Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Last Tango in Paris

This is a really good movie. kinda suprised me. I defently think it's not as X as your thinking it is. It was the 70's. think how long ago that was. But that doesn't matter cause this movie is really fucking good. It's about couple who suddenly meet up and have a love affair. but the girl (played by a super fuckign hot Maria Schneider) is all ready in a relationship. How the film plays off her two men Brando being the affair guy is really coo.
Her relationship with Brando is very real and natural in a way you don't know whats going to happen. the other guy a man closer to her age. There relationship is being compramised by a film he's making about her. but didn't ask her permission. It also feels alot more fake and perfect but with almost no soul. well at the begining at least.
This movie is incredibly visual. It's just really beautiful how visual it is. just watching Maria Schneider with her hat is pretty enough. unforently no images online do it justice. but it is very well made.
This is a really really good movie and if you havn't seen it. your missing out on a cinema classic. for real this is a great movie i think i will buy this at some point. it's not really weird anyone can get into it. obviously this movie is very sexual but what did you except it's X.
Also Brando really owns in this movie. actually everyone and everything is great. this is just an awesome movie.

imdb trivia time

"An alternate, but similar idea of this film was to revolve a passionate, homosexual relationship and ultimately scrapped with a famous French actor for whom the idea was conceived for backed out of the film"

"When informed that director Ingmar Bergman had said that the film only made sense if it were about two homosexuals, Bertolucci responded that he accepted all criticisms of his film as valid."

The Silence and Black snake moan

yeah so Bergman man.
When I started this movie. I didn't know where they were and I didn't know why they were there. There in a hotel in a part of europe. (not sure where) There's a little boy and two women. I like the mystery around this film. seemingly nothing happens. but they seem to be able to hold this film together and keep it moving.
The little boy was a great character having him discover things in the hotel. like a group of midgets. yeah a ton of midgets. His adventures were to fun to watch.
This movie is also very quite. not sure if that has anything to do with the title. but it wasn't a very loud movie at all. I liked that they just had to use the room tone and foot steps and things.
Bergman likes to patiently show you things. he doesn't want to rush it. like he's slowly telling you a story. but how long it takes is very intresting.
I don't think you can get everything from one viewing with this film. but one viewing will be incredibly wounderful experience and i can't wait to see this again. hell ti might take me a while to fully get this but it'll be a great pleasure to get there.

Certainly this movie could never be as good as the poster. cause this poster is really awesome. This is kinda the weird intresting movie that a director always makes second. Mostly because there hoping they can get away with it and rely on there name from the previous film. or they really think a movie about a black dude who ties up some horny white chick to a chain will be big bussiness.
Anyway yeah I don't know if this is really a good movie. i kinda think i need to watch it again. But on the first viewing this movie is just plain odd. the kind of odd that is really nice but can be relayed on too much.
Craig Brewer is a very intresting director and I'll probably see everything else he puts out as well. This is the kind of second film that you get from a name director. I don't know if Brewer is there yet but I feel like he will be one day.
Sam Jackson is really good in this. All his stuff with the guitar was very natural and man those scenes worked very very well. Christina Ricci and Justin Timberlake also give good performances as well.
See Craig Brewer is really good with actors. man i cna't wait to see more from this guy. but i hope it's a better movie next time.
Really this movie is only ok but intresting enough that you can say its good.

Monday, March 30, 2009

NEW nockFORCE QUICKIE and Never say never again

effnocka and FUCKFORCE are just chillin at home mindin' their own business when suddenly... FRATBOYS!

end theme made with my brother Joe Boi of the Filipino Kings

for more frat boys go to nockforce.com

i didn't really get to watch tv sorry kids. quickie took too long

This is the last Bond movie I had never seen. This is not an offical bond movie. As it was made without the bond producers and studio. However since then the film is not owned by the same studio as james bond. but go figure why it's not offical now.
This also came out the same year I was born and the same year as another bond movie. Octopussy. This is better the Octopussy by alot.
As a Connery bond film this maybe one of his lesser works but thats still not a really bad place to be. He's still really great at being James Bond. so you kinda let the movie get away with too much. i guess you could compare this to diamonds are forever a little. I would say it's the real follow up to for your eyes only.
director Irvin Kershner brought some needed more modern (at the time) film making in a James Bond movie. Using room tone and sound in ways that usually doesn't come out in a bond movie. they also tryed not to shoot it like a normal bond film. I think this maybe one of the better directed bond films. but hey Irvin Kershner did just come off The Empire Strikes Back.
Kim Bassinger is really fucking hot in this movie. she looked alot better 25 years ago. but didn't we all.
Really you should consider this one probably on par with most of the good Moore. so it's good. but maybe the worst connery bond. still it's a good movie and fun to watch. espically since they tryed a different take on how to shoot a bond movie. which by 1983 was really refreshing after sitting through all those Rodger Moores.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Role Models and other assorted things

This was an ok modern mainstream comedy. I mean it was really good at being ok. Both Sean william Scott and Paul Rudd work very well. As well as Christopher Mintz-Plasse in a supporting role. It's basically like while your watching it. Sure it's not perfect but you really can't get that mad at it either. It's blatently a silly mainstream comedy.
I will say this David Wain the director did a better job then lesser comedy directors and I'm wondering if he can pull of something like wet hot american summer again. I liked wet hot american summer alot more then this movie. In fact I would say wet hot american summer was good. were as this only really gets to ok. I wanna see something that is good from him.
In alot of ways this is typical for a comedy film made in 2008. It's very appatow influenced. I don't think appatow had anything to do with but come on he at least probably breathed on it. That's enought to claim involvement.
It's a chick flick for guys but in it's defense as a guy movie for guys who are fucking pussies ( OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SUCK ON THAT)it's actually better with what it's doing then like he's just not that into you or the sex in the city movie. so yeah it's like one of the best made chick flicks I've seen recently.
I still don't think it's not that much of a guy movie. it never really goes far enough for me to say. sorry pussies.
no for real i'm sick of this yeah i'm a guy who says fuck alot. this was like when the gross out comedy was in and people would be like ewwww it's so gross. hey everybody I saw pink flamingoes. I expect more come on for real shock me. really go for it. Don't be such a little bitch and really shock me with language and some crazy gross out shit. I don't know.
But yeah this isn't so bad and if you have to see a mainstream bullshit comedy. this is one of the better mainstream bullshit comedies of last year. compliment?

T.I. is going away for a year and a day in jail but that's not why i posted this picture. I actually posted it cause I really like the Richard Avedon influence on it. I just like the high contrast black and white thing. it's really pretty that way it's shot. also T.I. looks coo as shit. He's dressed up as malcolm x in the photo.

it also reminds me of vibe in the mid 90's and stuff. like i should be listening to tlc while reading it or something.

who's avedone he shot this photo. well ok not that famous of a photo but yeah thats what he do.

who's T.I. he's from the south and he's got swagger and stuff. also the song below is really awesome.

This is a clip from the latest south park. The episode was good but i really like this clip so i figured i'd share it.

hey jail i dedicate this song to t.i.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Notorious (biggie not hitchcock) and A Hatful of Rain

This is the second bio pic I'm doing in a row. so no bio pics after this. Like most bio pics. Notorious tells us all the stuff we all ready know about that person from watching behind the music. But since Biggie wasn't really around that long it makes it alot easier.
I mean yeah i guess it's a good movie. The guy who played biggie does a good job. He's probably the best thing in the film. Which he should be. He shows biggies strengths and his flaws. something i didn't expect as much. He also was pretty good at the rapping and his voice.
Everyone else in it does what they're supposed to do. But Angela Basset stands out like a sore thumb. She looks and sounds nothing like Biggie's mom. Not at all. In fact I question weather she belongs in this movie. I feel like she brought down the film in alot of parts. then at the end she gets her own little thing jeez that was horriable. For yeah Angela Basset may have worked well in whats love got to do with it. but it didn't work this time. I really wish they hadn't picked a movie star over someone who could have done it better.
Also everyone seems to think lil kim got treated real bad in this film. I disagree. what did she do. I really felt like biggie treated her like utter shit. thats what i came out of the movie thinking. yeah she knew he had a wife and a kid. she was also with him before faith evans. so who's really the bad one. I don't know but i just think biggie came out smelling worse then her.
This movie comes very close to tv movie land. but seems to be able to keep it self out. Really I think this movie works very well. I think it helps when you make a bio pic and you have an end point to get too. Biggies end point works better then say Johnny Cash or Joan Crowford. so in a way this film works better then there films. but maybe just in ending.
Speaking of the ending the little after biggie was dead part should have been cut. with his naration in the film. I believe i was following biggie and the film was about him. then we switch at the end. that was a bad move. why not have him just die and thats it. I don't need an explanation like that. we all know what happened. if your gonna see notorious then you probably know a few things about that.
If you don't like rap or biggie. yeah you might like this movie. it is a good movie. not a great movie. not something i would buy. but i liked it and i had a good time. hell it was better then benjamin button. I told the story the best way it could. it may sometimes make you go really but the good in this film out weights the bad by so much that i kinda let it go.

well ok except the very end. man did that blow.

From the director who brough us From Here to Eternity and High Noon. This movie was a big deal for the time because it delt with herion addication. It's about a former solider in the korean war. who was injured in battle. then while in the hospital gets addicated in morphine. and when he comes back to new york gets into herion. Then his dad comes to town while this herion addicated son owes alot of money to this drug dealer called Mother. yeah Mother.
For real the druge dealer is called Mother. he also has a bunch of funny cliched crownies. I really liked them. I mean sure silly. but come on Mother. how did he get that name. it reminds me of the space ghost episode where they fought a villian called your mother. and then space ghost would go you are not. Really the drug dealers are great.
As for the rest of the movie. it works kinda well. it's just all the herion withdrawl stuff seems a bit forced. I mean how come he just doesn't seem to have it one minute then freaks out the next. and lots of people don't know but he apprently does tons of herion. i mean arn't people gonna realise why he's sick or all the shouting he's doing while he's doing these freak out.
Sure this movie is cliched but i kinda like the cliche for the most part. the ending got a bit much and i was kinda like for real. we're gonna do that. shit man. I like the idea of this movie. and i like the movie itself. but i know this does have flaws. this was probably the more mainstream herion movie. i've heard of others at the time. It's sad to say cause i think the director was better then this movie. but hey it still works. it's just a little movie feeling. and not in a good way all the time but not completely a bad way either.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mommie Dearest and Dr. Horribles sing along blog

This movie isn't as bad as people make it out to be. Sure it's not the greatest of all time or anything but it does what it does. Really Faye Dunaway steals the show in this as Joan Crowford. It has to be one of the weirdest performance. I've heard people compare it to kabooki or something. I don't know about that but I do know it's hard to keep your eyes off her. Sometimes I feel like I was watching the grinch or something. like her face was animated by Chuck Jones or something. Man she does the weridest shit with her face. like man crazy.
I think people just wanna ride this as just oo a bad cult movie. It is in a lot of respects but it's at least intresting enough to hold your attention and make you wanna watch. beyond just like I can't believe this. it's more like now this holy shit Joan Crowford was fucked up. I would reccomend seeing something of hers before but I don't think it will hurt you trying to watch it.
This is an odd movie and has a commentary track by John Waters. so how can you go wrong with that. Still I don't know if this is a good movie. but it's certainly intresting enough to keep you watching and intrested.

This is really good. I was kinda suprised how well this worked. From Joss Whedon this is his first musical since the musical episode of Buffy the vampire slayer. Made during the writers strike this originally was only availble on itunes to buy. However recently hulu put it up and you can watch it for free.
Neil Patrick Harris is so perfectly cast in this. The Joss Whedon dislouge flows like he talks that way anyway. o right he does. so it works really well. Harris is becoming a great comedic actor. well he is but he just needs more roles.
Dr. Horrible is about a video blog by a super villian named Dr. Horrible. He's trying to win over this girl and fight his arch nemis a super hero named Hammer. He also needs to do somthing really bad to get into the the Evil League of Evil.
This thing works as both a super villian story and a musical. They really did a great job. I was suprised by the humor. They really made this into the best it could be. You can tell they understand both comics and musicals to make this weirder musical. It's the kind of thing you don't see as much. Kinda feels like something that might be off broadway in the 90's. I don't know.
All I know is I had a good time and everyone i know who has watched had a good time. It's just alot of fun. And on top of that the whole thing is only 42 minutes. not too bad. originally it was in 3 acts. releasing one at a time but hulu has the whole thing is one.
I'm really glad they went out on a limb and did this. it kinda makes me wonder about the possaiblties that the internet could bring to tv and film as mediums. and how you could make stuff alot weirder if you wanted.
anyway check this out. not sure if it's tv or film but who cares as long as it's good. i put the video at the bottom of this blog.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Taken and Stage Fright

This is basically what a mainstream action movie used to be but updated to 2009 and starring Liam Neeson. Really you have the usual stuff. even the teenage girl is mainstream action movie lame. apprently she went to europe to follow around U2. U2 how old is your daughter like 48. nobody who is 17 anymore is gonna wanna follow around U2. that is just dumb. but hey remember the almost cartoonish looking goth girl from face/off. they have to make the teenager look like the person who wrote is so out of touch with todays youth it's laughable.
Liam Neeson is good at the whole action hero thing. I kinda wouldn't mind seeing him in more action movies. instead of his usual dramas or being the voice of Aslan. I mean i would like a much better action movie with him it.
The action sequences are pretty good obviously everyone hates it when he is shot at a million times and isn't hit. that's only really one part. the rest I feel like really works. but that looked really fucking stupid. However it happens so fast that i think it will be fine. I know that was a big complaint but i don't really get it.
If your looking for a good mainstream action movie. Like the days of Air Force One and Eraser. this is the 2009 version. so expect that. I think this movie is probably just ok but it's really good at being ok. But I think that is more Liam Neeson and less the actual movie.
If you wanna a more recent. decent action movie then yeah sure but you can wait til it gets on USA or TNT or what have you.

for a little bit my girlfriend and I have been trying to see all the hitchcock movies. so that's basically why i saw this movie. However if your not going to try and do that then don't see this movie. I really man other then some intresting film stuff. there is no reason to see this.
The plot makes little to no sense. It's so convaluted you can't follow. then when i looked up a proper summary I still couldn't figure why. like for real why did any of that stuff in this film happen. The main protaganist played by Jane Wyman feels like she almost has no reason to be figuring out this murder. Remember with Jimmy Stewart he had some sort of a reason in all 3 of his hitchcocks. in this she investigates this because she has a crush on him. that's it and they don't even do it that well.
I really wasn't into it. and i know it has the crazy idea of a lying flashback. meaning a flashback that we later find out is not true. making the audience not see the ending. well that would be coo if i cared alot more but since i didn't it was more of a well isn't that nice.
I really did try but it was just too much. I really like Hitchcock he's made some of the greatest films of all time but not everything he made can be perfect. you could put this with other Hitchcock misses like the trouble with harry but hey i never directed vertigo.

also i think the poster is really fucking coo. the top one but also this one.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Fatal Attraction and Twilight

This movie really suprised me. I never thought I'd like it as much as I did. And it works and is scary regardless if you cheat or not. Glen Close is terrifying in this movie. she plays a really great villian. Michael Douglas finally shows some acting chops. I never though he could even come close to his father after basic instinct but in this he was real good. This movie works kinda like hitchcock and also like a silent film but finds a way to get a good center.
The plot is Michael Douglas has an affair with Glen Close while his wife and kid are out of town. but at first she's like we can totally do it. Now I don't think Glen Close is perticuarlly atractive but I wasn't just offered sex from her either. Michael Douglas is obviously thinking man I wouldn't mind getting my dick wet. even if it is with this sub far looking lady. so they do but then michael douglas lets her get way too clingie and she goes all nuts.
I actually don't think this movie is that sexist cause it's not like all the women in the film are needy and destroying michael douglas's shit. Also Michael Douglas's character i don't feel like is smelling like roses either. He really looks bad too. the other female characters in the film act as they would in that situation. Really this was a problem between two characters. not so much a statement on women. sorry everyone it's just a movie.
Glen Close apprently went to 2 different threapists and asked them why someone would act that way. what she gave was a truely great performance. I was sometimes like dam. We all know girls like the glen close character. maybe not that extreme. in fact if you do don't be friends with her. jeez.
If you have never seen this check it out. it's a good thriller. it even got me a few times. I know it gets rapped up with basic instinict and all that. this movie is way better. and one that you'll have a good time with.

This movie isn't a movie. it is hype and nothing more. for real. This movie is so bad i think it should be an abc family original movie or something. Ok why is it so bad. so like you know how most vampire's burn up in the sun. which works out to be something pretty coo. well this movie decieds that instead of that. They just don't wanna go out cause they'll glow with gliter when the sun hits them. yes i am serious the vampires will glow that they shop at deliahs. like all over. And get this, since the movie takes place in washington state and it's over cast they can go out and go to school but when it's sunny oooo no they have to stay in. cause if everyone saw him in the sun they'd either think he's a vampire or he's some teen girl who put glitter all over there body.
As you can tell this movie is fucking stupid. why did you use vampires. for real why not make up some glitter sun creature. then the movie has all this bad rock music through out. like something will happen and then theres a guitar sound like it's bummer times at saved by the bell. also apprently this movie thinks that since people in 1992 in washington wore flannel so should everyone in this movie.
The movie works more like the first episode of a bad kids tv show then a realy movie.There's no complete thought at all. It's an episode of twilight really. what this movie is missing that worked for harry potter and the lord of the rings is that those films had ends to them that were clear but also were parts of a bigger story. I don't really know what the point of this movie was but it did have the bigger story to keep in mind. It kinda ends more concerned with giving little tastes at there next film then actually concluding the film. so yeah.
The acting is horriable I really can't see why you'd care about the main girl character her. she's unusually mopey for like no reason. just cause you do a voice over like Sarah Connor from termintor 2 doesn't mean you can back it up. she had a fucking future war and a termintor. you have glitter vampire. hey tell ziggy stardust to chill.
This movie is not worth your time. in fact it's not worth anyones time. it's so unitnresting it needs the hype to make it intresting. it's directed bad and made bad. it sucks. i agree with everyone who says let the right one in was better cause compared to this it's a million times better. but really i'll go with a public enenmy quote don't believe the hype.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Millard Kaufman and eXistenZ

you probably don't know who this is. but unlike that bitch that went head first into some ice. Who i guess i should care about cause 10 years ago she was in a remake of a Disney live action movie. I'll probably remember that stuff he did 20 years from now.
Milard Kaufman was the co-creator of Mr. Magoo and also wrote the film Bad Day at Black Rock. Both are pretty notable. He was also an author and wrote a book at 88. He also has another book coming out soon. All though i didn't know his name before he died. there is no doubt that the stuff was a big deal. Also look at that picture that guy looks seriously seriously awesome. What a great guy he will be missed.

This movie may not be the best Cronenberg movie I've ever seen but dam is it intresting. You have Cronenberg referencing his earlier film Videodrome. How he uses this idea of technology and flesh is really intresting. espically right now. I heard two days ago they make prastatic fingers that are usb drives. Seriously freaking me the fuck out.
I really liked the actors in it. Christopher Eccleston, Ian Holm, and Willem Dafoe all in smaller roles. they do a great job. it's like Woody Allen casting or something. All though I would love to see a Woody Allen movie with bio ports.
I really like the who concept that there are these pods that are like video games systems and people have bio-ports and plug into them with there brains. it's both creepy and a little sexual. which Jude Law's character shows alot. He never has had a bio port and kinda acts like someone who's never fucked before. he's so nervous like either a scared girl. but there's something kinda gay about him being afraid of being penitrated and having a port to connect to his pod.
The whole bio-ports thing is both creepy and intresting it's really what makes this movie worth seeing. Videodrome was more about video. now eXistenZ is about pluging in and video games.
Both Jude Law and Jennifer Jason Leigh do really great jobs in this movie. I think on paper they might not seem like intresting characters but they are really good in this. Jennifer Jason Leigh is like hot as shit in this. but she needs to be or it wouldn't work.
This movie is kinda deconstructionist. and postmodern and all those 5 dollar words. it's intresting and fun and well yeah. it came out as the same time as the matrix. i know people believe in philosophy in the matrix. well what about in eXistenZ. i kinda like that more. really if you wanna see a coo Cronenberg movie that is still good check it out. hell if you just like sci-fi your missing out. so yeah.

some trivia for ya from imdb

"Two Producers of the film are Hungarians, so it is not by chance that the X and the Z of the word "eXistenZ" are capitalized, since the letters between them make the Hungarian word "isten," which means "god.""

Thursday, March 19, 2009

21 Grams

I would give you guys more then one movie today but honestly I'm just really fucking tired. My girlfriend just had surgery and dealing with the hospital and taking care of everything has me kinda exhausted. She's doing fine and all just a bit overwhelming. so. i don't why i'm writing this but this blog is called things i come up with not movie central. anyway. regardless read below were i tear 21 grams a new one.

hey remember when everyone made these non linear films. Yeah well this film can now
stand as a testament to why that was sometimes a bad fucking idea for some movies. This movie is a straight up mess. this could without a doubt be alot better if it were made in a linear way. seriously there are some good moments but for the most part this movie is a steamin pile.
This film seems to think if you have a film about 3 peoples lives that tie together. that we will be mystified by the fact that you have 3 movies stars playing these 3 people. it's like the reverse of psycho.
This movie seems to think that you loose 21 grams when you die. well here's what wikipedia says about that

"The title of the movie comes from the work of Dr. Duncan MacDougall, who in the early 1900s sought to measure the weight purportedly lost by a human body when the soul departed the body upon death. MacDougall weighed dying patients in an attempt to prove that the soul was material, tangible and thus measurable. These experiments are widely considered to have little, if any, scientific merit, and MacDougall's results varied considerably from 21 grams, but for some people this figure has become synonymous with the measure of a soul's mass."
By the way they don't mention that in the movie probably because this movie is uninteseting and fucking bad. it would have been intresting if that got into that but I guess this movie was too intrested in cutting back in forth into crap town to think about doing something like that.
There was one part where namoi watts says she's so hurt by the things that have happened to her that she is an emotional amputee. like really. why doesn't this movie suck my emotional dick.
Really i could talk about the acting or how i liked seeing Melissa Leo in this movie. But I feel like this was so forgettable I won't. DOn'T SEE THIS MOVIE. people used to tell me how amazing this movie was. I wish i could go back in time to tell them they are fucking morans. seriously this was a mess. just really i don't understand why it was made other then everyone involved wanted to be in a crazy art movie. well you didn't this moive sucks. don't see it. it's not worth your time. apprently the same guy did Babel. my expectations have now been lowered.
I honeslty think the non linear thing killed. flat out killed this movie. and anyone who wants to do that should see this movie to see how it's not always such a great idea.
guess what everyone who made 21 grams. your movie sucks.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Pride of the Yankees and other stuff

I know people are often down on sports movies but hey nobody says that to Raging Bull. This is a great movie made in a great era for hollywood. I would really compare the way this film is made with the work of Frank Capra and espically Mr. Smith goes to Washington. It's the kind of movie that almost anyone can watch.
I really like how Gary Cooper played Lou Gehrig. He's very good at being a leading man in 1942. And one that I think audiences would love as well. maybe in a way at the time this was that times Marley and me or something. However even though I havn't seen Marley and me. I'm pretty sure this is better.
Sam Wood the director is pretty good. He also directed the marx brothers in a night at the opera. All though I've only seen 2 of the 82 films that he directed he seems like a pretty coo guy. Apprently Natalie Wood used the last name cause of him. pretty impressive.
I also have gotta say I was actually suprised by how good Babe Ruth was in this. I have seen him in a few silent films including Harold Lloyds Speedy. Usually he wasn't that good but he was good in this and had a little bit of a screen presence. So but yeah he was coo.
I guess a critisium could be that they almost give Lou Gehrig saint hood with this movie. All though it appears that way apprently very few things were changed. Also Lou Gehrig was a pretty straight laced guy (or at least accoding to my dad). So i think they showed him accuratly. but yeah it is a studio 1942 movie and yeah it does show but it's a really good movie.
If you havn't seen this film then check it out. it's a good time and a good movie. if you like sports or not.

When is Homicide gonna be on hulu. for real. also i want shows that didn't last. cause what better place to put a one season or even couple episode shows that have no value anymore. come on for real. i know one day everything will be online but could we hurry it up. seriously.

also i couldn't find a real video for this but i really like Soul Coughing. i always remember this song. i mean sure it was there big hit but it's still good. yeah i know it's this lame crow video things but i wasn't feelin like going all live video thing. but yeah.

does anyone remember when they used this song in Homicide. it was a later season and it was coo. see they connected together.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hard Core Logo and License to Kill

I picked this movie up kinda on a lark. I saw that Quentin Tarantino's rolling thunder productions and was kinda suprised. since that production company was shut down in 1997 and only relesed 8 movies on video and dvd.
What I got was one of the best movies about a Fictional band I've ever seen. This movie also set it self up well. Using the mid 90's punk fad as a reason that the band would get back together. which is kinda why sometimes bands reunite. the timing is right. Seriously it happens alot. The mid 90's punk thing was mostly brought on by Green Day. and gave Bad Relgion and Rancid big MTV hits. It was kinda the only time punk got big and not as watered down as say the early part of this current decade.
As a movie about a band this movie really really gets it. Every member has his own role and place in the band both socially and artistically. It really gives a structure to this band traveling in a van together.
It's really well directed by Bruce McDonald. Who combines perfectly made sit down documentary stuff with the documentary stuff with the band. Oh yeah i forgot to mention this is made like a documentary so in the film. There's a film crew following them around. most of the time we don't see them that much. but every once in a while the film crew plays a part. since everyone is so close together. This actually kinda reminds me of Punishment Park. The way they used a made up documentary to tell there story. it leaves the style once in a while but you barely notice.
I also think the acting was really good. Everyone in it was so good in there roles that when i realsed who they were from various tv shows I've seen I was shocked. They all did a great job. also the end was just dam.
If you like punk and just rock movies check this out for real. It's just a coo movie. It's also considered one of the best films to come out of Canada. so hey there you go. but really this was a nice suprise. if you do like SLC Punk I really reccomend this movie.

also i wanna point out how Achtung baby is the poster up there. but for most of us we're stuck with that last poster down there on the dvd. which is horriable typical bad miramax poster. reminds me of the clerks one were everyones hair is changed just like this one. cause they made the poster way later. i like the first poster better cause it's more like the movie.

yes I have now seen all the offical James Bond movies ( havn't seen the unoffical never say never again) This unforently is not one of the good ones. This movie is just. well if just seems off. like really I feel like everyone working on it knew this would be a steaming pile.
It felt off like The man with the golden gun except that held my intrest a lot more then this one. i just couldn't get into it. I don't know I tryed I really like Dalton in his first Bond movie. At the begining i didn't mind him but yeah i don't know.
And the idea of James Bond going after a drug lord could work but it felt weird. like this was a bad idea. everyones problem with Quantum of Solace is my problem with this.
It didn't feel like a James Bond movie and not in a good way. there are plenty of James Bond movies that don't feel like James Bond movies that are awesome. our majesty's secret serivice or casino royale or even daltons last one The living Daylights. I've read things about how the budget was wrong and all this. Really this movie fucking sucks. sorry I like most of this series and this isn't as bad as Die another Day but god dam.
I don't know what was going on here. I still say see The Living Daylights. great James Bond movie but I can't say that about this one. really skip it cause it's bad boooo seriously. sorry James Bond. but hey 22 movies and only a couple that are horriable that ain't so bad.

but really don't see this. for real it's bad.

This was also the last movie for most of the bond old guard. after this the original bond producers stoped doing it. also this was director John Glen's 5th bond movie. people say a view to a kill was a bond movie asking for a change. if that movie's asking this movie is fucking screaming it's lungs out.

also this movie bombed cause not only did it suck but it's competition was Batman, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Lethal Weapon 2, The Abyss, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, and Ghostbusters II. ooch.

Monday, March 16, 2009

law and disorder and the living daylights

when i read the description of this movie I wanted to see it. Carrol o Conner and Ernest Borgnine try to take back the streets of new york from crime. Now I imagined that this would be 2 old guys fighting crime being bad ass's. all though that's not true this kinda of comedy drama was intresting enough to check out.
It even has a very similair opening scene as the first live action ninja turtles movie. I kinda wonder if the ninja turtles movie was influnced by this movie. but it's the kinda thing that if it were i would believe it and if it's not i would believe it. but hey it's still something to think about.
The film is defently a little wacky at the begining but the end seems to have lost that. It's almost like they really didn't take the crime problem that seriously before but then realised it was obviously too big of an issue for them to take on.
At the begining they try to be honorary police and it is funny but i really feel like the longer there cops the more it hit them.
alot of people have said that Ernest Borgnine stole the show. I don't really agree with that all though he is good. Carrol o Conner for me steals the show. sure he's just doing Archie Bunker and hell he may have made this on the weekend or something while shooting all in the family. it was defently during that era. He seems kinda clueless but it works.
Karen Black is also in this but her role is kinda odd and I'm pretty sure she only did it cause she was friends with the director.
The music is very 70's in fact this is very much a early 70's movie. it's very kinda cheap mainstream of the time.
if you like both these actors and this idea see this movie. or if you like new york movies. but if your not intrested i was skip this. but it was fun i think it's good and it was enjoyable.

Timothy Dalton's James Bond is one of the most forgotten. But this movie kinda shouldn't be cause it's really pretty good. And for the kind of James Bond film that it is. Timothy Dalton does a great job as James Bond.
Obviously every actor brings his own feel to the role but they also make different kind of Bond movies for each actor. The feel of this one fits Timothy Dalton like a glove.
Sure the whole monogamy thing seems like a bad idea for a character like James Bond but it works so well that I never questioned it. The way the film was made it just made sense.
In addition i really liked the opening sequence were at first you weren't sure which of the guys in the training excerise was James Bond. This also works cause this is Daltons first. so if you saw it at the time it was probably both frustrating and fun.
Dalton is also really good at doing his own stunts but that might just be versus Rodger Moore.
The good thing about the James Bodn franchise is that everyone James Bond gave us a great James Bond film. This is Timothy Daltons entry it might not be the best but it's still a pretty awesome Bond movie. pretty coo if you havn't seen it and you like James Bond then check it out.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

After Hours and The Yes Men

I honestly forgot how good this movie is. I guess this is the anti Scorsese Scorsese movie. The main character is hardly like any of the characters De niro would play in the previous decade of Scorsese films. It's really like a coo movie.
It's kinda funny now to thing of soho as a dangerous area but I think the movie holds up for being kind of a piece of the mid 80's.
It's like the kind of thing that really moves. like the whole time you never notice how fast it's going it has a sort of energy to it. that keeps going and going like a freight train or something.
Rosanna Arquette is totally fucking hot in this movie and i guess i forgot how hot she was at the time.
Griffin Dunne plays a really good beta male main character. I guess he could be unlikely in a way but i really like how kinda pathetic he is.
It's also shot and made very very well made. as any Scorsese film was at the time and continues to be.
This movie is just awesome and i really suggest you see it.

This was one of the many poltical documentaries made in 2004. all though Fahrenheit 9/11 might be better made. I think this is a better movie. I also think it's soul is in a better place.
We follow this group called the yes men as they impressanate the world trade organization at various events to hillarious results.
I guess this in a way is a more political minded jackass or borat. I don't know if it works as well as those. this mearly works as a kinda smart poltical funny documentary. there's nothing that is just funny.
But maybe thats also the point. There not just doing it for laughs but i think it could have been maybe funnier. sure this movie is good and it is funny that there saying all the silly stuff. and people believe it's the WTO. Thats basically the movie.
Really i think the only worth while documentary of this whole 2004 political documentary thing is the corperation. This is kinda of a lesser film in compersion to what the corperation accomplished. I also think Fahrenheit 9/11 isn't really worth much of your time and either cause it passed it experaton date in november 2004. if you like history see that but really just see the corperation it does a better job at what these are two were doing.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sholay and A View to Kill

When Slumdog won all that crap at the oscars best of bollywood lists poped up everywhere. Personally I have always had an intrest in bollywood and really I never knew were to start so i never go to see any. but when all those lists showed up i noticed one movie was on all of them Sholay. So that's basically why i saw this.
Really I think this movie is fucking awesome. whoever thought of combining spaghetti westerns and a musical. Seriously like seven brides from seven brothers could learn some things from this movie.
Really this movie has a ton of great stuff in it. crazy action sequences. there's one at the begining that had like shocked. it was just really well made and like a lot of fun.Also it's shot on 70mm. all though the dvd wasn't in widescreen (seriously it needs to) it was really well shot.
The premise of this movie is that this guy hires two criminals to kill this guy cause he knows the two criminals have honor. the two criminal guys were really good and do 2 great fun performances.
Really this movie is a lot of fun but it's 3 hours and 30 minutes. yeah kinda crazy but it's worth seeing all the great musical sequences. which are well done. I mena just as far as musicals go they did a really great job. another problem is that the dvd didn't have subs for the musical sequences but they were still coo. i really want a awesome dvd of this in english. this is a treasure and a good time. it might take up your whole nite but it's worth it. go see this if you wanna get in to bollywood. but this movie is coo all the action and shit. man seriously i might own this movie soon. really coo. just like nothing I've seen before really. man i don't know just see it.

Everyone really hates this one. I kinda don't hate it. i mean sure this isn't Rodger Moore's best (that was for your eyes only). and it's not his worst (the man with the golden gun) but it's probably mid ranger Moore. I really love Grace Jones as a kick ass bond villian. Really i know people hate her. but Grace Jones as a strong ass chick all i can say is FUCK YEAH. you know. really
Ok you know what this movie was dumb seriously but i had fun. sometimes movies are like cheap beer. cheap beer gets you drunk and that's it. there's no flavor here or anything. well a little. Christopher Walken as a bond villian. he could have had more fun but i don't think the director let him really do that much. but he was still really coo.
Also awesome theme song i think one of my favorite bond themes. Like Duran Duran somebody forever wanted there movie to scream I WAS MADE IN 1985. also it's so neon day glo black light that you think Joel Schumaker directed the opening but in a good way. (wow did i just say that)
This movie is fun. Rodger moore has two worse Bonds then this and it's probably techincally better then live and let die but i like that one for being hollywood attempt at blackspolation even though it's dumb. This is kinda like if you combined for your eyes only and octopussy. it maybe went too octopussy at times but it's way more enjoyable. If you wanna hvae fun with a mid range 80's action movie. a view to kill is a great choice. but i think the spy who loved me is better.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

walkabout and private school

Sometimes when you watch alot of movies you hope for truely great awesome movies. Well Walkabout is a great awesome movie.
About two kids who get lost in the australlian outback and then get help from a native boy. This movie could be too stupid or too simple. It does neither. All though it is simple. It's simplicalty works so well.
Director Nicolas Roeg brings out his best in this film. I've all ready seen don't look now, performance, and the man who feel to earth but this has to be his best film. He went ot the outback and basically improved. espically with the shots of wild life. They look really beatiful and even uses weird lenses ooo man it's just so breath taking and awesome and beautiful. Most of what i saw I had never seen. animals, deserts, mountains. i was like taken away to this austriallian world. but i guess i should expect this cause he was second unit on a little movie caled Lawerance of Arbia. so i guess if your second unit on that your pretty fucking good at shooting movies.
The story of this film flows so naturally and simple you kinda get lost in it.
I really really really reccomend this movie to anyone. I think this is the kinda movie that anyone would like. it just it does so much but it does it so well. oh man. seriously great movie go see it.

Most Teen movies suck pretty bad. no seriously they do. The stupidest thing is they usually have some hot actress in it and theres probably only one scene were you get to see her in little cloths or looking hot or anything. and really most of these teen movies arn't good enough on there on merits so the only real reason to see them is for that hot girl. leaving you really disappointed.
Well The film makers of private school decided hey why not give people what they want. and have those sexy girls be sexy the whole movie. And really i can't knock them for that. Cause at least there being honest.
i guess this film is really some where between soft core porn and a teen movie but come on did you really wanna see a teen movie. espically a bad one.
Don't get me wrong there are good teen movies but this isn't one of them.
So if your gonna see a bad teen movie for all the sexy ladies then see private school cause thats pretty much all it has going for it anyway.

Monday, March 09, 2009

NEW nockFORCE Cartoon and WATCHMEN

nockFORCE reflections on previous quickie adventures through amazing audio commentary.

For more audio and less commentary go to nockforce.com

When I was walking out of watchmen I though I have just seen David Lynch's Dune and in 15 years or whatever they'll be a mini series that will be way better then this. But it didn't suck. Sure this isn't the perfect Watchmen movie that everyone dreamed about. But it's also not the shit pile that everyone thought it would be either. Frankly it's good. Not great and it's better then ok. It might be like a little better then mid good. but yeah you get the point.
It's defently director Zach Snyder's best movie. Not saying much though. I think he's really good at good movies. not great or amazing but just good.
Visually this film was handled very well the opening credits was really really well done. They really tryed to give this a good look and it defently has it. The special effects work very well with the feel of the movie.
The acting was good but it didn't have anything that was an insane crazy acting moment. I kinda wish they used the actors a big more. really got us into it. One of the things that made Dark Knight so good was the acting. There was nothing like that in here. it didn't hurt the film. but it didn't help it either. but i kinda like the guy who played Rorschach and hope more people use Jackie Earle Haley. He may have been a little silly in this but i like him.
If you like comics and espically comic book movies this is a film that you should see. Is it the greatest no. spiderman 2, sin city, x-men 2, and even the dark knight are better films. But it's not as bad as spiderman 3 or x-men 3. It might just be a little better then batman begins. so there you go. Really i have to say see this in theaters it's a big special effects movie and it really helps to see it on the big screen. but hey thats just me.

yeah cause how many times can i really post this