Friday, June 29, 2007

The General with Buster Keaton

This is the best Silent comedy I have ever seen. In fact it maybe the best silent film I have ever seen. It is without a doubt defently in my top 10 and one i want on dvd cause Buster Keaton is amazing.
I had seen Steamboat Bill JR. and that was good but this is amazing. The gags in this film are crazy with all the stunts and physical comedy he does. also he uses irony and isn't always perfect. In fact his character is flawed but it works so well.
If you wanna know why people love Buster Keaton so much see the General. I mean man.
Also the female character isn't just a madien in disteress she's like a real person in this film.
This film plays like something made yesterday it's just beautiful. also conceptually amazing. all the south soliders in the film move to the right and the norther soliders move to the left so the southern soliders are moving down and the north up like they are on the map. Like what oh my god just amazing.

Also Keatons favorite film and it has the most expensive shot of the silent era. So yeah I don't know what you're waiting for but until then watch this clip.

On the tape that the general was on there was also a short called the playhouse in which keaton plays everyone in a play. it's pretty wild and shows how technically gifted he was at the time. which while watching this think this is 90 years old.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

sophie's choice

I think most people including myself had a werid idea of what the plot of this movie was. Since all I knew was the big scene i though it took place during the war and the holocaust. but no it doesn't it mostly takes place in brooklyn right after the war. Were Sophie lives and she reveals this about her self.
This a really good film and by the end your like wow and stuff but I don't know if i would have put it on the best films of all time list or anything. It defently something if you havn't seen you should. and you'll be glad you did.
Meryl Streep is really amazing and most of the time you don't realise it's Meryl Streep cause she is so good at playing sophie. I mean I thought she was Polish. This probably one of the best performances on screen. And I can see they like had to give her an oscar for.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

nockFORCE website up

The website for my rap group and cartoon nockFORCE went up on Sunday but silly me didn't link it. It's still a new site so maybe go bookmark it and come back later. but it can redirect you to both the myspace and you tube accounts. you can also download music.
I just updated the blog on there about stuff we're working on with nockFORCE. so anyway

citizen kane and volver

This movie has so much to talk about that really doing a blog entry and calling it a day would be un fair. This film is obviously crazy good and you can notice and take away something new every time.
It's shot so good my god really it's amazing. Techincally this film is defently one of the best made films. Orson's performance is amazing when you think about the range and how you never doubt it you believe in kane as a real person.
I don't know if there is a best film of all time but this is nearly a perfect film.
This film has so many wounerful moments. I sometimes can't believe this film.
One thing that is intresting is this film was originally called the american. which odd it made the american film instutuate's number one amercian film.

Also and this is film geek lore and i think most people know if but just for those who don't. The rumor is that the big reason william randolf hearst was so angry at the film was that his last words were rosebud. Which supposedly was the pet name of Hearst Girlfriend's (Marlenia Deitrich) Vagina.
i have heard this story from several people. i don't know if it's true but it's a great legend.

If all chick flicks were like this then buy me a ticket for music and lyrics. Unforently i live in america and they don't make like this here. but in spain they have pedro almodovar.
This film reminds me alot of all about my mother his 1999 film. And i could even watch mother and then this.
It works very well and Penelope Cruse is really good in it. This film feels like it's longer then it is which is nice. I think it's one of my favorites by almodover. I like it more when he does these kinda films.
which actually thes films remind me alot of the quote un quote women picutres from the 40's with Joan Crawford. like mildred pirece or something

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

back to the future and radnomness

I used to watch this movie alot when i was in middle school. It's still a good movie. I think I like it more now then I did then. I used to like the sequal more but i think there different movies. And that this movie is alot better written wise all the stuff it gets in to.
A funny premise going back in time and having your mom fall in love with you. Apprently this film did well in the south. .
Everybody is good and it goes back to a time when Speilberg produced stuff rules hollywood.
I would recomend this if you wanna have a fun time cause this is defently a very fun movie. and the second one is a good to go after wards.
Also continuity in the films gets nuts by the third one like they have a alot of continuity in these movies it's crazy.

I only saw one movie yesterday so i'll write about other stuff.

This weekend two good movies come out Sicko and RATATOUILLE open. both worth while seeing. I know sicko is amazing and RATATOUILLE i don't know but it's a pixar movie directed by Brad Bird so this should really be a no brainer for everyone.

TCM is doing a IDA LUPINA nite tonite and its movies she directed. She was the first female director in hollywood so check it out it starts at 8 a really good movie outrage starts at 9:30 dealing with rape and it was made in the 50's.

Monday, June 25, 2007

the full nockFORCE CARTOON IS UP

Last week I posted the theme song on here well today I'm putting up the whole episode of the cartoon. We've been working on getting this cartoon up like forever. Infact I think we started developing this in october or september of 06 which is like forever ago now. this defently had the longest pre production of anything I've ever done and it's a really good thing. this is something I'm real proud of and even if you don't like rap or anything you can enjoy nockforce

mickey and nickey, then carbret

This movie is the lost film gem that you havn't seen and barely anyone else has. It stars both John Cassavetes and Pete Falk.
The premise of the film is John Cassavetes character is on the run from getting killed by the mob. so he asks his friend to hang out with him (peter Falk) however is friend is hanging out with him so the mob knows were he is and that's the whole movie. it's fucking nuts and probably i guess could be a play or something.
The main thing that works is cassavetes and falk were real life friends. so it works real well.
The director has only made 3 films but because of this i wanna see all of them.
I think this is defently a great movie time has forgotten or maybe never knew about. but you know it should be coo to own which i will.
Also ned betty is in it and is fucking awesome.

So stupid me i expected a kind of musical but like i don't know i didn't expect a truffant movie with little musical performances. in fact the cabret is where she works but really the film is about a gay michael york and Liza (with a Z thank you very much) minelle living in an apartment together and having this weird relationship.
I wish someone had told me earlier that this was this good. I'm shocked america liked this movie cause it is by no means mainstream at all. It's almost a werid art film with catchy songs.
Having seen this and All that jazz i now must see all of Bob Fosse's film cause he is fucking awesome. I allready saw Lenny and that was good. But yeah defently check this one out.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Cletus the Fetus

yes i am working on getting it back on and in an even better place then before. i got a hard drive to store them on and i'm even going to put them all on you tube. so yeah but also cletus the fetus is still online on newgrounds HERE

i used to put a new one up every week. i remember i would put one up then go to my production class come back and like 600 people had watched it. which was amazing. there is going to be cletus the fetus again just it'll happen.

possesed and john cassavetes

This is a good film that has a noir kind of edge. It also uses alot of really truely neat camera moves and all sorts of stuff.
I liked this movie for the art of which it was made.
But Joan Crowford was just annoying the piss out of me. Her character at least sometimes i'd be like oh what the fuck come the fuck is wrong with you. I get it that she is supposed to have a mental disorder and stuff it was getting annoying. At least for me personally everybody else seems to be coo with it.
I liked her alot more in Mildred Pirece.
It's good if you like weirder movies with noir or if you liked Spellbound by hitchcock. in fact if you love spellbound by hitchcock you'll love this movie. i felt they were very similair.

There were several problems with the afi list and it would be stupid of me to act like it could ever be a perfect list. However the critera is basically if your films hold up today or are important to todays audiences. (they say it in a different way but that's what it means)
Now i could do this about animation which i believe deserved alot more respect or documentary which got like none. but i chouse somebody who is obviously influencal and important and really film would be a hell of alot different without him and that is John Cassavetes.
He is the father of indepent film. Without him well dam i don't know. There would be no miramax and probably not indepent film the way we know it. also there would be no and i truly mean this shakey cam.
Shadows is the film that should have been included and is the one i would pick. It's influence runs very deep. yes i could pick other of his films but i think this is the one they would most likely go for.
Shadows is as important as Toy Story, Birth of a Nation, The Jazz Singer, and Snow White. it was a first and we'd live in a different world. at the end of last centary several critics had a list of the most influencal films of all time and guess what Shadows was on all of them.
9 years ago when they made the afi list people were upset sullivan's travels didn't make it. well i want in 10 years this film to be on there.
I don't really watch his films that much or even really like his films as much as lot of people but i understand how big he is.
so if you havn't seen Shadows go get a copy, it truely is as big of deal as all those big films infact it's probably greater then most.
Also it's mad coo with a fucking awesome jazz score and really good improv acting in black and white. oh yeah he also brought improv to film but you know nobody does that anymore so whateva.

also here's a clip

Thursday, June 21, 2007

afi's new list

let me start off by saying that it's constant lying about how the last list was 10 years ago is really odd. cause it was 9 years ago. obviously they didn't want to wait like one whole year.
Obviously these list are not what people go by but there fun and help make you watch a ton of stuff that otherwise you wouldn't so i think they're good for that reason. me alone there are 7 movies on there i havn't seen. which i'm gonna take care of real quick. I saw almost all of the films on the list last time. i saw own the jazz singer havn't watched it i should do that.
anyway here's the new list

1. "Citizen Kane," 1941.

2. "The Godfather," 1972.

3. "Casablanca," 1942.

4. "Raging Bull," 1980.

5. "Singin' in the Rain," 1952.

6. "Gone With the Wind," 1939.

7. "Lawrence of Arabia," 1962.

8. "Schindler's List," 1993.

9. "Vertigo," 1958.

10. "The Wizard of Oz," 1939.

11. "City Lights," 1931.

12. "The Searchers," 1956.

13. "Star Wars," 1977.

14. "Psycho," 1960.

15. "2001: A Space Odyssey," 1968.

16. "Sunset Blvd.", 1950.

17. "The Graduate," 1967.

18. "The General," 1927.

19. "On the Waterfront," 1954.

20. "It's a Wonderful Life," 1946.

21. "Chinatown," 1974.

22. "Some Like It Hot," 1959.

23. "The Grapes of Wrath," 1940.

24. "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial," 1982.

25. "To Kill a Mockingbird," 1962.

26. "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington," 1939.

27. "High Noon," 1952.

28. "All About Eve," 1950.

29. "Double Indemnity," 1944.

30. "Apocalypse Now," 1979.

31. "The Maltese Falcon," 1941.

32. "The Godfather Part II," 1974.

33. "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest," 1975.

34. "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," 1937.

35. "Annie Hall," 1977.

36. "The Bridge on the River Kwai," 1957.

37. "The Best Years of Our Lives," 1946.

38. "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre," 1948.

39. "Dr. Strangelove," 1964.

40. "The Sound of Music," 1965.

41. "King Kong," 1933.

42. "Bonnie and Clyde," 1967.

43. "Midnight Cowboy," 1969.

44. "The Philadelphia Story," 1940.

45. "Shane," 1953.

46. "It Happened One Night," 1934.

47. "A Streetcar Named Desire," 1951.

48. "Rear Window," 1954.

49. "Intolerance," 1916.

50. "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring," 2001.

51. "West Side Story," 1961.

52. "Taxi Driver," 1976.

53. "The Deer Hunter," 1978.

54. "M-A-S-H," 1970.

55. "North by Northwest," 1959.

56. "Jaws," 1975.

57. "Rocky," 1976.

58. "The Gold Rush," 1925.

59. "Nashville," 1975.

60. "Duck Soup," 1933.

61. "Sullivan's Travels," 1941.

62. "American Graffiti," 1973.

63. "Cabaret," 1972.

64. "Network," 1976.

65. "The African Queen," 1951.

66. "Raiders of the Lost Ark," 1981.

67. "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?", 1966.

68. "Unforgiven," 1992.

69. "Tootsie," 1982.

70. "A Clockwork Orange," 1971.

71. "Saving Private Ryan," 1998.

72. "The Shawshank Redemption," 1994.

73. "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid," 1969.

74. "The Silence of the Lambs," 1991.

75. "In the Heat of the Night," 1967.

76. "Forrest Gump," 1994.

77. "All the President's Men," 1976.

78. "Modern Times," 1936.

79. "The Wild Bunch," 1969.

80. "The Apartment, 1960.

81. "Spartacus," 1960.

82. "Sunrise," 1927.

83. "Titanic," 1997.

84. "Easy Rider," 1969.

85. "A Night at the Opera," 1935.

86. "Platoon," 1986.

87. "12 Angry Men," 1957.

88. "Bringing Up Baby," 1938.

89. "The Sixth Sense," 1999.

90. "Swing Time," 1936.

91. "Sophie's Choice," 1982.

92. "Goodfellas," 1990.

93. "The French Connection," 1971.

94. "Pulp Fiction," 1994.

95. "The Last Picture Show," 1971.

96. "Do the Right Thing," 1989.

97. "Blade Runner," 1982.

98. "Yankee Doodle Dandy," 1942.

99. "Toy Story," 1995.

100. "Ben-Hur," 1959.

when the first list came out in 1998 despite what afi is saying. it rules my summer i tryed to watch them all in one summer. i failed however it is possiable.
I think this list has better films on it then the last one however the last one was very good at showing you film history. i don't think this one is as good at that. but i think if you watch them all over a certain period of time you'd get a little bit of history.
I was sad to see no James Dean on here as last time he had two of his 3 films on here. also George Stevens who is a personal favorite director of mine got his two better movies taken off but fucking Shane i fucking hate Shane fuck that movie.
I like how high the searchers was but i wish there was more then one John Wayne movie on there. How can you even have a topp american films list with out John Wayne.
Only two animated films same as last time all though this time we got Toy Story and no fantasia i wish they put Iron Giant, the Increibles, and another Disney movie like seriously there are so many good ones.
It's also horriable that there are no documentaries on here and Hoop Dreams is good enough.

the films i was happiest to see on. SUNRISE the best silent film of all time. some have siad silent films got a better chance because they are availble easier now with dvd i think that's a good thing. Nashville, do the right thing, the last picture show, sullivan's travels, the general, lord of the rings.
All though i wish it was credited as lord of the rings and not fellowship cause it really is one movie.

oh yeah also the sixth sense like what the fuck was with that

this year the top ten goes from 1939 to 1993 whcih not only have the same numbers ooooo freakie. but this time represents a film from the 1980's with raging bull

pulp fiction should have been higher them forrest gump which some how got on there again like how the fuck did that happen but whateva

anyway here's some facts about the afi list from afi

"23 films dropped off the list: DR. ZHIVAGO (former #39), THE BIRTH OF A NATION (former #44), FROM HERE TO ETERNITY (former #52), AMADEUS (former #53), ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT (former #54), THE THIRD MAN (former #57), FANTASIA (former #58), REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE (former #59), STAGECOACH (former #63), CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND (former #64), THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE (former #67), AN AMERICAN IN PARIS (former #68), WUTHERING HEIGHTS (former #73), DANCES WITH WOLVES (former #75), GIANT (former #82), FARGO (former #84), MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY (former #86), FRANKENSTEIN (former #87), PATTON (former #89), THE JAZZ SINGER (former #90), MY FAIR LADY (former #91), A PLACE IN THE SUN (former #92) and GUESS WHO'S COMING TO DINNER (former #99).{"

Only three films hold their original positions on the list: CITIZEN KANE (#1), THE GODFATHER PART II (#32) and THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES (#37).

The 1970s is the most represented decade with 20 entries.

The earliest film represented is INTOLERANCE (1916) and the most recent is THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING (2001).


John Ford's epic Western THE SEARCHERS moved up the list the most of any film--rising 84 spots to a new position at #12. CITY LIGHTS, VERTIGO and UNFORGIVEN also rose prominently, moving from #76 to #11 (CITY LIGHTS); #61 TO #9 (VERTIGO) and #98 to #68 (UNFORGIVEN).

Steven Spielberg is the most represented director with five films: ET, JAWS, RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, SCHINDLER'S LIST. Spielberg was the most represented director on AFI's original list--also with five films. (CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND was replaced by SAVING PRIVATE RYAN as the fifth entry.) Directors Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick and Billy Wilder each have four films on the list. Frank Capra, Charles Chaplin, Francis Ford Coppola, John Huston and Martin Scorsese each have three.

Robert De Niro and James Stewart are the most represented actors with five films each. Faye Dunaway, Katharine Hepburn and Diane Keaton are the most represented actresses with three films each.

Out of the 43 newly eligible films released from 1996 to 2006, only THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING (#50), SAVING PRIVATE RYAN (#71), TITANIC (#83) and THE SIXTH SENSE (#89) made the cut.


THE GRADUATE and ON THE WATERFRONT both stay on the list, but drop from their 1997 positions in the top 10. They now hold new positions at #17 (THE GRADUATE) and #19 (ON THE WATERFRONT).

This is the first year that RAGING BULL and VERTIGO have made the top 10. They were ranked #24 and #61 respectively when the original AFI's 100 Years... 100 Movies poll was conducted in 1997.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

eagle vs. shark and death wish

This movie isn't as good as it's trailer but really few movies are.
The characters were kinda coo but it didn't work all the way. It's basically i guess napoleon dynamite with plot. which maybe what hurts this film rather then helping it.
I think everyone in it is good but as a film i wouldn't really recommend it to anyone. I think it's ok and has it's moments but nothing more then that.
It is a quirky comedy and works for that most of the time. it had these animation sequences that did't really work and took me right out of the film.
But yeah it was ok

Man this movie is awesome. great action movie no doubt. charles bronson defently kill s it in this one.
Also has a great score by Herbie Hancock. which i was suprised to see in the opening credtis he does a great job and i often wounder why more jazz people didn't do scores.
The revenage stuff works for this film and i don't think it's really horriable that he goes out and kills people like the movies original critics. Cause it's just like a movie and not real.
Also werid to see so many people who are now alot bigger then when they were younger doing bit parts. like Jeff goldblum and Christopher Guest. I havn't seen any other death wish movies but if i do i hope they're in more of them but i doub tthey are.

sao if you wanna a coo action flick with Herbie Hancock music and really who doesn't. then check this out it's fun.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

human nature and Chocolat (but not the one with johnny depp)

so i guess this movie should be good too bad nobody told the movie that. All though Michael Gondry directed it and Charlie Kaufman wrote it and it is the only other movie with both of which isn't called eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. it's bad.
In fact i will say the best part was watching Miranada Otto do a bad french accent and look hot. but other then that don't waste your time.
This film is written to much like Being John Malkovick but that movie got it write. i think if your a big fan then see it but if you are you've probably all ready seen it. Otherwise really don't see this movie it sucks it's not intresting and to quirky for it's own good. sometimes movies don't get heard about when they're released cause of bad promo and sometimes they suck balls. you figure it out.

This is a good film. i saw it by accident a few weeks back and then again yesterday. I don't entriely understand what this film is about but maybe i do. never really sure however i had a good time.
The only problem i had was that the main plot is that a girl is returning to africa where she lived as a child. that wasn't clear to me personally however everyone else gets that so i don't think the film has this problem i think it is more me but if you see it and have the same problem maybe it's not. i think it is kinda obvious but they never say yeah that's her at any point but maybe that would suck.
This is a slower movie but not a long one and easily a film you can sit through.
There arn't that many films in french shot in africa but this is a good one.

Monday, June 18, 2007

nockFORCE theme song

my rap group is also a cartoon as well. Our cartoon stars in a week but we put up the theme song all ready. I think it's really coo and Ian (the other guy in nockforce) animated this and did an amazing job.

I'm really exicited for this to come out and i hope you check it out

early review of sicko and thriller they call her one eye

So today it's all winners pretty coo

I walked in to this kind of sick of micheal moore but i think this is his best movie.
I didn't like freinhiet 9/11 and bowling for columbine was ok but this makes up for that.
He doesn't make a liberal documentary he just makes a good documentary and doesn't think so much about having himself in it as much. with Moore allowing it to more about subject matter this time.
Also the editing really makes this film because it's just amazing great editing. when you realize what they've done your allready like holy fuck.
This is good enough for him to have a hit with red states and i hope it is a hit because it's a good documentary.
If when this comes out you wounder what to see this summer alot of shit blowing up or this i would see this. one of the better movies of the summer.

The only thing i knew about this movie when I saw it was that elle driver from kill bill is kind of based on the main character. well that really has nothing to do with the movie but i'm glad i saw it cause this is a really good movie. like i want the dvd good.
Both violent and hard to watch this film truly is great both the way it's designed and everything is shot and the soundtrack. everything.
the slo mo sequences are crazy werid but good and man this movie just works i don't want to say that this trailer will just watch and tell me you don't wanna see this.

really it is that awesome

Friday, June 15, 2007

a movie and other stuff

So I'll start things off with this
Yesterday i ran into an actor from this film Walter and we started talking and then i thought about this movie. This has been online before and i was going to put something up that has never been online but i guess this one had to go up. My dp Ben Johnson still says this is the best thing we worked on together and he shot everything i did from my 2nd to fourth year of film school. This was also the first film we made together and a very fast and good shoot. I'm always proud of this one and i think it works ok

i guess some trivia would be coo also

When making this movie i was taking a class at black nexxus which is Susan Batsons acting studio and she was the teacher. She was the acting coach on eyes wide shut and also Nichole Kidman's permeanat acting coach. She didn't like it and said that no one scrubs a toilet like that. I don't know how else your supposed to but i guess she's right. also here assistant said mimi rodgers is very attractive and tons of men want her yeah ok.

Walter who plays Dave this is i think his 3rd or 4th thing his screen debute was in L.I.E. with Brain Cox

Both the actors needed to clear the chamber of the bong instead of leaving the smoke in there.

anyway moving on if anyone's intrested or home on saturday night vh1 is playing montery 40 about it being 40 years since the montrey pop festival. I assume they'll play it to death but it's sounds coo and it's on saturday night

actually i guess that's it have a good weekend and all that

Thursday, June 14, 2007

why can't pop music be like this

yet another reason the 70's were awesome here and in swedan

scarface and hostel

yes i had never seen this film before yesterday and is weird but what's coo is that i saw the original first. something like nobody i know has done.
I do like this film and de palma does a great job making the scarface story matter to current audiences. The violence is very extreme but that's how they felt in the 30's when the original came out. also drugs can easily fit in where probabtion was in the original.
It all works very well. in fact you can hardly tell it is a remake which is awesome. You can tell De Palma is a big film fan. but i wish there were more of the trademarks De palma long shots or something. i really like those and i feel like this film could use alot of that.
That's really my only complaint. if you like the godfather or just action movies see this movie.

I saw Eli Roth's previous film and hated it. However this one i liked alot. in fact it's probably the only modern horror film i've liked this decade.
It's not really scary but i's well written and gross as hell showing influences from polanski and hitchcock this film works.
well ok it is kinda scary but not that way halloween was it's just like makes you think scary.
I don't know
The thing is this film is well made everything works and is set up well and i wouldn't mind seeing the sequal and defently i would see another film by eli roth. He is the big horror director and hostel is the reason why.
Also i havn't seen any of the Sawz but i would but this down as my favoirte torture horror film i've seen in current day.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

el topo and lady vengence

el topo is a crazy cult, underground, surreal, violent, western. Yeah it's fucking crazy all though most of the time you'll wounder what the fuck is going on it won't bother you cause there's always something intresting going on in this film. Even satire as well.
I guess the second half isn't as coo as the first half but it's still really good and weird.
I think if you like crazy movies then u'll love this movie and thank god you saw it but if you don't your not gonna like it at all.

This movie is not as good as oldboy but that doesn't mean to sucks. Lady vengence is a good movie. directed by Park Chan-wook. and the first in his reveage triliogy this films is before oldboy.
Following the main female character who has great eye shadow this film is alot slower then oldboy but still has a strong visual style. I really liked all the actors and defently will see anything Park Chan-wook makes.
I think this film is good and i would go as far as buy this on dvd.
If you arn't as familiar with Park Chan-wook's style oldboy is a better film to look at first but this is still good and maybe see this after that.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

al that jazz and astronaunt farmer

Man is this a wounderful werid musical. If you like musicals you'll like this movie. in fact if you like kinda different movies you'll like this too. It's not to cultish it's a fucking awesome movie.
The musical numbers are crazy good and cut like any great 70's film. the sound design as well as the editing are fucking awesome.
I really think this film is awesome and very well made. i don't really wanna give too much away cause it's probably better the less you know. but it's kinda like if chicago and fellini had a baby

I saw this movie on the plane i took yesterday and i don't know how they convicted the airlines to show a film involving a space rocket crashing.
Honestly this movie is far to pedestrain to be very good. it's coo that bruce willis does a really small role and stuff other then that this is boring. I don't reccomend this and i don't really see a reason to watch it other then when your stuck on a plane.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

once upon a time in the west and the devil wears prada

I have to say this is my favorite Sergio Leone movie so far. This is a really good western and to think he made this after the good, the bad, and the ugly. This guy was seriously on a roll.
They studied westerns before making this and it shows. They knew every in and out of what makes a western awesome. It doesn't come more awesome then having Henry Fonda play a villian. He does it so well and you'd never see it with all those John Ford films. He was always the nice guy. Leone flips that convention and knows and milks it for what it's worth.
this movie is really good from the music to the way it's shot. However the pacing may be hard for some to get through and at 2 hours and 40 minutes with the pacing of Sergio Leone you can loose your pactiance but it's worth it if you make it.
This film really is a wounder and a great movie and i can understand why it's on a alot of best westerns of all time list. you defently need to see lots of westerns before getting this but fuck it's worth it.

also fun trivia about the film from wikipedia
"Leone commissioned then-film critics (and future directors) Bernardo Bertolucci and Dario Argento to help him develop the film in late 1966. The men spent much of the following year watching and discussing numerous classic Westerns at Leone's house, and constructed a story made up almost entirely of "quotations" from American Westerns"

so i have to say i like this movie and it's a really good comedy and the cast is good in it. I've heard alot of guys say that whihc is intresting cause that's not it's demo.
I think it goes to show how much well this film came out. I don't think it's great but most i guess chick flicks bottom line suck really bad. the plot and setting is completely unbeliveable and you could care less about the characters.
This film doesn't wanna be that movie. I think this movie will have a longer life then anyone expected because of it's quality.
Emily Blunt and Meryl Streep are great and even the minor parts are good i would recomend it if you have to see one of these movies or if you like Meryl Streep.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

high sierra and the hustler

This movie is what made bogey a movie star. All though he got alot better later he still owns this movie as he did all his starring roles. I don't know if there is a rhyme or reason behind it but he walks in you know he's a movie star.
The film itself is not perfect. in fact one character is pretty racist but this was made in 1941 so it's a miracle a black person was in it to begin with.
The best part is the famous end before that it's good but not great.
This film was actually remade twice once by the same director raoul walsh once. As a western in the colorado terriotory then again as I Died a Thousand Times. the end mountain scene is very similair in colorado terriotory.
Raoul Walsh is a good director i really loved White Heat it has be one of the best gangster films ever made. But also he was Abe Lincolin in Birth of a nation so this guys goes way back.
It's crazy to think in the 40's the guys who helped on birth of a nation were running things but it's true pretty wild.
I don't think this is amazing and can see why it gets taken off alot of bogey film marathons. but it's fun and has flaws but you should check it out.
Also when this film came out, note in the trailer below bogey did not get top billing. Ida Lapina did.
Which by the way tcm is doing a thing on her all month every tuesday. She was also a director and distrubtor. She was very a head of her time and never gets the respect she deserves. so next tuesday check her out. also watch this below.

This is a good movie and has a great cast Paul Newman, George c. Scott, and Jackie Gleason. It's a great pool movie and has alot of terrific performances. Also a sweet jazz score that was common in the early 60's.
Paul Newman is good at acting like nobody else could ever play this character except him. He's good at that. All though not his greatest performance it's still up there and defently deserved the resulting oscar nomination.
Jackie Gleason was also really great which is werid cause you would think he could do what he do. He was a great film actor in this and i kinda wanna see more film with him in it. I know he's more know as a tv actor but he was good he fit right in.
George c. Scott is great as well and this a young pre strangelove performance. i can see why Kubrick wanted him he does have a certain something about him and it really works.
Seeing these guys play off each other is a marvelous thing to watch. And makes this movie worth while i would say check it out it's a really great movie.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

john waters no smoking ad

This is almost famous in Baltimore of John waters no smoking ad from the charles. Espically cause they stopped showing it for most of the 90's but i think they show it now.
intresting fact it was made for a san fransico theater as a thank you for showing pink flamingoes for a record amount of time. regardless it's still coo

retro reviews for meet the yamadas and the fantastic four

So I don't normally do this but i only watched movies yesterday that i allready reviewed for the blog so I decided to go way back when i started this blog in believe it or not 2005 yeah way back before this thing had ads. well anyway i wrote two reviews and then gave up but i still have them and was thinking it would be fun to put them up again as a kinda of re using. since i think most people havn't read these reviews.
I didn't re read them but i doubt my opinion has changed with either so here you go

Tonite my room mate showed me the film " My Neighbors the Yamadas". which is a studio ghibli release. I'm sure by saying that you think of great master narrative story telling. But this film is different. The only films i've seen that use this kind of story telling are the later films of bunel. But this film isn't really like that either.
It's it's own thing, a film about a family and there goings on. We go through various adventours with the family. Such as leaving there youngest daughter at the mall and standing up to bikers. There is nothing that connects any of these stories but through out you get a very good sense of the whole family. Which consists of a Mother, Father, Grandmother, a i guess teenage son, an elementary school Daughter, and a dog. By the end of the film you really know all of the characters. Like inside and out. you know the characters so well, you'd really like to live at there house.
I guess I would say this would be a good movie to watch with your family but the structure makes me wounder if kids will be confused why it doesn't follow most american family films. Also the drawing style is also very different. It's kind of more simple then your used to but what they do with it is really intresting. espically when they use lines for wind and light. But I think bottom line film arn't about what they're about they're about how they're about them and this is about a family. Does it do a good job oh yeah, a remarkable one. so from there i would say yeah check it out. But please don't watch the american dub. i know if you're watching it with young kids or something but jim belushi and molly shannon. oh that just makes me sad.
The only other problem with the film is that there are some jokes that are about japanesse culture that i didn't get but don't worry about it there's just a few of those. I would defntly recommend this film, espically as a really good film to watch with your family. (if u have one if not it's still good)

Fantasitc four is a terriable movie, there's really no way of getting around it seriously it sucks balls. It's not as bad of a comic book movie as say catwoman because catwoman was just bad, this movie is at least somewhat funny bad ( meaning it's so bad it's funny). With most of the first act consisting of bad puns about the characters powers which they would get later. I took a shot everytime they did this in the theater to see if they did it to much. Well needless to say i was drunk before they went into space.
The director of this film is not so much of a director as he is a studio lap dog. He simply makes the film the studio wants to be made with very little artistic value at all. I think this film would have been alot better with the countless other directors that were rumored to be attached cause they of course would have done this.
The perfomances were crap, with the exception of chris evans nobody was at all intresting and even he is kind of a ryan renolds rip off, who himself is a jason lee rip off. so basically Chris Evans is shasta cola. That's the kind of perfomances you get from this film.
I think if this film was made in 1998 it wouldn't be as riped apart cause comic movies weren't what they are now. i think this film has obsoultly no chance after batman begins and spiderman 2. but i guess it never wanted to be.
I don't think this is a good film to see if you like the comic or if you have any intellagence at all. but if you need a good fun movie, actually nevermind this movie sucks see something else. seriously it's a horriable movie.

Monday, June 04, 2007

i'm a marvel and i'm a dc

This is a series i'm into on you tube all about comic movies. it's kinda like the apple/pc ads. but if you like comics and have seen the movies you'll like this. if you like neither go below to the regular movie post

Knocked up and the proposition

I know alot of major critics are giving this glowing reviews. It isn't bad but I wouldn't go with the new york times and say it's a classic. It's ok and maybe close to being good but it's not perfect.
Then why do critics like it well yeah it is better then most of the mainstream comedy's out right now and it does have more of a soul. The cast is good. But it didn't go far enough. I've seen what apatow can do on freaks and geeks and I wish I'd see more of stuff like that.
I do think this is better then 40 year old virgin and probably funnier too.
The characters were better i feel like his next movie will be even more awesome then this and it will totally be awesome as all hell.
But Seth Rogen was really really good and I would see another movie with him in it without a doubt. also hats off to martin starr cause i really like him and hope they put him in alot more movies.

well I guess it's negative nacey day here but whatever. this has a good movie in it but it's doesn't go there. Sure it is kinda like a sergio leone movie or a pempicpah movie but here's the thing. They set it up like an older western like a ford western and there was no character arc. Yeah and in fact the movie was begging for one. You had alot of other stories going on that could have used a bigger arc to bounce off of. but nope. so there just kind of there in a movie of nice imagery and coo music. don't get me wrong i like the music nick cave did and the violent imagery looked really good.
But what is this movie. It's not worth another watch and even though it's coo to have a western in the austrailian outback. It wasn't about australia so it didn't really fucking matter where it was. It was a great location. a couple of people have told me nick cave always writes like that which sounds boring as shit. Just because you like someones music doesn't make them a good writer. I'm sure this isn't as bad as million dollar hotel written by bono but i also didn't see that. and it was better then house of a thousand corpses but i hated that. so if you want to see a good movie don't see this but if you want to jerk off to nick cave then be my guest

Friday, June 01, 2007

the devils backbone and the firemans ball

All though the premise of this film is slightly simliair to Pan's Labriyth. It's not like it very much. I know it's the same director too.
Taking place in an orphange during the spanish civil war. there are some simularities but this is all boys not a girl so thats pretty big difference. He's very good at caperturing young boys in this film and i can understand why they would want him to direct a harry potter movie. He was the original choice for the third harry potter movie but he did hellboy instead.
This is a very well told movie and i think if you have kids in the 12 age this is much better then all the tween crap that is coming out now a days but I don't think this is as good of a film as Pans Labriyth and really just see that first. but don't rule this out completely. It's a very good film with very well thought out characters and makes me wounder what del torro is going to be doing in 10 years. He's defently one of the stronger directors around. anyway it's worth seeing.

This film is by Milos Forman who would later do one flew over the coocoos nest and amadeus. This is a film he made in poland critising the government. How does he do it well a group of fireman badly trying to organise a ball and an even less organised beauty contest that they can barely pull together. I can see why his government banned the film.
The older fireman who run everything have little idea how to run anything and less about what is going on. But they think everything is going great. sometimes they admit it but not to anyone at the ball. really this could be about an government which makes the film so strong. It's alot like the animal farm in a way because you can easily understand what it's getting at. This is a coo film and i liked it so maybe you will to