Thursday, January 31, 2008

Smash Brothers for the Wii and stuff.

So Super Smash Brothers came out yesterday Japan. We don't get it until March which sucks cause it's still not even Febuary. I want this shit in December. You tube has been filled with videos of Smash brothers people are making over there. alot of the top videos are smash bros videos. Which might sound lame but you havn't seen one yet then. It looks amazing and Sonic is in this one too. well whenever it comes out it will be awesome. I tryed to picka really awesome video i hope you guys like it.

also i wanted to post another video from the adult swim site. That being a really hillarious part from Garth Merenghi's Dark Place which by the way is on at 1 am on Sundays on Adult Swim and only two episodes left. anyway this is a great show and this might be my favorite part. it's hillarious. so check it out.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Top Albums of the year (2007)

Ok this is gonna be a long post so be prepared. I wanted to start this off with two things. First I watch Saved by the Bell last nite for the first time in which may have been like 5 years or something. Wait i might have watched it when it was on Adult Swim. Anyway it's been a while. I watch the episode were Jesse gets addicated to caffiene pills. It's so amazingly cheezy and bad but it the best way that episode deserves to be the Cult hall of fame or something.

Also ok I didn't give the Aqua teen movie the best review but i loved the first 15 to 20 minutes and the opening with Mastadon. Well I'm going to share it with you. also the movie airs on adult swim on Sunday March 30th.

ok lets get this shit going


The Beastie Boys have been playing funk music in there albums for a while now and it always sonded good. However it was always for not very long. but they made a whole album. I know this got on no ones list but I really like this album. I would never expected an instramental album for them and one that works but it does.


Trying to follow up a great album like Be was a hard task and all though Common didn't really succed this is still fun to listen to and geek out about. With a skit about how the Boston and Chicago concert in Kansas has been reschduled as a Boston and Kansas concert in chicago. makes me laugh everytime. Kanye West makes common albums very well and it makes me want more producers to suprivse and produce entire albums for rappers. the best thing about Common he's good enough of a rapper to be liked by hip-hop heads and clean and clear enough for a normal person to like him


When the Shins last album came out i think I may have listened to it once. This album was cooler. I like how it's much darker for a band i thought was supposed to be all happy and shit. Sometimes i listen to this and I'm like yeah this isn't that great but I also really like it. I can't really explain it. They make good records and i actually wanna hear there next thing.


hey big shock somebody for nockFORCE likes the Go Team. I'm sure your so suprised right now. Yeah it is good but also it's a fun record that I don't think we have enough. Not only that it's really well done. I don't know many records like that. The go teams weirdness is awesome and is displayed very well on this album.


Lil Wayne did something that very few rappers would ever do. Put out a mixtape with mostly beats that have all ready been used by other rappers and then release to and you can get it on the internet for free or from a mixtape guy for like under 10. Also his rhymes are so good I couldn't not include it on here. Lil Wayne does things on Da Drought 3 that is just amazing to listen to. What he does on Upgrade U makes you wounder if Beyonce and Jay-z could ever even call the song theres again. Even when he just throws something in randomly it makes you smile with how his favorite movie used to be the gremlins. great mix tape.


When you listen to an album you want albums toflow very well from song to song. This has the best of any Kanye West Album. Not his best album but it flowed really well. Seeing Kanye go from being nothing on Collage Dropout to talking about all the nice shit he can buy is intresting. I would have put this higher if the drunken hot girls had not been on here cause I always have to skip that awful song.


God Bless Ghostface. the only rapper with the balls to have an album with kinda cover anymore. this being the follow up to last years fishscale Ghostface knew that was gonna be hard to do. So this album is just like hey lets just make a good album. He doesn't disappoint. the album is alot of fun and I really like just listening to him rap he's a great storyteller and he picked alot of fun beats for this one.


Concept Albums in hip-hop don't always work just ask T.I. But Jay-z understand just make it a loose concept album. I love how the 70's samples he uses take on a character of there own. I read a review that says that when you hear the soul singers they sampled they sound like ghosts from the past. Also the neptunes do a great job on I know with using 80's synth big production sound about how much he loves deaing drugs. Also ignerant shit just for Jay-z going like i have to put out albums like this cause that the only way people will buy them. I want an album of pissed off Jay.


The drums on this album pound harder then any regular rap song and with no filters. This album almost flows like a punk album. MIA has possiably made her signerture album but I don't wanna say that cause she will prove me wrong. On her first album she was difiant now she knows what to do with it.


This is a really great album. After the Kid A and Amensiac I wasn't sure were Radiohead would go but this album is a good after party. The third act. Radiohead always kinda just does whatever they want and this album shows it. the band is so tight on this album I think they could have recorded for Motown and pulled it off. Everyone in this band seriously.Just a great album. I maybe put it above the bends but not before kid a and ok computer. but hey being third in that group is not so bad.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

what the hell is with LCD Soundsystem

Does anyone else find it suprising that LCD Soundsystem wasn' mentioned all year and then the end of the year top albums lists come out and that shit is number 1 every were or at least pretty close to it. Frankly I don't get it. Every LCD Soundsystem song is always way longer then nessary. Like it takes forever for the singing to come in and then it never fucking ends all his shit is like 6 minutes long. I actually don't care about song length but with LCD Soundsystem is very obvious that i'm listening to a song that should have been cut down.
I'm gonna put up my top albums list tomorrow. and I keep thinking about LCD Soundsystem but I never liked them. Really there doing stuff that is really out now the whole dance thing. I just don't really know about this thing. I really wish it wasn't on all those lists, but really i didn't even hear about that album until like the last month or so when the end of the year lists came out.

Monday, January 28, 2008

new nockFORCE quickie presidental go karts

I like this one it was fun to do and the music was fun to make two.
this one is political eat your heart out Kal

for more politics and cartoons go to

the end animation was a jam animation we did at this party we had over the weekend. Yes I am on it and no I can draw that good but i got in there. Also two old cletus people Jackie Larosa and Zero worked on it too.

Sunday Nite rap - up

The Simpsons
(shocking isn't it well last nite was at least decent. )
Aqua Teen Hunger Force
The Venture Brothers
Garth Merenghi's Darkplace

Friday, January 25, 2008

Charlie Wilson and Silver Surfer

When I first heard about this movie I was really that intrested and I heard that they changed the ending which i didn't like either. Then I saw the film. This is first off a fun movie that also is very serious. Which is good you can sit through this thing without it getting to much like this is really serious. I mean it is a serious issue and it did really happen but the fun they have with the material is what makes this movie. I remember reading Roger Eberts 3 rules of film and one of them was " A movie is not what it is about but how it is about it" This film would be a good example of that.
I think Tom Hanks does a great job as the title character and really I wanted to see it again to spend more time with him. Phillip Seymour Hoffman is good in everything and I almost find it to be a no brainer that he will be good. I liked also Charlie Wilson was this scotch drinking ladies man. Espically all the hot ladies in his office that was coo too. anyway this movie is both fun and a good movie.
Also the deal with the ending I felt the film works. I know many feel he helped train the people who did 9/11 but he also did not want to stop aiding them as the US did so I'm not sure it's his fault.Regardless this is a about the movie and the movie works so who cares.

So through a series of events i bought a bootleg dvd of Silver Surfer cartoons from the 90's. Most of Marvel's 9's stuff isn't as that well animated. X-Men wasn't the greatest but some times they would have good scripts. People often says well DC always has great animation. yeah well there owned by Warners so that's like not fair you know.
Anyway by the end of Marvel comics making tv series they got pretty good. I find alot of the Silver Surfers alot better them. This one is perticular is my favorite. It's just a crazy episode and it's written by Harlan Ellison. well it says story by.
I've always liked Harlan Ellison not for his books which I havn't read at all. (probably should though) but he used to do a segment on this sci-fi new show called Sci-Fi Buzz and always made sure i watched it. In fact I still remember most of them.He was really coo and I've always liked him cause of that.
yeah but it's a good episode and i made it a playlist so you can just hit play and sit back and watch.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Batman and the joker

There's been alot of talk about the new batman sequal the dark knight. How hard it is to market and stuff. Personally I think that's crap. Everyones talking about it now. hell it made me finally actually watch the trailer.
The issue i wanted to talk about more was him doing the joker. I still think they should have maybe asked Jack Nicholson. Yeah i know your crazy about the new joker. Well you havn't seen that movie yet. and all we have is a trailer and don't think casue the trailer is good that means dick. Remember garden state that was an awesome trailer like really good. unforently i never got to see that movie the trailer was. I do think however the trailer makes him look really fucking coo but we still, or until july, don't know. but why not ask Jack Nicholson first the guy has had nothing but hits for 10 years. yeah i'm serious since as good as it gets every movie he has made has done well. Big names like Tom Cruise and Will Smith who have really great track records. don't have that long of a streak.
But on the other hand there were reasons for this. When Nicholson signed on for Batman in 1989 He asked for merchandise rights and a peace of the batman franchise. Since he was ,while they were filming, the only real star of the film. He however was planning and warners about coming back for a possiable 5th film in that franchise planned after batman and robin and to be released in 1999. However with the failure of batman and robin those ideas were scrapped. He would have done it and really that could have brought back that franchise. Anyway they should have asked him which apprently they didn't i know they want younger people for there new shit. But come on it would have been coo.
Apprently it is a demanding role and Nicholson apprently warned Heath Ledger about taking it

anyway yeah

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

ghostface wants you to buy his cd

Ok with the Oscars yesterday and Heath Ledger being dead and all. Almost every movie kinda blog is talking about that. Personally I figure with the economy in the shit and all why talk aboout somebody being dead. Also there are a billion places that are talking about that anyway.

ok so a top list for best songs of 2007

1. UGK ft/OUTKAST - Internatinal players anthem (I choose You)
2. Justice - D.a.n.c.e
3. Rhianna - Umbrella
4. Kanye West - Can't tell me nothing
5. MIA - Boys
6. Justin Timberlake - Summerlove
7. Radiohead - All I need
8. Jay-z - Blue Magic
9. 50 Cent - I get money
10. T.I. ft/Wyclef - You know what it is.

also special mention to Crooked I who released a total of like close to 40 songs one a week. I wish i could put him in some list but didn't seem fair. It's hard to have so many good tracks. considering he makes a new one every week.

Some were released as singles some weren't anyway that leaves albums and movies left. movies is not coming for lil bit but not too much longer. also albums next week.

speaking of albums someone who is defently getting on there is ghostface with his album the big dope rehab. He made this video asking people to apprently buy his cd rather then stealing it. I've seen artists do this before but nothing so directly.

yeah i did burn it from someone else

sorry ghostface

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Oscar nominations

not sure if anyone likes it when i post award nominees. you proabably care more with the oscars then the golden globes and such. Anyway yeah this will be long so yeah.
I wanna bring up something as well. This is what I think the oscars will be like as of this date. The nite of the oscars i could say different stuff. Campaign and such can seriously change things. In 1998 everyone thought saving private ryan would win best picture when the nominations came out then Shakespeare in love won so. It happens. I maybe just do who i think will win the friday before or something.
Obviously also I like Pixar alot well there most nominated film is now Ratatouille with a wopping 5 nominations. to put that in perspective Juno got 4. pretty coo.

Also life after people was coo I checked it out on the history channel last nite. I think theres a book based on the same thing but i'm not sure the title. I'll figure it out morrow.

Michael Clayton
No Country for Old Men
There Will Be Blood

I think for once in a really long time the best film of the year may actually win and that would be no country. there will be blood is to arty and everyone else has no chance.

George Clooney "Michael Clayton"
Daniel Day-Lewis "There Will Be Blood"
Johnny Depp "Sweeney Todd the Demon Barber of Fleet Street"
Tommy Lee Jones "In the Valley of Elah"
Viggo Mortensen "Eastern Promises."

This has been Daniel Day-Lewis's since december. I don't see much promise in anyone else here. But big shocks for most of the nominations Tommy Lee Jones is nominated for a movie that came and went. Johnny Depp was a suprise cause he wasn't that great.

Cate Blanchett "Elizabeth: The Golden Age"
Julie Christie "Away From Her"
Marion Cotillard "La Vie en Rose"
Laura Linney "The Savages"
Ellen Page "Juno."

This is really between Marion Cotillard and Julie Christie. And can go either way with both having won a ton of stuff. I guess Julie Christie but Marion Cotillard has been the favorite for a while and her film i believe is easier to find.

Supporting Actor:
Casey Affleck "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford";
Javier Bardem "No Country for Old Men";
Hal Holbrook "Into the Wild";
Philip Seymour Hoffman "Charlie Wilson's War";
Tom Wilkinson "Michael Clayton"

Javier Bardem is gonna win this. Casey Affleck was the old favorite but he's not gonna win. Hal Holbrook got a nomination which is coo maybe he can get alot of work or something. I don't see anyone else coming in on this.

Supporting Actress:
Cate Blanchett "I'm Not There"
Ruby Dee "American Gangster"
Saoirse Ronan "Atonement"
Amy Ryan "Gone Baby Gone"
Tilda Swinton "Michael Clayton."

Cate Blanchett has had this for a while. Which seriously would give her 2 supporting Oscars. Amy Ryan could be the only upset. But With the Weinsteins behind her and with this the only thing the weinsteins have it's gonna happen. Ruby Dee's nomination seriously came out of nowhere. I mean good for her. Also this has the greatest age range of any categorey with Saoirse Ronan being a teenager and Ruby Dee being like 83.

Julian Schnabel "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly";
Jason Reitman "Juno";
Tony Gilroy "Michael Clayton";
Joel Coen and Ethan Coen "No Country for Old Men";
Paul Thomas Anderson "There Will Be Blood."

Obviously everyone is saying The Coen brothers will win. I agree but don't forge that the coen brothers have gotten fucked by the academy before. At the same time the only person people think has a chance is Julian Schnabel and he's foreign so good luck with that.

Foreign Film:
"Beaufort," Israel;
"The Counterfeiters," Austria;
"Katyn," Poland;
"Mongol," Kazakhstan;
"12," Russia.

I'm sure they're all good but i havn't seen any and i have no clue which way it could go

Adapted Screenplay:
Christopher Hampton "Atonement"
Sarah Polley "Away from Her"
Ronald Harwood "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly"
Joel Coen & Ethan Coen "No Country for Old Men"
Paul Thomas Anderson "There Will Be Blood."

This one is a lock for the Coens. Unless people go we're giving them alot of stuff and that Blood movie was coo. So I think that could happen but most likely it won't and they'll win.

Original Screenplay:
Diablo Cody "Juno"
Nancy Oliver "Lars and the Real Girl"
Tony Gilroy "Michael Clayton"
Brad Bird, Jan Pinkava and Jim Capobianco "Ratatouille"
Tamara Jenkins "The Savages."

Ok so this is the only categorey where I think Juno has a chance. In fact I think it will win. Also Michael Clayton maybe but seriously there has been so much press about the writer of juno that it's so plausable. Also great job for Ratatouille thats the second Brad Bird movie to get a best original screenplay nomination.

Animated Feature Film:
"Surf's Up."

This list could have been alot worse. Like alot worse. Thank god Bee Movie didn't make it. Ratatouille has pretty much got it. Persepolis has a chance but unless it gets real big quick i doubt it.

Visual Effects:
"The Golden Compass,"
"Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End,"

Transformers. I mean come on

Art Direction:
"American Gangster,"
"The Golden Compass,"
"Sweeney Todd the Demon Barber of Fleet Street,"
"There Will Be Blood"

Attonement may have this but Sweeney Todd has a good chance as well. either or.

"The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford,"
"The Diving Bell and the Butterfly,"
"No Country for Old Men,"
"There Will Be Blood."

Unforently I'm getting these from yahoo news which doesn't seem to want to put peoples names for any of the techincal categorey's. But Rodger Dekins is nominated twice for No Country and Jesse James. I think he has a chance to win for no country but There will be blood may take this or even attonement but i doubt it.

Sound Mixing:
"The Bourne Ultimatum,"
"No Country for Old Men,"
"3:10 to Yuma,"

I don't know were There will be blood is that was a really well mixed film and deserves to win but oh well. This is really between No Country and Ratatouille as a previous Brad Bird film won for editing and there all pretty great guys with previous wins. But I think No Country may take it.

Sound Editing:
"The Bourne Ultimatum,"
"No Country for Old Men,"
"There Will Be Blood,"

I think There will be blood may take this as it was so well edited sound wise as well. Ratatouille could take this as this is the category that most don't care about and you can get away with it but I think it's gonna be there will be blood.

Original Score:
"Atonement," Dario Marianelli
"The Kite Runner," Alberto Iglesias
"Michael Clayton," James Newton Howard
"Ratatouille," Michael Giacchino
"3:10 to Yuma," Marco Beltrami

Atonement will most likely win this but i want Ratatouille to get it. that composer is really good I'm glad he got a nomination.

Documentary Feature:
"No End in Sight,"
"Operation Homecoming: Writing the Wartime Experience,"
"Taxi to the Dark Side,"

I really don't know who will win logic should say Sicko but i feel like everyone has forgotten about that. Big shock the Helevitca documentary and king of kong did not make it. oh well

I don't care enough about best song cause it's 3 encahcted songs. I think Once will win that and best costume will be Sweeney todd.

that's it.

Monday, January 21, 2008

new nockforce quickie

Yeah we gotta new quickie this one is like shooting fish in a barrel. well thats what it is about and all.

for More fun than a barrel full of fish at

Sunday Nite rap up

Shows that were worth it

Aqua Teen
Venture Brothers (repeat)
Garth Merenghi (repeat)

Friday, January 18, 2008

Britney Spears sucide Watch #5

So here's a quote from an mtv new story about how media outlets are starting to write obituaries for her just in case.

"Accordingly, The Associated Press acknowledged Thursday (January 17) that the news service had begun prepping Spears' obituary, as is standard operating procedure at most news organizations once public figures appear to be at risk. (It's a practice we at MTV News follow as well.)

"We are not wishing it, but if Britney passed away, it's easily one of the biggest stories in a long time," AP entertainment editor Jesse Washington told Us Weekly. "I think one would agree that Britney seems at risk right now. Of course, we would never wish any type of misfortune on anybody and hope that we would never have to use it until 50 years from now ... but if something were to happen, we would have to be prepared." "

See come on if even the Associated Press knows it man March maybe to far away. I still think March. I don't know it's coming though.

dinosaurs and Sweeney Todd

So i found this yesterday after a long time not remembering the name of. it's dinosacers. I don't remember the show. I know i watched it but the theme is coo.

also here is denver the last dinosaur

To say this is a great musical would be like giving a second rate diner a five star review. There are some good stuff. Helen Bonham Carter deserves acclaim no joke. Maybe my favorite part. and going in i thought she just got the role cause she's married to the director. So she proved herself. Also Sacha Baren Cohen was wonderful. Johnny Dep was ok I guess nothing that great.
Then the music was mixed horriably. like really bad mixing. the music was loder then the vocals which has important plot information that i missed cause of stupid mixing mistakes. Frankly I find it both lazy and unprofessional and think they should be ashamed of themselves.
Sure this movie is ok but it's not worth seeing in theaters so wait for dvd or something

Thursday, January 17, 2008


not sure if any of you have seen this but it's a coo twist on the dark knight trailer. Using the audio and then cuttin in the original footage of Batman for 1989.

I Remeber when it came out good that movie was so huge it was rediclous.

anyway here's a review too.

I understand that a animated film in French with subtitles about Iran is not the kind of description that makes people run out to the theater but I think alot of people would really like this film about a girl who grew up during the Iranian Revolution. This film is very personal story but also says about the country as well. The script is really good and you really feel connected to this girl and what happens to her life.
I like that i was in black and white added to the feel of the film. There hasn't been a black and white cartoon for a while. there are a few seqments in color but for the most part it's a black and white film. I like how fantastic magically and relisic black and white still looks.
The actors are all great and even though I can't tell you who did each voice i know that Catherine Denuve is in it.
France does have a animation industry we just don't get that many of those films over here. So it's great this one is getting a push. If this is just a taste i really wanna see more current french animation perticularly from this studio.
Also when watching a film I always think who would like this film. I think smarter Teenage Girls will love this film. The main character is great to relate too and she has that lisa simpson quality about her. Like kinda bookish girls who end up seeing like whatever crap teen movie. So yeah if you have some teenage daughter take her to this but even if you don't I would recomend this film cause it is so good. And it's just a great film.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Best animated film

Here is the list of animated films for the best animated film cateogorey at the oscars.

there is a list like this for all categoreys but this was the only one i found thanks wikipedia. the only suprise where is Paprkia and how did Tekkon Kinkreet. I was at the premeire at MOMA and like really it wasn't ful to capacity. I find that very odd. I kinda hope TMNT gets a nomination. Aqua Teen just so it could get it there.

Alvin and the Chipmunks
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters
Bee Movie
Meet the Robinsons
Shrek the Third
The Simpsons Movie
Surf's Up
Tekkon Kinkreet

Most likely if they go with there normal 3 it will be like this

The Simpsons Movie

I really doubt it will be any different

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Britney Spears Suicide watch #4

I know i brought it back. also i thought it was alot more likely then ever so.

my boss says by March. I'm hoping sooner when i heard she went to a church with the dress she wore to her wedding reception. man i don't know how she lasted this long. When she does though you heard it here first.

There Will be Blood

When this film starts you sit through 15 minutes with no dialouge in a time when people didn't talk more then they had to. And pulls it off so well that I didn't even know it was 15 minutes until i read it online.
Paul Thomas Anderson has made a film that most likely would have been made about 30 years ago. And most likely it would have done well. For those of you who don't like 3 hour great movies that show a time that you're not used to then don't bother reading anymore or seeing it cause your not gonna like it.
This film is great and other then No Country for Old Men it's one of the best live action films of the year.
Daniel Day lewis is amazing and brings so much life to the character I really just thought of the character which has always been what he's strongest at. Paul Dano plays a preacher in the town he finds oil in and he is just as great. They play off each other so well I want like 3 more movies with both of them. They can be both funny and dramatic and so well that I can't believe it.
Honestly i could write all day about film theory with this film. It is the best film to see if you love film. and not I love going to blockbuster. Like you know you own 8 and a half so bottom line awesome movie. the scenes are so good and rich that it reminds me of the godfather. Anyway go see it.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Golden Globes Winners

hey welcome back. So the shortest gloden globes ever was probably going to be a somewhat intresting one had it actually gone on. I think it's totally lame that it had to be like this but whateva. Also if your woundering why the critics choice awards got famous big movie stars. well cause it's a non union show and the golden globes is a union show. So is the Oscars. I wish the grammys were cancelled too but i guess I'm not that lucky.
Unforently for alot of these films they could have gotten the publicity they need to make tons of money but with no show less of that which sucks real bad for sweeney todd which would be cleaning up next weekend.
With the oscars coming up some of these winners mean something some don't but we don't really know honestly til the they are here

Also Here is what i said when the golden globes were annoucned go here

Best Picture drama ATTONEMENT

I did say this was a competetor and it did win. I think it may get an oscar nomination but the academy isn't as down with this kinda stuff like it was previously. and don't think cause they won this is a lock for best picture. It will get some stuff but you. I think it's a good chance though that it will get a nomination. I havn't seen attonement but it would have to be pretty fucking good to beat both there will be blood and no country for old men.

Best picture musical/comedy Sweeney Todd

I did say this would win. I seriously doubt it will get a best picture nomination. I also saw sweeney todd and didn't like it all that much. I kinda wish something else won and i kinda thought juno would take it but charlie Wilsons war was probably the best of them

Best Actor DRAMA Daniel day lewis - there will be blood

Yeah well no shit. He should win and no else has a chance to win the oscar but him. also called it

Best Actress Drama Julie Christie - Away from Her

Got this one too. Yeah she has a great chance at a nomination this time.

Best Actor Musical / comedy Johnney Depp - Sweeney Todd

I said he was gonna win but after seeing the movie i was suprised he wasn't that great. This also would have been the big win of night had they gone on and had johnny depp been there. He make have a slight chance at the oscar but i doubt it.

Best Actress Musical/ Comedy Marion Cotillard - Môme, La

yeah i did say she was the safe bet and she will get an oscar nomination. I didn't get to see this but i'm glad it got the regination.

Best Supporting Actor Javier Bordum - No Country for old men

Not a shock i kinda though Casey Affleck had a shot at this. I think they should just give Javier Bordum his oscar now cause i think he has won like every supporting actor award ever or something. also he was fucking awesome in that movie.

Best Supporting Actress Cate Blanchett - I'm Not There

Harvey Wenstein certainly works hard. Well yeah i did say this and no shock I don't see a competor with Amy Ryan somewhat of one I think Cate Blanchett has a chance at winning her second supporting oscar. Also I think this is the Wenstein companys only chance and those guys were great at oscar compaigns.

Best Director Julian Schnabel - Scaphandre et le papillon, Le

Well i was right about one thing he did win best foreign film i didn't see this coming and i don't think anyone did. The coens deserved this one and it makes me remember that award shows are not kind to them. Remember Fargo there most likely not going to win but have a great shot at it at the same time we'll have to see what the nominations are.

Best Animated Film Ratatouille

I guess no suprise i will get the oscar. I hope the simpsons isn't in there but i know it will be.

Best Screenplay No Country for old men

They will give the coen brothers a screenplay oscar any day of the week. They will win best adapted screenplay no doubt about it. they always give the screenplay to something good.

Ok that's it hope you have a good week and guess what i will be back tomorrow too. crazy

Thursday, January 10, 2008


i know lots of people got net flicks for x-mas and i siad i would post this so we can be friends so here is a link

click on it and we be friends.

also posts will be back to what it was on monday. i have all ready seen

Charlie wilsons's war

no country for old men


And i'm gonna try to see there will be blood this weekend and thats just theaters so yeah it'll be crazy. see ya on monday

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new nockforce quickie

So this one is about facebook and stuff. I think you'll dig it.

for more fun go to

Sunday nite was mostly un eventful but here's what was good

I didn't see king of the hill but lets just say it was good

Tim and eric
Venture brothers (repeat)
Garth merenghi (repeat)

if your woundering about garth merenghi adult swim started airing it at 1 am on sundays right after venture brothers. Which is sweet. it was the first episode so hopefully we have 5 more weeks of this

Saturday, January 05, 2008


so since my girlfriend has a show that has been open for a couple of days I thought I would do a shout out post and just talk about photos she did and stuff. Her site is here to see more. Since I've been there for most of these shoots but not all I'll give a lil commentary.

also the show is located here

601 west 26th st, 15th floor, new york, ny 10001

it's there til the 12th and the gallery is open for 6 -8pm

This is Tasha's grandpa he's coo. He likes Westerns and so do I. I also hooked up his Wii. This is his backyard

This is Michela she sang the chrous to I Just Drive on the last nockforce ep. She's a really good singer and stuff. Everyone says that most every photo looks like some album cover and stuff. I agree there might be some single covers in there too.

I think this one looks coo

Tasha always says Michela looks really 90's. I think this photo could have been put out in like 96 to maybe 98.

Michela in Tasha's old apartment

I don't even know who this is but I remember she told me she was from MD and I think we hung out in Towson once or twice. This was in McCarren Park, in Brooklyn

This is Meg she's coo I like this one It was on a Bus.

This is Natali. I like her she's coo. I think this is my favorite picture of her cause it looks coo when she's messing with her glove

All though my Mom is not latino and never lived in New York. I think had my mom actually lived in new york in like 1980 then she might look like this. Just based on pictures I've seen of her. also I think Natalis apartment looks like somewere my mom would take me when I was a kid.

I think this is in Enid's in brooklyn they have a nice brunch

I was there for this shoot. It was a fun shoot. We all got to fly a kite. Also I think I reinacted the choices nockforce quickie cause I didn't think we were going to make it into a quickie. then when i came back to my apartment i found out we were making that one that week. embaressing.

This is Lilli she's Taha's other sister. She's coo shes really smart and reads alot and stuff. In fact she's probably smarter then me. I think this photo was in Dallas, TX

this was shot in oklahoma in grandpa's backyard. Not sure when maybe when i was there or not

This is Marcus. He's 10 years younger then me but we've hung out alot he's a coo dude and a stud.

Ok I left me for last cause I have more stuff to write cause i was there for all of these.

Belive it or not She shot this in New york in a park deep in brooklyn. it was a nice park they had a nessy sculpture which I made tasha take a picture of cause i thought it was so coo but it didn't come out that good.

this was in oklahoma near this dam it was a crazy dam. This was also right after i got my picture taken on Garth Brooks Blvd cause this is the town he grew up in.

We were supposed to be going to Montauk this day but the train for it left too late. So we went to long beach instead. It was like October so it was cold but it was fun. We took an hour train ride brought beers with elephants on them and drank them under the boardwalk.

Behind Tahsa's former apartment building. that seat was dirty cause it was outside. Also if your wondering I'm playing with rubber bands cause i always do that in my hands.

I have this as my pic here and on myspace. I think it's my favorite picture anyone has ever taken of me. I think I was tellin her about how coo spiderman was at the time we took it and my day at work cause i had just gotten off from virgin. Which is the shirt i'm wearing under this. also this is on top of her former apartment building.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Late nite came back and it's the 600th post

well it's finally happened this blog has now hit post 600 wooooooooooooooooooo. I guess.

So the big networks returned with late nite last nite. Really thought it could suck but Last Nights Conan was really good. in fact I don't last time i liked conan that much. All though he seems kinda bitter about something that is going on with his wife. I twas still a funny show and had enough jokes to make me wonder are the writers on Conans show holding him back.
Dave was good as well and starting the beard thing with Conan. I guess they didn't ask Leno. Oh yeah right nevermind. The lamest part about letterman was defently all the Strike jokes which was most of the show. But Letterman defently had the best Guest and all the other people they used through out the show but In short Conan was better.

I have seen Charlie Wilson's War and Perspholis. I need to see alot more stuff but I'm making more head way then I was last year and I will see No Country for old men this weekend.

Top 10 albums and songs coming soon.

Also I got mugged and that kinda sucks but only lost my wallet and a scratch on my finger. I did get hit a bunch of times but no bruses or anything. Apprently a band that my friend and sometimes contributer to this blog Kool-Aid is in dedicated a song to me last nite cause of all that well thanx guys.