Wednesday, December 23, 2009


yeah so i need to get better at this blog. anyway i droped my avatar review last nite. so here it is. in all it's glory or something.

This might be my last video of 2009. but hopefully not. I'll try but it'll be hard with everything going on. but i will be shooting so we'll see.

Does anyone else realise like every host on tv has taken off this week. I know it's the holidays but usually more of them stick around.

Friday, December 18, 2009


I never thought anything could get me as excited as avatar. HOLY FUCKIN SHIT. THIS TRAILER IS FUCKIN AWESOME. I really loved the first Iron Man movie. not just as a comic movie or an action movie but it is a really well made fucking movie. Robert Downey jr. may have the best performance as a superhero ever. and i'm not over hyping i'm serious. I didn't even give a shit about Iron man before but now man. ooooo man. seriously awesome movie. I really really reeally can't wait.

Iron man was the last movie I saw at the Senator Theater. man what a great note to go out on.

my favorite review about this trailer

also AVATAR BITCHESSSS. bought my tickers a month ago. if you see anything other then this while it is in IMAX 3D you are dumb ass. seriously just live some half life were you see some movie that isn't avatar. that's dumb see it.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Terminator 2 review and golden globes

so what happened to the cameronathon. well I worked way to hard on this video. several days in fact. cause i wanted it to be really good. leaving not enough time to do a video a day. I'm gonna make one more then avatar. Sorry i didn't do more. i am a little disappointed in myself. but all his movies are movies that i have watched since middle school and they mean alot to me. so i wanted to do it justice. but hey at least i can do the other ones when his next movie comes out. in 2027

Yes I know there pointless but i do a blog post about it every year. so yeah.
no real huge suprises. I am personally suprised that avatar got on there. I think it has a really good shot at a best picture nomination. we'll see how well the x-mas break does for it.
Sandra Bullock is nominated twice for the blindside and The Proposal. That shows how bullshit these awards are. also nominated Julia Roberts. what really. I think most people below the age of 30 don't care about her at all and everyone above stop caring in 2003. She really hasn't done that much this decade. but another intresting thing. she turned down The Proposal and is nominated in the same categorey as Sandra Bullock for the role she turned down. ouch. also i really can't think of anyone who saw that duplicity movie.
Another intresting categorey is that former married couple Kathryn Bigelow and James Cameron are nominated together. hmmmmm. This will most likely happen at the oscars also. so it'll probably be a bigger deal then. but i doubt either of them will talk much about. i seriously think that is the first time that has ever happened.
I am alittle sad Ponyo didn't get a animation nomination. I personally wasn't all that in to coraline. I mean sure animation is great and i think it makes sense to nominate it. but Ponyo i mean first off it's a good Hayao Miyazaki movie. a great one even. I mean really dam. I know disney cares more about there other animated films up and princess and the frog. to care about ponyo. kinda lame.
I was suprised how much Inglourious Basterds got. and that the hangover got on there. which all though good. i guess everyone is gonna run this one into the ground. I'm sick of hearing about this movie. there were better comedies this year.
Also how come nobody talks about how 9 is a remake of 8 and half. like what's up with nobody saying that. i wanna be sick of hearing about that fact and yet i never ever hear anyone bring it up.

yeah so it's all bullshit til the oscars and really the globes don't matter. but really nothing is life matters. i mean do you think anyone is really gonna care what job you had a 100 years from now. yeah i really doubt it. so there you go the golden globes is like life pointless and meaningless but it's certainly fun to get in to it.

man i don't know if i can get away with that last part.

Monday, December 14, 2009

The lovely bones and the wicker man

so i saw lovely bones this weekend. it doesn't open wide until i think january 15 or some time mid january.

wooo this movie is really creepy and makes u totally scared of pagens but it's really good too.
Basically the plot is this cop has been told a girl is missing from this werid island so he goes there looking for her but can't find her. also no is very helpful and there all into creepy sex stuff.
The cool part about this movie is not only the aproach. it's just how wrapped up you get in this film and it goes along pretty quickly or at least feels that way.
It's like a mystery movie but mixed with a horror element. i guess most horror has mystery in it but this is mostly mystery.
The pagens are always odd not exactly shown properly. you never understand them at all. there actions look completely random. that's a real strong part of this film. if he drove up to the island and all the pagens were doing freaky sex stuff. that really wouldn't have been as interesting.
This is also a good movie and i think even if your really not that into horror. you'd dig this movie. cause it's both really good and it's fun to follow. It does feel really raw sometimes but then you realise that wasn't that raw cause it gets worse.
Yeah this is not just a cult horror film it's alot better i think then just a silly cult film it's actually really good.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Futurama av heads and Transformers 2

Jisuk Cho. who is a student worker with my department at sva. drew these for the whole full time staff at Audio Visual. it says everyones names so yeah. i think mine looks alot like me. makes me wanna watch futurama. man that was a great show.

This moive is pretty bad. but what did i expect I hated the first one. I love the animated transformers movie and the series. But this ick.
My biggest complaint with the last one is it had very little if anything to do with the source material and too many fucking humans. why do people always do that. Make the movie shorter. nobody wants to see humans that's not what they see transformers movie for. This certainly had more robots and more battles and maybe if it wasn't 2 hours and 30 minutes it would be fun. But because they had to do alot of bullshit this movie is way too long.
I don't understand why they bother to make this movie have any character development. what's the point it doesn't go anywhere anyway. it's like none of them have the balls to just have nonsensical explosions and call it a day. if this was 90 min. i would probably tell you how awesome it was.
Then there were the parent characters. which i'm not sure why they were in this movie since they didn't serve any purpose other then annoy me.
Then the racist robots. oo yeah they have like minstrol show robots. awful and one of the robots has testicles.
But the biggest problem is the movie is dull by the end i could have cared less. sure maybe this one was more like the source material in some ways. but it sucked. I don't like this movie series. I get that they make money but why neither was very good. in fact they both sucked. probably just the same amount of suck in each. I like GI Joe way better then these movies. cause at least it was kinda fun this is just bullshit. it sucks so bad. don't see this. somebody needs to make a good transformers movie but i don't think that's gonna happen. so really if u have to see one of these just see gi joe don't see this trash.

orignal animated transformers movie

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

An Education and Samurai I: Musashi Miyamoto

I saw this a while ago. then shot the video and took forever to put it up. then i put it up and didn't put it on here. and thats the story.

This is the first part of the Samrai triology. It's based on the legendary Japanese swordsman Miyamoto Musashi. I don't know anything about that guy so i'm gonna assume this is accurate but i also don't care cause this is a movie.
Really this is a film about growing up and the point that this guy who becomes a samurai. This film reminds me alot of Fellowship of the ring. Jus the way it flows and it's also the begining of an epic quest that at the end there changed people.
It was also somewhat fun but very well made.
I really liked the main character. I guess that's the point. wouldn't work much without him. But i think how angry he is shows that he could defently be someone who would want to be a great warrior. his unfocused way about him. it just really works.
I think if you like the great escape or more american action movies you will like this film your not gonna be over whelmed by the foreigness of this. it's very clear narrative and very universal. I was gonna just watch this one and if it was good I was gonna watch the whole triology well I'm watching the whole thing and i'm really intrested. awesome movie even for samruai virgins.
it won the oscar for best foreign film in 1955 but that was when there was a William Holden narration. I'm assuming to make it do better in america. thanks for being stupid 50's america. people can see movies without americans in it. guess i now know were they got the idea for the original Godzilla. But i don't think anyone puts out that version anymore. most likely cause that's lame. sorry William Holden.

I stumbled upon this today. I can't believe Ed Koch does movie reviews on youtube. this has to be the more bizarre thing is that. most of the reviews that he's done and i've done, I've got more views. not sure how that happened. also this cause i'm so new york. I knew ed koch from the critic and a beastie boys song. if anyone was referenced on both i will most likely no about them.

also i picked the one for an education. get it cause mines above yeah i know crazy

Monday, December 07, 2009

Upn in the air review

this is the big oscar movie. I saw it on friday.

Friday, December 04, 2009

smashing pumpkins documentary

I've always wanted someone to do a smashing pumpkins documentary. sure it isn't the greatest documentary ever or anything. but i like it. i used to be a big pumpkins fan. one x-mas i got the aeroplane flies high which was a boxset of all there singles from mellon collie. man they were coo. anyway yeah the whole thing is below.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Ninja Assassin and This is it

fuck yeah ninja assassin. I was waiting to do this video for a while. just cause I saw the title. that really started this whole thing. Then i heard it was a Wachowski brothers back movie. I really like speed racer so i was hyped. anyway it was alot of fun making it.
Micah Welner helped me make this one. He also worked on King Ralph Burger King Adventure and moment by moment. I feel like we make good videos together.
I would lvoe to do more of them like this. It's hard to do it too much. but as much as i can i do.

I know a little late. who cares.
I was really skeptical about seeing this. i was gonna do a video for it but then i decided against it. But it's really kinda good. One of the smarter things about this film is you're not hearing michael jacksons newer stuff. they really play mostly hits and which basically means killer songs until like the last bit. Which was good cause the movie flows really well early on. so you arn't as doubtful. however fucking earth song ewwww. i hate that song. like the earth is coo and all that stuff. but that song sucks. I'm sure he did alot more newer stuff but they probably cut it. that's defently a good thing.
something that is intresting about this film. is that your watching a big concert tour (well it was gonna be a run of shows but like it was 50 shows so lets just say like a tour.) come together with rehersals and all the stuff they gotta do before. they show several different version of dance sequences inter cut with songs. it looks like they worked hard. which ( and like most other critics would also say) is probably better then the actual concert itself would have been. When I was watching it I felt like that alot. But that makes the film better.
I never liked the director who is mostly known for his high school the musical movies. but I think this shows alot of growth as a director. I really hated his direction on high school the musical. I thought it was lazy. this is really well pieced together. maybe thats the editors but i'm gonna pretend he had something to do with it.
If your even a casual michael jackson fan. this is a good movie to see. I think most people will probably catch it whenever it gets on tv. but it's seriously worth a watch and you'll have a good time. I don't entertaining and pretty good. also nice looking footage. since it's all in hd and stuff.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

psychomania and videos

This is an awesome british biker film from the 70's. but wait thats not all there is.
The plot is about this bike gang finding out how to come back from the dead and be invinivable. yeah crazy right.
It's a really fun movie and i think pretty well made as well. There wasn't a moment where i was like ok maybe this is too far. I can see maybe thinking that but really it doesn't at all.
The helmets with the skulls are awesome and the fact the bike gang is called the living dead all ready. i mean come on that's like an open inventation to be an undead biker.
There's alot of mystery to this film. your not really sure how somethings happen but instead of hindering the film. it actually helps it and makes it kind of more freaky.
I have never seen a british biker movie before but this one was alot of fun and not just the undead shit. like the whole movie is fun. even the bike parts but i think motorcycles are cooler in the movies cause in real life i could care less.
If you like fun movies you should be down for this one.

sorry for the slacking on this blog. the real reason is the i work on my videos and then it's 11 and i'm like oo shit maybe it's too late to do this blog thing. so i need to get on this shit. cause i do still like doing it.

anyway i just wanted to put up some videos

i know it's late cause black friday was last but it's still a coo song. i didn't pick this for the images. more so the song. you can just play in and open a new tab or window and look at something else while you rock out.

I know I'm supposed to hate this song and like rhianna's more right. well her song blows. i could give a fuck less what your music is actually about. what i do care about is if your songs good. and this song is fun and well dumb as shit but hey whateva. also i don't actually really like chris brown beating chicks. but hey i bet you still listen to ike turner and he beat tina alot worse.