Monday, November 30, 2009

Fantastic mr. fox video and Four x-mas's

This went up on wednesday but i didn't get to put it up here yet. check it out.

This is a horriable movie. and to think I liked this directors other film king of kong so much. You'd think he could be the one documentarian to make a good star vechile comedy. I guess i was asking too much. I don't know how low your expectations would have to be to like this movie. because it'd be really hard to believe anyone would really like it.
Resse Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn have no charisma. I actually think Witherspoon fucked up more. Vince Vaughn was doing his normal thing. The rest of the cast is like all over the place. I'm assuming they wanted to cast older actors to make the movie better. If you heard the names you'd think that but they don't. I don't think this director knew what to do with any of the actors.
The jokes are lame and pretty much whats left over from that gross out comedy thing like a decade ago. This didn't feel like anyone cared. Just frankly this movie sucks. and i have liked Vince Vauhgn movies. hell I'd much rather see sweet home alabama then this movie. I would say see the break up if you wanna see a good comedy with Vince Vaughn and a co star with chemistry. Cause this movie sucks. fuck this movie. this is as bad as tv movie abc family straight to video bull shit. When people ask me why i watch newer films. they talking about this movie. like ewwwwwww. oo man i just.

just what the fuck man. it wasn't just that it was major studio bullshit. it wasn't even good major studio bullshit. i mean sure if it was good at it. probably would have worked. but it was in the worst possiable way. I'm assuming that since the movie is kinda short. they knew this was a bad movie. and cut it down as much as possiable. which really is a blessing. this isn't touch of evil. warners thank you and loose that footage like really fast. no one will mind this time. really it's coo.

don't see this. even if you like bad movies. just don't there's such better stuff. even movies i make fun of are better then this movie. fuck this movie. do yourself a favor and avoid it at all costs.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving video post

hi. like i did for halloween i'm going to post. all my thanksgiving videos here. however there is an addition. I made a video for my turtle. I filmed it a while ago. It was when i gave my turtle to the animal rescue people. It was right before. I just wanted to film Trevor before he left. So I had some sort of record of her. She was a great turtle. She is now really in a good place for her. and she will be able to live a happy life. oo well. I do miss her sometimes.

now all the thanksgiving videos. in reverse order

Monday, November 23, 2009

a christmas carol review and Mondo Cane

made this cause of a christmas carol. video review.

At the time this came out it was considered a shockumentary. Unforently for this movie. reality tv pretty much kill it's bitting edge. So that end of it doesn't exactly hold up. but it's odd way of making a documentary defently works. I don't really know what this film is about. And I'm kinda sure the people who made it don't know either but it almost doesn't matter. because all the stuff they do show is intresting enough to keep this film going.
Visually sometimes you feel like a creepy guy behind the bushes and sometimes it's a really wonderful film. It switches back and forth and your never sure where it's gonna go.
For years I heard about this as a cult film and have always wanted to see it. I don't know if it can hold a candle to alot of the other and more notable and better cult films I've seen but this is defently good. Shows what people thought used to be shocking.
If you like werid movies and can deal with something not making sense you should check this movie out.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Super Mario Journey and other mario videos

i made this on my way to get the new super mario brothers for the wii. i think i shot like 17 minutes for this video

now other mario related videos

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Greasers Palace

This is probably the best acid western second to El Topo. It's really awesome. I mean come on a film about a zoot suit jesus coming to the old west. What for real. Really this is an idea that could run out of steam pretty quickly. But it doesn't it stay just as weird and gets werider.
The real shocking part of the film I think is that the begining is very slow. It kinda creeps up on you. I didn't really see it coming. I was intreged.
Robert Downey (iron man's dad (see there's a reason theres a jr there))is an odd director. you could say that just by looking at the guys filmography but he also makes choices that are odd in the film. I think most film makers would be find with jus the idea. but thats what makes Downey who he is. This isn't that much like Putney Swope but at the same time you know the same guy directed it. This film is Bizarre but in a quite way. Most bizarre art likes to be loud about. It's almost like Downey went manI am out there so why not don't show it off. Some points i really felt like this is the if a great director did an acid western. and maybe i'm right.
But i wasn't in to Putney Swope as much as this film. But i think both are really great.
If you like acid western and just really out there movies which this is. then check out this. it's kinda awesome.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are dead / Take the money and run

made a video for this movie.

This was probably the last early woody allen I hadn't seen. Man this movie is pretty funny. I kind of always assumed it would be alot ruffer then it actually is. Using a documentary style. I guess you could make the point that this was the first mockumentary. However it's not the model we use today that would be the Rutles and Spinal Tap. This blurs the line between documentray and a film.
I also certainly think Woody Allen was trying to see what he could do that was both different and original. Soon after he made Whats up Tiger lilly. I don't think he really hit his stride until a few films into his career. but he was all ready questioning film as a medium by doing these kind of odder films.It was certianly a good start for him.
The girl in it Janet Margolin has great chemistry with Woody Allen and I wonder what ever happened to her. Her and Woody Allen did work together again. In a breif role in Annie Hall. She was pretty hot. Unforently she's dead.
I notice this film gets mention quite a bit but it never gets mentioned when you talk about Allen's filmography. well if you have a choice between this and whatever new thing he has out. pick this. it's pretty dam funny and i think a good effort on his part. espically for a first time director.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Kevin Hannigan music

I wanted to put up links to Kevins music to just i guess have it all in one place

Apache Resistance I put this out myself. well i mean i put it out on this link and made it a zip file. I always liked this band alot. I think i say them like 3 or 4 times and they were always great. This was the band that i started going man Kevins a great drummer. they weren't as popular as wake up on fire. But I still think there pretty good.

Wake up on fire This was the band i think most people remeber him for. oo who am i kidding of course it is. they were one of those bands that would play a show and just knock everyone off the stage. man and green mouths has an incredible drum track. like man that intro fucking crazy.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Kevin Hannigan

I knew this guy since 5th grade which was in 1994. I was 11. I always thought he was coo. He was also fun to be around and really nobody i think can go he was awesome but. cause there is no but and even if you wanted to nobody can find one. Like really everybody really loved this guy. I don't know I wasn't as close as a lot of people I've known him for a while but I know there are people who knew him alot better then i did. I kinda don't feel like posting a movie thing right now and tomorrow will be more of a proper post about this. I kinda I don't know. I was just thinking about the little music we talked about in 94/95 since that was the school year. I don't know his music taste well enough to be like these are his favorite songs but this is some stuff i was listening too yesterday and stuff.

First off his a clip of him from his solo show at the talking head. quality at the begining a little choppy but it gets better. it's a radiohead song.


sorry for the lame photos maybe open another window and do that while this is playing.

Fantasia and smashign pumpkins Siamese Dream synched up only part 1. i seriously just found this one man awesome

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

ROFO and the busher

my brother and i made this video on the way to a party when i was in maryland a little bit ago.

When i heard that TCM was programing silent sunday to do with baseball. I was hoping it just wouldn't suck. well with Felix the cat and this feature I can safely say it didn't at all.
I really like this film. About a small town boy who gets a chance at the majors blows it then falls on hard times. Really the plot you can figure it out. But the lows in this film are so extreme and harsh. I have no doubt that this kinda thing happened. or at least that they'd bring you to the majors and then get rid of you when they had no use for you. only to have to find ur own way home.
Charles Ray who does a great job as a leading man. apprently he was a big star at the time. I can see why cause he does make you sympathise with him. He's really good at making you want to follow this character. He was only a silent star and could never rebound his career.
This shows baseball the way it was then. which is a hell of alot different. but it's kinda fun that they had a parade when they came to town. but you know they didn't have TV then.
You could claim this is just a big mainstream film from the silent era. I think thats true but there really is something more about this film. I like the whole idea and how well done it is. I really liked it and if you like baseball or silent films you might wanna check it out. It's both fun and good.

Monday, November 09, 2009

The Box Review and felix

I saw this movie and here's my review

props to TCM for playing this old Felix last nite as part of there silent sundays. it was baseball nite. so they played silent baseball stuff. good choice. I'm glad they gave some props to the biggest cartoon character of Silent cinema.

sunday nite rap up

king of the hill
the mighty boosh

fox sucks now on sundays

Thursday, November 05, 2009

King Kung Fu review

I think i did this review way back in march 2007 but i wanted to do a video one also. there kinda different reviews.

also i don't know what this is but it's awesome

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Swamp Thing

I'm not exactly sure why i felt i should see this movie. Maybe it was because i watched the cartoon show as a kid or something. Maybe it was just that i had heard about it. Whatever it was. I knew when i saw this movie was on I should watch it.
What I got was well it was ok. Frankly i think this movie didn't really go the distance it could have. Nobody cares about the story line with the girl and the monster. every time a movie does that it doesn't work. unless it's king kong. It just feels tacked on. I really wanted to watch Swamp Thing kick ass and stuff.
This movie needed to be more action. One of the few things I feel like action movies get now is nobody goes to ur dumbass action movie for plot or romance sub plot. then went to watch kick ass action and it wasn't good enough to make this movie work.
I also wanted more time with Swamp thing less time with humans. the movie is called Swamp thing not people who kinda know swamp thing. Granted that is a really bad title but maybe it would be more accurate.
all though I never really read the comic. From what i read from the wikipedia article. Alan Moore's origin of Swamp thing was alot better. and could have been a better film. In the movie he is a man that turns into a monster. where as with moore. he's always been a monster. That sounds way cooler.
Other problems with this film is it falls apart at the end and feels like maybe a better version of that Incredible Hulk movie Edward Norton was in. but that movie wasn't that good so you don't get left with much.
Honestly I think there is a way to make a really good Swamp Thing movie. but nobody has done it yet. Now we just have this half assed stuff.

also wes craven directed this weird.

nevermind this theme song alone is why i liked Swamp Thing

Monday, November 02, 2009

The fog Review

The last video of the halloween thing. figured it deserved it's own post. back to normal of post on this blog tomorrow.