Tuesday, October 31, 2006

KOOL AID POST: Your weekly rant

hey this is jim. It's been a while since i've posted one of these but every now and then I let kool aid write a post and here this one is

On my way to a party I stopped at a friends house. Bravo was showing the 30 scariest movies list for this year. All re makes! Fuck that shit. They interviewed the writer for dawn of the dead and slither (REMAKES) and gave him credit. Fuck that!!! no credit all you did was make good movies worse. Fuck you I hope you get crushed by a giant typewriter. Are there no more good idea’s for movies? Or is it just that the actors of today have no fucking talent so they have to rewrite movies so it seems like they can act. Now I know some of you are saying, “KooL-AiD” you already bitched about this topic several articles ago” well my answer is, fuck you go listen to megadeth. Which is an appropriate answer to any question really. In other news hopefully my new cook book will be out this Christmas. I promise to have an angrier more speratic article next week you assholes.

KooL-AiD for governor www.koolaidforgovernor.tk


Man I remember when I was kid Halloween would be the start of big holiday season. with thanksgiving and christmas coming right after. All though thanksgiving is lame I liked the day off from school. But anyway.
I used to see the halloween decorations go up and be all excted as shit. Waiting for a nite I can go around with my friends with ether my orange pumpkin pale when I was younger and then a pillow case when I was in my early teens. YOu could choose whatever costume even you know if like they didn't actually make the costumes. Like I was the guy they asked the questions to in monty phython and the holy grail before the bridge in 6th grade. And then watch scary movies with a vcr my parents rented in my basement. Most likely from dusk til dawn. man those were the days.
The sad thing is you have to grow up. You know. This is the first halloween I won't really be celebrating cause my work scheduled me. I would really like to hang out wiht my girlfriend tonite and stuff but i get to stay and work. growing up is way more fun when you go from 12 to 13 not 13 to 23.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

that was good lets do too

I've kinda felt over the recent years rock bands are blader then ever before. Well manly like the really big rock bands. I don't really like evanescance or trivium or like nickelback. Everything in rock feels so pre mediated now. They always do things that other rock bands do and well hearing this made me feel i was right a long.
The killers came out with Sam's town an albumt that brought comparisions to Springsteen and U2. the later is probably true cause they used tow of the producers of the U2 album Joshua Tree. Also the front cover is taken by the same photographer who took the cover photo for the Joshua Tree Anton Corbijn. It makes one wonder like they sat and thoguht that like that worked for that band so if we do it we'll have a hit.
My Chemical Romance decided to do use a much more current album as a blueprint. When they got the producer of Green Days "American Idiot" to produce there album. Then got Samuel Bayer who directed all the videos for American Idiot. to direct several videos for there new album.
I really liked it when there was a variety in rock that seems to have left. I think it's coo that you can have like a group bands have the same people working on it like mowtown. But I don't know this is just copying basically. or well it is to me anyway

Friday, October 13, 2006

Why don't people like the new outkast album

I was woundering this for a while and most of the time I just thought cause Outkast is a big group and it's easy to take big groups down. But then I listened to it and I released there are really no clear singles on that album.
Morris Brown is kinda I guess but there are no Ms. Jackson or Hey Ya stand out songs. The last two Outkast albums have had songs that stand out and you know there singles.You'd listen to the album and even before the single came out you'd be like yeah that's gonna be a single.
Also Atliens didn't really have a single and that was one of there best albums but all the songs were really great so maybe it will be like that.
Now is that bad, no it's just means that they don't have a hug hit record off this album. That's about it. It's still a good album and very consitant. I would say defently check it out and it has gone platinum so it's not exactly not selling.
But hey Outkast albums arn't promoted like normal big groups they usually build and stay on the charts for a while so maybe that the case with this. I don't think it will but it's possabile.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Evan Almigthy the most expensive comedy ever SERIOUSLY

According to E tv yester Evan Allmighty is the most expensive comedy film ever made with 250 million. What how can they jusitify that. Like are 300 million is ticket sales even possiable for a lame sequal.
I guess alot of people did get treicked into goldmember.
I don't know this is feel slike a bomb from a mile away

Monday, October 09, 2006


The past two episodes of Degrassi have been disapointing. Like I know the reason I like the show is cause it's bad and all but seriously it's now like even to bad to be fun.
The new opening is really funny but the rest isn't.
and who wants episodes about emma. Like the ganeria episode was hillarious but not this. And thought it would be with the racing and shit and hillarious. Like how can you fuck that up. Doesn't matter I think the next one will be good.
With Jimmy not being able to have sex cause of Rick shooting him. Also hopefully they'll use Ashely well and she'll be all werid and stuff. I guess we'll see but i hope so.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

I have to admit I like Grey's Antamoy

ok so maybe I'm lame and incredibly mainstream or something but I watched the show and I really like it. I honestly do care who Mc Dreamy is and all that stuff. I think I made fun of the show on this blog and said well I've all ready seen ER and stuff like that but it's so way better then stupid ER. Like a million times. Anyway just like check it out. ABC. com has free episodes to download so go there.
All the dialouge is good I think if you watch Gilmore Girls and Studio 60 you'll like Grey's cuse it's kinda written the same. And man the show has like crazy episodes with bombs and shit. Yeah if you get a chance to see the one with the bomb do it cause it's awesome.

anyway it's not that bad all I'm saying

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

New Release tuesday

since I work at a record store and am forced to listen to all the new releases. I figured I can write about them also dvd. In fact let's start with dvd

Little Mermaid

Fianlly on dvd. I havn't seen it in well a year which isn't that long at all but i don't remember it that well. I see alot of movies in all farness. But the opening i thought was really strong and can remember it frame by frame. I know it will sell like crazy and am considering buying it for myself. Cause it was such a big deal when i was growing up.
It was also the begining of the a great wave of disney films which then ended with Pochahantus. Probably a good time to release with lasseter taking over Disney hopefully there will be a new cool wave again

X-men 3
I fucking hate this stupid fucking movie. I'm sick of the debate regardless of wheater you've read x-men or expect to much. It's a bad movie. It sucks balls. ALso alot of people say but pheonix is it or well if you don't pay attention to the plot it's fun. Yeah well if that's what you want in a movie then be my guest but you must lead a really lame life.

The killers
Probably the biggest step artistic of any artist this week. I think this album is good and will most likely download it.

It's a happier beck album with producer Nigel Godrich then usual. I like happy beck more then sad beck and the album cover is coo cause you can design it anyway you want with coo stickers.

this group is terriable. like what the fuck. The thing that bugs me the most ok well 3 things. 1. That people make fun of me for liking rap or Justin and then you buy this 2. then they have slow songs that are songs that mariah carey and whitney houston could have done but since they do it it's accestable to rock people. 3. that people love them liek seriously there single debuted in the top 10.
Also when people buy this cd they have to wear blakc and be all decked out in there hot topic gear. i know what cd there gonna buy like a mile away.

Robin Thicke
He used to be just Thicke and i loved his single. Now he's Robin Thicke. He's way better at fast songs then slow r n b songs. but unforently his album has more of the later. it's ok but he's still coo.