Saturday, October 31, 2009

All the halloween videos

This is all the halloween videos i've ever done cause why not and there's not many other times i can post them. right below is the whole thing is playlist form but i'm also psoting each one under so you can just watch one if you want.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Pin..... review

made it to day 4. hopefully i will make it to a video today. we'll see.

pin is a coo movie if you can get a copy or see it some how check it out.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fool Moon Madness

Yeah well the third video isn't a review. It's a short film I made for a film production class at Towson University in 2000.
Really I had little involvment with this film creativly. All though I did do the sound. kinda funny since I do alot of sound stuff now. It actually got third place in some film festival. however I forgot the name. well it's on my pc. but i don't ever go on that anymore. soooooo. well when i do I'll be sure to put in the info for the video.
Anyway yeah
It was a fun experience working on the film. Hell I even remember getting to stay out late and work on the film a bunch of times. When your 17 that seems really awesome. It was a fun shoot. I'm glad I did it and i'm also glad I still have it cause if you made this now. I doubt they even would use film. kinda crazy. in fact at the time final cut was new. towson had just got there new final cut lab. replacing all there old editing machines.
If your wondering how the hell do i still have stuff that hasn't been put online. I don't know I've made alot of stuff. This has never been online ever. or at least to my knowledge. And I'm guessing most people who know me or watch my stuff have never seen it.
There is another project I did that is also from 2000 that I'm going to put up but I think that'll be in 2010.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Witchfinder General Review and pictures

hey i made it to day 2 of this thing. crazy. i don't know if you've seen this movie but maybe my video will help get u into it.

i took some photos on saturday. i had to work some photos of that and other stuff. some illustrations by Micah Welner others I'm really not sure. sorry people. just fucking around.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dracula review

So this week I'm putting out a video a day every week day of this week and possiably saturday. possiably. anyway to kick things off i did dracula

Monday, October 26, 2009

Astro boy Review

so i saw Astro Boy. I think I was one of the very few but it was worth it.

Friday, October 23, 2009

True Grit Review

Yeah I did True Grit. I really like westerns and so i decided i had to do one. not the greatest ever or anything but it's still fun. also if you want to see the duke win his oscar follow the link. dumb ass has some no embed fuckery.

watch the first video before this one.

man the carpenters totally suck but in that this somewhat funny and intresting way. better then hanna montana. man i don't think anyone has ever thought but it's true the carpenters are totally better then miley cyrus. who wants to debate on that shit. no one you know why cause i'm totally right.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

We Were Once A Fairytale

So I posted about Spike Jonze yesterday and I'm sure most of you are going for real. But I found out about the short film he did with Kanye West. I wanted to post it cause it's really coo. It's also incredibly strange.

In case you havn't heard the biggest news story ever. nickelodeon bought the ninja turtles. Like they own all the turtle shit now. And turtles will be on the channel. crazy. anyway I can't think of a better reason to post a bunch of turtle videos. hey why not.

anime turtles

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Where the Wild Things are Review

So it's been a little bit. Why has there been no blogs and why has there been no where the wild things are review til today? well the blog on monday was cause i was still working on this. tuesday the internet wasn't working where i work. but the video i really love this movie and i wanted to do the best job I could. SO yeah that's what took me so long enjoy.

where the wild things are is directed by Spike Jonze. who is probably one of the best music video director ever. I figure I'll put some of his stuff on here. he also directed Adaptation and Being John Malkovich

also a gap ad he did. It's actually good I don't just post gap ads on here for nothing

Friday, October 16, 2009

Deathtrap and Maryland sticker photo

I made a video review for the movie Deathtrap.

I walked around and took some photos when i was in maryland this past weekend. I'm just showing the ones of stickers. cause they always have stickers that arn't really advertising anything. i don't thought they were coo. also some signs. sorry some are out of focus. I'm using my video camera not take the photos. sometimes it works out well sometimes it doesn't.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Real Glory and videos

I really never got Gary Cooper. Sure I've liked him in stuff like High Noon, the pride of the yankees, and man of the west. But I've rarely gone awesome Gary Cooper. Well this movie changed that for me. Cause Cooper was awesome. I don't know why this was the movie that made me like him. the films I listed earlier should be enough. I don't know.
This film is a great adventure film. In fact it makes other adventure film at the time and in the same year looking a little silly in comparsion. I think this is a better and stronger film the stuff like Stanely and livingston and Gunga din. Now those are both great films. but this is excellent adventure film.
It takes a while for it to really prove it self. you may even be watching it and wondering what i'm talking about for a while. but it's all character development. but it pays off really well. Cause the third act is almost all plot and they need you to know these people by that point. I wsa really into how well built this film was.
I think when you look at speilberg films. espically his fun action adventure films. You cna tell he loved adventure films and serials. But it's hard to pin point an exact film that really influenced his adventure stuff. This defently did. It is such a speilberg film I would be shocked if he hadn't seen it a bunch of times. so thats kinda what your dealing with in this film.
It's a pretty smart adventure film also. something played for laughs has a reason. and lines that feel like might be going to far later have more importance. Good Adventure films are really an art and can come together so effortlessly. This is one of those.
If you like adventure films this is a great one to check out. and I don't mena if you like older adventure films. Like if you do like Indiana Jones or The Mummy. It's also pretty good to show to kids cause you it came out in 39. but yeah. Good movie if you can find it. It's defently a good time and a good film.

it's starting to get cold out. brrrrrrrrr

rip captain lou

intense pee wee anti drug ad

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Zombieland Baltimore Adventure

I made this while I was in Baltimore this weekend. It's about me and my friends trying to see zombieland. thats the video

A video with the same two people from a year ago. I have nothing to do with this one though.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Kansas City Bomber VIDEO Review, my cats, and

my review of Kansas City Bomber. pretty coo movie.

I once again found something about the film. After I had shot. sometimes I wonder why i do research and then find something coo afterwards. but i don't see how it could have gone in so i guess it's ok. anyway this was written for this movie but didn't actually get used. so i guess it's here. i like it.

I recently got two more cats. well there actually Kittens. There alot of fun. I was got put the pictures of them cause people have been asking me for them. and i like just kinda dumping shit on here. the first one is Olive she's been our cat for a year. the other 2 TOULOUSE and BUSTER are the two kittens. TOULOUSE is a kitten he just looks older.




since nasa shot a missle at the moon i had to do a tick shout out.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Moment by Moment review and pics

I've been working on this one for a little while. Cause i wanted this to be a really good one. This movie was actually so bad they didn't even release it on video. i found that out after i filmed but i think this video was long enough. so yeah.

also special help on the video and apperance by Micah Welner

I like this wine. My wife didn't really but i thought it was good. the bottle is kinda funny looking. It's a shriaz

I took some photos from the judge joe brown show cause this bitch be ugly. I'm sorry i was just like what the fuck. for real. sometimes i wonder what people are thinking when thye give themselves really bad haircuts like this.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Once upon a time in the midlands and videos yo

This is a really coo kind of romantic comedy. well i don't know if it's a romantic comedy really. It's about this girl who has been living with this guy and her daughter for a while. Then the daughters father shows up. The really intresting thing is that they use a western theme and structure. obviously the title is taken from the sergio leone film. but if goes beyond that uses a score that is very simalair to Ennio Morricone. I guess it uses more speghetti western. It has even been called a tin can western. cause english people get there pasta from tin cans.
This film also isn't just an intresting experiment in just oh it's like a western. not at all. It certainly has a life of it's own. and I would say that you don't have to like westerns to enjoy this film.
Both the male leads work very well. Rhys Ifans who is great as i guess the good guy. that's another thing that there isn't exactly a good and bad guy in a lot of situations. somewhat moral ambigous. But Rhys Ifans is great as the kind of dad that would be great for any kid.
Robert Carlyle was man in a lesser film he would have stolen the dam show. He was great. I felt like he even got down how he would move and everything. He had this bad guy attutdude that works so well both with the theme and with the film.
Shirley Henderson as well who most will know as moaning murtle from the harry potter films. plays a woman between two very different men. She was great as well.
I really liked this film. It has great performances from both the leads and the supporting cast. But it also has alot of heart and soul. And works very well as a film. This is something i would recomend to anyone. It's both smart and excessable. I hadn't seen any Shane Meadows films until this one and i think i need to see more. Great movie. I think it's avaible in most places.

I forget if i posted this. it's the intro to a superman cartoon I havn't seen since the 80's. It was modled after the John Byrne superman comics. and they did a pretty good job.

I've all ready said I'm not feeling the blueprint 3 and the first couple tracks are really bad. the first track i feel like was the worst intro to any album he's ever done. hey i havn't listen to vol. 1 in a whole. anyway there are a couple of tracks i liked. but for the most part this was the best shit on there. figured I'd post it.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The Brothers Bloom and more

This movie was great. well for 2 acts. then the third act came in and fucked it all up. And boy did this movie work. You have a great idea. this group of con men who are very very good at what they do. Then one of them wants out. of course you know how that goes.
I really was suprised how well the director of Brick could make a fun action adventure film. everything was so much fun at the begining. this what a action adventure film for everybody used to be and he did it.
But the third act killed it. mostly cause it was unessary. the film could have ended before we saw all the boring bullshit that i had to endure. The third act man. I feel like it just steamrolled over the entertainment that i first saw from this film. I really wanted to like this movie. and it did win me over. sure i loved his last film Brick. that was an awesome movie. but man. I almost don't wanna write about the good stuff. thats how bullshit the last act was. really ruined it for me.
Adrian Brody and Mark ruffalo did a great job together. lots of charisma and seriously i would like to see more of them together. They play a great duo. complamenting each other. Adrian Brody more reserved while Mark Ruffalo has a crudness to him. really i feel like worked out well.
Visually this film was really great as well.
This really wasn't that great. if you can just see the first two acts and leave. it'll be great. other then that i wouldn't bother. it's just too long and too unintresting.

I'm not sure how you tube savy the people who read this are. so I don't know how many of you actually know what What the BUCK is. but it's a popular show on youtube were this guy talks about pop culture. he has a thing on it called pass the buck. which he does weekly. where people send in videos and talk about a pop culture thing. i submitted one. i wasn't picked but you can see my video in the background at the begining. first 11 seconds btw

Monday, October 05, 2009

A Serious Man video Review

I saw a serious man on friday and made a video

i was watchin tv and messin around with my camera last sunday. i think it's coo to do the picture in picture thing when i watch stuff sometimes. so i took some pictures.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Not so Dumb and Felix from 59

this is a Marion Davies comedy in the very early sound era. Some of this film looks like it was shot like a silent film. Hell it even has a title card. You can feel the transition as your watching it. When Marion Davies does a whole rotine with her loud bracelets and candy wrappers when this guy is playing piano for everyone. that must have been like a crazy special effects sequence of it's time. but regardless it's funny. all the film history crap aside. I had fun watching.
sure really this film has very little difference plot wise from something like bride wars. but it's Davies that pushes it further. She's very good at playing dumb. brilliant even. She's very good at both phyiscal comedy and using funny lines. also this film is directed by King Vidor. Who was defently one of the better silent film directors. So you have a silly comedy but done very very well.
The supporting players in this film are equally as funny and became more then just filler. then really drove the movie in certain parts. like Davies was like every your turn and they kept it going with the same energy. i espically liked the guy who played the boss. man he was maybe my favorite part of the film.
I really liked it both for it's historical context but also just as a film (with the film part being the more important). It's fun and has alot of life to it. Your not ever wondering what the point of it all is cause it's great keeping your attention. even now which is pretty impressive.
This is a great little comedy. I don't know how easy it is to get but it's defently great. if you havn't seen any Marion Davies comedies i would defently reccomend this. Of course I have only seen one that has sound. but if this the worst one then thats defently a good thing.

This isn't my favorite version of Felix but i wanted to put a video on this blog. so why not. who else is ever gonna post this.

Thursday, October 01, 2009


I know I'm pretty late on this one but i just got around to seeing it. I've noticed when I review anything animated I'm certainly looked at a bit differently. I seriously don't watch animated things differently then live action. I understand cause of nockforce and cletus the fetus and stuff. but i don't review them to make some sort of big deal or anything. it's more cause i saw this movie now i'm gonna write about it. that's how this works. I just wanted to get that out of the way.
I kinda feel like this movie is over rated. I really liked the begining and were it was going. But it kinda I don't know it didn't really gel for me.
I felt the same way on James and the giant peach. I liked the first act but as the film went on. I was less and less invested in the film.
Certainly something that really took me out of it was this somewhat odd sequence. When Coraline sees her dad in the button universe/place or whatever. He suddenly and seriously out of nowhere bursts into song. the sequence was great. in fact one of my favorites of the film. and the song which was written by they might be giants was awesome too. I love they might be giants they were actually my very first concert way back in 97. But it felt out of nowhere. and it was jaring and not in a good way. It almost felt like tacked on. It wasn't organic and that was what the film needed an organic song. the way the did it felt underwritten and seriously forced.
The film i feel kept decling at this point. getting far more complicated then really they needed to and for my attention span.
I'm sorry i really wasn't as in to this. i love Ponyo and I loved El Superbeasto and espically Up. but I didn't love those films cause there animated I loved them cause they were good movies. Coraline just I'm sorry i don't feel like it's good. maybe ok sure why not. but not good.
I even think like Neil Gaiman for someone who's supposed to be all great and shit. How come everything i read or movie i see he worked never lives up to the hype. yeah I have read Sandman. and yeah his sandman stuff does live up to all his hype. but beyond that I don't really get it and this film didn't help.
the voice acting for Coraline was really really bad. I didn't like the kids at all. it was so bland. Sounded like so low rent saturday morning and 7 am kinda stuff. The adults espically John hodgman who i didn't recgonise was great. Even Terri Hatcher did a good job. hell i don't even like Terri Hatcher.
Really I think techincally this is a good film. The animation is great and I loved watching the movement and timing and well all that stuff perfect. But films are not based only on there tecnical craft. And for me this film didn't go beyond that. I really wanted to write this movie's great. but i wasn't feeling it and i can't lie. It's an ok movie for me but it's a hell of a well made one. A fun watch for anyone intrested in stop motion. I just wanted well I wanted something good. But that wasn't what I saw. sorry.

I kept thinking of this song when i was writing this. why not put it up. off resonible doubt. jay-z's first album for anybody wondering.