Friday, January 30, 2009

Beauty and The Beast work in progress cut and the man with the golden gun

There are alot of different cuts of films out there but the Beauty and The Best work in progress cut is in a class of it's own. Of course There are very few alternative cuts of animated films and probably none except this one that is out on dvd. Making this a very unique and intresting cut to see.
It's really beauitful to watch. about 30% is storyboards, animatics and ruffer animation. I really liked watching it cause it shows the animation process. I can't tell how many times when i talk about animation production people think I'm crazy but it's hard then just drawing some crap on paper. Espically with a disney film theres alot of testing. It was really fun to watch this in the cut.
I think this is both a very good educational film and great for just lovers of animation. It's really in a class of it's own. I've seen this cut several times and everytime i like it more and more.
Beauty and the Beast itself i know is considered over rated but it's probably the best film of the disney renisance or as i like to call it the disney new wave. It's classical like an old hollywood movie. However it's slightly not as fun cause it was the 90's and they had to be more pc and such. But that doesn't hur the film enough to ruin it. It's just a kind of great film.
They premeried this work in progress cut at the new york film festival before it's release. letting critics see it before it's national release. which usualy animated films only get shown clse to when there released. many have said this work in progress cut help beauty and the beast be the first and so far only film to get Oscar's best picture nomination. All though I guess I'm not completely sure if this cut got it that nomination. the work in progress cut did start alot of early buzz with critics for the film. Also NO animatiated film has ever done this since. also no animated film has gotten best picture since. so you could say that maybe it did.
I think it might not just be the cut. But i would really love to see a work in progress cut from maybe a Pixar film or a Studio Ghibli. just cause it's fun to watch. also hey why not help up's chances for next years oscars.

This may not be the worst james bond movie but it's pretty close. Really this film should be really happy Day another day was made cause that truely is the worst James Bond film. This isn't really great but it's terrible. but it never really goes anywhere intresting either. It's a good concept. a assaisn hired to kill james bond. really I think this would be a great concept for a Daniel Craig Bond film. It sounds coo. but they never do anything intresting.
they even have christopher lee but he does nothing coo. he just kinda hangs out and has a third nipple or something. dam i don't know.
Rodger Moore gives his probably worst performance I've seen by anyone playing Bond. For some reason in this one he doesn't act coo and awesome. He acts like some know it all private school kid who gets moody and really likes Tom Clancey or something. yeah i know. he even starts slapping a girl. now the whole abusing girls thing aside. slapping your fucking james bond why are you suddenly such a bitch. He even gets turned down. but since he's being such a bitch you really side with her. really i think worst performance of James Bond I have ever seen.
But the midget butler was kinda neat and quirky and if this movie used him better it would be awesome. he's the midget from fantasy island. but they kinda use him as a joke in this film.
Now there are some parts that are neat. if this movie was playing at a party with the sound down. it would be kinda neat. but i think only then. there are intresting sets and it's shot well but as a movie it just never goes far enough it's almost containted to just suck.
Also the golden gun was a serious let down. if your gonna name your movie after a gun that gun had better be sweet. not look like something some kid made in his garage with gold spray paint. seriously lame. i think the golden gun in goldeneye for the n64 was better.
Really this is a good concept even the golden gun would be coo if it was made better. it's almost like there is a good movie some where in there but it never comes out unforently. i read alot of people think this one should be re done. i agree cause it's a good idea. you could even use some of the same locations just use them better.
It's John Waters idea of if your gonna remake something you should make it better then the original. well the bar is pretty low. so i think it can be done and i hope so. really you don't need to see this one

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Rififi and zombie road signs

To say this is the best Heist film ever made. Is like saying the sky is blue. This is really really a great film. directed by american director Jules Dassin in french because he was blacklisted. In addition to that he's not a pussy director but I guess when your blacklisted you can't be. really i wanna talk about all the scenes. the incredible. seriously straight out incredible heist scene. 30 minutes and no dialouge no music and it works so well. I really wondered if it was really 30 minutes.
Truffaut said about this film when it was realised "Out of the worst crime novels I ever read, Jules Dassin has made the best crime film I've ever seen" yeah it's awesome.
It was of course remade as Ocean's 11 with Frank Sinatra and the rat pack. Which was then remade as Ocean's 11 with George Clooney and his friends. Which then has two sequals. making Oceans 13 having the incredible distinction of being a sequal to a sequal of a remake of a previous remake. ooo hollywood.
However none of those films go in to the emotion, drama, and intelligence that Rififi goes into. After seeing this again (third times a charm) I realise how much those other films let me down. I also saw how great the camera work was in this film. The cinematography doesn't have the camera move as much as today but uses mirrors and just really uses the whole frame alot of the time. making it look very striking in black and white. The acting also really great.
Honestly I wanna talk about this film but i know alot of people havn't seen it. so really i don't cause i like it so much I don't wanna ruin it. Don't see the bank job or any modern heist movie. This is it. If you have not seen this. well frankly i think your living an imcomplete life. maybe some half life. you probably don't really even know what laughter and having a soul really means because you have not seen this movie. ok maybe a little far.
But this is an incredible film. don't think about just see it and it really gets better everytime i watch it. Rififi netflix it today. seriously one of the best films ever made. EVER.

just see it.

I know major news is carrying this story but i really liked it so I'm gonna post it too. Some hackers hacked into those digitals signs and made them say that. really nice sense of humor. really awesome. however Feud said on this message board I found

"I find it far more likely that local authorities were trying to contain an outbreak, and this is the cover story being sold so that wide spread panic doesn't set in should people realize that the apocalypse is upon us."

That may be true as well but either way pretty coo

also on the whole indian people who live in the slum hating slumdog milliionaire because it's title sounds like people who live in the slums are dog. well the academy voters might care but they did let driving miss daisy win best picture the year do the right thing came out and not even give do the right thing a best picture nomination. so what does that tell you.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

NEW VIDEO and shatners raw nerve

so almost 9 years ago I made a documentary called star stalking. It was about me and my friends trying to meet celebrities. It was fun to make but ultimately I never did that much with it.
So i decided to put up a clip of it where i met the deftones in 2000. and only the part with the deftones.
I am actually considering. putting up more from star stalking however. I havn't started and there's still stuff from art school that needs to go up and stuff I've made recently too. so regardless it's gonna be a little bit but I think it may and thats a big may happen.

this is a playlist of all my stuff after the deftones thing

I realised since i do a tv top ten I should do a tv review now and then you know.

Shatners raw nerve has to be the best interview show on tv. Cause i will watch it no matter who is on it. I watched one with Valerie Bertinelli. I barely know who that is beyond her being in weight watcher ads and the fact she used to be married to eddie van halen. But I was glued. Shatner sometimes won't interject for long periods of time. I've heard people compare his interview style with both Oprah and Charle Rose. That is defently true. Like Rose he gets in deep your pretty much relying on your guest. Which for Charlie Rose can be a great thing with the right person but can be the bad with a bad person. Oprah is a personality and most people watch her over the person she's interviewing.
Shatner does something different. You wait for him to challenge the guest. it's almost like you want him to keep this person opening up. And they do your not as much talking about the persons career but what there life has been like and what there career has done for there life.
I think it's really a great show. He has had some good guest like Kelsey Grammer, Tim Allen, and Leoard Nimoy. It's on bio and it's only a half hour. if you get bio and you stumble across it. It's a great show and you'll find yourself like me watching a half hour about some celebrity you barely know. And you'll actually be in to it.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

doubt and atomic cafe

Want proof that the oscars should have nominated dark knight, wall e, and bruce springsteen among others. Well moviegoers seem to agree that they should have
and on another note nielsen, the people who bring you the tv ratings charts, came out with a study on viewership for the oscars. Turns out most people onyl watch there's amovie that was a big hit check it out here

Doubt is a movie that really doesn't spell anything out for you. I left with alot of questions which for an ordinary film i would tell you that, the movie sucked. however this movie uses it to it's advantage. You may not know why we focus on this person or that person. but the main plot is clear.
This movie is about a time when men could get away with really anything. espically in the church. While the women have to work under them. This brings up alot about idenity in this film.
But also and most importantly this film is about dealing with something the best way you can. Which is by just letting it go or realizing thats really as far as i can go with this. I did my best. I know that might not be the best thing but it's all I can do.
It's really a big thing. like not everything we do is handled in the best way. It's simply the best we can and often things are not handled well but we have to keep going. That's essentially Doubt.
Meryl Streep does another amazing performance and I think makes up for mama mia. How she is able to use her voice and body to bring the story to life is amazing. it's no wonder she has 15 oscar nominations. Really if she won i wouldn't be that upset but it is kate winslets year.
Amy Adams is really good as well and it's almost like the part is written for her acting talents. She's always good at playing sweet innocent characters in kinda dark movies.
Philip Seymour Hoffman acts his ass of as usual. and seeing scenes with him and streep is really a high light of any year. He plays such a jerkie priest. He uses his acting for sermons and really brings it home as a preacher.
Viola Davis probably has the best scene in the whole movie. and really brings it so you can have the great scene we need at that point in the film. She only really has one scene but it's the scene that counts.
Also Rodger Dietkins uses the camera in a way that only he can. Using framing from late 50's films. Combining both the film language at the time the film takes place and todays film language. all though he doesn't do it as much as in a film like Zodiac. It still is an very well shot film.
I reccomend this film. It's not as much awards fluff as like something like frost/nixon. It's kinda coo so check it out.

If your some sort of film going pussy you won't see this film. you'll probably see all the new movies on my blog and you probably won't see this. and that's fine it's ok with me that the person reading this is still a film going pussy. have fun with frost/nixon pussy.

anyway sorry i've been wanting to do that for like a year.
Atomic cafe is a documentary but it plays with the medium. I don't think any of the footage was shot by the film makers. It's all old footage from when the atomic age was starting. Kinda of showing the problems and how much they kinda all ready knew through the footage. It's both terrifying and hillarious.
Some of that old footage was kinda funny on it's own but also some of it's horrifying. by showing the real results of some of the bomb. and how scary it is using all those bombs. I didn't know people though they could turn earth off it's axis.
This movie makes you think about these huge bombs. Why are we making them how crazy it is that we think that they won't hurt us if we do some stupid crap. really it scared the shit of me. It's a really good movie and has maybe one of my favorite end credit sequences.
This movie is challenging cause there is no narrator. There is no focus point on a person. But it is about a subject. It might kinda confuse what it's doing but it's really worth check it out.

Monday, January 26, 2009

frost/ nixon and on her majesty's secret service

Frost/ Nixon is not the big political movie it's advertised as. but it's still good. Most of the movie isn't about Nixon so much. It's about David Frost putting these interviews together. Which is kinda intresting I guess but Ron Howard has to put these interviews with characters. I guess he wants it to be like a documentary. Sure that works with some films like Lenny but I don't think I've seen it work since then. In this the documentary element almost kills the movie and seriously ruins key scenes that should have been up to the actor to communicate. I feel like the documentary element wasn't a storytelling decision it was more of a nixon is importand and documentaries talk about important stuff so there you go. This also doesn't work cause the people there interviewing look like they were being interviewed right after it happened. yet they seem to know everything that has happened. I wish they had tryed to age them. Would have worked better if it was them in like 85 or something.
Really I think Ron Howard isn't that strong of a director and this movie certainly shows that. Granted his last projest was the untolerably bland the Da vinci Code.And this movie maybe better but it's kind of better bland direction. I think Ron Howard has made some great movies. Like Apollo 13 and I've always liked Williow. but that time has passed.
Is this movie good. yeah it's good but it's not great. It's almost paint by numbers even the lighting and cinematography looks like a typical movie in 2008 that takes place in the 70's sort like american gangster. nothing blew me away.
Frank Langella is great but any parts were he is reinacting something nixon did he stuck out like a sore thumb. however in the interview stuff and most of the movie he was great.
I liked Kevin Bacon and seeing Oliver Platt in a movie again. Also Sam Rockwell and even though i think nobody liked him but me the guy who played david frost.
If you really wanna see Frost/ Nixon then I guess see it but i don't think this movie has very much cross over appeal. I'm kinda like begrudingly giving this a good review cause I honestly won't probably ever see this movie again. It was good but yeah it wasn't best of the year kinda stuff. If you havn't seen all those other better movies this year. Then don't see this first. see this like after all those have left town or something. sure this is good but nothing to write home about.

This is the Best James Bond Movie You have not seen. Seriously. How good is this. If i were to put this on a scale. This is defently in my top 5 bonds. at position 5 it might bump down to 6 but not lower then that. It's really a different kinda Bond movie. You have George Lazenby a virtual unknown before doing this, his first film getting pretty comfortable quick. I think he got comfortable quicker then Moore did in Live and let die.
It's also shot very well. Choosing to have action scenes at both Dawn and Dusk makes it look really amazing images. Most of the action scenes are filmed alot better then is usual for the time period. I really like how they did them.
This one also changes Bond. He has a serious relationship in this one. Pretty much a girlfriend. They also choose to have mostly wide shots instead of the typical medium for action films at the time. Which works well with alot of the cool scenary they had to work with. In fact it's defently almost the best shot Bond film.
The villian Telly Savalas is incredibly perfect. One of the best Bond villians. And obviously the physical inspriation behind Dr. Evil. He's perfect at being bad and really has fun with it. I know it might seem funny to praise Kojack but dam he was fucking good.
A Big fan of this film is Dark Knight director Chris Nolan. I can kinda see it as Bond is mainly doing this job on vacation but he wants to do cause of like society. also the editing in dark knight were it would cut back and forth between one side and the other during an action scene is almost taken from this film.
Also Diana rigg plays a really nice Bond girl. She is both hot and can act. so she works out better then most of them.
The action sequences even the big ones are really top notch. The skying sequence is great and in fact just dam it was awesome.
Really I just wanna say if you like James Bond and you wanna see a Great Bond Movie. see this seriously it is good and your missing out. It's almos the anti bond to the rest of the 60's films and makes the rest of the silly ones made after it look even more ridcoulous then they all ready did. Great 60's action film. seriously check it out.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

awesome gas station

So i went for a walk near my apartment and i found this fucking awesome gas station. well ok i don't drive so not really that awesome but it has lots of nice junk food. like junk food i grew up on in the 7-11's and royal farms of maryland. in addition they have really nice beef hot dogs. put some relish, ketchup, and pepper. holy fuck man ooo jezzzzzz oh man. that's my weekend tradition going there.
they also got party mix which is a combination of cheetos dorritoz rold gold pretzels and sun chips. in one fucking bag man. i'm serious one party mix with all that ooo man i love that place.

after writing this i realise i am one getrifited bitch. seriously talking about how i love suburbian junk food. man. i am totally a urban white young male living in brooklyn.

Friday, January 23, 2009

pink flamingoes and ghost world

This post is all about me re watching films that i used to be really in to

When i was in the eigth grade this was the greatest movie I had ever heard. It was disgusting conterversial and really way out of anyones radar. All though most people had heard of it (I grew up in baltimore so) they would never see it. And I got a copy. really i understand why i had no friends.
Re watching it now I have to say it's the kinda film that if your hardcore into movies you should see. Cause really there is no film like Pink Flamingoes. It's both an expermential film and craziest cult film you've ever seen. It just weird and really I think most of it is done almost to challenge you like yeah egg lady not enough well how about to people having sex with a chicken. ok not enough how about this. And Really I feel like it gets worse as it goes on.
But thats really what I like about Pink Flamingoes. It just doesn't give up. It wants to push you. I've always thought this was John Water crowing achievement. Certainly he has made alot of films. and i think some better then pink flamingoes. But still there is nothing like it.
I don't know if this is something an eigth grader should be watching cause it's. well first it's nc-17 or X or whatever. But if your gonna watch a strange movie at 2 am this is it.
Also the ending wow still disgusting after all these years. I didn't gag this time. hey good job.

When I was a senior in high school I think i watched this movie a couple of times a week at one point. I think for a high school senior who really just kinda wants to go to collage this is a really great movie. And it's not that bad but after seeing on syndcated tv of all places I re examined it.
First I think the script, Steve Buscemi, and even Thora Birch are real good. But this movie isn't really made that well. Some of the cuts your like why the fuck did we just do that or just felt rushed. Scarlett Johansen has always bugged me in her role. And I even think that it's the worst one I've ever seen from her. The summer art school think is ok and kinda works but is too like get it I'm in artist i like silly art things. It's ok but it's a weak concept and it shows. Probably should have been a sign that art school confidential would suck.
I also don't really get the characters anymore. The scene were they go to the sports bar to see the old jazz guitarist. sure they didn't wanna be there but why even go. I think they should have seen him and left. This whole stick around thing. Even the characters had to know that they weren't gonna have a good time. Then later when enid gets a job at a movie theater. When she gets fired. It's really no suprise and who the fuck acts that way. I just i don't know not as into it.
It's directed by Terry Zwigoff. Who had directed the documentary Crumb before this. As a director I think after this film it's really down hill. I don't think Ban Santa and espically Art School Confidential ever follow this up. But when you make a documentary like Crumb maybe you don't have too
But as a movie and for what it is. It does a good job. It's a little movie and maybe doesn't go beyond that but it doesn't want to so why get mad. i still think it's good not great but good. but if you are a art school kid and your a senior in high school i highly reccomend it.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

multple nominees

1. Benjamin Button 13
-Best Picutre
-Best Director
-Best Actor
-Best Supporting Actress
-Best Adapted Screenplay
-Best Cinematography
-Best Editing
-Best Art Direction
-Best Costume Design
-Best Make up
-Best Original Score
-Best Sound
-Best Visual Effects

2. Slumdog Millionaire 10
-Best Picture
-Best Director
-Best Orignal Screenplay
-Best Cinematography
-Best Editing
-Best Orignal Score
-Best Orginal Song ("Jai Ho")
-Best Orginal Song ("O Saya")
-Best Sound
-Best Sound Editing

3. Milk 8
-Best Picture
-Best Director
-Best Actor
-Best supporting actor
-Best orginal screenplay
-Best editing
-Best Costume Design
-Best Orignal Score

The Dark Knight 8
-Best Supporting Actor
-Best Cinematography
-Best Editing
-Best Art Direction
-Best Make up
-Best Sound
-Best Sound Editing
-Best Visual Effects

4. Wall e 6
-Best Original Screenplay
-Best animated film
-Best song
-Best Original Score
-Best Sound
-Best sound editing

5. Doubt 5
-Best Actress
-Best Supporting Actor
-Best Supporting Actress (amy adams)
-Best Supporting Actress (viola davis)
-Best adapted screenplay

Frost/Nixon 5
-Best Picture
-Best Director
-Best Actor
-Best Adapted Screenplay
-Best Editing

The Reader 5
-Best Picture
-Best Director
-Best Actress
-Best Adapted Screenplay
-Best Cinematography

Oscar Nominations

(My first reaction to hearing about the oscar nominations on TV)

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME. THE FUCKING READER. WHAT THE FUCK. NO Walle No dark knight but THE FUCKING READER. Way to be pretencious. ARE YOU SERIOUS. SERIOUSLY. SERIOUSLY. No wall e you picked the reader. Nobody liked that movie. way to fuck that one up. wow. just holy fucking shit. why don't you just giss all over fox searchlight and call it a fucking day all ready. holy fuck. just holy fuck. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. Really the reader. you picked the fucking reader. THE MOVIE THAT NOBODY PUT ON A TOP TEN LIST NOBODY. ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUIS. HOLY FUCKING SHIT. WHEN NOBODY WATCHES YOUR STUPID BOARDCAST. JUST HOLY FUCK. you had a good popular movie what is your problem. SERIOUSLY. I didn't even like dark knight that much but i would have understood. Like you guys just suck. like you fucking suck so much ass right now. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME. HOLY FUCKING SHIT. JUST WOW.

(After seeing all the nominations and having more time to think)


however Wall e got 6 nominations. which ties it with Beauty and The Best for the most nominations for an animated film ever. Also more hope it actually has the possiabilty to win more then 2 oscars. no animated film has won more then 2. It could win 3. It will defently win best animated film. It defently has a shot at best song and it has a really good shot at both sound categories. So it's possiable it could walk away with 4. Yes I'm serious. it is possiable. will it happen. well we'll see. but i'm gonna say 3.
everything was prety expected other then that. at least on the good side

Best supporting actor has a lot of good picks. Heath Ledger is gonna win but they at least had good nominations for the rest. Josh Brolin defently deserves to be there but the real shock was Michael Shannon. Who was really great in Revolutinary Road.


Revolutinary road really should have gotten alot more then it did. It addition to that how come best director is just the best picture list. that was lame. Best song how come bruce springsteen wasn't in there. Like i don't think any of those songs are better then his was. I don't know it wasn't perfect but it never is with the OSCARS.

I will do precitions but closer to the awards.



The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Slumdog Millionaire
The Reader

Best Animated Film

Wall e
Kung fu Panda


David Fincher (Benjamin button)
Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire
Gus Van Sant (Milk)
Ron Howard (Frost/Nixon)
Stephen Daldry (The Reader)

Best Actor

Sean Penn (Milk)
Frank Langella (Frost/Nixon)
Mickey Rourke (The Wrestler)
Richard Jenkins (the Visitor)
Brad Pitt (Benjamin button)

Best Actress

Kate Winslet (The Reader)
Anne Hathaway (Rachel getting married)
Meryl Streep (Doubt)
Angelina Jolie (changling)
Melissa Leo (frozen river)

Best supporting Actress

Penelope Cruz (Vicky Cristina Barcelona)
Amy Adams (Doubt)
Viola Davis (Doubt)
Taraji P. Henson (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button)
Marisa Tomei (The Wrestler)

Best Supporting Actor

Heath Ledger (The Dark Knight)
John Brolin (Milk)
Michael Shannon (Revolutionary Road)
Robert Downey Jr. (Tropic Thunder)
Philip Seymour Hoffman (Doubt)

BEST Screenplay orginal

(Frozen River) Courtney Hunt
(Happy-Go-Lucky) Mike Leigh
(In Bruges) Martin McDonagh
(Milk) Dustin Lance Black
(WALL·E) Andrew Stanton, Pete Docter

Best Screenplay Adapted

(The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) Eric Roth, Robin Swicord
(Doubt) John Patrick Shanley
(Frost/Nixon) Peter Morgan
(The Reader) David Hare
(Slumdog Millionaire) Simon Beaufoy

Best Cinematography

(Changeling) Tom Stern
(The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) Claudio Miranda
(The Dark Knight) Wally Pfister
(The Reader) Roger Deakins, Chris Menges
(Slumdog Millionaire) Anthony Dod Mantle

Best Editing

(The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) Angus Wall, Kirk Baxter
(The Dark Knight) Lee Smith
(Frost/Nixon) Daniel P. Hanley, Mike Hill
(Milk) Elliot Graham
(Slumdog Millionaire) Chris Dickens

Best Art Direction

(Changeling) James J. Murakami, Gary Fettis
(The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) Donald Graham Burt, Victor J. Zolfo
(The Dark Knight) Nathan Crowley, Peter Lando
(The Duchess) Michael Carlin, Rebecca Alleway
(Revolutionary Road) Kristi Zea, Debra Schutt

Best Costume Design

(Australia) Catherine Martin
(The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) Jacqueline West
(The Duchess) Michael O'Connor
(Milk) Danny Glicker
(Revolutionary Road) Albert Wolsky

Best Make-up

Hellboy 2
Dark knight
Benjamin button

Best Original Score

(The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) Alexandre Desplat
(Defiance) James Newton Howard
(Milk) Danny Elfman
(Slumdog Millionaire) A.R. Rahman
(WALL·E) Thomas Newman

Best Song

(Slumdog Millionaire) A.R. Rahman, Gulzar("Jai Ho")
(Slumdog Millionaire) A.R. Rahman, M.I.A("O Saya")
(WALL·E) Peter Gabriel, Thomas Newman("Down to Earth")

Best Sound

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
The Dark Knight
Slumdog Millionaire

Best Sound Editing

The Dark Knight
Iron Man
Slumdog Millionaire

Best Visual Effects

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
The Dark Knight
Iron Man

Best Foreign Language Film of the Year

Waltz with Bashir
Entre les murs
Der Baader Meinhof Komplex

Best Documentary

The Betrayal - Nerakhoon
Encounters at the End of the World
The Garden
Man on Wire
Trouble the Water

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Great Escape and Seven brides for seven brothers

900th post yippie

the great escape is like the perfect adventure film. it has awesom action sequences tons of cool characters. I mean Steve McQueen and Charles Bronson in one movie. also it's alot of un to sit through. Espically for the time. I think in 1963 they were probably losing there shit over this movie. Spiderman was created the same year this came out. That's how old this movie is but it doesn't feel it at all. It could have been made last week or something.
Thats really what suprised me the most about The Great Escape. Even though it's almost 3 hours in legnth it never gets slow enough to really bore you to tears. It stays on a very good pace.
Also for a film about as many characters as this film is. It never gets to much. Which is a hard thing to accomplish. There's no real main character. Steve Mcqueen i guess is maybe but not really. There so many different plot lines going on nobody really takes the lead.
All the plot lines work so well organically that you don't have a problem with any of them. They just flow so well.
Obviously this is a huge budget big film but as an action adventure big budget huge film it's really good. Steve Mcqueen obviously steals the show. Also with his awesome motorcycle sequence which is even funnier to watch knowing that Mcqueen plays both himself and the guy chasing him. so he's actually chasing himself. all though the awesome jump was not done by him. But that was a crazy shoit. seriously i know everyone talks about that scene but he does a hell of a job on a motocycle.
To be honest there are also great stuff from James Garner and Richard Attenbourgh and James Coburn and well everyones got a good sequence. saying one is better is like being at a 5 star restaurant or something. yeah the main course is the best but everything else was amazing too. Sure this movie isn't deep or anything but it's a great movie and if you've never seen it. It would be a fun evening or whenever. just check it out

To say this musical is dated is just frankly stating the obvious. It's western musical what decade do you think it's from. but this film does have some great techinval achievements and also it's a pretty good musical.
All the musical numbers are done with very few cuts. It looks like it was a very physically hard film to make. Most musicals used a alot more cuts during dance and song sequences. This makes the actors have to be able to do some stuff they usually have to do I guess in an action movie now.
Stanely Donen also decided to use the entire screen. It's a film that really has to be in widescreen cause you miss alot. in fact some shots I don't know how they could do a pan and scan. Even the barn dance scene was pretty much made for widescreen.
The color lookis very pretty. They uses alot of colors that are really silly and completly unrealistic but they look so good in techincolor you almost don't care.
I don't think any of the men gave really great performances. Jane Powell really holds this film together. She almost is in a different league from the rest of the cast. I don't think the male actors were very strong but they do what they need to do.
The way they use music in this film is intresting. It almost takes up the whole film and is used more to move the plot along then have a character moment. I think they realised this wasn't the right musical for that and just made the music the plot. Which also makes the music more intresting to watch as a viewer. cause you have to or you'll be lost.
I do like some of the songs and musical numbers. but I can imagine this would be a hard one for some people to get through. If you love musicals I think you'll have fun with this one if you just like film i think there is something for you to take away too.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

inaugeration day and movie reviews

So it's a huge day and it's almost hard to post a review of some movie I saw over the weekend or something. but well ok yeah i wanna write a movie review but it's not the day for it I guess. hope you enjoy your day more movie crap tomorrow.

but hey spiderman and obama

Monday, January 19, 2009

NEW nockFORCE Quickie

Brushes with celebrities are fun. Especially when they are presidents.

more presidents at

End theme made with
the filipino kings and recorded in my parents basement

this is a special playlist i made it's long but you can watch a few

Sunday night rap up

Flight of the concords (free hbo last nite)
King of the hill
look around you
drinky crow

Friday, January 16, 2009

The Wrestler and The man who loved women

The Wrestler is the kind of gritty heartbreaking film that works with New Jersey so well. What's even better is that Darren Aronofsky is doing this film after the fountain. All the cercumstans in this film work so well they feel like they were ment to be there. A Bruce Springsteen song at the end felt so natural it was like breathing but also apporperate.
Aronofsky shows how good of a director he is by making a smaller dirtier film. It's all hand held. It's also not very stylised at all. It even remind me of cassavettes sometimes.
Mickey Rourke is so good I think the part was written for him or something. He just owns this movie. In fact he almost is this movie. This film using Mickey Rourke's all ready tough guy image and uses to it's advantage. He has a very old gravelie voice. When he says lines like I'm just a beat up piece of meat. You don't believe it's a line you think he really would have said that.
Another example would be Evan Rachel Wood. Who all though not amazing was good. Pretty much plays the part she always play. Aronofsky uses both of these actors in two different ways. The way he uses wood is almost an old 40's way of casting. Which I really liked seeing again. Too much now we don't let actors do that. Mickey Rourcke almost in the same way you know he's tought guy. It's almost the begining to a new stage in his career.
The film shows the decay of 80's excess more then I've seen in a while. Sure I've seen third acts in films cover it. but this all the film is saying. It lets you really get in to this. Rourcke's character is almost like the wild bunch or the searchers. He's a man from the past still around for whatever reason trying to make some sort of sense out of it. Instead of the railroad which they use for progress in westerns. They use the older technology from the 80's and the newer stuff from today to show what a creature of the 80's he was.
Also the Bruce Springsteen song. Really like I can't thing of anything more apporperate. It's almost like a springsteen song. I'm not the biggest springsteen fan but the little i know I can tell you this is darkness on the edge of town kinda shit. Not happy born to run or anything. I hope you got that reference.
Really a great great film of any year. so yes this is one of the best films of the year. I really recomend this film. Seriously check it out. Aronofsky's come alogn way since pi.

Like most french people Truffaut was fuckign horny. But he also liked making movies. So where between this movie comes out. Obvously he is a leg man. Cause there's a whole thing about legs in this. also all the girls in this have small boobs. but in his defense he got some nice legs in the movie. However beyond me being a stupid man.
This film is really good. I was kinda suprised by it. The main character is more then just a man slut or something. It really goes in to all his affairs how it happen cercumstances. I've rarely seen a film about a player be so reflective. It loves women but he doesn't just view them as meat. The title works. He is sexist and isn't the nicest to women but he does love women in his own way.
Also this has some hitchcock homages that really worked. i was suprised at how well it was used. even a Truffaut cameo.
All though this isn't one of his all time best. It's still worth seeing and if you like truffaut i think you should check it out.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

back to the future 2 and The Queen

in one scene in back to the future 2 a young elijah wood. says about the 80's arcade game that "It's just a baby's toy". In a sense that is this movie. It works as a film and everything. But everything they do with structure and self refferancial moments are so clear anyone can see right through them. But this movie knows that and kinda reveals in it. It's obvious they knew what they were doing very well.
[SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]
Back to the future 2 understands the 3 act strucutre cause every place they travel in time is a different act. so that when an act ends they time travel in to the next act. Act 1 is of course the whole future thing. They even bring the audience in with a opening little story about Michael J. Fox's son that really reminds me how they start alot of simpson episodes. then it starts up. Act 1 sets everything thing up the almaniac and Doc and Marty's understanding that time travel is dangerous. Also old biff goes back in time with the almaniac. Then Act 2 when they go to alternative future 1985. showing the seed they planted the plot seed of biff mature. They now know what biff did and must fix it. Enter Act 3 when they travel to the same past you saw them go to in the last movie. making a big act 3 because it looks coo to have them make new scenes out of the old scenes. And eventually well you know how to ends
[SPOILER ALERT OVER SPOILER ALERT OVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

I do like also how this movie combines what the audience is familiar with by references things that happened in the previous film. probably giving every a similair feel as the original. some executive was probably gizzing is his pants over this movie. It also has sequal so written all over it that there is no question it's back to the future 2.
This may have been Zemeicks's best period. Having just come off rodger rabbit and before that the first back to the future. After this then he made gump boo.
Really this movie is film structure for babies but if you wanna sit back and accept a film that is really easy to understand but loves it at the same time then check out this movie. but I'm guessing since it was a huge hit you probably all ready have.

I finally saw this movie on tv. A fitting place for it cause it's pretty much a glorified tv movie. Nothing about it is truely that outstanding. but it's not supposed to do that maybe. Really Helen Mirren is what slightly makes it feel like it could be better but her performance can't save this movie.
There's really not that much there. It's just kinda re telling of maybe what happened. Like most tv movies. Really it's a good version of what usually is the oj story or the madonna story or you know those 90's tv movies that would take headlines and make them into movies. I kinda like the camp of those more then this film.
Sure it's a more intresting thing to make a movie out of then those. but it doesn't every get that much past them.
It trys but doesn't get very far with having a nice score and actors. But I guess it's just like an hbo movie or something.
Also what the fuck is with that deer. Was that supposed to mean something cause that is the worst symbolism I've ever seen. Like is that supposed to be tradition and then Diana's evil liberal hunter ways killed it. I don't know and personally I thought it was just like trying to hit you over the head with it or something. Like what was that crap. look i saw a deer run deer. on no deer is dead. well i guess i'll go see this whole diana thing. WHAT. Seriously that was dumb. Do you guys understand how to use symbolism. maybe not. did they like just learn what it was and then maybe was like i want you this "symbolism". ok sorry that deer was dumb.
Really this is the kinda movie that someone sees if they want to see what appears to be an intelligent film. But don't really wanna be challenged as a viewer if so then this movie's for you. But honestly that deer thing. no really the fuck was that. Honestly I think this movie found it's home being played on oxygen and usa during the day. As it's no better then re runs of house.

sorry actually house is better. ooooooooooooo suck it queen. suck it.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

django and the big store

if all you know about speghetti westerns are clint eastwood movies. Then you should see this movie. Cause it's probably the most fun speghetti western I've seen. But not as fun as pale rider. well actually it's kinda different kinda fun cause Django is like fun cult violent stuff. Pale Rider is a little more mainstream fun.
First off Django is a bad ass. He has a sweet theme song. and carries around a coffin. yeah i said a fucking coffin. who does that. nobody well ok nobody but motherfucking django. Seriously don't fuck with Django.
God this movie was sweet.
There's a part where they catch a spy. Then they cut his ear off and make him eat it. fucking awesome. granted that had nothing to do with the character Django but let me assure you that he is bad fucking ass and he probably would do something like that.
It does have bad dubbing cause most speghetti westerns weren't filmed with sound so the directors could yell stuff at them while filming.
Also it's a great combination of the itlain western and the acid western. I even could feel some Johnny Guitar in there.
If you wanna see a volient cult western and you have never seen Django then not only have you like never lived but you should also this this. also Django is the shit

To be honest this isn't the marx brothers best. There were some funny gags and there was some kinda nice performances but i really wasn't feeling this. I mean I like the marx brothers. duck soup and a night at the opera those were great but this is defently a lesser film.
I mean the premise is a little forced they run a store. wow I'm really intrested in that one. I guess in the marx brothers filmography this is like yes man or something. Cause obviously the better days were behind them and they wanted to still make money so why not throw something together and even use stuff they've all ready done. Does it make it a bad movie. well not totally but it doesn't make it intresting or that much fun.
Your with the marx brothers so it's not so bad but i would see the prime stuff first.
sorry marx brothers I wasn't feelin this one as much.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Best Animated Feature Categorey (Golden Globes Edition)

Sunday Nite I watched the golden globes and even though i put the nominations up when they were annouced was kinda like where is wall e in the comedy/musical cateogorey.
Cause the Golden Globes has nominated animated films in that categorey before like The Incredbiles, Finding Nemo,Toy Story, Chicken run, the little mermaid and Aladdin. 3 animated films have also won the cateogorey The Lion King,Toy Story 2, and Beauty and the beast. But I noticed that since the Golden Globes have not nominated anything animated for best musical/ comedy since they started there best animated feature categorey. Which I looked up and is true. In fact since they have started that categorey the only categorey animated films have managed to get nominations in is Best original song. Which has happened a total of 3 times with Happy Feet (which actually won) and for Bolt and Wall e.
The best animated feature cateogorey has been around at the golden globes for 3 years. In the previous 3 years both finding nemo and the incredibles got there best musical/ comedy nominations. In fact animated films have had nominations from 1992 til 2006 when there was none. but the 2005 film year wasn't the best for animation.
Really the Globes were giving animated films started with the 90's Disney boom alot of shit when previously they didn't care. and giving 3 animated films a best picture is pretty good. but that has died as you can see below it's kinda bleek.

So basically yes the Golden Globes did sending animation packing for major categories when previously they would give it a nomination or at least let a couple win. All though they are always shut out of orinial screenplay. But no animated film has ever gotten a nomination in that Categorey since the globes started.
It's kinda bullshit that Ratatouille got 5 nominations from the Oscars (original Score, sound, sound editing, orignal screenplay, best animated feature) and one nomination and it did win animated feature. espically considered most put it among the best of year. i mean do you think it was better then the films that were nominated for best comedy/ musical? actually i've seen most of them and yes it was.

Wall e is in the same boat. kinda stupid.

I know alot of people complain about the best animated feature categorey at any awards show. They say it ghetto's animated film. well in this case yes that is true. Is it true for the oscars well that post goes up post Oscar nominations see ya then.

Please consider they have no technical cateogories and it's the golden globes

past Golden Globe Animation nominees and winners for animation

*= win

1948: Special Award for Walt Disney for Bambi*

1950: Best Cinematography - Color for the Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad*

1978: Best Original Score for Lord of the Rings

1987: Best Original Song for An American Tail

1989: Best Original Song for Oliver & Company

1990: Best Motion Picture - Comedy/Musical for Little Mermaid
Best Original Song for Little Mermaid (under the sea)*
Best Original Song for Little Mermaid (kiss the girl)
Best Original Score for Little Mermaid*

1992: Best Motion Picture - Comedy/Musical for Beauty and the Beast*
Best Original Song for Beauty and the Beast (Beauty and the Beast)*
Best Original Song for Beauty and the Beast (be our guest)
Best Original Score for Beauty and the Best*

1993: Best Motion Picture - Comedy/Musical for Aladdin
Best Original Song for Aladdin (a whole new world)*
Best Original Song for Aladdin (prince ali)
Best Original Song for Aladdin (friend like me)
Best Original Score for Aladdin *
Special Award for Robin Williams*

1994: Best Original Score for The Nightmare Before Christmas

1995: Best Motion Picture - Comedy/Musical for The Lion King*
Best Original Song for The Lion King (Can you feel the love tonight)*
Best Original Song for The Lion King (Circle of Life)
Best Original Song for the Swan Princess
Best Original Score for The Lion King*

1996: Best Motion Picture - Comedy/Musical for Toy Story
Best Original Song for Pocahontas *
Best Original Song for Toy Story
Best Original Score for Pocahontas

1997: Best Original Score for The Hunchback of Notre Dame

1998: Best Original Song for Hercules
Best Original Song for Anastasia
Best Original Song for Anastasia

1999: Best Orginal Song for Quest for Camelot*
Best Orginal Song for Mulan
Best Orginal Song for Prince of Egypt
Best Original Score for Mulan
Best Original Score for A Bug's Life
Best Original Score for Prince of Egypt

2000: Best Motion Picture - Comedy/Musical for Toy Story 2 *
Best Original Song for Tarzan *
Best Original Song for Toy Story 2

2001: Best Motion Picture - Comedy/Musical for Chicken Run
Best Original Song for The Emperor's New Groove

2002: Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy for Shrek

2003: Best Original Song for Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
Best Original Song for Wild Thornberrys Movie

2004: Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy for Finding Nemo

2005: Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy for The Incredibles
Best Original Song for Shrek 2


2007: Best Original Song for Happy Feet*

2009: Best Original Song for Bolt
Best Original Song for Wall e

Monday, January 12, 2009

Golden Globes

The Golden Globes arn't the great meaningful award show the oscars are but they also don't try to be so why get upset. sure they do some down right stupid shit. but they give a glimpse what is gonna be picked for an oscar. Which is kinda what they do no matter what we say. but the oscars like to suprise so we'll see but pretty much it's close.

This year Slumdog Millionaire took 4 awards (best picture - drama, best director, best screenplay, best original score) and despite that everyone says it has a really good chance of winning best picture at the oscars. And continues to be that movie that middle aged npr listeners will go see as soon as it gets all those oscar nominations. Then they'll read an article and repeat lots of shit from that article at parties and act like there smart. oh come on you know it's true. it's also great from most people who can't sit through most foreign films cause there in another language and those subtitles get in the way but yippie most of slumdog millionaire is in english. am I supposed to be shocked.yeah this will be the big movie.
Benjamin Button which is what a best picture winner used to be got nothing and people arn't expecting that much from it.

Heath Ledger won the award that everyone knew he was gonna get in July. no shock.

Kate Winslet I really think this is her year. she will get an oscar for one of the films. i don't know about both but it's possiable.

Mickey Rourke won and probably the only person in the categorey that actually needed the award so he could get the award.

Wall e also got the award that everyone knew it was gonna get in June.

Waltz with Bashir is a serious front runner for best foreign film but it might be too edgy for the oscars.

Bruce Springsteen is gonna win the Oscar mostly cause every other song nominated sucks real bad. but where's flo-rida come on.

Sall Hawkins's win almost proves she will get an oscar nomination and i really believe it will. they will say it's a suprise but she won't win that's kate winslet's job

I realise i should see In Bruges.

Best Motion Picture, Drama - Slumdog Millionaire

Best Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy - Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Best Animated Feature Film - Wall-e

Best Foreign Language Film - Waltz with Bashir

Best Director, Motion Picture - Danny Boyle for Slumdog Millionaire

Best Screenplay, Motion Picture - Simon Beaufoy for Slumdog Millionaire

Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture, Drama - Mickey Rourke for The Wrestler

Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture, Drama - Kate Winslet for Revolutionary Road

Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy - Colin Farrell for In Bruges

Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical - Sally Hawkins for Happy-Go-Lucky

Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture - Kate Winslet for The Reader.

Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture - Heath Ledger for The Dark Knight

Best Original Score, Motion Picture - A.R. Rahman for Slumdog Millionaire

Best Original Song, Motion Picture - Bruce Springsteen for The Wrestler.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Beowolf also live and let die

Beowolf I guess isn't completly a bad movie. But it would have been alot better if they made it in live action. It could have been this little 300 rip off thing and it would have worked alot more. or well if it was live action and not like 30 it could have worked. but the ps 2 quality animation they decided to do instead is the biggest problem with the film. It brings the whole film down. And it bothers me cause It could have been alot better but the ugly mo cap just ruined it.
Neil Gaiman did a good job on the script.
The acting works anthony hopkins, john malkovic, and crispin glover. Great fine and in the live action version it would have been alot of fun to watch but seeing these ugly ass character designed that was ruined.
I did get my friend to point out what parts were in 3-d and that looked kinda neat. I'm not gonna lie.
But bottom line there weren't these crazy sets or anythign it mostly took place in the beer hall. so I don't understand when they said it couldn't have been made any other way. Cause 300 had more locations. so like what the fuck. what are we trying to prove. really maybe that this technology isn't ready yet. it looks like when cg wasn't ready to make a film yet. in ten years sure but they just shot there wad too early. If this was just a live action film i might have said it was good but the film i saw is somewhere between bad and ok. Sure the look of a film isn't everything but when your film is this butt ugly what do you want me to say.

also yeah it is the best mo-cap film i've ever seen. Which is below dreamworks in my mind. if you have a choice between this and kung fu panda. kung fu panda. but if a pixar is in there. oh well you get the point.

This movie is really intresting cause they tryed to combine blacksplotation and james bond. too bad James Bond is usually silly and really white. And Blacksplotation trys to be gritty and black. the first half or the first hour doesn't work really. and Roodger Moore looks out of place. espically in harlem. But the second half remembers that James Bond never stays in the same place.
When he leaves new york the film really picks up and Rodger Moore looks alot more comfortable. but connery still kicks his ass.
Yaphey Kotto is a great bond villian and does some of the best acting of any of the villians. but the film makers decided to have him die in a stupid way. shame. he was really great.
Jane Seymour also was a really intresting Bond girl and the coo props and sets they gave her was fun to watch.
Relly this film only half works but you have to get through like an hour of a major studio being like wait black people see movies too. sweet lets do that. if you saw quantum of solace. that was better then this. i know some people like this movie but you need to see it again. doesn't age that well.

I kinda wish connery had accepted the 5 million to do this one cause it would have been alot better

also paul mccarthy's theme song is among the best of the bond theme also the opening credits were coo. so check it out.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Revolutionary Road and Run Silent Run Deep

Sam Mendes returns to subject matter that made him an oscar winner Suburbia. However this time he got his wife and that guy who was in that movie with the boat that made alot of money to star in it. also it takes place in the 50's.
The acting between Dicaprio and Winslet is really excellnt. there both in top form. I really think this is Winslet's year and she could win the Oscar for either this of the reader. She and Dicaprio really portray there characters even down to like body language.
Dicaprio does some great physical stuff and does one of his best perfomances I've seen from him in a while. not that either of these actors have ever sucked. But this film has alot of big acting scenes. the film almost revolves around them killin it. good for sam mendes they did.
Sam Mendes defently knows how to work with actors and this shows this more then any other he has made. but really one of the biggest highlights for me was Rodger Detkins. Who I guess right now is considered the best D.P. alive. which the American Beauty had too. but thats when Conrad Hall was alive.
Really Sam Mendes always gets the best guy to shoot his film. Rodger Detkins does some intresting moves. It's both risky and helps the film extremly. He's really the big star of this.
honestly a great movie and a really risky way to follow up titanic but I think that it shows the growth of both of the actors that they would pick this over like titanic 2 return to the ocean or something.

When you have a movie with Clark Gable and Burt Lancaster it's hard to go wrong. When it's also directed by Robert Wise (sound of music, the day the earth stood still, he also edited Citizen Kane) you know you can't go wrong.
Clark Gable does a great performance almost like he is a old military officer. If you compare this to Bogart's performance in The Canine Muitany Gable looks amazing. However there both great performances.
Clark Gable is an amazing actor. I know he's an icon but there's certainly a reason he got there. I think he really steals the show in this.
But Burt Lancaster was coo too.
It's intresting how dark and sometimes fun Robert Wise makes the sub and the D.P. Russell Harlan (to kill a mockingbird and rio bravo) does some really intresting black and white shots.
in fact it's awesome and almost noirish.
I really suggest this film and my dad gave it to me a while ago but i finally saw it and serously worth and it's a boring sub movie it really moves.

also the screen debute of Don Rickles

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

early best picture predications

so the oscar nominess don't get annouced til january 24th but i can all ready tell you what 3 of the nominees for best picture are.

Slumdog millionare
Benjamin Button

those 3 are given no joke will all be there. now the other two nominees arn't as easy. sure conventinal wisdom would day frost/nixon is a lock but it doesn't have the same great word of mouth as wall e or the dark knight. Regardless it has a shot with the producers guild picking frost/nixon in there best picture. they also put dark knight in there.
But the academy doesn't do the exact same thing as the producers guild. all though it's pretty close. I still think Wall e has a shot but it looks a bit dim. however i still think there's a shot at both the dark knight and wall e getting nominations.
so we'll see but really for those 2 slots. There are only 3 films going for it


I have to say this movie kinda suprised me. I think this shows alot of growth from Bryan Singer as it's not very american. There arn't that many mediums and close ups. The way he shot it is alot more like a british tv series then a normal action film would be. They use alot of wide shots which is nice.
I really like this film is reminds me of action films of the past. The way it was made. I think defently up there with Bryan Singers other great movies. The Usual Suspects and X-men 2.
All the actors in the film are well used. I think you could think cause there isn't alot of character development that they don't get to build characters but they do it very small ways. Tom Cruise kinda suprises me cause he's the studio head behind this and he made a kinda commercial film but it's almost too quiet to be one.
defently a suprise. if you can get to this I honestly think it would be more fun to see on the big screen. but this is a crazy film year so your choice.

With an awesome performance by Vincent Price Witchfinder general is awesome. He basically plays a guy who goes to towns and finds witchs which is pretty much anyone who pisses him off. That would be fun. Hey my pizza's late. well then that guys a witch or i have to pay rent my land lord is a witch burn them. as you can see there are plenty ways of using the witch thing.
This is probably the most fun movie I've sen about witchburning. but it's also an awesome piece of cult cinema. it's both fun and horrifing something I think Vincent Price does well. but really all i need to say is Vincent Price is really good in it. that is really enough. it's also a coo movie. so if you can find it cause i got it in odd means then check it out.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

milk and new cletus

Milk is a great movie. Not just a great acting movie or something. but a great movie. Also with great acting. Sean Penn Pulls off a performance that reminds you can do movies with out him screaming in an army of cops after he finds out his kid died or something. The supporting cast is some of this years best with great performances by Josh Brolin, James Franco, and Emile Hursh. I think all 3 deserve some kind of regonation for this one.
Two other stars of the film have to be the director Gus Van Sant and D.P. Harris Savides both showing alot of restrant instead of a super stylised film. or in Savides no wide angle lenses. But both leave there comfort zones and pull off a great film. they really could have over done this one. but it's like they both got together and wanted the film to just work and it does. In terms of quality well fuck in terms of movies I really love this film and Oscars or not it's great. this is a great film year and this film is defently at the top. seriously go see it.

remember when i made fun of 50 cent. well it wa a while ago and now it's on you tube peace

Monday, January 05, 2009

Top Ten TV SHOWS of 2008

well i finally got a list out. the best show of 2008. I hope you like it. I mean it's according to me so i think you know what you're getting in to. so one down. also this year i'm gonna put other shows i considered but didn't make it.

Runners up:
It's always sunny is philadephia
The Bridge
Video music box
Nevermind the buzzcocks
Conan (during the strike only)
The daily show
Drinky Crow
Doctor Who

10. Yo Gabba Gabba

I really into this show this year. Really to me it's like the straight Wonder Showzen and might end up being a better show as whole.
It has awesome music and really i think it would be fun for a kid. all though i don't actually know cause i've never watched it with kids

9. King of the HIll

This maybe the last full year of king of the hill I will put on a top 10 list but it sure was a good enough show that is deserves it. Very few shows animation or live action stay this good for this long and it's a miracle that we got so much quality from it. Still a great show

8. Squidbillies

I feel like you can kinda forget how good this show is. Seriously a really funny show. The voice acting is really funny and the quality of episodes is always good. I think every single episode was on par. and even lived up to it's previous seasons.

7. Friday night Lights

So the show has never been as good as the first season. And the second season wasn't perfect but all the third season episode I have seen I think at least have been a good improvement. The cast is great and watching Tim Riggins over and over again is truly awesome. seriously thought Tim Riggins. man that guy is awesome no joke.

6. Colbert Report

The strike episodes may have been ruff but the rest of the year he still managed to be the best late nite show on tv. Leaving behind the daily show's liberal prechieness the colbert report is just great at being funny and i really love watching it. Espically Stephen Colbert.

5. metalocalypse

This season had alot of breaks but everyone one left me going woo. From the metal refferences to fitzceraldo. man. The music also. This is one the of the few shows that knows what it is exactly and does give a fuck. which is pretty metal. This show works real well. I love the backgrounds and the stages. truely awesome.

4. Superjail

Seriously the craziest show on Tv. The design and animation is among the best around and the whole idea of it is awesome. Some of the shots in this show blow you away and then keep going. Something that you really have to see. also it's all done in brooklyn.

3. Free Radio

A show about a intern that took over for a big shock jock and then his interm show became a big hit. I really like Lance Krall and everyone on this show. The whole celebrity guest thing reminds me of space ghost except if they could talk back a little. Also Brian Husky is really awesome too.

2. Venture Brothers

Probably the ballest season I've ever season for an animated show. With episode barely featuring main characters and going into back stories. Honestly it kinda reminded me of a season of the wire or something. probably the riskest season on adult swim this year.

1. The Wire

The final season of the wire may not have been there best season but it was still really great. David Simons show may go down as one of the best of the decade and every season is proof of the that. Everything that happens and probably the best acted and written show on tv bar none. if you havn't seen this show seriously go from season one its worth it.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

i brokes my toe i think not sure

i hurts my toe. maybe not that bad but best picture i could find. all though this has nothing to do with movies or anything. i like to keep busy and writing a blog post. i think my tv top 10 will be up on monday. also i have seen both milk (defently on my top 10) and VALKYRIE (which all though maybe not on my top 10 was still really good and i think is worth seeing) so yeah but ummm i don't know. well see ya laters

Friday, January 02, 2009

kate amara is too skinny

as many of you may or may not know. I watch the local baltimore news through you tube and I've noticed this new lady. Kate Amara and she is hot. but in that man if you gained weight and had some actually boobs or butt i would totally fuck you. but no for some reason you can't gain weight stop it. seriously i hate this chicks who look like boys skinny thing. nobody told you girls this but the only people who want mad skinny chicks are totally gay. in fact most fashion models are not what most men are attracted to. so yeah gain some weight bitch. seriously thought. come on.