Thursday, February 28, 2008

I don't like Natalie Portman

I don't, ok. And with her new movie the other bolyn girl which apprently is so bad it's unwatchable. I figure i'll get on the band wagon.
I remeber when i first decided to not like Natalie Portman. I was exicited to see episode 1. Everyone was making a big deal about her. I was obsessed with the early images and the trailer. But I could tell even from that, that she probably totally sucked in that movie. then i heard she couldn't go to the premire cause she had to take her finals for high school. wait what. Your in fucking star wars. the fuck you need school for. If i was in high school and was cast in star wars (espically in the 90's when the public opinion of star wars was alot higher) I would have been like fuck school. I don't need that i'm in star wars.
and then it gets worse cause she goes to harvard. Yeah well that makes alot of sense if i was making alot of money in real estate i would of course then major in something unrealted that i will most likely not EVER FUCKING USE. seriously when is she gonna use that. Great you got an education you didn't use woopie. great wounderful you'll act forever and we'll all go isn't she great she went to harvard.
Ok i did like her in a couple of things. Leon, Closer, mars attacks, and that rap video for snl. That's it.
I don't get why people like her. if you say star wars oh my god she sucked so bad in all of those. In fact those arn't star wars movies those are like i don't know but there bad and stuff.
Also her english accent is awful like wow. I was shocked how bad that was in v for vendetta and then they give her another english role jeez. well i can say my english accent is better as evidence in this cletus the fetus episode.

anyway she sucks i don't like her. i don't care about whatever piece of shit she was in she sucks.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Eastern Promises

Frankly this movie was lost. The plot was kinda like wait what. But there was alot of coo parts. Just over all this movie isn't that great. Viggo Mortison was really good in this and bad ass. I wish he was in more stuff because he is a great actor. He's also a great action actor.
The fight scene with him in the bath house is awesome. In fact if you can find a way to see that. And that alone that would be sweet. but most likely you will have to see the whole thing. I think History of Violence was a hell of alot better.
I also don't know what this movie was trying accomplish. It wanted to be too many things. Film work better when they wanna be just one thing not like 80 different ones.
All though this isn't great it's ok and will be worth seeing once. It's not paiful to watch kinda bad or anything. In fact it does a good job but it just doesn't work really. Better then Once but not good either.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


When i went back to maryland at the end of december i walked into the local blockbuster and saw that every single copy of this film was out. and there was alot of them.
I was kinda suprised that this film would be able to play so well and even in maryland considering it was an art house flick that mostly was ignored in theaters.
All though the success of it is great and I love that a ton of people will see a movie shot on mini dv. And it got an oscar.
I kinda just thought this was ok. Frankly like I don't like this kinda music. Like I get it everything is important when you sing like that and stuff. Frankly i could have used something fun in there. just to mopey. I know white people love mopey music and so do i but hey at least beck was fun too.
The story was ok too. I think it was cute the kinda thing people will like. I don't know for all the acclaim this movie got I really wasn't digging it. I wouldn't put it on a year end list. I wouldn't even say that song fallin is good. I mean maybe if it was the alicia keys one. wait actually that would be alot better.
This movie isn't strong enough for you to like it without liking the music. If you like the music then you'll love probably. But I didn't so it was only ok for me.

Monday, February 25, 2008

nockFORCE Quickie #29 mouth song and the oscars

This one is a different kinda episode but honestly i like it when we do this kinda stuff. Cause if everything was about us talking about nerd crazy movies then that would be lame. i mean it's still coo i like doing that but i like to do different ones now and then.

for more songs go to

So obviously the oscars were last nite. I think the greatest moments had to be martin scorese giving the cohen brothers their best director oscar. A moment that seemed impossiable just a couple of years ago. Kinda awesome right.
Animated feature went to Brad Bird who said he likes to make movies and not cartoons. Intresting knowing he will be making his first live action film soon. I wish Persepolis would have won but it is nice to have Brad Bird be a two time academy award winner.
Both of the sound categories and the editing award went to the Borune Ultimatium. I was shocked that no country got no sound awards but sudtle slower kinda sound normal people don't get.
Best cinematography i was suprised Rodger Detkins lost. Figuring he got two nominations but come on arn't you glad there will be blood won instead.
Best documentary should have been king of kong what a cop out.
Best song was totally picked because what a great oscar moment.
Jon Stewart was most defently worse then last time. I liked Chris Rock why not get him back again.
Over all this wasn't bad and it's coo to think the cohens have won 8 oscars between them. 6 from last nite. Cause there's two of them do the math. and two from fargo's win for best orignal screenplay.

Also tv this weekend i wanna give a shout out to FREE RADIO. The best show of this year so far. I really like this show. I know it's on fridays at 9:30 but come on check it out. Vh1 plays it alot so just click over there once in a while.

Friday, February 22, 2008

captain hippo

So there is this comedy troupe bleck comedy. Personally i don't find them that funny but i have no problems with them or anything. Then yesterday a friend of mine showed me another comedy troupe he is involved in called captain hippo. I really liked it and found it very well structured. I know the Bleek comedy people have a show at the UCB tonite and congrats on this but i personally wish there were more these. Just they work very well. I'm posting to of the shorter ones here.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Peace on Earth

Whenever I'm upset at humanity. I watch this cartoon. We needless to say is alot. No I'm fucking with you. But this is one of the greatest of all cartoons. Made in 1939 the same year that gave us Gone with the wind, the wizard of oz, mr. smith goes to washington, wuthering heights, stagecoach, and gunga din. Basically it was an awesome year for film. And I did hold back some titles.
This film is really great. Sometimes it's refreshing to watch a good cartoon like this again so check it out.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Top Films of the year (2007)

Every year i do these and every year people ask me when it's coming out. I figured I'd finally end this cause I'm going to see my first 2008 movie Be Kind Rewind this Friday. also the Oscars are this Sunday. I would like to say I don't think my opinion is that great for my top whatever to mean something. Like I didn't see Juno for example. But I also don't wanna see Juno so maybe that worked out. But really what do i know.

Also this isn't a top 10 because i didn't feel like i wanted to put more then 8 films i saw this year on a top 10 list. so only 9. I could have had American gangster there or held out for when i saw more movies but nah. I get some people are saying it was a good year for film. I disagree there are some really great films out there but most of the films sucked.


I got new for everyone KNOCKED UP WAS HORRIABLE But this was good. The combination between comedy and the dark tone that reminds me of fast time. Superbad was a good teen movie at a time when Teen Movies are made by Disney about some really unrealistic high school with a jock who wants to sing. Yeah seems alot better doesn't it.
With music by Bootsy Colins and everyone was really funny. I liked Seth Rogens script and Michael Cera. Fun movie.


When you see a film you wanna have a good time. Very few films can promise a great theater experience beyond being a good film. I think this film did both but mostly cause I had a great time both time's I saw and everyone wanted to talk about it on the way home. I remember when I saw Rocky Horror and this was just as fun. A ton of films want that kind of thing. Grindhouse made it happen.
Are the films that could not really but they are fun and were well made for what they were. Those fake trailers and everything. It's just a great time.


I'm not a big Aaron Sorkin fan but this film works. Most likely cause he shouldn' direct his own stuff. Really think about it. Anyway this film is about a very serious thing and didn't make it self to serious for words and had fun with it. It does have it's moments of seriousness. I liked Tom Hanks as an alcholic and everyone was good. Julia roberts was ok you know whateva. I think Mike Nichols has really gone back to making good films again.


David Fincher brings one of the more intresting films of the year. Doing there own investigation into the Zodiac killings. Also filming this like all the presidents men helped add to it's 70's setting. All the casting was really great and shot great. There is very little bad I can say about this film. I wish it was released better and made more money.


Some films are complex and have all this stuff going on. This film is made very simply there's good and evil, an underdog. Everything a simple film should have. Except this is a documentary about the all time donkey kong champion. You get to see a whole world of gaming. I personally don't think you need to like video games to like this film and it will suck you in. You'll be rooting for these guys. I know alot of people talk about sicko but this was the best documentary of the year. Mostly cause i forgot i was watching a documentary.


Paul Thomas Anderson has only put out movies I like. this film is no exception. Watching Paul Dano and Daniel Day-Lewis play off each other was the best acting moment of the year.
techincally this film is perfect. Sound wise with a crazy coo score.I also was shocked how funny and how well you'll be in it. In most years this would be the best film of the year but there were 3 better films.


the best Hollywood movie of the year. What does that mean. Well regardless of what you can say this was a major summer movie put out by a huge studio around july 4th weekend. It's really great at what it does. If a lesser director had this film it wouldn't work as well. You'd get sick of all those people talking in a restuarant. But Brad Bird has amazing shots and well storyboarded this out so well. Also you just end leaving and loving food. Just it makes food look great.
Look Pixar has put out alot of good stuff over the years. This film is no exception but in the end it's a really well made hollywood movie in a way that the studio system was. It shows they care about making a good big movie that we all can see and love and man they are good at it.


It was hard to pick if this was better then number 3 but i think in my heart it was. a film about a girl growing up in Iran. It's the kind film you wish that tons of teen girls would see but won't know about it til there like 20. a very great story and really well told. In a perfect world this would get alot more respect.


yeah this was kind of a no brainer. I always really liked Blood Simple and this is the cloest thing I've seen them make seen then. A really quiet film with very little interaction from the people on the poster with each other. they all play there characters really well and I just feel like there was nothing wrong with it. Just everything worked really well. Everything techincally was perfect and every one in it gave a great performance. Just a great movie.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Roy Scheider

yeah I know he died last week but i can't not write a post about it. I think he was real good in the 70's. I really liked all that jazz and of course Jaws. He obviously got forgotten about after that but i liked him. He was a fun actor to watch and was perfect in his better roles.

Monday, February 18, 2008

nockFORCE Quickie #28: Butt Itches

FUCKFORCE needs to change his name. effnocka suggests something better but will it work out? who knows you should watch it.

For more names and new bios we just put up

Sunday nite rap up

King of the hill
Aqua Teen
Garth merenghi

I also wanna give a shout out again to free radio cause i really like it and the third episode introduced more character. The show is turning out to be my favorite live action show of the year

Friday, February 15, 2008

When the wind blows

hey guess what the best of the year list is coming out monday. more on that monday

Most of the time I don't really like to write about films you can't see. But I really like this film and hopefully if you ever see it somewhere you'll get it.
The premise of the film is about an elderly english couple who build a bomb shelter and staty in it when a nuclear bomb is dropped on england. This is not a future scenaro more of a what if. But without the watcher.
Much like the film grave of the fireflies another animated film dealing with war. This film doesn't do it as a big spectical showing the entire conflict. We just see it from the persepective of the elderly couple.
Following them is both wounderful and hear breaking. Honestly i had a hard time watching it sometimes and thinking about it now is even hard for me. This is a very effective film and like every film about nuclear war it kinda makes you wounder why we even do this to our selves.
The acting in this film is really great and they did a great job of casting voice actors. I think alot of times people like to think actors arn't as important to a film. espically in animation but really this film shows how important this is.
Also it has a soundtrack with Bowie and Rodger Waters.
If you ever see this film anywere just buy it or rent it or whatever. It's a real treat and a gem of a film.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


hey remember Spike Jonze he directed Being John Malkovic and Adaptation and is currently working on where the wild things are. Well before all that he was a music video director and difently one of the best music video directors of all time. Unforently he doesn't do very much video stuff now but I guess Kanye's good enough to come back for it.
I got to see the mtv premiere after which the vj called it strange. whatever when they fire that dumb vj this video will still get watched on you tube and she'll be looking for a new dayjob. Also this video has a total of 1 cut. Yeah I'm serious it's awesome and makes you wish more rap videos were this creative frankly it's awesome.

Since it's Valentine's Day I wanna put this up. I've known about Matt Berry for over a year now from just searching on you tube. He went to Towson U and lives in Baltimore, Md. Were I'm from. Alot of people like to say I don't rep Baltimore enough. Well I found this guy myself and have even spoken to him a couple of times. He has a filmography longer then you can imagine and he's been making stuff since 93. yeah 93. Anyway I like this guy and he put this up recently and i thought good v-day video.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

best things about the strike

now that the strike is over finally I wanted to look back on what was really good about it.

Conan was the best he's been in years. Every episode i had no clue what was gonna happen and it was fun when everyone else tryed to keep it business as usual conan gave us a reason to watch.

Bionic Woman got cancelled thank you god. Jez wow i thought this day would never come. Apprently it's coming on dvd soon for you if your a loser and really need new bionic woman.

Adult Swim was huge ratings wise and killed it until they got the double wammy of the late nite shows coming back and losing futurama


the Wii

You Tube

all the bad shows that i don't watch but now didn't have to see promos for new episodes for a while. wow that was nice o fuck the strike's over shit.

The Golden Globes were alot nicer shorter.

Jon Stewart came a second with a good show even though he had no writers. awesome

Mario Galaxy cause it was way better then those reality shows

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

the grammys

So I wasn't going to write a post about the grammys and didn't yesterday until I found out the winners. Holy fuck Herbie Hancock. Like I would be mad but I think Herbie Hancock deserves it more then anyone else. Congrats to Herbie Hancock for winning best Album the first time in 40 years a jazz album has won too. yeah and you thought hip-hop had it ruff at the grammys.
Other notable wins Flight of the concords won best comedy album. Michael Giacchino won one for ratatouiie. the beastie boys got one for Best Pop Instrumental Album. Lupe Fiasco won best alternative urban performance i have no fucking clue what that means. sometimes the grammy's categoreys are strange like Best Rap/Sung Collaboration which means best rap song with singing. Great.
Well regardless it's coo Herbie Hancock got best album cause it looked like he was suprised. I had heard from people who heard that album it wasn't that great. I havn't heard the herbie hancock album and really i could get on my high horse like every other blog person who loves hip hop but i really am still glad he has it. So sue me Does Kanye really need more confidence? and does Amy Winehouse need more press? I don't think so. but hey if Herbie Hancock gets to gloat good for him

Monday, February 11, 2008

new nockforce quickie umm and more

This is what happens when the wga goes on strike and we still put out quickie's.

for more go to

there is a new show on vh1 which i really like called Free Radio unforently it's on Friday nights like at 9pm. but they played 2 episodes and both were hillarious. Brain Huskey who i really like was in it. the concept is a popular shock jock goes to satelite radio and the station puts an intern and a weather girl in the morning istead which is a train wreck. But is a hit so now they do the morning show. It's really funny check out if you see it on tv.

Sunday nite rap up

King of the Hill
Aqua Teen
Lucy daughter of the devil
Garth Merenghi

Saturday, February 09, 2008


shock of all shocks a saturday post. Sorry about nothing on Friday. but anyway I wanted to share a really awesome smash brothers video. Featuring an all Sonic fight. yeah nothing but sonics. I love that sonic is in the new smash bros. awesome

Thursday, February 07, 2008

new jame bond poster

hey so normally i write reviews or something but i am very sick and I just don't have it in me to write a regular post but i wanted to post this. It's the poster for the new james bond movie QUANTUM OF SOLACE. Yeha I know that title screams box office blockbuster. Casino Royale was awesome and i'm hoping this one is at least somewhat close to that.

couldn't just leave you with nothing.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Zodiac and 50 cent

When you make a movie about a time period you can either make like how you would make a film now or how they made films during the time period. It makes it way more believeable and relatable and frankly it's a way better idea. Or evewn using storytelling that they used at the time like Barry Lyndon.
Zodiac does this in fact it is a 70's movie. Showing an influence of All the Presidents men. I really liked how smart they were with this film. Take for example American Gangster it looks and feels like something made in 2007.And really doesn't take me there. In Zodiac everything is oh it's time it's ridcoulous.
This film is shot very very well and was shot by Harris Savides who graduated from were I graduated from. It's one of the best pictures of the year.
Also all the acting was top notch but how can you go wrong with Jake Gyllenhaal, Robert Downey Jr., Mark Ruffalo, and Brian Cox. With a suprise appreance by Anthony Edwards which woo i though you were dead or something.
David Fincher adds another great film to his all ready great filmography and makes you wanna see what comes next unlike when i saw Panic Room
This is a really good film and you should check it out.
Another thing you might not know is that only 2 film were on more top 10 lists for this year then this one No Country for Old Men and There will Be Blood need I say more.

This is so shockingly stupid that he makes you somewhat agree with O'Reily shocking I know. 50 needs to not talk sometimes.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


it certainly is and another primary election to make the mass's feel like they have some sort of say or something.

anyway I just wanted to mention that the daily show/colbert report/ Conan crossover was coo cause i didn't think they'd keep it up but they did. Conan has been the best he's ever been since the strike and i hope he stays the way he is now.

Not much to write about besides that

Monday, February 04, 2008

Puppybowl coverage

This year believe it or not I watched more of the game then of the actual puppybowl. so I missed the all kitty half time show. But watching straham throw Tom Brady's dumb ass to the ground and then flex like he's a gladiator or something was awesome. But I think somehow the puppies were cuter this year. Yeah I know I don't know how they did it either and with music that was hillarious. It was sponsered by the new straight to dvd Snow Buddies which Ian tells me is a sequal to a film about Air Budy's kids. And also is a sequal to snow dogs. So it's combining 2 franchises. crazy huhh. I hope the puppybowl broke another ratings record this year. it was the only counter programming worth watching.

no nockforce this week

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Adult swim was good Aqua Teen was ok I'm not as into this season I think they need a great episode to really get me more motivated but the Venture Brothers Garth Menerghi back to back line up is one of the best on tv and I'll be sad to see it go as last nite was the last time but Garth Menerghi is staying at 1 am for longer then i originally but with not sucking saturdays i guess we get it alot longer.

Sunday Nite Rap up

Super Bowl
Puppy Bowl
Aqua Teen
Ventrue Brothers
Garth Merenghi's darkplace

Friday, February 01, 2008

why people don't wanna watch old movies and other stuff

i'm starting off with the other stuff. I heard about this film son of rambow recently and I really like the concept. It's about a little english kid who finds a pirated copy of Rambo first Blood and wants to make his own Rambo movie. The trailer is out but unforently they don't explain the concept. Which piss's me off marketing 101 tells me that not explaining what the movie is about can hurt a film at the box office. Well it's still early so there's still hope. Anyway go here and enjoy it

So I wanted to write this cause I love film in general like all of the good, the bad everything i really love it.When I was younger I used to get mad at people or think people were stupid for not watching like classic stuff. In some cases yeah there are dumb people i'm not gonna claim there not. but most of the time they just don't know were to start and just looks unappealing. Very few people make classic films look like alot of fun to watch. They make it look like this is important to watch this important movie not like today all that stuff is shit. Even if that is true or whatever if you were that person who doesn't watch that many old films are you really gonna go yeah you know everything i do is shit your right. fuck no they'll probably ignore it.
I used to agree with this alot but now I see how it really limits all those films. Yeah i do get where those people are coming from but how is that helping. It's doing more harm then good. To make something that is alien to people look every more unappealing is not gonna work. i know shocking.
What really should happen is just talk about it like any other movie or just make it sound fun. If they see like a fun old movie they'll wanna watch more old movies. Then that's old better right.