Friday, May 30, 2008

mst3k and cletus

Mystrey science theater 3000 is one of the longest running shows in cable history the thing had like 10 season. I watched a bunch of these lately. All though the show is really funny and a great show. I can understand why it got cancelled twice.
First of all the show is 2 hours long. really hard to program cause it will eat up double or 4 times the programming time that a regular show would.
The ratings which would usually stay at one point for a while and then go down which is also a problem.
Frankly mst3k had a good run for this show to have 10 seasons and almost 200 episodes is simply amazing. we have nothing to complain about.
Comedy central did pick it up for 24 episodes a season for 3 seasons. thats fucking nuts that a weird cult show got that order. Comedy Central did treat the show well. Giving it tons of marathons and all sorts of stuff.
sure they got a 7 episode season once but all the other ones were like a crazy amount and the show was in it's 7th season when it got so few episodes.
I get this was the first show to have a cult following fight to get it to stay on. but it did have a good run and alot of people like to put that down to talk about how networks were bad too it. frankly if networks were that bad too it. it wouldn't have 10 seasons.

This one makes fun of michael phelps. I do kinda not like michael phelps mostly cause he acted like an complete asshole after he went to the olmypics the first time. I actually really like to watch him on tv. but as a person he sucks. but this is kinda more funny about that. i like the unicorn too

Thursday, May 29, 2008

wild cats and cletus

man i remember when this issue first came out. Jim lee was as big as i think any ever could be at that time. People would buy anything that he drew.
But it didn't last and wild cats has lost much of it's popularity since then.
I don't think it helped that Jim lee just ripped off the x-men when he was creating wild cats you can even look at them and name the characters he's taking from.
I remember this comic was good at the begining but that didn't last very long.

Then they made a tv show of it. I bring that up cause i recently saw some of them. Made for cbs as a way to get viewers away from x-men (suprise suprise). It screams of that. In fact it's very similair in style and animation as that show.
All though fox's 90's x-men show defently has it's flaws. Wild cats is way worse and shows you probably should wait longer before making a comic into a show. Going to quickly you can burn yourself out.
Much like Spawn and gen 13. actually i guess image did really have that problem.

anyway yeah wild cats

Alot of people don't like this episode. or didn't at the time. frankly the whole 2004 election was dumb. John Kerry sucked but at the time no one would say that in fact people would get mad if you said that. But if you knew then that like he had no chance in hell of winning like ever. i mean come on. jeezz. anyway i like this episode short sweet and to the point. also good charlotte come back in this one

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Twin peaks and John Waters (1994)

Twin Peaks was a great show. well ok ok twin peaks was a great show for a season and a bunch of episodes in the second season.
Anyway i watch the first season this weekend and it was still really fucking good. might be my favorite thing David Lynch has done. second to eraserhead.
Whats really crazy is this show was a hit. like a big hit for a little bit. I don't know how. it kinda perplexes me. they even got a rolling stone cover.

Watching twin peaks now is strange for two reasons the first is cause it's twin peaks. the second is cause Kyle MacLachlan now mainly does chick shows. like sex and the city and desperate housewives. In fact for years most people thought of him as lynch's actor. He was for a time a really weird actor. but i guess now he's a weird actor on mainstream chick shows now.

Twin peaks is great. and if you havn't seen it then your missing out. it's not that big of an investment. you'll probably see more episodes of the wire in a season then'll you'll watch of twin peaks so netflicks that shit.

also how many shows have dwarfs that talk funny in some weird ass room. huh you have to see it for that.

I found this on mtv's site. kurt loader is putting alot of his favorite interviews online. this is John Waters when serial mom came out. it's intresting to watch now.
Also congrats to John Waters for having a second broadway hit and all those tony nominations. I'm waiting for pink flamingoes on broadway or at least polyester.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

new nockFORCE quickie finding the curse and dr. who

curses arn't they spooky. well yeah. also a special playlist

dr.who ark in space

I know alot of people are kinda hesitatant to get in to dr. who. but i think the ark in space is a perfect one for new comers. cause it's both good and easy to figure out.
Tom baker is a great doctor to watch cause he's a very good lead to follow the whole thing.
However you kinda have to get over the bad special effects. but the story is defently all there. So it's like the reverse of today in a way i guess.
netflix it, cause it's good.

Friday, May 23, 2008


some videos i wanted to share.

this one is really stupid. but it makes me laugh cause it is so stupid.

this is a wbal story about the charm city roller girls. Thats a fucking coo name. someone should form a girl gana called that. if you do you can take the credit for it too.

this was in the nockforce charles barkley playlist. i think it's funny cause it's un comfortable. i remember this episode it was a good one.

this last one was cause i had some of these toys.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

alphabet soup

I made this when i was in MD for Spring Break in 2004. But really this is all Soup. All i did was film it. Not sure i did the best job with it but it is on tape. This was a crazy thing to watch live.
I shot this on hi 8 which nobody uses now.
Also a playlist with all my stuff in it. or just watch alphabet soup

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

the spy who loved me and cletus

Rodger Moore isn't the best bond. hell he isn't even the second best bond. he might not be the third best bond. well ok dainel crag was only in one. i havn't seen timothy dulton's stuff and george lazenbee. However yeah Rodger Moore isn't the best.
His films were alot like what the last 2 Brosan films were like. Big Blockbusters.
But they needed to have bond compete with what was coo at the time. Like how Live and Let die was trying to get in on some shaft money. And Moonraker was made because of the success of star wars. this film is very 1977 with the score and cultural referances. They obviously didn't have any faith in there audience. so in someways that makes Moores films that most intresting because of that.
As a film this is just silly and stupid. But it's fun to see how they were making blockbusters before Lucas and Speilberg changed it.

Thsi one ep. 54 cletus fan. Is a coo one. It's based on when i would meet people and they would make me do peoples voices and stuff. All though i would usually do it. It got old after a while. and the rest of the cast didn't like people coming up to them at all.
Also this feautres the only appreance by mike anderson. in a cletus episode. during the end theme. he was the website and techincal advisor. he did a great job and will always be a part of the cletus crew.
The real star of this is the voice of the fan Dan Dussalt who i think it a really great voice actor. I know people don't believe me but seriously he is. the playlist below has the 3 cletus the fetus's he was in and the nockforce commercial he did too.

Monday, May 19, 2008

nockFORCE Quickie #39: J- Dog

He's a washed-up canine rapper. And he's here to help you. J- Dog, this is a special playlist for this quickie.

more dogs at

and we finally got a Wikipedia page. I guess we made it or something



both were very good. glad deathclock is back with new episodes.

also congrats to prince caspien for not doing that great. i hope the narnia thing ends after this one. but i know they'll at least do one more. crap. well hey progress.

Friday, May 16, 2008

akira and cletus

I watch akira last nite. I havn't seen it in a while. I still remember when i first saw it. When the clown guy drove over one of the other guys arms that was fucking crazy.
This film also reminds me alot of comics like watchmen and dark knight returns. with the view of the future being in complete chaos. I've notice now it's always a utopian society in the future. but regan will do that to ya.
Some of the sequences are breath taking. the opening with the bike gangs is crazy. most of the awesome stuff is when they'll show something in one shot. which even in animation you'd probably try and put more cuts in there or something.
anyway akira is awesome. it takes me back to a time when anime was less focused on teens and more foused on more adult stuff. and that was coo.
I don't know if this the greatest anime ever made but it certainly is up there and i doubt you could make a list like that without akira.

yeah another cletus episode. this one was toical in like 2004. so now its out of date and frankly it's just an ok but i like the end theme. but hey it can't be great all the time.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

90210 keeps the traditon alive and keeps riping off degrassi also cletus

90210 the new re vamp of the 90210 series. which i guess is almost like a next generation of a previous teen hit. yeah so they totally ripped off degrassi even some of the cast members look similair.
Fact is the orignal beverly hills 90210 was made because Aaron spelling tryed to buy the rights to degrassi. and got turned down so he made his own show. all though his show wasn't as good it made alot more money.
But i think since right now the current degrassi series is really big. so will kids be dumb enough not to figure it out well hey the snorks was on for a while right.

Yes i'm trying to put up all the cletus the fetus episodes on you tube. sometimes it takes a while cause of techincal stuff. but i think they will be all up by the end of the summer.
This episode was coo cause banana oil did the voices of prince and julia stiles. i really wanted to get them to co voices and they did. one of them dan dussault did the commercial guys voice in nockforce. also watch til the very end.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


i talked about the sva animation screening earlier but i didn't get to mention another film from that screening that is online. I think this film is really good and well animated. anyway check it out it's coo.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

speed racer was awesome and cletus

I saw this movie in Imax and i suggest you do too. before it goes away. This movie was alot of fun. in fact more fun then i've seen from a kids film in a while. The Wachowski's best film since the first matrix (not saying much i know). theres some much stuff going in this movie like the car chases are wild.
It also doesn't forget about the orignal material it did it's service. So it's perfect for die hrad fans and 7 year olds.
In a way this film is like Robert Altmans Popeye. Both being close to the orignal and both are crazy as shit movies.
Listen i know speed racer bombed it's not gonna come back it's over but if you can catch this and espically in I max do it. Loads of fun in fact if this had been a hit we could have had a huge fun summer.
Also you know what sucks the rest of the summer has no more fun stuff. fuck man

See Speed Racer is one of a kind awesomness don't miss out and don't expect like a good movie. Speed Racer is the stupid movie that we all wanted it to be and more. if only the Wachowski's could only make kids movies. It's like Rodriguez but way more thought out.

but if you're not sure if speed racer is right for you then check out this chart Ian made about the speed racer movie

I put up a cletus episode on sunday. It's the valentines day one. why so late. it kept giving me problems and then just worked. Thus why the credits are weird but i didn't want it to take any longer. i wish it had gotten out for valentines day but i'll just wait til next year.
This one was fun and i really like this one. The song at the end was by a band that had broken up but the sent me a song that never had been released for the end theme.
We were all single and lonely when this came out and it was a fun anti valentines day thing.
also a short playlist with the music video which has cletus co creator and well the guy who drew all of it Zero.

Monday, May 12, 2008

new nockFORCE music video

This is a music video for a song off of our second EP, The Junior Novelization. I hope you enjoy it!!!!

Listen to more of our music at

this is i guess the first thing i've edited in a while and it was alot of fun to do. I've done music videos before but this is my first in color. I hope it's fun.

thats it i didn't watch anything on sunday

Friday, May 09, 2008


hey y'all sorry for no posts work was a lil crazy.

I went to the animation sidebar for the school of visual arts. It was pretty good. Not enough of it is online. wish more people would use digital distrubution. but some of the most impressive stuff is online. 3 animatiors Rob Bohn, Nate Milton, and Brett Land formed this group called the amigo unit. I really liked there stuff. They seemed to be in some crazy other dimension thats really dam coo. One of them Rob Bohn was giving out drawings from his film after the screening. I have one which is coo to actually own a drawing from a film. but yeah there are 3 films there and i like them all there good.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

marvel films and iron man playlist

ok so i'm iron man crazy right now. but this will be the last one for a bit. i put a coo playlist in here too.

Iron man is coo and they just annouced a sequal and other marvel films. so to be a nice guy I'm listing all the marvel films from hulk to avengers

The Incredible Hulk June 13th 2008

Punisher: War Zone September 12th 2008

X-Men Origins: Wolverine May 1st 2009

Iron Man 2 April 30, 2010

Thor June 4, 2010

The First Avenger: Captain America (working title) May 6, 2011

The Avengers July 2011

I'm very curious how everything will work out with all of them being contected. Also if Hulk will get a sequal before avengers too if it does well. We are gonna have to wait and see. I know Tony Stark and Nick Fury will be in Hulk. Also the Wolverine movie should be coo. Thor i have no clue whats gonna on with that and am really wondering how they're gonna do that one. Matthew Vaughn is directing thor and that could be coo. He almost directed x-men 3. Captain america could be made chessie but i never thought i'd go this crazy for iron man so prove me wrong.

I wanted to celebrate the success with an iron man playlist. This includes 3 different theme songs, one cartoon from the 60's, a fight between batman and iron man and black sabbath with iron man. its all here review on monday see ya then.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Quickie #38 Charles Barkley is coo and IRON MAN WAS FUCKING AWESOME

effnocka and FUCKFORCE are busy fantasizing about their favorite celebrities. Wait... not "fantasizing" in a sexual way! It's more like we want to hang out with them. just watch it. also the playlist has some charles barkley stuff in it the third video is the nike commercial we're mentioning.

more celebrities at

if you're wondering i missed most of sundays shows but i did see iron man so i wrote a review for you all.

The past two summers we havn't really kicked things off right. To really kick off the summer you need an awesome movie that is both a good movie and will make shit tons of money. Well the people have spoken and it looks like Iron man is that movie.
I have to say Iron Man maybe the most fun I've had with a film all year. It's just a fun movie and i think you don't have to be a comic book nerd to enjoy it.
Robert Downey Jr. did an amazing job and was a great choice as the lead. The direction worked very well. Apprently director Jon Favreau said he described this film as "a kind of independent film-espionage thriller crossbreed; a Robert Altman-directed Superman (1978), with shades of Tom Clancy novels, James Bond films, RoboCop (1987), and Batman Begins (2005)." (from imdb) So yeah it's kinda crazy in that way. Faverau who also directed elf is good at leaving an actor alone and you really see what they can do. Alot like his other film ELF. I was really suprised at how well this film worked and kinda want to see what Faverau is gonna do for Iron Man 2.
This film also does as many critics have said leave you wanting more. It ends in a really super coo way. in fact it starts in an awesome way. ok this movie is fucking awesome. I will say this the best orgin comic book film. does it beat spiderman 2 maybe not but hey being like the 3rd best comic book movie ever made isn't really that made at all.

also stay for the credits wait til the end trust me.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

nockforce and summer movies

the nockforce site is down for reasons that i can't explain but the myspace and the the yout tube are still working so you can still watch and listen to nockFORCE.

apprently alot of people seem to think that the summer blockbuster is Dead. Well understand this hollywood is very good at adapting itself to the changing times. If summer blockbusters that were big in the past don't work in the current time they simply make films that the present audience can relate to. So we don't live in a great economic 90's time period where men in black opens and does really well. Yeah so that won't come out. get it.
The blockbuster isn't dead. when Iron man does what it does i will know i'm right.just cause some director learned to make a darker film. doesn't mean shit. i know you love batman begins but really come on 2 villians and tons of movie stars. it's almost like batman forever. oooooo that sucks that i can compare those doesn't it. i'll still see dark knight though. just shut up about how it's not a blockbuster. batman is owned by a major corperation get over it.

also this was funny and approperate