Saturday, August 29, 2009

Harry in your pocket video review

sorry for the lack of posts. I'm working like alot hours this week. but i will try to update as much as possiable. soon the school year will start and i will be on a more normal schdule.

I filmed this video the day after i got married cause i just watched this movie and thought it was coo. hope you like the picture thing. it makes the videos more visually stiumlating.

your probaby like what the hell is this movie jim is talking about. well it's not the most well known. but it's really good. I put two videos on youtube that have clips from it.

I really like this movie.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


I made this video in honor of King Ralph. I hope when anyone thinks I'm pretencious that I was in a video called KING RALPH BURGER KING ADVENTURE.

things i learned about the beatles breaking up from this article.

1. The beatles really broke up cause there manager Brian Epstein died. He basically ran the show and made them big. if he had lived they would have probably last longer.

2. the new manager Paul wanted but the rest of the beatles didn't cause they felt that paul would have too much control. Went on to help him become the richest musicain ever. smooth move guys.

3. the manager John wanted was such bad news that there former manager Brian Epstein wouldn't shake his hand. also McJagger warned them about him.

4. Yoko didn't exactly break up the beatles but she certainly didn't help.

5. Ringo had little involvement in any of this.

6. John sounds like a dick. seriously why do people like him so much.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wedding photos

So i didn't really do a proper post for my wedding so i figured i would. Also so my family can see the photos and things they can just look at this blog post. it was a nice day. it was at the court house in downtown brooklyn. which is coo cause how many people get married and outside are guys blasting michael jackson music, selling Blaxploitation bootlegs, and selling Miles Davis shirts. I thought that was pretty coo. When we came out they were playing liberian girl which is off bad. Bad isn't the greatest Michael Jackson album but it's pretty coo.

All the photos are by Michelle Leedy. I'm really happy with the photos cause there not all cheessy like normal weeding photos. Yeah i really like them. thanks again mitch. also for being a witness.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Inglourious Basterds Review video

yeah i made a video review for Inglourious Basterds.


King of the hill
mighty boosh
aqua teen
planet earth

so i have seen good elvis movies. this is not one of his better ones. I know he made a lot of crap. so i'm sure this isn't the worst. But man this wasn't fun to watch. Too many slow songs. why did people want Elvis to do slow songs it's always boring when he does slow songs.
The whole world's fair thing is what saves this movie cause it's coo to see the worlds fair at the time. But it's not enough to make this movie better. I wish i just had a picture book about it. probably more effective.
The little girl in it. is very cute but she gets old after a while.
This film also has a short part with a very young Kurt Russel. I've heard him talk about being in this movie for ages. The way he talked about it. I thought he was in a lot of it. They probably filmed stuff in a day. I mean sure he's hung out with Elvis more then most people. But it's not that big of a deal.
Really if your gonna see an Elvis movie don't see this one. i do think Viva las Vegas is good. As silly as it is. It's still fun to watch. This gets old. I was totally into getting in to it. but yeah it gets very very old. very quickly.

Friday, August 21, 2009

the man who turned to Stone video and Chilren's hour

yeah i knew i wrote a blog entry about this one a while back. But i figured why not do a video review of it.

i wish someone would make a bigger image of this poster. i think it's coo

The children's hour is a hard movie to get through mostly because if you made this today. Alot of the film would be different. now this is dumb. now I like William Wyler. His previous film was Ben Hur so I'm guessing the studio was gonna let him do whatever he wanted. so it's like Peter Jacksons King Kong in some parts.
But also it's about two women who run a school and are excused of being lesbians. But since nobody really wanted to rock the boat. This movie is well pussy. no for real. It doesn't have the balls to really commit and go in to it. so yeah this is hard to get through. and it might be more dated then you might think.
I think everyone involved trys really hard to make this as decent as they can. Most of the acting is allright the little girl who spreads the rumor steals the whole movie. Hepburn and Mclaine are all right but nobody can really make this film something that is even intresting all these years later.
If you were writing a paper on gay/lesbian topics in cinema this would be a great watch. As an actual movie well it's hard to get through and is way too long. This almost like some kind in high school made a project about something he had no clue about and pretended like it totally mattered. but you can tell he cares less. That's this movie. This could be remade and made into something good. but right now it's just a dated boring movie.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A woman under the influence and Heaven can wait

This is a really great film. Really Cassavettes at his peak. This film has something that I find that few people can do pull off realism and a feeling of theatrics that few can actually pull off. There is defently like we're putting on a show aspect. Espically the very end very theatrical. But you can easily miss that as Cassavettes almost extreme realism.
It's a film about a man that realises his wife is crazy and sends her to a psych ward.
It's doesn't sound like a fun ride. And at times you really wonder were the film is going. and if this is really going to work out as a film. So during the film i wasn't as into. Then by the end I realised how well it did work to get to that point. Almost watching the old parts over again after the film was finished. It's not your typical film at all. It really stands on it's own.
It's espically intresting to watch cause as influencial this film is. There still is nothing like it. Almost like they got some of it but no one has the balls to pull this sort of film off anymore.
Peter Falk was amazing. i feel like people always forget how good he was. Peter Falk could really do a great job with Cassavettes. They were always good together.
If you've never seen this film you're missing out. It's a wonderful film. and a tough film. it's really an experience like no other. but it is great and it's something i would say to see or even see again. great great film.

I guess this is like a big star kind of comedy of it's day. Except Warren Beatty knows how to cast better then the casting director for Marley and Me. He also knows how to make a better film. So what you have is a really good film. not What it could be. they made a good film.
I mean yeah there are alot of parts that are silly and you've seen before. but also they twist to make it intresting. They could have done alot lame choices. that would have tugged at heart strings rather then be good storytelling. So it's like a mainstream stupid holiday movie made by someone who knows how to actually make a good movie. I hope that makes sense.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

sick day saturday and ponyo

hey look i made another video. actually this post has 2 videos i did over the weekend.

I'm still getting over the cold. but better and longer post tomorrow

but i also have my ponyo review

and some other guys

Monday, August 17, 2009


Quite a misunderstanding between a father and daughter!!

made a special playlist just for you


WHAT THE FUCK FOX 3 FAMILY GUYS AND NO KING OF THE HILL. I guess they can't wait til september when the show airs it's last episode.


Friday, August 14, 2009


So today Ponyo comes out. I really wish District 9 wasn't also cause i have to like pick. that blows. obviously Ponyo is to priority for me. This is the biggest realse for a Hayao Miyazaki in america. but it might his biggest release cause i'm pretty sure we have more screens in america then they do in japan. but maybe i'm wrong.

god this movie looks so good just on design. dam. i think i will make a video of this. i am a little sick though. but i want to make this video. anyway check out the trailer.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Brumese Harp and Harold Lloyd

so fighting in a war sucks. but loosing sucks even more. espically if your japanesse. actually loosing a war probably sucks no matter who you are. but these guys didn't want to loose there honor. Thats basically what they have to live. and that's the film.
You start off with them hearing the news that they have lost. And how they have to tell other soliders.
It's a very intresting WW2 film. I think sometimes we often think WW2 films have to be these big bloated 3 hour epic films. Really there are alot of great ones that are more simple and alot more human. I espically notice that with people my age. and who can blame them with so many of them.
This isn't like that. It has a great sense of realism that alot of WW2 filsm only dream of. The director wanted it to be in color but the color cameras at the time were to clunkie. I'm really glad he didn't. I love how the black and white cinematography really works with this film. Helping it show a gritty realism to the end of a brutal war.
I hope people remember this film with they were expendable and the best years of our lives. it needs to be up there.
If you are intrested in WW2 this is a great film to check out. But if you don't it's pretty fucking good too. Honestly anybody will like this film. If you get a chance check it out. it's really dam good.

I don't know what it is about Harold Lloyd but I just can't get into him the same way i do with Chaplin and Keaton. hey I like him sure. I mean he's great. but I've never been blown away by him. Maybe I havn't seen something. like Safety first. which i do have on dvd but havn't watched yet.
I have seen I guess lesser works and while i do enjoy them i really don't see why people liked him so much. I mean he was the most popular of the silent comedians at the end. But he never got the artistic acclaim that the others got. I can defently see that.
But is it unfair. Is he forever like George in the beatles. sure he was talented but nobody ever likes him more then John and Paul. Maybe it is. which is kinda unfair.
I do like him though.
I think also he's way too clean cut. Like he has no edge making him alot harder to get into then Keaton and Chaplin who both did have alot of edge in them.
I don't know he's great Harold Lloyd maybe i just need to see more of his stuff. well we'll see.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Oklahoma Kid and dodge City

yes i made another one. I think this is better then the last one but i still have a ways to improve til i feel like i've really got this.

I figured I'd post a review of another western from the same year that had a non western star in a western film.

All though I'm going out on a limb for The Oklahoma kid. This movie is real bad. well ok it has it's moments and it looks like they actually spent some time on it. But not the script.
This movie I just couldn't get into it. the more it went on the less i cared.
Errol flyn didn't seem like he was having fun at all. Which is usually the case. you look at robin hood he's the life of the patry. but this your like ooo so thats that guy I'm supposed to care about really.
I don't know I don't really have much to say about this one except don't see it. I mean really. yeah they had everybody try a western big deal. See oklahoma kid over this anyday.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Deadly Affair and Hips Hips Hooray

This is a pretty good movie. Unforently for this movie there is a better version. Which is the BBC mini series Tinker, Tailor, Solider, spy starring Alec Guiness. So watching this after that. Well ok this movie isn't really as good after seeing that. But unlike the lion the witch and the wardrobe. This movie can stand on it's own even with a better bbc mini series version.
James Mason is great. I think I just like that guys voice he has a great voice. He's also a great actor. Watching him in a spy movie he seems to really know what he's doing.
The score by Quincy Jones also really great. but for my taste there really wasn't enough of it. When it came on it was awesome. but that only happened a few times.
This was directed by Sindey Lumet. Who I still like not sure if i think he is as great as people say. Sure i love the pawnbroker. but the past couple films I've seen from him. Havn't lived up to the hype. However I am seeing kinda odd choices from his filmography so maybe that's it.
I think this is still a good well made movie. and if you like James Mason and this era. you'll really like this movie. However I seriously have to say that Tinker tailor is way better. And I would say rent the mini series on netflix. or you could just get both.

This is a great and fun pre code musical. also it's only a little over an hour. maybe like 70 minutes and change. so it moves kinda quick. Also if you never have time to see anything this is a great film to pick instead of like CSI or something.
visually this film really works well. having lots and lots of visual jokes. that work really well. Almost like what the simpsons would do now. This also reminded me of Steve Martin and stuff. certainly i understand that Steve Martin came before. but I think the comedy in this film really holds up well.
The two male leads Bert Wheeler and Robert Woolsey are alot of fun to watch. There almost like cartoon characters. there slapstick is amazing. I feel like i can imagine them in vaudville. They can really play goofy very well.
alot of this is a little racey for the time period. but the code came and fucked it all up. it was probably fun when there was no ratings. thanx everybody for that one jerks.
Alot of what is considered a musical for the time period is usually bubsly berkley. this is not that. this is more of a realy tradinional musical.with you know songs and shit.
I really liked this if you can find a way to see it i defently and highly reccomend this movie.