Thursday, September 28, 2006

Werid AL

So honestly I thought Werid Al was kinda done. His last album didn't sell that well and got very little air play and same with the album before that. I havn't liked most of his recent stuff ether. But he's made somewhat of a bigger splash with this album.
Using the internet and you tube instead of having a vh1 or MTV special to promote it. I hope the best for him because this album is funnier then other and I think white and nerdy is a good single.
I think alot of his fans thought the last album was gonna be huge but wasn't because when Werid Al asked Eminem if he could do a video for the pardy song he said no which by the way al can still do it he just likes to be nice to everyone and did as eminem said. Which isn't eminem's fault more al's
But I'm guessing everyone has a better sense of humor so this album will hopefully do better.

I think it's weird now that Werid Al raps because he used to just sing but I think that he's gotten good at it despite being a 40 year old white guy.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

why do people talk about Lindsey Lohan so much

like really she's not that famous. Mean Girls was big but her other movies since then have been like herbie fully loaded and just my luck. Like what. remember when we used to talk about people who had huge movies like Will Smith ro Russel Corwe or somebody.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Movie I wanna see

So after reviewing the scince of sleep (see derectly below this) I looked up Michel Gondry on imdb and it had a thing on a film he's working on called BE KIND REWIND. Here's what it said under plot desription.

A man (Jack Black) whose brain becomes magnetized unintentionally destroys every tape in his friend's video store. In order to satisfy the store's most loyal renter, an aging woman with signs of dementia, the two men set out to remake the lost films, which include Back to the Future, The Lion King, and Robocop.

Sounds like it could be really funny and maybe something that could play in the multi plex's and be somewhat of a hit. I guess we'll see what also the cast sounds coo.
Jack Black, Moss Def, Mia Farrow, and Danny Glover. Also a couple unkown people. This could end up being bad but I also think it could be awesome. I'm hoping for the awesome part


TO say I didn't have the highest expections for this film. Well that would be true. I didn't think it would be shit but I didn't expect it to be good. I did really love Eternal Sunshine and I own Michel Gondry's collected music video dvd. I really do like him but without Charlie Kauffman who wrote Eternal Sunshine and many including myself kinda thought that with out a great script Gondry might be just excentric but not a good director.

So yeah basically I'm worng is this film as good as Eternal Sunshine. No not really but it's isn't the same film. In fact I could see you falling in love with this film as much as Sunshine over time. It's alot more positive fun and cute then his last film but is defently like his music video work. In fact I heard alot of Gondry fan complain that he didn't do stuff in the style of his music videos. Well then if you are that person you will like this film.
The animtion and editing and all is woundering and dreamy but the thing that I really really liked was the acting which proves to me that Gondry knows his shit. Gael García Bernal is the biggest suprise here. All though he has proven himself as a dramatic Actor numerous time he has never done it with comedy but shit he nails it. His timing is so on. I've always thought actors should knw comedic timing to be great actors and Bernal has it. He really deserves something for this cause it's probably one of the best comedy performances I saw this year.
But also this isn't a straight up comedy so don't expect that. The science of sleep has a relationship that is disfunkational. Not as much as Eternal Sunshine but not perfect.
The sense of reality continues to be a major theme for Gondry which is makes his films that much more uniqe cause he's the only one taking on that theme currently and doing it well.

If you're woundering if you see this will you like yes you will and whatever the admission is in the state you see it in. It will be worth it. You will have a fun time and you will laugh and maybe cry maybe. I don't depends on the person on that one. But I think comparing this to eternal sunshine is unfair this is a good enough film to stand on it's own and be a great film by itself.

SpaceBalls Cartoon on G4

Even though when this was originally talked about everyone assumed it would end up on Adult Swim. it's wound up on rival G4 for a wopping 15 episodes.
I think G4 is the only network actually making a decent attempt to compet against Adult Swim. There all ready re runing episodes of Arrested Development. If they have a rival thing to adult swim and I think they do but I forget the name I'm glad it at lest will be good and not like other networks lets put on reruns of old shit

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Remembering the WB

SInce the new cw launched last nite with the premiere of Americas next top model. The WB is offically gone. Kinda sad I did watch the channel so I figured I'd talk about the network.

When it was at it's peak every show would have the featuring the following music part at the end. Almost all the shows took place in some small town or something. I don't think many of those shows lasted if they weren't titled Dawsons Creek.
They also had alot of nerd shows from Buffy to Roswell to Angel to Smallville. They knew how to make a good sci fi show. All though Smallville obviously had the flaw that Clark should wear glass's.
I think the network will always be thought of as a teen network and really in the late 90's and early 00's it was but it got alot better towards the end with shows liek everwood and gilmore girls both really good shows that weren't nessarily only aimed at teens. Everwood ended unforently but both were some of the best dramas on tv.
I dson't know the wb was always made fun of for being awful and hopefully the cw will let the wb and upn become more then the straight to video networks they are but you never know it could just stay the same.
That doesn't matter I guess the wb was a coo idea and now like every network has a teen drama in 1997 you didn't get shit at the time it was really crazy but with the n and teen nick and a million other things I guess it's not as special

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Kyle MacLachlan you sure did turn your career around

Remember when Kyle MacLachlan was that werid guy in all the david lynch shit and then one day he was in sex and the city and now desperate housewives. I would say what happened but seriously no else was using him. Lynch and him havn't worked together since Twin Peaks.
Also he's good as a kinda blue blood conservative guy. He really is. I can't believe it . Cause he was so quirky. But it works.

I hope they keep casting him cause I like him.

Monday, September 18, 2006

New Goth music bothers me

10 years ago when I was in middle school. I remember the goth kids who liked marilyn Manson and goth was contrversal . They would get beat up, we actually and I'm serious had a big discussion in class about it. Like it was a big deal or something.
And Goth was all metal and shit. You had nine inch nails and manson and that was goth. The Cure wasn't really that influentical to most rock bands at the time.
Now we have my chemical romance. Booo. if you're a goth kid it's like no big deal at all like half the fucking world is now. And your all snotty about like everyone should like your stupid crap bad. And goth is not about death it's an image thing I don't wanna hear that crap anymore.

anyway point is goth sucks. This sounded alot better in my head

Friday, September 15, 2006

The retirement is over Jigga is back

Ok so I know this isn't shocking but Jay-z is back. I kinda thought he would stay in retirement but he's an mc and one of the best so it's hard for him not to. He said he believed it for like 2 years.
It's called Kingdom Come and it will be released November 21.

what else oh yeah the producers. Some of them have talked but no one believed it until Jay-Z said today it was happening. Anyway the producers are Kanye West, Pharrell, Timbaland, Dr. Dre and for some reason Coldplay's Chris Martin is also involved.
the first single is "Show Me What You Got" and Hype Williams is doing the video.

So I guess it was kinda bullshit he said he was serious but after a while he didn't want it. We'll see I just want a good album to stand agains the rest of his stuff.

Axel Rose explains why Guns albums is taking so fucking long

So it really has been a very long time since a Guns and Roses album. Alot of people have said he's been trying to make an album that is current with whats happening today and since that has changed so many times since he started he'll never find what he's looking for.

What he said is this and it's pretty resonable. He said that he just wants to make a good album and not make something worth while rather then just waste everyones time.

I think that he knows it has to be good after this long and he knows it. Some say that it will come out by the end of the year but don't hold your breath.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Remeber when everyone liked Star Wars

There's certain shows or movies that have always been nerdy Star Trek no matter how popular it ever was always been for nerds. Battlestar Galatica no matter how good it is it will always be nerdy. But Star Wars used to be for everybody.
You might think I'm crazy and if all you've seen are the new Star Wars movies then you don't know what I'm talking about. But before those things everyone liked star wars. When Star Wars was re released in 1997 I was in middle school and the whole fucking school saw it and not like all me and my nerdy friends. The popular kids and the jocks and the stoners. Everyone saw it and had it see it.
Those original 3 movies (and I mean the first 3 made) really did capture everyone imagination. It didn't matter where you lived or what your social standing was you fucking loved fuckin star wars.
I remember in middle school I had a star wars in encolpedia and everyone looked at it and read through it. Like boys and girls. It was like the one thing that everybody everywhere liked.
I liked star wars then and I still like star wars then. I liked everyone not being embarressed to talk about it.And everyone wishing they made Star wars toys. When I saw some of the non fucked with Star Wars at work I remembered Star Wars and the one I remembered not some crap cg they put in later. My Star Wars.
I cannot count how many times I watched those films and I am excited to have the films I grew up with to be on dvd. I have missed those films. Those are what everyone loved don't watch those icky other ones just watch the ones that came out on Tuesday.

I will admit when episode one came out it was fun and it's a good stupid movie for the most part but it doesn't come anywhere close to the old ones. In fact I do own it on dvd and while it isn't good the Darth Maul part is defenetly one of the best light saber battles in all the films. The pod Race is also amazing. But other then that it doesn't have much to offer. When it came out in 1999 it ruled my entire summer. I wanted all the soda bottles with all the characters and I wanted all the action figures. By the time the end of 1999 came around and like a million great movies came out I forgot about it and came to grips with the fact that a movie I had seen in the theaters like 8 times was shit.
After that was episode 2 which I liked the first time but got to bored to watch again. The whole movie is to long and boring for such a crap pay off.
Then episode 3 I don't care what people say it was the worst one. It was the least conistant star wars film. There was parts where you'd be like hey this is getting better and then it would turn to shit in fact it was even laughable at times.
I guess Geoge Lucas did reinvent Star wars for a new genertion.

Really if you want to know what it was like before go see the old ones the original way. They are worth it. If you wanted to know why in Clerks they talk about it so much when you see them you'll get it. I do like lord of the rings alot but to me maybe the orignal trilogy was the best I've seen. And don't even fucking say godfather cause part 3 was not up to par. Jedi may be the worst of the original trilogy but it's still a great movie. Lord of the rings is the most consistant film trilogy ever and I won't say star wars is more but in my mind I will always say it's better.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

did you really want Audery Hepburn and AC/DC to be put together

if you've seen the new gap commerical for there skinny black pant thing then you know what I'm talking about. Thanx gap we really needed that it's bad enough you use child labor but this worse

ok that was extreme but seriously should those childern work really hard so you can ruin Audrey Hepburn. Now I'm sure poor kids in a third world country would be as offended as I am.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


So this post won't really be me and it's not Kool Aid ether it's a post my friend Evan Talbot wrote and I think it's really funny and wanted to share it. It's from his live journal. Which you can find HERE
I like his lj it's pretty good. Anyway here's what he wrote about Bergman.

I want to give Ingmar Bergman a big hug.

I mean the dude's like 95 so I doubt he'd even feel it, but shit, he needs it more than anyone, even if he only has an idea of the intention behind the action.

If you ever feel like giving me a hug, pass it on to Mr. Bergman. I'm young, I'll have plenty of hugs to come, but that sad old bastard needs all the love he can get.

new facbook is for stalkers

really I never liked the site. It's a worse version of myspace. and it really started as a kind of upper class we go to collage and only people who go to collage can get in. Very elitist. But now it tells people right on your page what you've been doing on facebook. What the fuck that's werid seriously.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Rick Ruben producing the new U2 record

Maybe he can make a good U2 album the last two were by far there worst. Infact the last one was defently the worst. But Rick Ruben is a really good producer when he wants to be. He basically made the chilli peppers most there album you care about he produced before they sounded bad. But he has produced bad albums as well. I hope to good he makes a good U2 album I feel like this could be his next big project. I mean he made a good Neil Diamond record. Like seriously He can bring back U2 and it can be werid 90's experimental U2 or 80's new wave U2. We'll see but I am actually intrested in U2 now instead of goingman I used to like them to bad they suck that I used to do.

Music video channels

I recently moved and to an area that doesn't have my old Time Warner cable that I had in Astoria. My new area Bushwick has CableVision. Which all though has my favorites (Thye N, M TV, VH1, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, Fox Movie Channel, Turner Classic Movies, and E!) But doesn't have Slueth which is the only place that airs Homicide life on the streets. But does have two or three really awesome channels.The Nick Toons Channel. Which I havn't really exploried but they air Rocko, Ren and Stimpy, Rugats, and Invader Zim. It's all nick toons all the time and they play them in hour blocks. So you get twice. It's coo.

Anyway I have alot of music video channels. Not like Mtv 2 or Fuse kinda stuff cause they have lame shows and alot of movies and stuff. But these new channels are nothing but music. One Mtv hits is only current hit videos on Mtv. I guess what MTV would be like if it still only just played music videos. They also replay TRL episodes with no commercails. Which isn't really music cause they don't play videos but it works with the channel. So MTV Soul is coo plays only rnb kinda stuff. MTV classic is ok but plays alot of shit. The Tube Network is only music videos and nothing else. It plays alot of suburbian kinda hippish music but will play old billy idol videos and all sorts of stuff . If you go between the tube and mtv hits you can be there for hours.

Mystery Science Theater 3000

I 'm watching mystery science theater 3000 right now. The movie is lazerblast to be exact. Which was the last episode on Comedy Central. I think it's still funny and good. it lags a little in some parts. They have a good bit at the end where they talk about how leonard maltin gave lazerblast 2 and a half stars and talking about other actually good movies got simliair or worse ratings. Really hillarious.
I didn't realise how bad that movies this movie was. Well I did.

Also there is no way I would ever show a girl this show. It is so nerdy is hurts. Like it is really wise guy nerd humor. I guess I was like one of those in middle school when I watched a ton of MST 3K. Like I have 20 6 hour ep tapes full. Yeah I'm serious. I guess I understand why I didn't get some girls in high school.

Oh and I think Seth McFarlene must have really like this show and if he says different he is so full of shit. All the witty pop culture refferences are amazingly mst asque (I hope I spelled that right)> I feel they are at least.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

TERMINATOR the series

according to which also gave descent an amazing review said that it will be called “The Sarah Connor Chronicles” and will take place between terminator 2 and 3.

Could be promising but guess who the series runner is Josh Friedman who wrote War of the worlds and the black dahlia.

War of the world was good but well it was ok. I'm worried cause live action series's based on sci fi movies usually are bad. Think the crow, robobcop, stargate the list goes on. But I will watch one episode when it comes on.

I don't know but I bet you this is syndicated.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

new nine inch nails album work started

Trent Reznor has started work on a new nine inch nails album and expects it to be done and possiably released early next year or at the end of this one. Nine inch nails albuma get pushed back alot so don't get your hopes up but Trent Reznor does want to put out albums more frequently.

Degrassi news

This is the cover of the 4th season dvd that comes out october 24th. Right in time for Halloween I guess.

Also this season is the first where episodes of degrasi will air in america before canada usually thery do it the other way aroundd. But I'm guessing to stop downloading in america and help ratings by making those people watch it on the n first.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Does Def Jam suck

Recently Def Jam has been getting alot of shit and is deserving of such treatment. yeah cause Def Jam hasn't had a hit rap album since Jay-Z took over. And it is a rap label or well it was. With Rihanna and Fall out boy both doing well on Island Def Jam a normal label would be fine. But Def Jam was the first rap label. The label has always been very sacred to hip hop and it's harriatage.
I knew something was up when Method Man did an in store were I work and while being intrewed critised the label. saying "I'm not happy right now I've been with Def Jam for over 10 years keeping the lights on over there and this is the thanks I get. There's no single there's no video. I'm not happy right now" Method Man does have a point. On the same day the roots new album came out and we were giving out all sorts of incentives like free tee shirts and the cd was only 10 bucks. This was the roots first album on Def Jam and all though I like the roots I think that they should show older artists some respect.
I do want the roots to have a suessful album and do well but I heard both and I liked Methods alot more. Also the Roots have never really done that well commerically. They've had hits and I think Jay-z can do good things with them.

Then there's LL. Yeah remember he put out an album earlier this year. You probably don't cause it's all ready off the top 100. Ther3e promo just stopped working the album after the first album. Regardless of the quailty of the album LL was the first and I'm serious first artist signed with the label when Rick Ruben and Russel Simmons started in there NYU dorm room.
He said that Jay-z is only good at promoting Jay-z. But now that 50 cent is doing his next album which will be the last under his current contract with Def Jam. Many suspect 50 is gonna take LL cool J to aftermath. I think LL should do it. He has the longest career in hip hop. And no one wants it to end. Plus he's stayed current after all these years.

Def Jam is a good label but just not with rap which is a problem. Jay-Z needs to make a good label. But how good was Rockafella. Kanye and Jay-z are huge stars but name any other on Def Jam that are. Beenie Segal never made it same with the rest of the roc camp. He ulitmatly may have been a bad choice to head the leganadary label. But time will tell on that one.
He did bring Naz to the label and may give us a great Nas album but we'll see what happens.

You know ring the alarm

The song ring the alarm that beyonce just put out is really good and I like it alot more then Deja Vu but you what it reminds me of

remember the Kelis song I hate you so much right now. Yeah similair sturcture too huh.

However it's a good song I think she should have let Deja Vu grow a bit more before putting it out but she said she wanted us to hear it now.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

camels are awesome

Alot of people have said I'm silly but in the new Jessica Simpson song doesn't she say all the camels come out for the public affair. Everyone says Cameras but I hear Camels.


Freinheit 911 is making a come back

I heard rumors about this like a month ago but didn't want to post cause it didn;t seem very subsantal. But unforently it has become real.

So apprently this movie is starting to be watched again and rented and bought out of nowhere. I don't understand why. Maybe cause Bush is less popular but I heard is approval rating has actually gone up. I don't get this. Like we all understand it's a propaganda film. It doesn't matter what your political views are it's a propaganda film. I don't care if the right lies or whatever propaganda is propaganda.

I don't know this whole thing is bullshit. I think the film is really really dated but I guess people like it I hope this doesn't get anymore popular but if you have to see a michael moore film rodger and me is alot better

Once again sorry for the lack of anything

Thursday I moved it has to have been the worst moving experience of my life and your like man moving is stressfull no this is different. Like seriously. I will tell you the top worst moves that this beat.

I had to move all the film equitment in to my moms car by myself from my dp's apartment. Unforently it was raining and I was really sick. Also his apartment was on the 8th floor and the elevator slowed me down alot.

I helped my grandparnets move unforently it took A year and a half. You think yeah it felt like a year in a half but no it was actually a fucking year and a half. At one point they told me how much longer we had to go and I had a mental breakdown.

I was paid to help my friend move him. It was good pay and he was nice but it was a five story walk up and I had to carry everything. One lady in the apartment kept saying i wasn't used to the stares. My friend got mad when I told him and was like you walked up there 400 times a day what is she talking about.

Lastly and this one really really seriously does win. My room mate and I didn't have time to pack til the nite before so we got no sleep. Then wehn he went to go to the new place to wait for the movers and his key didn't work. So the movers put our stuff out on the street and the landlord didn't pick up his phone. When I got there my key did work cause i guess the place I made copies from fucked up. then the room that my stuff was supposed to go in was locked. I called a locksmith and he opened it and charged me 160. There was crap in my room including a coach. then when we went to the old place to clean it up. But the new people moving in showed up and complained we hadn't cleaned it before moving out. Even though they weren't supposed to move in til the next day and we hadn't turned in our keys.
There's more but i left it out but yeah that wins

Friday, September 01, 2006


sorry for the lack of stuff moving sucks.

in fact alot i will tell you more later when things are less crazy

anyway here's Kool Aid

Rant number 7 a two parter, woo!!!

I work at a mini golf course now. Things over heard at the mini golf course:

Boy: wow dad those guys are really good!

Dad: that’s cause their Asian, they are a sneaky people.

Woman after seeing my checkerboard mo hawk: see if you have hair like that you can only get a job like this. (little does she know that I’m a manager, and that she’s a complete bitch.

Fat kid: I want a snow ball now and when we’re done, DOUBLE MARSHMALLOW!!!

Part two, the pro’s and cons of loosing weight.


I can see my penis again.

I feel great.

I don’t get winded.

People telling you that you look good and feeding the vain portions of the brain.


Now that I can see my penis I relies how small it really is.

I just know winter is gona be a bit colder than usual.

The amount of people telling me I look good show’s how big I was.

KooL-AiD for governor
Check Mail Compose