Wednesday, April 30, 2008

this is crazy

you never know when but one day flames.

also a thing about grand theft auto 4 which is funny. right after that video. I have a chance of actually being in gta4 cause i recorded a voice for the radio station thing. if your playin the game and you hear me let me know. cause i acutally don't know if i'm in it or not. apprently they don't tell u if you make it or not regardless i can at least say i recorded a voice for Grand Theft Auto and didn't make it. but it would be coo to be in it too.

also after that the latest nockforce and then my latest video.

is that gamestop really in Towson i kinda don't consider that Towson. I mean i guess maybe it's not Baltimore but i don't know.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

iron man and bittersweet me

so apprently sam jacksons scenes have been cut from iron man. Or well according to no one from marvel but the internet says so. that kinda makes no sense cause they have been hyping the nick fury sam jackson thing alot. so i am secptical but i guess we'll see on friday.
also apprently ghostface killah had a cameo but that was also cut.
i guess terrance howard's scenes are next.

in other news. or well not news but. i found an r.e.m. video that i could never get on dvd for some reason but i always liked it. People should really do complete video collection dvds rather then whatever they like just sayin.

Monday, April 28, 2008

nockFORCE Quickie #37: Jay Street

nockFORCE has a hot new track that you have just got to hear! Okay maybe it's nothing like our real music but it's something alright. also this is a special playlist with spaceballs, cletus, and more

for more music go to

yeah so umm king of the hill was coo last nite. i missed squidbillies but i'm sure it was good and that was it.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Bill Sienkiewicz's New Mutant covers

to continue my last post to today with a collection of awesome covers.
Bill Sienkiewicz did an awesome run on new mutants in the 80's. in perticular the demon bear 3 issue story. which are the first 3 covers i put on here. I just really loved this stuff it was sweet. so here is a bunch of his covers from that time period.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

guess what movie marvel has in development

yes i'm serious. Apprently marvel is considering this. I saw a list of everything that marvel wants to make in to a movie. I guess it would do well with families but don't they remember the box office for shark boy and lava girl. I guess maybe.
What makes this even stranger is that they also made a live action pilot for the power pack in the early 90's after the comic series was cancelled.

I don't understand why they think this is a valuable property considering how much of a joke that title is. I used to make fun of it it comic shops for years and people would love it like power pack where did that come from.
I don't know frankly i always thought the new mutants was a better series. espically the first 50 issues. but i guess nobody wants to make that in to a movie.
but that can't stop me from posting an awesome new mutants pic.

actually new mutants had better covers that. and looking for new mutants on google image search i found alot of good ones most by Bill Sienkiewicz and espically the demon bear stuff. which unforently barely anyone remebers. i should probably do a different post of just Sienkiewicz new mutant covers but i'll give u one more new mutants covers thats coo.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Punishment Park

so to really explain this film i guess i have to explain the plot. but i know people hate having to read through that shit when reading a review. well if you want to know the plot go here for a long ass but well thought out plot explanation. But the short version theres a park where they take counterculture prisoners in a fiction 1971 and have them go on a long trek and basically shot them and beat them up. they also have trials before they go out in the park. Which alot of which is based in fact. which is really great because thats so of the scariest parts.
The way this is made from a perspective of an english camera crew is really great. I love how much like news footage they made it look. this works really well because the news was really well watched at the time. probably making it ever more shocking then.
I think this film brings up alot of stuff that government does do and can do. But regardless of your political beliefs it's a good film and an intense film. I really didn't even notice that i watched 40 minutes of the film. it felt like 10. the film moves and works like most good films do.
I seriously recomend this film but i seriously doubt blockbuster has this.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

big summer blockbuster bullshit movie list 08

summer movie season is almost apon us. With the release of Iron man next week. You couldn't tell they don't put out shit like baby mama unless it's close to summer. so i'm gonna tell you which of the few good summer movies are worth seeing or well possiably seeing. if i didn't include like lets say narnia which i may see out of bordum looks like shit. That last one is the only time i fell asleep in a theater.
anyway this list is mostly big summer blockbuster bullshit movie list. I know i could talk about art movies or something but it is fun to have the big summer comin up. heres what to expect.

Iron Man

Well of course this movie looks like it could be the next great comic movie and we havn't had one in like ummm aaa oh yeah since Sin City. 3 years ago. but this could go either way. Still it looks worth it.

Speed Racer

wanna see a stupid movie with bright colors. well thats speed racer. but thats all speed racer wants to be which makes that even better. i really hope this movie is as silly and dumb as i want it to be.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

how could a long awaited sequal with george lucas behind it ever go wrong right. i mean come on. oh yeah right. the problem with this we all know we'll see this the question is will it be good. Most likely not. most likely this movie will suck. So lets just get ready now so i don't have to hear this but it was kinda good no i'm sorry. frankly there should have not been indiana jones sequals. last crusade was coo. but come raiders was it we could have been fine with just that.

The Incredible Hulk

this shows how little hollywood thinks of us that they can revamp a franchise from 5 years ago. but the trailer looks like they might have done it. i actually think this has promise and will see it. but i honestly never liked the hulk that much anyway.


people are all ready saying this could be a huge hit. I would love it to be. But it's the riskie for Pixar. in fact it's the biggest risk they've taken with almost one third of the film without dialouge. but the good news is regardless of box office this movie will be awesome. I really think this will be the best movie of the summer and maybe the year. basically the only movie I'm sure will be awesome. i think this will be our generations et.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army

yeah the trailer i saw was not impressive but i like the director and it could be coo .

The X-Files: I Want To Believe

I think this could be coo. The X-files coming back should be fun and it continues the story. i'm just hopin it's decent.

The Pineapple Express

Seth Rogen wrote it and David Gordon Green directed it. well i'm done lets see it.

Monday, April 21, 2008

nockFORCE Quickie #36: Sam Neil is Merlin

The thing we love most about classic Spielberg movies is his copious use of the DOLLY ZOOM (aka "The Vertigo Effect"). That shit is awesome. This quickie is nerdy even by our standards. This is a special playlist included with the trailer for Merlin and it's sequal yes it really did have a sequal.

Also Ian recently redesigned the nockforce site making if far more awsome then before check it out at I also write the blog over there too.

Didn't watch adult swim.

but i watch video music box. apprently uncle ralph was in the hottest party in conneticut thats crazy but it was still coo.

oh also thanx everyone on myspace for watching the cletus 420 playlist in big numbers some of those videos have never been watched so much in one day before.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

cletus 420 playlist

So ur probably woundering why i would do something this lame. but cletus gets watched alot on this day. don't ask me. I mean i know what people like to do before cletus. so i made a playlist for them and here it is. enjoy. it has all the weird ones. i posted this on myspace as well.

Friday, April 18, 2008

frank and ollie and more

obviously this film is very timely. I saw it yesterday by accident so i didn't review this now cause of ollies death. I mean i guess i saw it cause of that but yeah anyway.
So frank thomas and ollie johnson were really good friends. how good. they lived in houses next door to each other.
I think this film is really great if you like animation because there are two few films about animators. All though there to cover. Documentary works even better. i mean think of all the documentaries you could make.
Regardless this goes alot into the history of alot of the great disney films that they worked on together. if you love those movies and wanna see more about the productions side and the life long friendship of two animatiors then see this movie it's a good pick.

Ok so i know that baltimore people are gonna not like that i picked this news story to put up but in New York we never get news like this. but if you don't like it but it in the baltimore is so hard category or something. i do like all the kids footage they used through out the piece looked coo. Also who the fuck gets stabbed with scissors.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ollie Johnston

When someone works on Disneys animated films for 43 years they'd probably be pretty amazing. Well that was Ollie Johnston. One of Disneys nine old men and well i guess the last as he died recently.

Ollie Johnston worked on the Jungle book, peter pan, snow white, Pinocchio. well he worked on everything. in fact he was a genius in every sense of the word.
i think alot of time we like to pretend Disneys feature work isn't as good as it is. Maybe because of the image of the disney company today or as they were mainly for kids. Look past that and you'll see a great list of films that you enjoy. espically the ones the nine old men worked on and even if only a couple did they were still coo.

I've read alot of tributes. The best being Brad Birds who was mentored by two of the other old men Milt Kahl and Eric Larson. But later met Ollie when becoming an animator. He even was the one who got his desk at disney after 43 years. crazy right and honored him with a cameo in both the iron giant and the incredbiles. his tribute is here

Also he loved trains and infact got walt into so much he put trains in all his parks. pretty crazy right. however i don't think you get royalties for something like that but he loved trains. Had model trains and everything.
Anyway i have read alot of tributes and there mostly words. i think the man was worth more then a long blog entry from me. Lets just look at some art he did.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

the interview teaser trailer

So yeah i wanna do posts about the last of disneys old men dying but don't have the time today. but check out Matt Berry's teaser thing it's coo

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mentor show and stuff

Most likely i should have posted this yesterday but hell the shows still up and it was to crowded anyway. check it out there my gf's photos. Which are both right in that photo. I think over all the show was coo. I liked hers the most. There both taken in england. There part of a bigger series at her website

so Madonna has this new song with Justin Timberlake and Timbaland. And yeah it sucks. for the Justin and Timbaland side this probably could have been a justin b-side from Japan that only a couple of fans would like. For madonna this is her lead single.
I think theres a certain time when you have to be like ok i have to stop now. I feel like shes so far past that. we now have this ridcolous song and video. if she left after vogue that would have worked real well. I mean she did have like one good song on the last album but really this is not good.
Actually who buys her albums anyway anymore.
oh yeah and this song is called 4 minutes and it goes over by a few seconds and that wasn't coo.

Monday, April 14, 2008

no new nockforce today

sorry we took a week off this week. and i also watched oldboy instead of cartoons last nite so i have nothing to blog about.

well maybe this

radiohead currently has a top 40 hit. there song "Nude" is in position 37. there first time on the chart in 12 years. but apprently is cause of some tecnicalty due to digital downloads. so no there isn't any top 40 stations playing radiohead. kinda disappointing i thought they really had a top 40 hit but i guess not really.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Favorite shows on tv right now

So i figured its kinda lame to do a end of the year tv list and not update you through out the year. So here are the best shows i am watching right now. in pictures.
also these are only shows that have shown new episodes this year. so i didn't include metalacolpyse but i'm sure it will be awesome when it airs. same with Venture. I'm gonna do another one of these in the summer too.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Charlton Heston

I've noticed that Charlton Hestons death was really unreported. Personally I don't know if he's the best actor ever or anything. But the guy was a big fucking deal at a certain point. He was in Ben Hur. Which Despite not being that great come on. I just I don't know. Call him an asshole for doing the NRA thing and if you wanna remember him for bolwing for columbine fine.
But your the asshole cause these are the movies he was in.

Ben Hur
The Ten Commandments
Touch of Evil
El Cid
Planet of the Apes
The Omega Man
Soylent Green
True Lies

All those films will be remembered far longer then all this NRA Bolwing for columbine stuff. so you should all wake up.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

the yuppiest tour of the year

i just read that John Mayer is going on a tour sponsered by Blackberry. Young Perfessionals get your creidt cards ready for some bland music. I wish Christopher Kross was opening. Cause that might be the lamest tour ever.
I think that ad belongs in the sharper image or something.

Ok final John Mayer diss. If people say rock and roll has sold out and lost it's cultral impact with todays youth they obviously have not heard of the John Mayers Blackberry sponsered Tour.

Monday, April 07, 2008

new nockforce thing and stuff

This one is about something with new york. I made a special new york playlist and everything.

for more go to

Saturday, April 05, 2008

French tv covering 50 cent

I found some stuff on this blog i fregunet called Nah Right. Keeps me updated on whats going on in hip-hop and stuff.
They posted a french news covering a 50 cent trial. Kinda intresting how the show new in france verse how we do it here. Also it's kind bizarre.

Friday, April 04, 2008

porco rosso and ll cool j

there are few Miyazaki films i havn't seen unforently Porco Rosso was in there. Probably the most fun Miyazaki film. And the only one to actually be set in a certain time.
This film does kinda make you think of indiana jones but in a very good way. Taking us back to a time when lil boys actually did pretend to fight adventures in africa and fly planes over europe. This film captures that very well alot like indiana jones. but this film is very differnet. first off the protaganist has the head of a pig and also the flying stuff is fucking awesome.
I think if your looking for kiki's delivery service or my neighbor totaro. then maybe this isn't the same but it is fucking fun.
I do dis agree with alot of people telling me this is his most adult film.
Cause frankly i would recomend this for an 8 year old to see. anyway it's good check it out if not you can miss out and see Juno live your life seeing bullshit but hey thats fine. wouldn't you rather see an over written movie then a piece of art. just saying

my point is seeing porco rosso go rent it your missing out.

as mtv's yo 20th anniversary kind of let down celebration i get to see alot of old hip-hop videos. i saw ll cool j's i need love. Not the greatest song ever but notice ll doesn't over do it. I think it's interesting he stays with in the same range in his performance instead of going all crazy or something.
Also what happened to angry parents in videos. when i saw that poster come down in this i was instantly thinking i wanna do that. Angry parents who hate music in videos is awesome.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

A movie i found and put up

So I was going through my collection of dv tapes and i found this film that i really thought i would never find again. It was an assignment for my friend jons class. He had to make a video or something. I just improved for like an hour and he cut it up and showed it and it went over really well. So well i wanted to make it into a cletus episode. Which frankly wasn't that great. Espically compared to the orignal video. Most of my friends who had seen the original didn't like the cletus episode. but you can be the judge on that. Cause the cletus episode is right after this one cause of course i made a playlist.
I think this was actually supposed to be on the internet in 2004 because i do remember getting a tape for that reason but i guess i never did it then. but hey i'm only 4 years late.

also this is the 667th post. meaning last one was well you know. just thought i'd mention.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

bathrooms and epmd

I was thinking today about Ally McBeal. I remember they had like a big unisex bathroom for there law firm. That sounds like a great idea but do you really want to make a big dump and then theres a girl looking at you like ewwww. or vise a versa. I release now that outside of tv you could not have a unisex bathroom.

Last nite i watch mtv hits and they had a special playlist of late 80's hip-hop. EPMD came on and i unforently had never heard them all though i have heard there influence. pretty awesome group. I'm probably gonna have to get some of those albums. also coo that EPMD stands for Erick and Parrish Making Dollars. All though i heard they changed it later to be something dumb this is coo.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

making a low budget films

Ever wondering what its like to film a super super low budget film. well why live it when Matt Barry is releasing footage of him filming his new film "The Interview" to provide a sense of the production process. i think it does but maybe you will to.

i don't know how many of the people who read this know what Ocean City is. But they had a fire on there boardwalk it destroyed two stores and by some chance of luck only two went down. if the wind had gone any other way it may be a different story.
Also unforently the oc beach cam went down with the flames. I'll let you know when its back.