going to top its predecessor. Hopefully there are plenty of cards to play for 4, 5, 6.... I'll do a Spider-Man for every two or three years for the next couple decades if they want. That'd be all right!"

"Yeah, it got mentioned. In fact, the last couple of days I shot was at the very end of the schedule -- we were doing some night-action scenes in New York -- and Sam Raimi was talking about it. It's not a done deal because everybody's deals, including Sam Raimi's and all the actors', was for three pictures. But he's certainly open to doing more".

What is going to be intresting is how are they gonna get everyone for four knowing that miss mary jane has said she won't also will Tobey McGuire. However I think that Sam Raimi will keep coming back no matter what cause he really likes doing the films and I've got the impression so does everyone else involved except mary jane.

Michel Gondry's new movie's trailer

sorry for the awkward title of this post anyway. Michel Gondry has a new film coming out called the science of sleep. It looks really really coo alot more effects and stuff we saw from his music videos then eternal sunshine. probably my favorite trailer out right now

Go watch the science of sleep trailer here

If you want to see this in theaters it is playing before scanner darly apprently

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Kool-Aid Post: The Baltimore Mass transit system

ok this is a new feature every week my friend Kool-Aid will write a post and here it is

The Baltimore Mass transit system:


The Baltimore mass transit system is one of the worst in the country. The subway closes at midnight. We have two trains in Baltimore. We have a metro subway, and a light rail. The subway runs from Owings mills to Johns Hopkins. The light rail runs from Hunt Valley to BWI and Glenburnie. There is no place were commuters can switch from one to the other, conveniently. I propose that there be a station built where riders can switch from one to the other without being charged extra. There is a metro subway station on Pennsylvania ave, and north ave. there is also a light rail station on north ave. The station should be in-between those two stations. It makes sense, and if the trains would run past midnight we’d have a lot less drunk drivers out there.

Magic Tv Box Monday

yeah it's monday so Pee-wee is on

It's the one where Laurence Fishburge teaches everyone the hoola and there are pen pals are involved.

sorry for lack of discription but i am very tired. anyway yeah it's pee-wee you'll watch it. before that watch Futurama cause that's good and it's on too. 11pm for pee- wee
10:30 for Futurama

Then there's this

it's on the E wam chaneel at 7:30 pm

how can you not it's from the creator of Mighty ducks

Weekend Box office estimates

Big shocker who was number 1 huh

1. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006) $62.2M $258M
2. Little Man (2006) $21.7M
3. You, Me and Dupree (2006) $21.3M
4. Superman Returns (2006) $11.6M $164M
5. The Devil Wears Prada (2006) $10.4M $83.6M
6. Cars (2006) $7.54M $220M
7. Click (2006) $7M $120M
8. The Lake House (2006) $1.57M $48.9M
9. Nacho Libre (2006) $1.52M $77.1M
10. A Scanner Darkly (2006) $1.19M $1.79M

So Pirates won again still because the are riding on an amazing campaign. It will defently outgross the original. Johnny Depp is making a name for himself in the summer as a marqee name and he's doing a good job of it with this, this summer and charlie and choclate factory last summer. Also next with the third pirates movie. I don't get the appeal of this movie but people seem to love it and stuff.

Little man beat dupree. alot of people say that's shocking because Dupree had a bigger theater count. Well Little man appealed and had a bigger and better campaign. Even though it was really close and these are estimates and stuff can change. Also note that this little man had fewer theaters, it had more packed theaters then dupree. I think Dupree could have done better but the campaign has lame and they were to cockey about being two much like what came in number 4.

Suprise suprise Superman continues to not do as well. Warner Brothers did a bad job on this. If you want to say but pirates killed it. That's bullshit Warner brothers can promote a harry potter film the way disney would do it. If they had that kind of promo campaign Superman would get to 300 instead of stumbling to 200 mil.

Devil wears prada just keeps going off it's good campaign.

And finally at ten was Scanner Darkly. which is playing in no theaters. like very little. In fact most theaters that are playing are playing it in two theaters. this film obviously needs a wider release and maybe we can expect one but maybe not cause it will make way more on dvd but we'll see

new Beyonce song not really that good

last nite I heard the beyonce song. Jay-z is on it and stuff but it's not that great. Honestly it's like one of those songs that you skip on the album to get to a better song. However I have heard that labels have artists have the second single be the one they want to be the hit and use the first one to get people exicited about the album. I don't think that'll work for this album but hey what do i know

Brian Huskey goes to L. A.

If you come to the ubright citizens brigade theater in new york recently you've probabaly seen Brian Huskey or you've seen him on best week ever. Well anyway he's leaving for L.A. and will not be at the new york one for probably a while. they annouced it in the middle of the show and everyone clapped alot at the end for him. I personally hope him the best and hopefully he'll be in a really good sitcom and make lots of money

Saturday, July 15, 2006

tight race between little man and dupree

according to box office mojo

its a tight race between dupree and little man. Not really suprised honestly opening to comedies on the same weekend with big ad campaigns jeez. Saturday maybe the thing that puts one a head of the other. here's the estimates for friday for both

little man 7,605,000

Dupree 7,390,000

less then 300,000 difference fucking nuts. also pirates made a shit load

18,955,000 just for friday.

I think this might have pirates end up in the 50's because of the drop off on sunday but we'll see Saturday could be huge however it usually isn't so yeah. same with dupree and little man neither may make 20 because of the compation

New Fountain Poster

This film looks amazing and I am super hyped to see it. This poster looks ok. Could be better but the trailer is still awesome

For those who havn't seen the trailer go here

This film really looks amazing espically the trailer has a kinda of Kubrick vibe.

Review: Oscar Fischinger Ten Films

It's a recent dvd release for the center for visual music. I hae no clue who they are. But that doesn't really matter. Most likely you've never heard of this guy. Well who Oscar Fischinger is, he's a guy who made early experimental films that were basically makes him the gradfather of special effects. Probably the most amazing thing about this dvd is he built everything. So when he's shooting against these crazy lights and backgrounds it's not tricks there all made or used simple effects. He uses light and animation and really nice backgrounds to make some of these effects. Some go according to music others are silent. The ones that go by music was an obvious precurser to Fantasia. Apprently he never worked on that film which sucks cause it was his idea but Fantasia orginally bombed so maybe it didn't bug him so bad.
One of the best films on here for me is walking from munich to berlin. where Oscar walked from Munich to berlin with his camera and took really qucik shots of stuff on the way. You'd think that would get boring but no shot is the same or repeats and they all look alot different.
I don't know if you can review something like this like you can a film with plot or anything. But I can tell you that if you love film, effects, or animation this is defently for you.
This is also the first time these have been avavilable in a long time so this is areally great chance to get it now. I'm actually unsure where to get this from but i will put it up when i figure it out.also here's some images from his films.

Magic Tv Box says

Unforently it's saturday not a good nite for tv at all. But magic tv box says the following things are on

Turner Classic movies show foreign correspondent as a part of there usual essential series. This is a wounderful series cause they just show movies you have to see. This is an early Hitchcock and isn't really like most Hithcock. I havn't seen it in a while but it is good. it's on at 8 pm and replays tomorrow at 6 pm.

This is a really really good Bunel film. Which is nothing like the disccreet charm. which to me is his best but this is defently close to it. It's on Sundance tonite at 12:30 am which seems to be sundances best time slot they shows pink flamingoes then last nite. Sorry I didn't know until it aire.
anyway 12:30 on Sundance

and then at there's Futurama

Even though I Normally don't put Futurama in her I did tonite cause Tonite has slim pickins. I do think Futuramma is an amazing show and say check it out or just rent something but Futurama is really good so check it out
Saturday 111pm Adult swim