Thursday, July 31, 2008

turning 25 on saturday

since I'm taking Friday off. I figured I'd write this now.
I guess that turning 25 is a big deal cause i'm like woo i made it kinda far. But really I never go like and now my life has changed. I mena birthdays are real nice with the cake and presents and stuff. but it doesn't really make anything change or anything. I mean sure I am gonna be 25 but i pretty much have made it anyway so it's not that big of a deal maybe.
I remember when I was in 9th grade and ever since I was in school I didn't get good grade until high school. And I was always told how much nicer things would be when i got good grades and then i did and it was like oh. ok I'm still watching the same stuff on tv. my life is pretty much the same.
So it's like I mean it's coo but it's not like that big or anything cause seriously i'm still gonna watch the same shit on tv and go to the same sites and all that stuff. i guess anything going crazy on your birthday only happens to molly ringwald.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


In honor of the latest Quickie about horses. there photos Natasha Kaser took of wild horses in england.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

lethal weapon was awesome

until last nite i had never seen a lethal weapon movie. And i was missing out cause this thing was fucking fun.
sure it's like completly unrealistic and silly sometimes. But it was fun and i think lethal weapon just wanted to be a good fun action movie. and it did just that.
I think watching this film now is like watching stagecoach. everything came up with in this movie is cliche now. But really wasn't it even cliche in 87. so it's like beyond cliche. i don't know what beyond cliche is like if you were cliche then and now even more so. someone should come up with a word for that and the example would be this movie.
The leads playing off each other. Mel Gibson being the crazy (don't laugh) young cop and Danny glover being the older close to retirment cop. Works really well and defently helps the film move better.
The action sequences are almost cartoonie. actually there incredibly silly. like a helicopter chasing a limo in the fucking desert. who come up with that. like really and then there like lets film it. it will be huge. this movie is crazy.
if you like awesome action movies. see this movie.

Monday, July 28, 2008

NEW nockFORCE Quickie high horse also dark knight money

A super sweet quick quickie! ABOUT HORSES

hold your horses at

End theme done with the filipino kings

unforently playlists arn't working on you tubes but i will say if i could have made one then i would pick all the short cletus episodes like this one and that one and another one also this other one and yet another one and even this one

and thats it

oh wait more

so the dark knight is making fun millions and millions. it's smashied everything out of the water but I want it to break one record that nobody has brought up. ok i know that i said in a previous entry that i thought the 1989 batman film was still better. which i still stand by but i kinda want the dark knight to beat it cause i love huge super hero movies and i want this to keep going. It actually has beaten the 89 batman (making it the highest grossing batman film EVER) and will beat iron man like today but what about adjusted gross for the 89 batman. well i looked it up and it's $445,718,700. which really at this point could happen.
Regardless the dark knight has done an amazing job and really it's awesome to see a movie like the dark knight make truck loads of money. dark knight right now has made $314,245,000 in 10 fucking days. Do you think it will make it?

Friday, July 25, 2008


beck's got a new album and apprently it's produced by danger mouse. thats about all i know. i will get, wish i had it now but i have a birthday coming up. sooooooooooo.

anyway here beck

Thursday, July 24, 2008

animation emmy nominations

i wanted to go through these. i don't care about the other categories but the wire got one for writing yippie. anyway yeah.

Outstanding Animated Program (Under One Hour)

Creature Comforts America
King of the Hill
Robot Chicken
The Simpsons
SpongeBob SquarePants

Outstanding Animated Program (One Hour or More)

Blue Harvest (Family Guy)
Imaginationland (South Park)
Justice League: The New Frontier

Outstanding Animated Program (Under One Hour)

these are the nominees in the under one hour category. There are some good choices and a couple i could do with out. The simpsons really don't need another award in this category cause they've all ready won in this category a total of 9 times. but the simpsons winning anything for quality is kinda behind them at this point. But people will vote for it cause it's the simpsons.

I wonder about robot chicken cause out of all the adult swim shows i would not pick that one. I wonder why aqua teen, squidbillies, lucy daughter of the devil, and metalacolypse. Didn't get one this year instead. those are really great shows. but home movies never got a nomination either.

Creature Comforts America might win casue people love those guys but nobody saw it.

King of the hill i think might have a shot with both South Park and Family Guy in another category it actually has a chance. it has won once but nominated 5 other times but it also hasn't been up for one since 2002. king of the hill still has a lot of life to it and i often am laughing alot during.

Spongebob squarepants is the one i'm rooting for. It has been nominated 5 times and never won and i think it really deserves one. It's the biggest show on cable. they're even playin it late nite on mtv. It's the only show doing what it's doing anymore. I just think give it one.

Really i want either king of the hill or spongebob. i think i want spongebob more. but if king of the hill wins. it will join the simpsons and south park as the only animted shows with more then one win.

Outstanding Animated Program (One Hour or More)

Ok first off justice league won't win and i'm not rooting for it.

Family guy was pushing hard to be in the best comedy category but failed. i don't know why it tried if even the simpsons didn't get it. but fox will be pushing hard for this. Blue harvest was a big success and will be something they defently want with not getting there big category.

South park will also be trying hard. With no simpsons to compete with and only family guy they have a good chance. First south park has one the half hour twice. Also Comedy Central can win emmys big time with the daily show. plus imaginationland wasn't perfect but i would much rather watch that anyday over the family guy thing.

frankly i really think south park will win. but family may come in to snatch it but probably not.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

ebert and roper replaced by some major tools

So Disney wants to take ebert and roper at the movies and take it in a new direction. but with out ebert and roper. also ebert and roper wouldn't take part in the new direction but the good news is that they're just gonna make a new show with the thumbs up which ebert and siskels wife own. so really nothing will change just less disney.
At the movies will probably become a really bland show. I understand disney which owns half of E! would love to have a syndicated show for the E! brand. With so few shows like that Like Acess hollywood, entertainment tonight, extra, the insider, tmz, the daily ten, and E! news. I'm sure people are hungry for yet another entertainment show with tons of promotional opportunities for there parent company.

The people they pick to replace ebert and roper are pretty bad. here we go

i've seen this guy on E! and i kinda didn't understand how someone who seems to know very little about film. is a resident film critic. i can't imagine this guy even knows who Felini is. Has he even seen anything made past like the 70's. i bet he thinks that there real coo or something. i looked on his blog and he has such parade magazine style head lines like "star of indie hit the wackness does not feel cool". Wow holy fuck are u serious. WOW.
He's also jeffery lyons son who hosts new yorks reel talk. which is a pretty good show. i wish his dad was picked instead. man i really wanna know what his favorite movie is so i can then laugh at him.

so this guy could go either way. On one hand he works for TCM. doing hosting during the day and on weekend days. actually i think he just does weekends. but he also does work for TMZ. soooooo yeah. but most likely he will suck cause TMZ i mean come on.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Is the Dark Knight that great or did everyone shot there wad too early

To answer the big questions yes i do like this movie. No it is not the best comic movie ever made. Yes Heath Ledger's joker is really awesome. No please stop comparing this movie to godfather 2 that is dumb cause batman begins is no godfather. yes it is better then batman begins. also this film is really coo but it is no best anything maybe like best batman movie but thats it.
I'll talk about the strenghs first and there are alot.
Acting wise Heath Ledger steals the show. He's amazing as the joker and i'm sure that oscar thing is possiable. But it doesn't matter cause we'll be talking about his performance longer then we will the person who usually wins best supporting actor anyway. He's just fun to watch on screen. All the tongue stuff and everything just awesome.
Gary Oldman was really good and did a great job as Gordon probably the best acting for someone to play Gordon.
The action sequences are really well done and fun to watch. espically the joker truck flip over sequence. they did a great job with those.
On the other hand
Ok those action sequences were all edited the same. like does there need to be a million fucking things happening in various different places every time. It just seems a little gimmicie. I mean we all love the end of return of the jedi with the cutting between 3 different places but they had other action scenes that were edited in different ways. so that everyone was fresher then the next. Same with the orginal batman they made them different giving you variety.
sure in the dark knight there all shot differently but i just wanted to concentrate on one at time some of the time.
Christain bale didn't really do it for me. i mean he's a great bruce wayne but when he talks in his silly batman voice that just sounds stupid. he sounds like he's playing batman for his kids or something.
i wanted more joker. i wish there was more with him. there really wasn't enough.
Also more character development would have been nice. after a while i felt like it was all plot or something. even though the movie is really long. i actually think a half hour of just character develoment would have helped.
But this is an improvement on the first one and shows were it is going with this franchise. i think this is the closet to an 80's batman comic we're gotten in any media. but it's not perfect. parts were hard to follow some times and the gordon being dead thing and then alive was too hokey for me. i kinda just wanted a simpler thing. i think if it was just joker and batman this movie could have been all those things they say it is.
but yeah it is good.

please everyone understand that blowing movies out or preportion doesn't mean it's great. i never hear american beauty or ordinary people brought up anymore and they won oscars. It's just let this movie sit a little then start doing that.

********LIST OF BATMAN STUFF FOR ALL TIMES***************************

I'm only doing movies but i still believe batman the animated series is the best batman thing ever bar none. Sorry it's just written better and is awesome nothing can even touch it.








Monday, July 21, 2008

NEW nockFORCE Quickie and dark knight

Billy's having the best vacation of his life!

more fun at

well the new biggest weekend ever record is now for the dark knight. Great movie. The biggest Batman opening. and also warners has made it's come back from batman and robin. Ok sure Batman begins maybe came back a little but this brought back to what it was when the first batman came out. so congrats guys maybe you won't make another batman and robin so we won't have to do that again. hope part 3 is good.

Friday, July 11, 2008

ocean city

well next week i will not be here and u will just see this post. i'm going to ocean city.
All though i overload on maryland stuff. i'm gonna dedicate this post to just ocean city. which gets like no attention or at least compared to baltimore and annapolis.
I think i've always liked ocean city. since i was little. i mean i have been going there for like 25 years.
i don't know it's coo.
also does anyone remember dj batman. cause that guy has been doing that since the first batman movie (with michael keaton 89). seriously batman shit was everywhere in 89. now it's 19 years later and there's batman shit everywhere. but dj batman is still here too. i hope that this year is coo.
anyway yeah playlist u know see u on the 21st.

also on the way i will be putting up a ton of these

if u see one take a photo and we'll put it up

Thursday, July 10, 2008

sub pop, mst3k, and kissed a girl

happy 20 sub pop. thanx for singing nirvana way back when too.

I'm transfering my final episode today (or well right now) from vhs to dvd. I have like 52 episodes. 50 of which are self made dvds.
The last thing i wanna say about mst3k. And i wanna do this before the big comic con panel and before the shout cast dvds. The show certainly could go on forever. Because it's mainly about the movie. Not the host segments. so it can go on as long as the making fun of the movie is good.
The host segments were still good in the sci-fi channel days but the continuing story line was really stupid and the show worked better with none in the comedy central days. I think when we make the who's better Mike or Joel. We think of the sci-fi ones. but really it's cause there kinda different things.
also it might be possiable that mike has more good episodes then joel. Joel did more episodes but both season 1 and the ktma episodes are not considered good. but mike had a ton of good episode in every season he did. But Joel probably has some of the best episodes.

And finally how can you put out a song called I kissed a girl and not kiss a girl in the video.
i feel robbed. that is bullshit. Who the fuck does that sort of thing. Katy Perry you suck so just to show you how to really make a song called i kissed a girl here is the better version.
ooo suck on that.

ok maybe she didn't either but her song was better

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

baby seat

this is just kinda dumb

so i don't know who votes on this kinda stuff but apprently from the people who thought " the md internet tax" was a good idea comes this.
I mean 8. that seems a bit much. also 4' 9 is stupid. there are middle schoolers that arn't that tall. wow way to make everyone that small have a complex and constant tessing. well hey if you can't fix up anything in your city why not ruin your youth too.
oh yeah if you drive through maryland you have do this too. sorry short virginia kids.

i do know this makes my home state look bad. but the way i figure by putting this in to law. The law made the state looked bad i'm just a messanger.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

guitar hero saying no metallica

before we start that. i wanna talk about something else. what is with people really wanting to be in charge and shit. Like there was a fire alarm at my work and this one lady was making sure no one could get back in until the fire department left. Sure this does serve a perpose. but like this lady wasn't a security guard and really just started doing this. what is with people and doing that. like do you really wanna control something. She was like good i need something to control oh wait oh my god yesss.
that's lame.
I'm sick of people doing the i want control thing. but my favorite part is when your like is this a control issue. there like that's completely silly your making this into something. now just do what i want and don't mention it again it's not at all.

apprently guitar hero metallica might not happen. that blows. How come we got guitar hero aerosmith. like aerosmith. you can't really rock that hard to aerosmith. maybe 70's aerosmith but i can't imagine rockin that hard.
Metalica however is a different story. so what the fuck. like and then guitar hero people sidelined the question like well no beatles either. ok ok i don't think we really wanted a guitar hero beatles. i mean i guess. but i'm kinda sick of all the beatles stuff. like that whole love thing. kinda pissed me off. not the show which i havn't seen but the album sure did. and ok the beatles are great ok but guitar hero is for rocking out with your cock out. and sorry beatles you guys arn't metal. sorry sabbath sure. but the beatles not metal.
anyway i want a fucking guitar hero metalica. that's it. no beatles, no aerosmith. if you want to put out a led zepplin or black sabbath or maybe ac/dc. like maybe. but i wanna fucking rock you know.

Monday, July 07, 2008

nockforce hearts animation blockparty

we did this thing for block party

Thursday, July 03, 2008

family matters and spiderman and his amazing friends

ok so apprently robert rodriguez and rose mcgowen are not over and they are still planing a barbrella remake. there is no god.

I was watching tv last nite and came across family matters on nick at nite. Which they just recently brought on.
The show works alot better then alot of those family sitcoms from the 90's. Full house is practically unwatchable. but this show has lots of wackness and fun. also it does over do it with a message or anything.
I think urkle is basically doing bugs bunny. the best part of that show is carl and urkle playing off each other.
anyway yeah check it out it's on nick at nite.

when they run out of super hero movie ideas. remake this. you know come on it would be coo.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

thank god Rose McGown and Robert Rodriguez are over

like the photo. so who do u think will marry u for a better career and who would be a really nice person. seriously think about it.
I now have proof there is a god. finally Robert Rodriguez's worst decision since like ever leaving his wife for Rose McGown has come to bite him in the ass.
I really am happy.
reasons why

1. they broke up cause there remake of Barbarella which rodriguez would direct and she would star in couldn't get off the ground cause she wasn't a big enough star. what you mean the chick who replaced somebody else i don't care about on CHARMED isn't a big star. come on

2. most likely they will not make a remake of Barbarella

3. Rose McGown has lost too much weight and was way hotter in that part in scream were you see her nipples. her looks totally jumped the shark

4. more work on sin city 2 and 3

5. most likely they will not make a remake of Barbarella

I don't understand why Robert Rodriguez did all this shit. did he forget Peter Bogdanovich. who had the same thing happen and now all his films blow. remember Rodriguez next time just say Peter Bogdanovich 3 times. (hopfuly beetlejuice will show up)
wow yeah i'm glad that bitch is gone. i mean she just annoys the fuck out of me. i don't really understand how she became like the bees knees all the sudden. hope that is over.

i man i feel better. i'm not sexiest i just hate rose mcgowen ( not caps for lack of respect).

also i think dance remixs of other you tube videos are funny. i really want someone to do that to a nockforce quickie. but i shouldn't cause nobody dance remixs there own shit on you tube.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I'm gonna not be posting the week of the 14th

yeah so i'm going on vacation the week of the 14th. so i will not be posting because i will be in Ocean City Maryland that week. also theres no computer were i am. maybe if i get to one but most likely none during that week.

also a couple of people have said they like it that i don't spell check anything on here. so take that all those people who look down on you for not spelling. but hey i grew up in baltimore and the sun has the most spelling errors of any paper in the country. so yeah

wall e and a year of quickies

wall e is the kind of film you'll be hearing about for a long time and i mean that in an endering way. With very little dialouge but alot of character. it's really a great film and feels so intiamate it feels like a little film even though it cost like 180 million.
Pixar has made one of there better animated films. To miss this one is frankly really stupid. I know there are alot of real bad cartoons out there but this is pixar. And come on how many pixar movies have sucked anyway.
Wall e also has an amazing spirit and like most great films goes so quickly i barely noticed the lack of dialouge and all that. I doubt you will either. it's like a good silent film and a classic disney film rapped in one. just to be short go see it. there's nothing else this good around. not even close.

well ok iron man but thats not playing too many places anymore i think.

today is the year anniversary of the quickies. i figured i'd post the very first one in honor of this. whats crazy now we have 43 quickies. and then all that other stuff. anyway yeah can't wait til next year.