Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mr. Moto and Last man Standing

Recently and mostly cause of Hulu. I have fallen in love with the Mr. Moto film series. Now before you go that's really racist. It's actually not that bad when you compare it to Charlie Chan or some of the other asian sterotypes at the time. But yeha Peter Lorre is not asian so that isn't coo. However he is fucking Peter Lorre. and he's awesome. I mean come on. not only was he in catcher in the rye. ok well he wasn't in it but the girls in the book saw him so i can count that right.
Peter Lorre is on fire here. He's good at being the star in a fun adventure film. I wish Peter Lorre was in everything cause he is one hell of a good actor. I know he hated this role and hated doing these films but you really can't tell on screen.
I have seen two mr. moto films. thank you mr. moto and mr. moto's gamble. They were both alot fun. YOu don't see that many just fun detective action movies that much. they are also only about 75 minutes. so it's not that much of an investment.
I have seen two so far and the best has to be Mr. Moto's Gamble. which was alot of fun and had a good sense of humor. really funny action movies. then thank you mr. moto is just as fun.
I don't think everything has to be deep these are fun movies. if you get a chance to see one check them out. but come on Pete Lorre how can you go wrong.

This is a western gangster noir. no really it is. Now the movie doesn't really work as well as you might want it to however it's not the epic mistep that many feel it is. maybe it's cause after seeing Walter Hill's Streets of Fire I was more inclined to like this. Certainly that was way worse. This at least has some intresting stuff going on. It's a remake of yojimbo. It's a western cause there in a texas town out in the middle of nowhere in the west. It's a gangster movie cause they all have tommy guns and dress like gangsters. and it's a noir cause you got that nice existential narration.
I know alot of people consider this movie a kind of epic fail. While it certainly not a success. I doesn't really fail competely. but i don't know it didn't have any life to it. the cinematography is great and ideas were there. but it didn't gel or something. they needed humor and intresting character stuff. i don't know.
The actors do help this film you have Christopher Walken and Bruce Dern. Both do good jobs and breath life into the film. However Bruce Willis almost doesn't work. I feel like he was doing what he did in Sin City. but in Sin City he had humor he had a sense of talking to someone like a human being. if you really were watching sin city and went man if only Bruce Willis was more Blander in this role. well then last man standing is calling for you.
The gun shoot outs are really good and Bruce Willis is always good at carrying a gun around. those really worked.
I don't know if i'd recomend this movie. I will tell you see for a few dollars and yojimbo first. then maybe if you have time you can see this. or it's on tv or something but other wise not great. Walter Hill's made better and i think you can see better too.

Monday, June 29, 2009

NEW nockFORCE and The Hangover

a sockumentary or a nockumentary you decide. see nockforce's crazy adventures from this crazy unused footage. well i guess it's now used footage.

More socks at nockforce.com

Sunday nite rap-up
King of the hill (3x)
drinky crow
the mighty boosh
Big O
Cowboy bebop

I also wanna say that the video music box tribute to Michael Jackson was by far my favorite tribute I saw for him. They played remix's all the classics and the newer bad stuff just for some perspective. awesome job guys

in addition i saw a pound puppies episode I really liked. It was a musical episode. since this was way before both Buffy and Oz made it coo. I'm going to say that Pound Puppies started the idea in the 80's and everyone else ripped it off in 200whatever. I never thought that the pound puppies would be called influentical. Ok really it was only an ok episode but i think it's funny they did a musical episode

This is not as dumb as most frat pack comdies are. I mean it is dumb but it's the right amount of dumb. It's very well structured. it what you want from a comedy that everyone is talking about and it never puss's out. Sure sometimes you might go really but while your watching it, not a problem. The film carries itself very very well and moves decently also.
The cast was really good together. When your watching it you can almost spot out which one of the four is going to be lost. mostly cause he is the least intresting amoung them. Seriously even without seeing all the ads it would still be obvious. why didn't they put a red shirt on him. But the 3 leads. Ed Helms, Bradley Cooper, and Zach Galifianakis run this movie. Each one is put in a role they can excell at. Sometimes you need a certain role to break out and they all got one in this.
Everything in this movie pays off later weather it's a bitchy wife or hating your life or being odd. every little character thing has to be there. I think normally when we think of comedy we think of alot of random stuff. that is not this movie. The script for this was really well done.
I would tell you to see this. it may not be Up or Star Trek but it's defently one of the better movies of the summer. and it's good too. if you saw wedding crashers and countless other of those big summer comedies and like me were like yeah ok i guess. this is like oh yeah i get it you know. This movie's really funny and good. see it over like transformers or something.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson

ok he's dead and maybe i should just post about movies but whatever. Michael Jackson was one of those huge forces of pop culture. There was a time when he was ruling the world. those days have long since passed. like for real. remember that bad come back album jeez man wow. and everything that came out after thriller. but he made two awesome albums. also you know the jackson 5 and stuff.
I remember one family vacation in I think 95. I listened to thriller like obsevily for like whole 2 week trip. man that album rules. anyway i posted two videos below

now this remix can really happen in heaven

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Thin Man and Gunga Din

I'd had heard for a while that this was a really good comedy. I had no idea. This is a really well made comedy. All the characters even the minor ones were well made and i connected with them. Towards the end of the film I even felt like they were old friends. Plus the jokes were funny and the characters are very likeable. well the ones your supposed to like.
The two main characters nick and nora really steal the show. there very charismatic. when they first appear on screen together it's clear who the main characters are. together they have so much chemistry. it's crazy.
I also liked seeing a couple on screen the geninely liked each other. they were always flirting and having fun. i could actually believe that they were married. which is a crazy thing for a movie right. but really they played it so well that it makes the film alot more fun. you could compare this kind of fun to the original ghostbusters. It's funny and your having a great time. it's like nick and nora are our awesome hosts through this mystery.
I was also taken a back at how well it was shot. espically the lighting kinda suprised me. i felt like they wanted to make it look like the lighting would look in that room rahter then make it look like a set. which is crazy. it gave it a really great look to it.
I really recomend this movie to anyone. it's something anyone can enjoy. it's veyr non offensive but not in a stupid way. that's jus the way it is. and it play marvelously. If you have never seen the thin man then your defently in for a threat.

This is what a big blockbuster was like in the 30's and dam is it still fun. Cary Grant is a great treasure seeker in this film. He plays it off so well it's crazy. Cary Grant really stole the film for him. However Victor McLaglen was really awesome. He added almost the role of the gang. like the guy who always goes we can't do that we're these guys. and Douglas Fairbank jr. was also great as a love struck solider.
This is a really fun adventure film in way that you want adventure films to be. much like erroly flynn's robin hood. this might not be the amazing film that robin hood is but hell it's pretty close. Speilberg was probably a big fan of this and many say it influenced temple of doom.
George Stevens directed this very well. with some incredbile cinematography and acting he made a great audience film. I've been a fan of Stevens for a couple of years. Mostly for both Giant and A place in the sun as well as Shane. I've never seen him do a big adventure film before and he was really up to the challenge. He knew his cast and he knew the actors well enough to make this a really well done picture.
Of course this film was made during the year the many consider hollywood's greatest 1939. Which is celebrating it's 70th anniversary this year. This is a gem from that time period. one could argue that some of it's a little dated espically the fight scenes. Also I think George Stevens got better with age like a fine wine or something. This is well directed and I think he did an amazing job. But I kind of see a more skilled directed when I watch Giant.
This is still a great film and if you like old adventure films this is a good one. It's nice to see that big adventure films evolved too. I know there not as coo but it's good to see where they came from. espically since that's the kinda of stuff most people see anyway. If you like adventure movies and you like having a good time while watching them check this out.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

the shop around the corner and the immortalizer

This is a real classic movie. I'm not saying that cause well it is a classic movie. but the film really just everything in that classic perfect way. It's basically about a store not as much the romance as your lead to believe. I mean sure that is a big part of it but really about this group of people who work at this shop.
I've worked retail before and this is pretty accurate. You get kind of a little family of your work mates. you might not really see many of them outside of work but there's defently a bond. This movie captured that very well. that they all knew each other there in's and out's. I know sometimes your at work and you don't care to get know your co workers. well this is not that movie. this is a group of people who work well together.
The performances in this are good all around. The one I was probably the most blown away by was Frank Morgan. Morgan is best know for being the Wizard in The Wizard of Oz. Here his character is alot more somber but also alot more real. I really like his performance in the wizard of oz and he'll probably be forever remembered for that. but in this he's the boss of a company that he loves and his world is kinda falling apart. he does an excellent job.
Jimmie Stewart was great. I mean it was 1940. a year after mr. smith goes to washington. so this was like fresh jimmy stewart. he can really switch between comedy and drama so effortlessly that it's amazing. I've always liked Jimmy Stewart. It's great to see him in this sort of a role.
Honestly everyone in this movie is kind of flawless. they play there parts perfectly. I'm really happy with all he actors in cause it was just like dam.
The direction was really well done. How the tone of the shop with both cinematography and acting when the store was open and close was really intresting. When your in a closed store when your about to leave you realise how big it is. I feel like Lubitsch really knew what he was doing. I know he wanted to make this movie cause his father had owned a shop. well i can defently tell that from watching this movie.
What suprised me most about this movie is how much was just left kind of off screen. we never see the boss's wife all though she is really important. and we never see jimmy stewart write any letters. but it works so much better. there are very few scenes outside of the shop. It's kind of funny that when they remade this as you've got mail they lost what this was trying to say about working at a shop. After you see this you've got mail will look really silly.
If you havn't seen this movie do so. your missing out. it's one of those classics thats so good you can't deny it. I really suggest checking it out. i also wish someone would play it after it's a wonderful life. it would make a great double feature. seriously great movie

This movie sucks. ok good concept a evil doctor is putting old peoples brains in young peoples bodies. that sounds coo. unforently they never get that far. it's all this guy trying to stop them from doing it to there friends. this movie is like one big cock tease that goes no where. I really don't get it.
I even like bad horror movies that are fun but this was just suck.
I'm sorry this movie bored me. good opening bad for the rest. not even intresting enought to get multiple paragraphs. it just plain sucked.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Sniper and it's on with alexa chung

To make a movie about a sniper is one thing but to make it about a sniper who only kills women cause he hates them is another. The main character who is well the sniper isn't your regular killer in a movie. cause you meet him for first. and when i say first you don't get one breif scene before the opening credits or something. the first 30 minutes are all about him. So you understand him where he is coming from and see why he's killing women.
Frankly his experiences with women in this film are never very good at all. He's either taken advantage of or made fun of or even just kinda barely tolerated. I liked how they built this character in to more then just he's a villian and he's bad.
The film is pretty well made. there's one sequence were a painter is telling everyone he sees the sniper that i'm really just wow. whoever that guy was who i actually didn't get a good look at. did a great job acting. But also the choices of shots for it were awesome.
This was made by director Edward Dmytryk. This was his first film back from the blacklist. He refused to cooperate in the the House Committee on Un-American Activities and spent several months in jail. He eventually gave in and named names but felt horriably for it and left the country. this was his first film back and guess who he had to direct Adolphe Menjou who was totally down with giving names even a leading member of the Motion Picture Alliance for the Preservation of American Ideals. and you thought your work day was awkward. dam. sucks to be Edward Dmytryk.
this is a very good film. I really like how they made the sniper a real human being. I also thought alot of the sequences were really well directed and shot. It was a well made movie. certainly it takes chances. notably the 30 minutes of just the sniper but it works so well. I mean man. it's an odd idea for a movie a sniper that just hunts women but they managed to make it work beyond like he hates women he must be stopped. it has a dark side that he really is fucked up and maybe he's more confused then we mean.

unforently this isn't very availble at all.

MTV is in an odd place it's post TRL post Laurn Conrad and post cultural importance. so what to do now. well i guess Alexa Chung. They seem to think starting a new show that uses twitter and facebook will really bring the network back. except you did that at the end of TRL and that didn't really work out.
The show is frankly really bad. her set looks like the old MTV late nite show the John Stewart show (yes pre daily show) crossed with Jenny Jones. it does remind me of older mtv cause it's on a set that you can't see out the windows. so the time square set i guess is out. now back to the mid 90's. ummmmm ok. the set also wants me to believe it is made in either brooklyn or the lower east side. it kinda fails at that also i believe you guys film in times square. so why not just say it's there.
Alexa Chung as a host is like that girl in high school that everyone thought was funny and intresting and you'd meet her and go really. so basically she's like every boring skinny white girl who lived my neighborhood in baltimore. except she's english. yeah that's it. I know i find it really intresting too you just found out what indie is and your like a senior in high school. except wait i don't cause your really just boring. i really don't understand why she is hosting a tv show. i don't get cause she does not have the personailty. i never thought i'd write how great carson daly is in comparsion to bland Alexa Chung. this show is bad and really i don't except that much of a future from it. however when i watch hanna montanna or those disney shows. i really don't get those either. like at all. i mean well i get them like i understand them i just can't be intrested in them. and Alexa Chung i guess your just like that.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Father of the bride

I saw this yesterday. well duh huh. The whole film is from the perspective of the father. Which is what really makes this movie special. If you were to just throw a wedding that would be boring but this gives it a good tone. The Father kinda gets shat on for most of the movie. having to be the bar tender at a party for his daughter and having to pay for some ridicoulous wedding. but he's happy to do it cause she's happy. Really it makes hm look good so great job playing this on fathers day.
Spencer Tracey is both comedic and naturalistic at the same time. I would compare his performance in this to John Goodman's in Roseanne. It's a really good performance and it drives the film. Really without it if it was like a really bad actor this movie would suck. Spencer Tracey knows how to do his thing.
Alot of people connect Elizabeth Taylor with this movie. I actually do like her. but she wasn't really in it as much. I see this more as Spencer Tracey's movie. but she is also quite good. she's credited with giving this movie alot of box office appeal since her marrage happened right before making it a hit.
I like this movie it was really good. I havn't seen the remake in years. or the sequal which was also remade. odd huh a remake of a sequal. If you wanna see a good movie with spencer tracey giving a great performance then see this movie.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Superman 3 and assorted videos

sorry my posting has been a little spotty of late. I'm moving and havn't had the time to see as many movies as usual. however i should be fine by next week.

I feel like any time anyone makes a third superhero movie it has to suck. forently for this movie they have made worse pieces of crap now. So it actually aged better then you'd think. However compared to the previous two films ewwwww.
The idea of the plot having a computer hacker to destroy the world is a little ahead of it's time but it's defently a ok idea. I wish instead of having Richard Pryor just suddenly become a computer hacker it might have worked better if he was always one and a really good one. But I actually like Pryor in this movie. Sure he is stupid and the poster above isn't like high art (well i think it is) but he worked well with what he had. and frankly he has more charisma then christopher reeves. sorry it's just yeah.
Superman kind of is not the most intresting character and I can understand why they didn't count this when they made Superman returns. By saying only the first 2 superman movies counting and 3 and 4 didn't.
I also find this movie really inconsistant. Some parts are comedy, drama, sci-fi. but none of it gels in a way that you go it had everything. I mean it did but it didn't always feel like it should have been in the same movie.
Really this was ok I don't hate but i don't love it either. is it better then spiderman 3 and x-men 3. ooh yeah. but that's not saying to much.

also should i read into the fact that the original poster has richard pryor on it and the new dvd cover doesn't. I'm just saying it makes you think.

I'm going through a 90's nostelga for comics. so i think this will be 90's comic cray for videos this time.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cliffhanger and Wild Bill Wellman

This is a good 90's action movie. I mean sure mountain climbers don't sound that great for a movie. but it's like a crazy thing to do. i would never call people that do that kinda stuff like pussy's cause i would be totally scared to do it.
They do a good job with this movie maybe not as stupid as stalone is used to. well ok it was stupid but it wasn't genius stupid like Rocky 3 and 4. I mean sure it was stupid but not as fun stupid. but those are some of the best kind stupid shit i've seen were as this certainly is up there but not quite what those rocky sequals are.
Still they got some really great sequences and used them to set up really important plot points with both the characters and the plot.
I also really liked john Lithgow as the villian. how come he's not the villian in more movies. sure he doesn't fit in with todays villians but dam he is awesome. Like he can really do it.
This movie is 90's as crap but it's fun and if you want a good stupid action movie then really this is good. it's a little odd how little gun shooting there is but they seem to have found a way to make this work with out it. they really got this to be fun and man it is. fun movie.

I've always liked William Wellman. because of the films he's made Publc Enemy, Yellow sky, The ox bow incident, the original star is born, and wings. Which if your thinking wings is that crappy sitcom it was the first film to ever win an oscar for best picture.
I saw a documentary on him on tcm last nite. and I had no idea how coo that guys was. Like he's actually really awesome. He was always partying like crazy. like he deserves the name wild bill wellman. He was narrating the whole documentary so i feel like I got a good feel for him rather then some facelss narrator guy.
He even talked about how he loved directing a Tarzan movie and wanted to make more Tarzan movies but the studio thought it was beneth him so they wouldn't let him do it. I kinda wanna see that Tarzan movie which is called Tarzan Escapes.
Yeah i don't know i just love this guy. if you havn't all ready seen Public Enemy then have fun living an unfulling life. yeah see some william wellman. he's awesome.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Be Kind Rewind and Seven Women from Hell

Everyone told me this movie was disappointing and all though a great concept it's not a good movie. what the fuck is wrong with those people. I really liked this movie. I really don't get what everybodys probably is with it. Like honestly I don't. This is a fun with alot of heart. It's actually kind of what I wanted it to be just more slapstickie. Yeah sure it doesn't have alot of the Gondry special effects all over it. but I really thought that was a good thing. He actually showed he could direct outside of the film's he's all ready done. In a way you could call this a departsure but it's also very excessable.
You could even talk about how this film really kinda represents what video did. there were tons of mom and pop video stores when video was king. It was an easy business to run and communities would have there own places run by friendly neighborhood people. I really don't see that with dvd. sure dvd is progress and yeah i do like it better then vhs. but there is something less fun about like netflix and blockbuster as compared to like a mom and pop place.
Everyone acting in this movie does a good job and really i felt like they were having fun. which also worked really well with the movie.
I really liked this movie. I don't see what the problem is. like really what was it. it worked it was good and it did what it was supposed to do. see it don't listen to the haters.

and just cause the don and murph review

This is an intresting movie. It's about what happened to people who were visiting japan and japan ruled places when world war 2 broke out. apprently they had camps too. this film focuses on the womens camp and 7 womens attempts to escape.
I liked this movie it was good. I never really thought about what would happen or even thought about it at all. but it was really intresting.
They really had no control over what was going on and how frustrating that was. I can't really imagine what it must have been like at the time. They were just kinda forced in this thing. Not that we did have our hands dirty either. I really don't get why we went to such extremes.
Ceaser Ramero also has a great role in this. it was coo seeing him in something that was the original batman show. this the second time I've seen cast memebers of the 60's batman show before the batman show started.
I would see this movie again it was good and well made. also you can learn something about world war 2 that you most likely didn't even really know happened.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Watcher and One False move

This is a movie I made way back in 2005. This is very rarely been screened. I think it played for my class and then at a year end class screening. That might have been it. So really it's sat around since then.
I actually recut it for youtube. originally it was 22 min. now it's 10:50. I cut it down cause i really didn't like how long it was and frankly this works alot better.

Ok this is a good movie however there was one thing towards the end that really bugged me. I don't know like yeah it's well directed and I can see that it was a low budget film. It's just I really didn't like parts of the third act.
It was really well directed. sometimes I would really be suprised about the emotion they'd get out of characters that seemed almost there for purely comic relief reasons.
It was coo seeing Bill Paxton I really liked him in it.
Billy Bob Thorton plays a really scary villian. He also co wrote the screenplay. He's a good villian. makes me wonder why more people don't cast him as a villian. Like you could tell he could just kinda go crazy at any moment.
The criminals in the car were probably the more intresting part of the film. They even though you know there evil and intresting to watch. you never quite know where they stand. really thats probably what they feel about the situation as well. I doubt they even trusted each other. they were well made scenes in this.
Really if you gonna see what i guess is a neo noir. this is a good movie. if it was me i would see After Dark, My Sweet over this. I think thats a much better film. but all though there both neo noir's. there also very different. they both certainly have there merits.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Corner Pantry and thundercats

for some reason I kinda like small chain convenice stores. kinda like Royal Farms in Md. or even Hardess. actually maybe Hardees isn't that small. anyway this was one that was in South Carolina when I visited there in may. They even had there own t shirts mugs and ligters. good move with the merch guys.

also until they actually make this movie. I'm sure they've thought about it. I can enjoy this crazy fun made one. I assume it's fan made.

Friday, June 12, 2009

more videos

it's friday so i'm busting out just videos. some of them just songs that were put on youtube with lil slideshows. but yeah

i feel like i have posted this top video before but it's good so why not post it again.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

1941 and Origin: spirits of the past

I've always heard this movie sucked. that is was an epic misfire. that it was one of speilbergs worst. well I havn't seen indy 4 so we'll hold up on that one. but I can tell you this is a good movie. It came out around the time of Days of Heaven, Apocalypse Now, New York New York, and Popeye. all films were they gave the directors alot of control and they all really didn't do as great as everyone thought. well except Apocalypse Now. however all of those films are intresting and good. everybody likes to shit on popeye but i think they did a very good job with that one.
This film reminds of popeye but it's more slapstick more like airplane. but it's shot and made like a great director made it. also there's really no main character theres alot going on in this movie. and almost everyone is in it as well. there were people in it that i completely missed like Mickey Rourcke. but there was so much stuff going on how couldn't you miss him. the pacing is also really odd. i thought the movie was about to end but then it kept going for like a while longer and it still worked.
Speilberg even brought in Chuck Jones as a visual consultant. I kinda wish that he was the visual consultant on maybe a cooler movie like raiders or something. but i really like this movie. it's kind of a odd film to like and it's an odd film but it's not bad.
It reminds me of both New York New York and Popeye. All 3 are odd films to think about for those directors filmograpy's. but i think there really intresting and really really well made. at least you can't say they made bad movies just odd and intresting movies. i also know that like the film that ended 70's hollywood Havens gate. This film was all ready being called Speilberg's x-mas turkey. I don't know why we don't do that anymore.
Really this is a good movie. really if you like Speilberg and you like comedies you'll like this one. also if you like film making you'll like it. cause really the good thing about the end of the 70's era at least all those films are kinda there own little odd things and thats coo.

Yeah I know I very rarely see any anime however I found this on hulu and basically put it off until the expiration date was gonna happen. Really I like this movie. sure while watching it I could spot the Akira and Princess Monokee influence almost a mile away. but it did a good job. It was very well structured. It kinda reminded me of nightwatch or the x-men movies. just a really good action sci-fi kinda blockbuster.
It starts off however almost like well like anime and you almost are embarressed to watch it cause your like did i just turn a right to lame city. but after the begining you'll be fine and everything makes sense. I don't know why people say that about anime. sure there are alot that don't make sense but if you can't get your head around this plot then well your stupid.
The imagery was coo. I really like the pacing they did a great job of starting slow but it really moved. I like that no bullshit. just like lets move this thing along.
Really if you wanna see a fun sci-fi movie thats good and has action and all that. this was better then wolverine or teminator salivation. so yeah

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Body of Lies and Little Shop of Horrors

I orignally wanted to see this movie when it came out. then i was just lazy for a bit and heard it was only ok. well i finally saw it. first off I really thought that since Ridley Scott's American Gangster was only ok and well disappointing. that this would also be. I was wrong. This is a good action movie.
Now when i say that yeah there are some silly things in this were your like what. but Dicaprio and Scott really get through this very well. the thing moves. you'll almost forget how much it moves.
Dicaprio was really good as the lead. i wish more people would use him for more action stuff. He can really tackle anything. I know this was sold as a russel Crowe Leonardo Dicaprio movie. but i felt that Dicaprio really did a whole lot more then Crowe really did.
And whats up with bloated Russel Crowe. weren't you the dude in Gladiator and stuff. that 9 years ago every girl would tell me how hot you are. Now everyone he plays is fat. like what for real dude. i mean i know I'm lazy but jeeezzzz. It's like watching some coo kid become somebody's lame dad who really likes ho ho's. He was ok but i really wasn't digging him. however i will admit that i wasn't really supposed to like his character so i think he was good.
This is very much an action movie made like in 2008. You the whole iraq war thing and untrustworthy goverment that doesn't really know whats going on. that actually worked with this film. having Russel Crowe be at home and his wifes like come back to bed you can help iraq later. that kinda shows what is the problem some people are doing the work and others are at home with there wives.
I like this movie and yes i like it more then american gangster. in fact i say check it out. I know everybody loves those Bourne movies. well then this should be right up your alley. if you just like good action movies you'll probably like it too.

After seeing bucket of blood recently i was curious to see another Corman. Also a couple people had told me the orignal little shop of horrors was actually pretty fun. well they were right. sure the musical remake is better. no question. but this isn't just some stupid b-movie. they actually did a really good job on this and managed to have some fun.
Much like Bucket of Blood Corman combinded more humor with horror which was pretty fucking crazy for the time. most b stuff was just b movies. i feel like Corman was trying to get the best film out of this and it really works.
I noticed he used alot of the same people they work well with his style and he certainly knows how to use them for each role.
Jack Nicholson has a guest apperance. i always thought he was in a different spot in the film. but his little scene is still kinda coo. i think if he wasn't jack nicholson i wouldn't be as in to it.
I know the musical remake is what everyone remembers as the better one and yes your right but this one is still coo. it really is. it's a fun cult b-movie. i really reccomend it. also it's like 71 minutes. you can say you saw a movie and still have a lot of time to kill. so really there's no excuse. i even think this might be a better film then bucket of blood. but this was defently alot funnier then that. also it was more of a fun concept then that film. but yeah see this it's coo.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Chaplin and Booty Call

This movie really didn't age well. well actually i don't think it was that great to begin with. It's a very glossy biopic. And it's more 90's then it probably realised at the time.
Sure yeah Robert Downey jr. was really good as chaplin but i don't think it was like his best performance or anything. He did do a very good job. but it blow me away the way his performance in Iron man did. Like they didn't really let him have that much fun.
The other good performance in this was from Dan Akyord who played a silent comedy producer and did a great job. man he looked like he was having some fun there.
I didn't really care for the direction. like i said too glossy. i wish that they had really made a good chaplin bio pic instead of this. there are defently good bio-pics for sure. it's too bad that this wasn't that great.
Sorry and i had wanted to see this for a while but it really didn't live up to what i was waiting for. maybe one day someone can make a good chalping bio pic.

This is actually a good comedy. for real. I know I know it's booty call. but it's pretty funny and all the actors really work.
I mean yeah this isn't the deepest comedy in the world but it's not supposed to be either. It's just kinda fun. you have two guys trying to get laid and cause they have to get condoms they have to go out and they get mixed up in crazy adventures.
Really this kind of comedy has been going on since film began. Just two guys going on a crazy adventure.
All four of the stars are good for this kind of comedy. i understand after watching this why Tarantino casted Vivca fox in kill bill. she is good with dislouge. too bad now she makes relaity shows.
Jamie foxx and Vivca a. Fox both hook up in the movie which sounds like incest but is really like just a weird concendence.
The one big problem I had with this movie is at the begining there was alot of kind of extreme asian racism. what was up with that. it really took me out of it. now it was only at the begining for the most part. but it seemed really un nessary. however i can't really come up with a reason why extreme asian racism would be nessary.
If you wanna see a good comedy then yeah Booty Call will do it. like a stupid comedy. if you looking for a good stupid comedy then look no further.

Monday, June 08, 2009

NEW nockFORCE Quickie, my book, and Sugarland Express


Niko, the talented-as-hell creator of GEOWEASEL animated this for us! check out his stuff. it's awesome

So yeah, that system is really really old. I bet they had a lot of fun with it.

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Mighty Boosh
King of the hill
aqua teen
drinky crow

In this nockforce i referenced this cletus. figured i'd post it just cause

Oh and if you havn't heard my book is coming in september from Random House. nah we made this at work i said it and my friend micah made. it was crazy.

This was speilberg's first movie. well ok he made movies before. like tv movies and stuff. but he had never made a movie for a movie studio. One of his tv movies Duel did go to theaters but was originally a tv movie. But regardless of all that it's also his first film with composer John Williams. I mean Speilberg and John Williams are so connected in my mind I can't imagine speilberg without him.
Sugarland Express is very well made. Thats one that that struck while i was watching it. Speilberg always makes well made movies.
It's also shot very well also like all Speilberg movies. But at the time if i had seen this I honestly would have thought the cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond was responisable. Zsigmond had a good resume with stuff like the deer hunter and days of Heaven. but at the time i hadn't seen all the Speilberg i have now. but it was incrediably well shot. i think having both Speilberg and Zsigmond together made a really great team. but they would work together again on Close encounters so i guess they realised that one.
This a coo car chase movie and kinda of an odd car chase too. like there's just this huge convoy of police cars following them. it's really well it was the 70's thats what you get from a mainstream movies. stupid youth culture hippies.
It's defently the weirdest speilberg movie ever made. it's also the only time speilberg got a cannes film festival nomination. no I'm not fucking with you only time. that's hillarious.
If you like Speilberg then see this movie. it's a fun suprise. it's some great directors ruff little first movie. it's actually pretty coo. I could see it playing with like vanishing point. Speilberg shows how he can take a b-movie and shoot it like an A-Picture so well in this movie. it's really great. I'd go so far as it own it. goes up there with other coo classic first films like Kubricks Killers Kiss. expect this was better made. well to be fair it had a bigger budget but then both great.

but sugrland express it's coo.

Friday, June 05, 2009

The Terrible Thing of Alpha-9!

normally i don't give a whole post to one short. but this short is awesome and amazing. I'm aware i'm using another blogs material but i want people see this and i don't give shit.
There are very few animated shorts that i have seen recently that show people actually watch movies. Like they don't understand film language but they can make coo looking cartoons. well this short ooo man. this short is fucking awesome. i really like and animation yeah it's got a great story and it's a great short just. like i don't know sometimes i get sick of the animation world. like i do feel like we're in a more style over substance and actually think there should be like just well drawn ones. but it's feels even better to have a incredibly well made cartoon. and this man. sorry if i overblew this one. but yeah. check it out.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

age of innocence and black friday

Like i wrote about Bug Life before this is the last Scoresse i had left to see. all though i have never really sat down with casino. well i have seen casino but it's confusing.
This was very good Daniel day-lewis is always good and is a perfect lead to take on any film. espically in this one. I really like how relatable he is when he's still really good with his craft.
The best thing is this film really has an energy to it. alot of grip with 90's period pieces is alot of them are really fucking boring. like extremly fucking boring. like so boring i was like is it cause i was a kid when i was watching these or is this overly too long. oooo my god like the english patient or something. there are probably other but thankfully i have forgotten them.
Scoresse doesn't do that here. he makes it fun and always seems to find a way to make work. like i was really honestly suprised by the energy in this film. there was a shot of wiona ryder that is so Scoresse but a normal period piece at the time wouldn't dare do it. he even does some even kinda odder stuff but it works so well and has a reason behind it.
It's a very well made film. i was really into how he shot plays that they went to. it was really pro. i even went oooo man thats good. just really great.
I would recomend this to people who like those boring period pieces snore. i mean i guess someone has to like dutchess (i forget if i wrote about that but it was bland as bland can be). this will knock there socks off. this is violent scoresse. if you ever were someone who thought he was super violent see this movie. i think it's a great period piece and if i had to choose what the best period pieces of the 90's were. then this would totally be on there.

This is a great and very well made horror movie from the 30's. Both Bela Legosi and Boris Karloff do really great jobs. but Stanley Ridges is the real star of this film. bring to life to different characters stuck in the same mans body.
See the plot is that this professor of english literature is hit by a car driven by the mob that crash's. he has tons of brain damage. but he is sent to the hospital with one of the mobsters. so boris karloff decideds to put the mobsters brain into the professor of english literature. i mean what could go wrong with that right.
Well it really works very well. i really like this movie.
Bela Legosi is really in it that much. but he does a great job being a mob boss. he has the accent which gives him a kind of strange quality that i quite liked.
Boris Karloff is really great as the doctor. He pulls it off so effortlessly. I think it's coo how creepy he could be in this film but still you followed him.
I really liked this movie and if your in the mood for an old black and white horror film. you can't go wrong with this one.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Cletus, Tokyo Drifter, and House on the haunted hill

last cletus post. there all on youtube now.
this is the last Cletus with Cletus even in it. I think it's good maybe not the best way to end the series but i think it had to end. it couldn't have kept going for too long.
intresting that the end theme. which is pretty much the last end theme is done pretty much by nockforce.

This is an awesome movie. if you liked the look of Kill Bill vol. 1 or even the vol. 2 as well this is were it came from. The idea behind this movie is combining the gangster movie with the western. which works really great. But also has this really strange quality too it. the director is known for his strange or weirder movies. he was actually sued by his movie studio for being too strange. you have to be pretty awesome to get sued for being weird.
The idea of the guy being a really fast gun fighter. just like a western. i always liked it when a guy can shoot really fast. it trys to get out but of course they pull him back in. however this also works for the western cause the fastest gun can never retire.
The cinmetography is amazing. the way they use the sets and the sets they decided to make. it's crazy and insanly visually pleasing. and alot of the shots i was suprised this film was from the 60's. like the 60's it looks like it could come out now and not just the kill bill factor. they have alot of shots that look very modern. and if you just made the screen shots in to big posters they would work. that cinematographer must have been a photographer he just can really shoot stuff. it was really well done.
This movie is really awesome and it's defently going to on my dvds i need to own list. it's really refreshing to see such an awesome looking movie. it was crazy. really if you wanna see an incredibly well made action movie see tokyo drifter. it's really really awesome.

this is a great older horror movie. i have never really seen any william castle. i know John Waters is very into him. but yeah. this movie is alot of fun. Vincent Price. i mean can you ever go wrong with Vincent Price. like ever. i don't think I've seen any bad with him in it. he's always good.
The movie has a good premise. espically for a lower budget horror movie. to have a bunch of people who will be paid lots of money if they just stay in a house over night. and the house has kind of a history of some spooky shit.
This film relyed on the actors to really sell the spookyness. i mean it had some good shots and it was directed well. but i think that it's the actors who really bring this movie home. they make the paranoia and the frightening house work.
Orignally this movie had a skeleton that they had on a zip line or something that would go from the front of the theater and then to the back. this was all timed. sounds sweet. apprently the film forum in new york played a William Castle retrospective with all the original gimmics with the real timing. i wish i could have seen the tingler with the seats that would shock you. i hope some other theater does that again cause that sounds really awesome.
Also apprently Hitchcock saw this movie and was inspirated to make psycho cause he wanted to make a low budget horror film. i don't think psycho was that low budget really but who cares it was psycho and psycho is awesome.
This movie is good. if you wanna see a coo old 50's horror film then check this out. and you can never go wrong with vincent price.

or just watch right here through hulu