Friday, September 28, 2007

flushed away and cletus

I really do like aardman but this wasn't there film. It's what dreamworks wants them to be or well wanted them to be. Sure this film looks great and is animated well. but other then that it sucks. Like most dreamworks animation there are too many stupid pop songs one after the other. Also two many references almost to annoying point. at the begining they are fun but towards the end your sick of it.
This being aardman's only cg film makes it worth seeing once if your courious how it worked.
All in all this is not worth seeing really but if you like aardman or chicken run and wallace and gromit then you will think it's ok if your in a really good mood.

if you're wondering why cletus wasn't here yesterday I was having some problems with you tube. the cartoons looked shitty. but now it's coo.

this one i still like alot. It came out on July 4th weekend of 2003

honestly i like this one alot less and wouldn't have even let this one get beyond a script if that now.

this i put at the end of alot of playlists just cause i wanted to give my friend kool-aids video a shout out

Thursday, September 27, 2007

guess what facebook is unsafe but not myspace

so i've been telling people this for a while but people are always like yeah whateva. Myspace was just called the safest social networking site. Facebook didn't do as well. why cause myspace which had problems with sex offenders got them kicked off there site. facebook didn't. also it is easier to find personal information about someone through facebook. you can find out who they hang out with where they've been and there class schdule. myspace is currently recomending you don't do that.
personally i don't like facebook very much at all. i found it kind of elitest when you had to be in collage to get on it and then you just had to be in school. i'm kinda glad myspace is kicking ass cause it's just a nice site and more fun frankly. Neither one is perfect but facebook sucks alot more

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

vanishing point and cletus

Like what the title says this is the ultimate car chase movie. Like seriously. Mostly cause thats all it is. a car chase and a awesome one. With a kick ass soundtrack. If you like fun action movies this movie is waiting for you.
There is somewhat of a plot but thats not important the car chase is. the cops are chasing him why because he is driving fast. Other then that there really is no reason. This film works really well and there is something to be said about a movie that has no plot and is just a car chase really but held my attention for however long it was. like the poster says this is the ultimate car chase movie. so if you geniuely like car chase movies see this but if your a stick in the mud about it then go see the holiday or something.

This is the pilot episode and was realy there just to see if we could do it. It makes like no sense and is from a 30 page script cause i thought we could just do a 30 minute episode every month or so. thankfully we didn't do that.

this one is episode 2 and probably one of the better early ones

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

cletus on you tube

ok so I am putting up cletus the fetus on you tube. And I'm gonna try to put up a couple every couple of days. Since this blog is mine i will post them on this blog as they come out. Below is the first episode of cletus ever

Also a cartoon I have had sitting on my hard drive since 2003. It was called Green Heads and I thought about doing it once a month and putting it out on cletus. It wasn't that great of an idea so i didn't but i can have a completed one on here. there may be another green heads but i have not found it. But right now there is just this one.

Monday, September 24, 2007

new nockforce quickie cardboard 2

yes we're back at it again with another cartoon with this whole cardboard thing. There both part of the same conversation just cut up basically.

for more fun go to

Last nite i watched the normal sunday nite animation I'll list my favorites

King of the Hill
Lucy Daughter of the devil
The Venture Brothers

the family guy thing was ok i guess. Frisky Dingo was also ok. everything else sorry

Friday, September 21, 2007

getting lunch

so everyday for almost as long as I have had my current job I would have 2 peanut butter sandwich's for lunch. Which was pretty healthy. (I mean it had no trans fats or well it says that on the label at least.) But the past couple times I've gotten stomach aches after eating them so I was like I'll buy my lunch. Which seemed like a good idea but then I went outside and realised. Everything is both unhealthy and expensive. I can either have tacos, pizza, burgers, and nachos.
So really my only choice is subway. Which I'm lead to believe is healthy but won't I get sick of subway. I really love the tuna sub. Espically toasted. I think it reaches it's peak when it is toasted. but I know one day I will grow tired of it. Which sucks cause then I'm stuck with all that other stuff.
I really miss school lunch cause they would have booth variety and I like that food. I know it's not the healthest but I never got a stomach ache. I really liked school food. You'd be like all right pizza day or chesse burger day or just burger day. My middle school even had a thing where they would make a sub for you like subway. Man that was awesome but only when I was in eigth grade.
Sometimes I think if i could go to that cafeteria in my former middle school and get them to make me one. I mean yeah I guess that's werid but i'm not asking for a freebee in fact I'll pay more then a usual student does. yeah you can rip me off cause as I recall they were good subs.
I could call the school but then how do I start off the call. I think I would stress I do not at all want to eat with some kids ten to eleven years younger then me. We can simply do this transaction after the normal lunch periods are over or before.
But then they would want me to see former teachers. I don't really wanna see any of those people I would have to ask to simply go in get my sub and leave.
I hope that's not rude. See now I'm worried that I will be rude but I don't wanna talk to these people.

I'm just saying lunch is complicated. Even if I did live in a suburb. My choices would be limited and that really sucks. I'm not offering a solution but seriously we need to make better options for lunch

Thursday, September 20, 2007

in the heat of the night

In alot of ways this is the stagecoach of it's day. Being that it was one of the first films to have a black detective and a white kinda racist detective together. But neither were the last with tons of imatators.This hurt Stagecoach as much as it did with in the heat of the night.
This film is still good and so is stagecoach but they seem a lot more cliched. You know there not but it's not as fun.
The film itself is awesome and all though I somewhat disagree with it being on a list of the 100 best american films as it was recently. It is certainly still a great movie. A score by Quincy Jones and great performances by both of the leads. Sidney Poitier and Rod Steiger both are incredible and show what range both of them have. Espically Steiger who some how tricked the studio into making a character actor into a leading man. I have never seen a movie with Rod Steiger and thought Rod Steiger I always think of the character. Poitier is also amazing and seeing this film rather then guess whos coming to dinner shows you why people gave a fuck about him in the first place. and how influencal he is. I could name countless actors who use stuff he did.
All in all this a first class classic worth checking out and really there is every reason to also it was directed by Norman Jewison.

This was on the new afi list at 75. However it as not on the old one.

I'm currently two films away from having seen all the new list. and one film away from seeing all of the old list those films are

a night at the opera


also i still have not seen the jazz singer but now i think i will because i am three films away. the only thing standing in my way is the second season of the wire but after that i am coo.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Cletus now going on you tube

So Cletus as of last nite started it's trip to getting all the cletus stuff on you tube. I would have put more i just gotta fix some stuff but i will post them all here. also under this are films from other cletus people on you tube.



Tuesday, September 18, 2007

mr. wonderbird

This is the best film you have never seen. To put it simply. This film was ignored but is considered by many an important animated film. how did i see it. well it was in the dollar dvd section of a local variety store and kinda bought it on a lark thinking it would be so bad it's good.
Man this blew all my expectations out of the water. The sets are amazing the animation is amazing. This is just an awesome film. probably the only french animated film i've ever seen.
This film also is a major influence on Hayao Miyazaki and espically his film spirited away. The feel of it is very simlair and castle in this film is alot like the one in spirited away.
Honestly this is one of those films i will have to see again to really write about. I can tell you if you see mr.wonderbird in a dollar dvd section just get it. It's a dollar if you spent ten one anything this year it's not as worth it as this.

Granted yes the print could be better and there is a better dvd in Japan made by Hayao Miyazaki but i can't speak japanesse. so i will seatle for this but it's still one of the best animated films ever and you need to see it.

also here's stuff about the production from wikipedia.

"Originally called La Bergère et le Ramoneur (The Shepherdess and the Chimneysweep). Grimault began it in 1948 and it was highly anticipated, but Grimault’s partner André Sarrut showed the film unfinished in 1952, against Grimault’s wishes. This caused a rift between partners and a stop in production. In 1967, Grimault got possession of the film and slowly worked at completing it as he had envisioned. In 1980 the finished film was finally released under a new title, Le Roi et l'Oiseau. In English, the film has been released under many names. The official international English name is The King and the Mockingbird. Others include: The King and the Bird, The Curious Adventures of Mr. Wonderbird, The King and Mr. Bird, Mr Bird to the Rescue and Adventures of Mr. Wonderful."

Monday, September 17, 2007

new nockforce quickie cardboard

this one is about cardboard or well cardboard houses and stuff

for more fun go to

Friday, September 14, 2007

willie the operatic whale

when I was a kid I liked this cartoon alot but i forgot the title with age and couldn't find it. Then yesterday a class played this short. By the Walt Disney company right after the war and after they stopped making features for a while they made this short before going into cindrella. I think this is a coo short and don't worry it's not as long as bob, the devil, and god. only 17 minutes. It's a really good short both visually and story wise. so check it out

Thursday, September 13, 2007

march of the penguins

ok so i never saw this film until yesterday. I really like how it showed the penguins. Showing that they have feelings and how they act around each other. As a nature film this film achieves alot more then your average dvd about penguins you'll buy at the zoo.
This concept is enough to get the film to work. Surviving all they have to surivie and stuff. I don't know how they got so close and that's amazing. I don't know if I was as into it as everyone else but i feel like I've seen countless Imax films like this. Certainly this isn't a bad film. It's very well made and stuff but it's not anything that special. like it totally won the oscar cause it was such a big hit.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

bob, the devil, and god

After the success of South Park every network developed a animated show. NBC's version the quickly cancelled. Bob, the Devil, and God. On the internet they say it got 4 episodes air but i remember it only got one episode. regardless if it was 4 episodes or one the run wasn't that long.
I remember hearing about it and bringing it up as a joke. but i found it on you tube. Apprently it is on dvd as well.
here's the first episode. the premise is that god looks like Jerry Garcia and the devil is Alan Cumming

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

the video music awards

so I've been watching the video music awards at the end of every summer since 1995. When I was in middle and high school they were alot of fun. After that it really depended on the show. When MTV is good they can be better then any other award show that year. I always felt that every time they were at the radio city music hall they were really good. especially because I think they had done it there like more then 15 times or something. Not sure if that is the exact number but the majority of shows is there. Sure they have done good shows at like Lincoln Center and in LA but every time they aren't in la or new york the show doesn't usually work as well. A couple years ago when they were in Miami was probably my least favorite overall.
Last years I really liked and it had great performances and it was fun. I liked it. It was perfect but it was fun.
This year well. OK the start sucked. Britney Spears looked like half way through she knew this was a bad idea. I remember when she always had a performance that even if you hated her you admitted it was good. but that was 6 years ago now. if you really wanna count the Madonna kiss I guess butr her last solo performance was the python one. If nobody told Britney she couldn't last after teen pop died Sunday night was she found out.
Then Sarah Silverman came out after and bombed maybe even worse. showing that not making actual jokes but saying offensive observations is enough to pass as stand up comedy. Nobody laughed and it was just embarrassing.
After that it was a little smoother but it was probably the worst start of an award show I've ever seen.
The rest was lame mostly. there were good performances which is always why you tune in to the vmas. Kayne West was good all the times he performed. So was Justin and T.I. and 50 cent. also the foo fighters with big shock the return of Pat Smear. But what I really missed was people being on the main stage.having everyone perform in a suite was a big cop out. And looked like your little brother and his friend were putting together and award show.
the best part was the big timbaland medley at the end with nelly furtado, justin, and everybody from the timbaland album i forget off the top of my head. That made it worth it.
Chris Brown was OK but all his songs sound the same so for that i mark him down. but he is a good dancer.
all in all not very good MTV needs to come back to new york or la. I'm serious they were good in either city but vegas. lame. i get that the palms casino probably paid for some of it to have such a great advertisement. it may have been cheaper and soungs like a good idea but it just looked cheaper and was a bad idea.

Also every year there is a decant video that should have gotten an least something. this year it was Justice d.a.n.c.e. was awesome and i wish more would see.

Monday, September 10, 2007

new nockforce quickie rapping rollercoaster

I like this one cause it's crazy and silly and just plain fun. it was fun to do it and still fun to watch it.

for more fun go to

Friday, September 07, 2007

charlie brown hey ya and John Cusack

i don't want this to become you tube embed crazy so there is a movie thing below it.

when this video came out orignally in the pre you tube days. charles schultz's family said it had to come down but apprently nobody told them about you tube. so it's back the editing in this video is amazingly awesome and absoutely perfect. i missed this for so long.

Recently John Cusack said in an interview that he has only made ten good movies and he listed them in the interview

what are the films he picked The Sure Thing, Eight Men Out, Say Anything, The Grifters, Bullets Over Broadway, Grosse Pointe Blank, The Thin Red Line, Being John Malkovich, High Fidelity, Max.

I would like to thank John Cusack for admitting he has done alot of shit. like seriously must love dogs whatever. I know all the movie sites are freaking out about this but i like it. John Cusack is a coo guy but Con Air and shit come on i would have liked if better off dead and bob roberts and sixteen candles got on there also the cradle will rock but hey at least he's keeping it real. I mean did you think will smith is gonna say the legend of bagger vance was a bad idea.
anyway thanx John Cusack for keeping it real

also i seriously fucked hated for years when people would make excuses for some piece of shit movie he was and be like but John Cusack is so good. Well at least now i can say even John Cusack doesn't wanna see this movie

Thursday, September 06, 2007

a music video i made

so unlike everything else i have had on youtube this has never ever been online. everything else was on cletus the when it existed. but now i have put all of that out and the rest of my stuff is slowly going up. I made this in one day in i think January of 2005. We had fun making it and it was a nice shoot.
I screened this for my class and my teacher didn't like it saying that i should make a video with more subistance. I agree with that but i don't think this video was supposed to have subistance it was just a fun thing.
Well because of this and the fact i made 4 films that year this did not make the class show that year and basically it was screened for my class some friends and thats it. so i'm glad it's up I never got the chance to give those guys a tape of it but now they can see it whenever they want.
the band is banana oil and the song is the get down syndrome

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

boogie nights

when people talk about movies with a young cast at the time then ten years later most of the cast are all movie stars. I hear people bring up alot of shit from the 90's like american pie or some other bullshit. This movie is that kind of movie except not all of them are movie stars. Most became the great actors of today. Don cheadle, John c. Reily,Julianne Moore, and Phillp Seymour Hoffman. also the first time we saw Heather Graham and the first time we cared about Mark Walberg. Plus Burt Renyolds and alfred Molina, and Tom Jane and william h. macey.
This movie i defntly think is one of the best movies of the 90's and maybe the godfather of it's time just with porn instead of the mafia.
There are so many great tracking shots in this film. i can imagine it took forever to shoot this film but they work so well it was totally worth it.
I hadn't seen this film since like 97 or 98 and seeing it again was alot of fun. If you havn't seen this film it's great and how it shows the passage of time very well. Also it shows how the fun 70's gave way to crap 80's. It's just awesome and i defently want the dvd. bottom line see this movie and i know dicaprio turned this down to do titanic. i guess it was a good move but this is so so much better.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

new nockforce quickie letters

this one is about those letters people write in to magazines and how real they are.

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