Wednesday, October 31, 2007

halloween on halloween and cletus

so i remeber when i first saw halloween. I bought it from Blockbuster when i was in line for the special edition of Return of the Jedi. It was one of those movies that blockbuster themselves released. it was cheap.
Anyway i manly bought cause it was R and my friends thought it was awesome.
That movie scared the shit out of me but also i knew the movie was fucking awesome. The tracking shot in the begining is worth you seeing it alone. All the scares work very very well. this might be my favorite horror film.
John Carpenter became a film horror god with this film and this started a good run of films from him. Another good horror film was his follow up the fog. Which i highly recommend as well.
Also the music is very effective and very good.

This was first cletus halloween episode. yeah i know i didn't put up the other one yet. i will but enjoy the first one.

oh yeah i did post new ones last nite. Here's a good one

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


i got this email about this as i am on there mailing list that mystery science theater will be making animated adventures of the bots again read below.

"Beginning November 5th, BBI will be launching its very own website at The site will feature brand-new animated adventures of Crow, Tom Servo and Gypsy. We're told the goal is to have one new adventure each week (though "some settling may occur with shipping," they added). The Web site will also feature work from the original series (which BBI is now calling "the legacy series"), behind-the-scenes footage and other material culled from the BBI vault.

Also on the site will be BBI's first online store, featuring all new merchandise. (This means that the BBI merchandise section of our site will be taken down. )

The new adventures of the 'bots are being produced by BBI President, MST3K series writer and the returning voice of Gypsy, Jim Mallon. He will be joined on this new experiment by veteran MST3K series writer and performer Paul Chaplin (who will be on the writing team and will be providing the voice of Crow) along with new writing and performing talent.

We know this is going generate a lot of buzz among the fan base and you all probably have a zillion questions. So do we. Many will be answered on Nov. 5th. More will be answered soon after. Jim told us that the site and project "are going to grow in a very organic fashion and we're going to let the characters and the story take us in the direction they want to take us." We at Satellite News can't wait to see it."

also i think this might be my favorite song of the year.

So yeah that's basically my post cause i am very exicited granted this could suck but the site sounds really coo regardless i will defently link to it on november 5th. which by the way is a monday like next monday.

Monday, October 29, 2007

new nockforce quickie best action movie and cletus

This one by far has the best defult image of any cartoon I've done. This continues the story from the last one with the rat. Hope you like the end theme I put in there also.

for more action go to

this cletus doesn't make sense but it's funny. also the voice actor for batman has a really coo voice for cartoons

Friday, October 26, 2007


I have to say this suprised me. This film is really really good. In fact it might be one of the best. One of the best thing about this film is no part of this film does not have anything to do with the story so nothing at all is wasted. Everything ties together. In fact it does that so well David Mamet (yeah you know the guy who wrote glen gary glen ross) said it was the only perfect film in structure and all you had to do to learn film structure is watch dumbo. yeah and you know thats true cause hes good too.
This movie is really an awesome film. All though not as detailed as Pinocchio or Fantasia the characters are the real gems of this. You have some of the most simple easy to get characters that arn't 2 dimensional. Just really this film is great.
Also the pink elephant sequance shows that animation can get sequences like that to work in animation not so much live action. see also bevis and butthead do america.

I know very little cletus but i have been working at work and on the new nockforce ep so that can wait.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

king of kong

all though this movie had a lot of hype i wasn't sure if it would be that good. Even though I do like donkey kong and play a bit I still wasn't sure about this film. Well I saw it and Man it was way better then I thought. What could be a lame documentary becomes a real battle of good and evil when an Billy Mitchel long time record holder (since 82 in fact) is challenged by Steve Wiebe who decides to try and break the record after losing his job and does it. Billy isn't taking this lightly and constantly tries to retake his record back.
I don't know if liking video games would change how much you like this movie. Cause there are alot of scenes you can still get. The film is simple in how its presented. Like if i was a kid in elementary school i would get it. Does that make the film like less then. This film will be on my best films of the year list unless we have like a really really amazing end of the year but i doubt it. also the best documentary of the year as well.

no cletus working on the new nockforce ep. I think it's going good cause when i have played unfinished stuff for people espically people who didn't like the last ep they like everything from this one. but we'll see

so since no cletus i'll put this up
yeah another john rambo trailer. no doubt i will see this when it comes out.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

i passed for white and cletus

this movie may sound like it would be funny to watch but it's not. it's just offensive to watch. alot of other people on the interweb said it was funny but they are wrong this movie sucks and this poster is way better then the movie could ever be.

so not sure if i can get all the cletus's episodes on youtube by thanksgiving like i wanted but i can get most of them i think. anyway this one is really bad and i don't really like it. it came from a film i did and i made up this character. people loved the movie but trying to do it again just didn't work but the music in this episode is still coo.

Monday, October 22, 2007

nockforce (casting monkeys) and cletus

This one is kinda different then usual but I like it. I did the music at the end. Also the sound and stuff.

Sunday had a lot of repeats and no fox animation cause of baseball so i'll just do the best animated shows I saw this week

Lucy Daughter of the Devil
South Park
The Venture Brothers
Frisky Dingo

also i put some cletus stuff up.
This one is really weird but i like it and the music in this one.

this one also has blood but the music is relaxing in this one

Friday, October 19, 2007

don't have much

sorry everyone but i didn't see any movies yesterday and i didn't put up cletus. but i have a short

this short called plane crazy was actually the first mickey mouse short. However it was released fourth for some reason. This did not orginally have sound but they added cause of steamboat willy.

also another thing about this short it was animated entirly by one man Ub Iwerks. And while making this cartoon he would do 700 drawings a day. He is also the man who created mickey mouse at least the drawing part. And directed all the early stuff so yeah he did create him. If you watch this and release one guy did this it's amazing.

also this is fun if you saw spiderman 3 (if anyone sees my dad make sure he sees this, i think he'd wanna see it)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

saturday night and sunday morning

This film was reccomended to me by my friend Kool-Aid. It's defently a coo movie. Albert Finney does a great job playing a working class degenaret in this film. It shows how he hates the lifestyle he is currently in but at least he's gonna have a good time while hating it. He's a really good character and one worth checking out. I'm suprised more people havn't heard of this film but it's one that most people my age would really like i think. Slightly reminds me of slc punk but without the punk more just the attutude. Maybe there both films about people realzing when to just grow up and face the music. This is a film worth checking out. not enought people watch british cinema anyway.

no cletus not cause i'm mad just ran out of time but got alot done on the new nockforce ep i think it will be coo should be out in a bit not sure when though we'll see.

instead here's stuff from you tube i found

this cosby opening has really awesome music wish they stayed with this theme but the others were still coo.

i got this from nah right . I think this is a crazy report the part where they place naz's music is the best they even use images from videos of song he was never even in. I will give fox news credit they do know how to manipulate a story.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

how to get ahead in advertising and cletus

This is a strange little movie. It starts off with alot of kafka esqe but then losses the kafka in the end but it's still good. An intresting idea as well. the plot is about an ad executive that grows a head that is evil and then takes over his body and becomes very successful as an ad exec. Also it's weird and british. i picked this up just cause of the title but it was worth it. It's probably more like a twilight zone episode with witty dialouge. i have no clue how easy this is to find but it is on critrion.

so ok i put out some cletus last nite. both are episodes that had problems with them but i fixed them and they look find now.

I don't know if this one is funny but it defently is fun. i heard from a couple people who said that they were disappointed at the bands i made fun of cause they liked those bands but it's a cartoon. Also spank dick isn't a real band soooo not sure it should be taken so seriously.

This one is based on a true story. not sure if it's funny but it is allready doing pretty good on you tube and i have no clue why. the music in this one is awesome epsically the end theme. also this one does have the theme song in it.

not sure if i posted this when i put it on you tube but it's now on myspace and stuff.
Cletus the Fetus Ep. 12 Darkstar

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

david simon and the baltimore sun

so i don't post twice in one day but i find this intresting. David Simon announced his latest show after the wire yesterday here is the section of the press release everyone quoted

"The fifth and final season of HBO's "The Wire" begins in January, this time focusing on layoffs at The Sun — where Simon once worked — and how newspapers fail to capture certain complex truths. Previous seasons of the acclaimed drama have featured drug dealers, struggling longshoremen, city politicians and inner-city students."

I swear to god I read that he left the sun because he thought they were full of shit and didn't cover any real stories in baltimore. but today i can't find it for the life of me. i think it's pretty clear thats probably true. and also why the sun didn't cover the end of the wire. cause the next season is probably gonna be about how they suck real bad. that is just speculation really but i found this one wikipedia about it. and it is intresting after seeing the wire. anyway yeah

"Upon leaving college he worked as a police reporter at The Baltimore Sun from 1983 to 1995.[2] He spent most of his career covering the crime beat.[2][3] A colleague has said that Simon loved journalism and felt it was "God's work".[3] Simon claims that he was initially altruistic and was inspired to enter journalism by the Washington Post's coverage of watergate but became increasingly pragmatic as he gained experience.[3] His main aim later in his career was to tell the best possible story without cheating it.[3]

He was a Union Captain when the writing staff went on strike in 1987 over cuts in their benefits.[4] When the strike ended he remained angry and began to feel uncomfortable in the writing room.[4] He searched for a reason to justify a leave of absence and settled on the idea of writing a novel.[4]"

a night at the opera and cletus

this movie is alot of fun. Alot like a godzilla movie you don't see a marx brothers movie for the other sub plot they put in for some reason. You just want the good stuff. The physical comedy is crazy and some of the situations that they get themselves in. The contract joke and the ship closet thing. I don't know it was fun. All 3 were very witty and fun to see. i guess duck soup may be better but i havn't seen that in like 10 years.

so this now means that i have one movie to watch on both the current afi list and the other afi list. ok ok i will watch the jazz singer soon. also the other film is intolerance by D.W. Griffth.

alot of the cletus's from 29 to 34 have problems with them for whateva reason. thus is why so little cletus has gone up. I try to put them in order to not get shit about it. Since alot of people seem to think these need to be in order. It really does NOT MATTER what order they are in cause there is no continuaty. Also this whole experience has left me really bitter about cletus and if there was a slight chance i would ever come back, that is gone. i mean really i did too many cartoons and yeah. i guess i do write alot about how this is totally over.

Monday, October 15, 2007

a little lazy this weekend

so ok there was one cletus i posted all weekend and there is no nockforce quickie today either but yeah. well it's good to take a weekend off occasionally anyway.

sunday shows list

this is a list of what i though were the best shows or well cartoon shows that i watched on sunday night.

King of the hill 8:30pm Fox
Lucy Daughter of the Devil 12:15 am Cartoon Network
Venture Brothers 12:30 am Cartoon Network
The Simpsons (but only cause it was somewhat good and sadly the best of the season)

ok now cletus

there are more cletus's but they need to be repaired but i am gonna do that tonite.

Also i will be posting films again after cletus is done.

movie thing

this movie was terrible in fact i didn't finish it cause it was so bad. the zucker brothers film before airplane is not good and is on par with there current shit. Bottom line this movie sucks and it wasn't funny not worth your time. It is also not worth even been released. this movie sucked bottom line.

Friday, October 12, 2007

new radiohead album

so the new radiohead album came out this week. Still havn't heard it but thats not what this post is about. they came up with a really good idea which is. sell it through there website and you name your own price. This sounds really good and i will see if they'll either let me not pay or just give them a dollar cause they are richer then me and whateva. i'm not one of those bullshit people who are like there an artist who i love fuck that those guys make tons and i don't so they can settle for a dollar.
anyway apprently the sound quality isn't the best which sucks. I'm pretty sure i will buy the cd if i liked it enough. i mean radiohead is a band you want sound quality out of.
but for a month when kid a came out all i had was tape of it. cause whfs my local radio station played it and i recorded it and it was still good then. so yeah anyway here's a video from mtv about it.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

madagascar and cletus

this might be the best dreamworks movie. That being said i don't think it's as good as cars probably one of pixars worst. I mean defently better then shrek.
It's typical dreamworks with way too many pop culture refferences and stupid jokes. But it kinda works. Having animals actually want to eat each other istead of singing some dumbass song or something.
There are also some nice visuals and the voice acting is good too. If someone wanted me to show and example of a dreamworks animated film i would show this. Antz is still good but i don't think studio will be known for that more so shrek.

so ep.29 has serious problems with it that i can fix so it may be up today or tomorrow. But ep.31 has even more serious problems and may not get to be released because of this. I may just go ahead with putting up ep 32 and 33 or even later. It takes longer to fix one then put up two sooo. That is why the order is weird but seriously there is no continuaty. so i don't see how it will effect your viewing pleasure.

this one is pretty funny. I like the song in it

In this one i think i like the music way more then the actual episode which is kinda fair but the music is coo.

Putting up cletus everyday gets old sometimes and i like to put up stuff just for me. Last nite i found another green heads. i really doubt anyone likes green heads but i'm gonna have my fun with it.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

jack and the beanstalk

so unforently i don't have an image to show you of it but i have a video below this thing so you can see it.
What I'm talking about is Jack and the Beanstalk it's an animated film from 1974 with a soundtrack that basically tells you it's from 1974. This film was animated by one of the animators of astro boy and went on to work on the street fighter series later. This film is fucking crazy. You have a psychadelic soundtrack and awesome animation. I can't think of anything that would be better. oh wait also it was a dollar oh yeah. going through that shit is better then you'd think. I have had good experances buying full length animated films from there.
This movie is so weird 70's it's crazy. I just like this movie espically the song the girls sings in this movie. that is at the end of the video i posted. anyway check it. it's really coo.

also i did not post any new cletus last nite had to much other stuff to do but here's two i havn't posted here yet. i think i can post some tonite i really wanna finish this by thanksgiving.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

the front and more cletus

This is one of the rare films were Woody Allen stars but did not write or direct. However that's not a bad thing. This film is not really talked about that much. But it's really good. It's a film about the hollywood blacklist by people who were blacklisted in the 70's. Including in his very last film apperance Zero Mastel. It's not too preachy there is a big sense of irony to it. Woody allen plays a man who pretends to be a writer for the network while blacklisted writers give him scripts and he keeps 10 percent. It gets sad but for good reason. probably the best film about the blacklist around check it out.

I'm skipping through some but i am up to 27. if you wanna see the others go to you tube and watch em.

This one is notorious cause it's columbine the musical. i think it was well done

this other people also like but i don't think it makes any sense

Monday, October 08, 2007

new nockforce quickie Dialogue

So today is my usual video day. Sorry for so many videos lately I just have alot of shit coming out I guess. But at the rate I'm doing cletus this will be over soon. I actually got up to ep 25 in cletus on you tube last nite. so yeah.
This new Quickie of nockforce is pretty coo. I think this was good lip synch i did.

for more fun go to

I usually do this here so I'll do it again.

the best sunday nite shows from last nite.

King of the Hill
Lucy daughter of the devil
The Venture Brothers
the rerun of fresh prince at 11

this one is a favorite of mine. I got this idea when my brother and I would tease my sister about watching dawsons creek. Also this was fun to make too.

This one is pretty popular. I think it got like 4 thousand or something on newgrounds. It's simple and it works.

if you want more cletus on you tube go hERE

Also i do put cletus on myspace tv. Here's the latest one of there.
Cletus the Fetus Ep.10 Money is coo

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Friday, October 05, 2007

lots of videos

So I don't have much to say about anything but i do have alot of videos and not just cletus but mostly cletus.

This is a film I worked on in the fall of 2005. We shot this in Scranton, Pa. it was alot of fun and I wish I could have been there for alot longer then I got to. I did the sound for some of the shots but not all of them. Also I never thought I'd see the day when someone would tag nockforce for something I did sound for. But hey if they want to thats coo. you know

Both of these cletus episodes are really good ones

This cletus was the first one after a long summer in maryland. We all got back together and recorded this one I think the bunch of shows coming up are some of the best.

This one has great music. I think the music drives this episode like no other. Jordan and Scott Muir are like a band doing the score and the end theme is my favorite one. I purposely made in it extra loud.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

the baltimore sun is dumb as hell and the jungle book is awesome

I'll start this cause I can believe that any newspaper would publish this shit. ok so the Baltimore sun "reported" that Ian Mackaye (the guy from fugazi, Minor Threat, started emo kinda, and has a record label Discord) had died. Here's what they publish or well i don't have a quote cause it was on there site last nite but now it's gone. it said Ian Mackaye was hit by a car in new jersey then rushed to a hospital in Maryland and pronounced dead. Now if your smart enough to like read and stuff. You know that makes NO FUCKING SENSE. ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS OH MY GOD. Jersey and driven to Maryland they printed that shit wow, wow. Like who would drive 3 hours or something to a hospital.
To make this worse were did they get this story from, a bulletin on myspace. Not from an actual person who saw anything happen. There's a rumor that Ian Mackaye called the editor of the sun at 4 am and said "Hi I'm still alive just wanted you to know"
The little respect i had for the Baltimore sun is now gone cause that is just bad reporting. oh yeah and they are the only major news source to pick cause they're that dumb.

This is more of a DVD review cause i all ready reviewed it this year. Disney takes really good care of there prints. They in fact have the best film vault in the world I've heard. So when they restore anything it's amazing looking. This dvd is no exception. It looks wonderful and is worth buying another reason is the stereo mix of the film. which has never be released until this DVD. And it's for the first time in the correct aspect ratio.
Oh and the stereo mix was done at the same time as the mono mix at the time. This is somewhat of a nerd sound guy thing but when stereo was new tons of sound designs would make two mixes for films one mono and one stereo. the studio would be like thanks but when will we use them. Now they're all coming out so i'm glad they did that. Making this stereo mix even better.

oh yeah and cletus

Personally so far going back and watching all of them this one is my least favorite one. It totally sucks and i hate the recording and the performance i did. The only thing that makes this episode somewhat matter is it was the first episode that mike anderson our website person put up. he would run the site til the end and he was reall good. so that basically made me put this online just for that.

i wanted to posted more episode but the techincal stuff was getting to much and i really had other things to do but i'm gonna put more up today.

this one i allready posted but i also put this on myspace tv last nite.
Cletus the Fetus Ep. 7 Harry Potter and cletus

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

funny games and friday

there is no new cletus not cause of yesterdays angry post i just fell asleep before i did that so yeah but i'll put up like 3 today or something.

This movie is intense. How do i know well the teacher who screened it strongly warned the class. This might mean nothing coming from a regular teacher but this lady showed me something wild which is a incredibly hard film to watch about rape sooooooooooo.
This film started like a surreal Bunel sketch and then becomes hitchcock that hitchcock would have toned down. in a good way. This film is crazy you don't see it coming. So much so that I thought the film was doing bullshit character stuff and
then your like holy crap this is the plot going on. This film plays with you in a way that americans always want to but never pull it off.
Mad there's no plot in here nothing about story. see the film and you'll thank me cause it's an experience. not like o man rocky horror now thats a theater experience.
This movie is really good. I have no clue how easy it is to find but if you can it's worth. Also not a date movie.

So this friday my girlfriends out of town before everybody goes thats crazy. Everytime this happens i have way less motivation and i don't leave my neighborhood in bushwick. I honestly should break this trend and my friend is having a party at my favorite bar ever. but Degrassi is premering on Friday at 8 pm.

ok not so bad I can still go out right well at 2 am the tcm underground is playing this

it's called Born losers and it looks amazingly awesome. if it looks familiar the gilmore girls would watch this cult movie and it's sequals alot. regardless i know that is alot of time between but tcm is playing awesome movies between 9 and 2 soo yeah i am very divided but seriously degrassi and born losers and awesome right there.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

i don't know and cletus

so everybody is talking about britney spears i hope that bitch kills herself i'm sick of this shit. Like seriously nobody likes her and that song that came out recently is so boring.

I read rolling stone yesterday. it's come very apperant that the magazine should have ended. They have no bands to put on the cover anymore. So it's all what was it like when guns and roses recorded there first album stuff. If they were smart they would put rappers on the cover. I know they did it with 50 cent and kanye but that was the same cover. Rolling stone likes to talk about how rap is having a lousy year. well name me a rockband that even somewhat matters to anyone. Modest Mouse and Arcade Fire barelly register. They put out the album made a fuss and went away so some kid write on his blog how he saw them live. but yeah I guess radiohead will somewhat bring rock a little back but come on. Rolling Stone is like that guy in 1981 who swears Disco is still big and new wave was having a bad year and isn't going anywhere.

In other news I have been putting cletus on you tube but nobody is really watching them. Which leads me to think that all the people who told me there was this great audience out there still for it was full of shit. it's just not happening. I'm still gonna finish and put them all up but that will be it. Nobody say anything to me about a dvd. people asked me to make one it's really not worth my time to make a dvd for like 6 people. if you really want a dvd then make it really big and i will.

I'm pretty sure this is Zero's favorite. People got mad and said it wasn't funny but i don't like those people and to me it is hillarious. I'm really glad we did that one.

this one was really well liked. Jackie came up with the Tampoon thing i guess that's suprising cause she's a girl but if you knew her.

Monday, October 01, 2007

new nockforce quickie X-treme and cletus

so this week i'm putting stuff under my usual monday nockforce post. this one is alot darker then we usually do. On the top is a comic strip of cletus and the bottom is rpg world. case you were wondering.

for more fun to to

also last nite i watched alot of cartoons here were the best ones

King of the Hill
Frisky Dingo
Lucy Daughter of the devil
Venture Brothers

ok now cletus. I'm not just putting cletus on you tube it's also going on myspace tv. so check this one which is also on you tube.
Cletus the Fetus Ep. 4 Enter Melvin

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I don't know what i was thinking with this one but yeah i think it's coo.