Wednesday, November 26, 2008


we at nockFORCE were on vacation this week for the thanksgiving weekend but we got this special turkey day video.
The turtle is our turtle trevor. He eats fish.

for more fun but less turtles unforently go to

late for thanksgiving

So I have a new nockforce thanksgiving special coming out tonite post midnite. That would make it my third thanksgiving special. All though I don't really like the holiday i do like thanksgiving specials. My personal favorite is the peanutes one were they explain the mayflower. awesome. I also really wish i had boomerang so i could see this
But yeah I don't much like thanksgiving. I do however love christmas but I've never done that. mostly cause i don't really wanna be posting videos on christmas.

However funny story this new thanksgiving special will be the first one I do that will actually go up on thanksgiving. the others were late. yeah seriously. so Below are the videos for both cletus and nockforce. and the reasons they were late.

This one was really supposed to go up before thanksgiving. However I didn't have enough time to do it. Well I could have. and if it was now i would have finished it. but i did have a ride early the next morning. and well there is no excuse this should have gone up for thanksgiving. but since it didn't thats why there's that intro. makes sense now huh.
However since i knew i couldn't finish the cartoon in time so I made the commentary episode instead cause it was really easy to do. so that's the story behind the 2 episodes.

This one wasn't too late we put it up like the sunday after to keep up the sunday nockforce thing we have going on. It really came together fast. we had the thing recorded then we realised we couldn't do it so we filmed my turtle trevor eating.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

weekend box office report

Normally I don't do this but because it was like a kinda crazy weekend with the movies i would write a thing on it.

The big news is Twilight that made like 70 million this weekend. Mostly do to the fact Harry Potter got pushed back til the summer. And this was going to be harrys weekend. with that gone twilight could come and scoop up all the teenagers.
Thats all great except that teen movies don't ever do great during the holidays almost guarteening that it will fall like 60% thanksgiving weekend.
Also the movie as a bunch of things wrong with it.
First whats with the whole vampire rameo and juliet thing. Like how many times can the kinda good vampire fall for the lonely white chick from a suburbain neighborhood.
Then of course she has a red haired friend whos kinda a witch and the girl is predestined to be the slayer to end all vampires or something.
Then if this vampire dude is like 90 or something why try and bone a high school chick. you know that hes gonna be really unimpressed when does do her cause she's like 15 and probably not good at boning highly experience vampires.
Also i hope the kids who like this twilight thing realize when they're 25 they'll be embarressed of this vampire thing just like i am of mine. but either way Joss Whedon loses.

Then there's bolt. oh man did that thing sank. holy shit. seriously. it made just a little bit more then meet the robinsons (disneys last movie) and that came out in march. it's right before a holiday weekend and they can't perform. maybe it's cause disney and has thrown so much shit at us we don't even care anymore. actually that is why we don't care.
anyway yeah so chicken little which came out in november by disney made like 40 mil verus bolt'2 26 mil. It does however have the luxury of having thanksgiving. so it might make like 23 mil next but most likely it'll be like 18 mil and bolt will barley break 100 mil. if it does at all.
Really I'm glad Bolt bombed cause I'm sick of people making a big deal about these craptastic disney movies. seriously they are craptastic. They blow and in the future they will still blow. so nobody cares. please disney make a good movie or something.

Monday, November 24, 2008


effnocka and FUCKFORCE discuss how glasses can't really help a movie. Also special 3d playlist with the video.

correct your vision at

end theme made with the filipino kings

good stuf on tv last nite

drink crow


king of the hill

Friday, November 21, 2008


yeah i know this is really late to post this. but i just found this and i wanted to post it cause of it's awesomeness. hope you like it.
also whoever did this you are awesome.

Rest of the year release schudle

so since we've got like a month left of 2008. I figured I'd list the best movies coming out for the rest of the year that are any good. in release date order. However i really actually don't know if there good I'm just going off buzz. but you know like what most likely will be good I guess.

By far the best release date is 12/26. day after christmas will be awesome.

and the remake of the day the earth stood still is a horrible atrocity of film and i will never ever see that crap.

11/26 - Australia


12/05 - Frost/Nixon

12/12 - Che

12/17 - The Wrestler

12/25 - The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

The Spirit

12/26 - Revolutionary Road


Waltz with Bashir

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kota The Triceratops

So I've seen this ad before and really do want this. And I know mememolly did a blog post about this.

But as much as i wanted one i always wanted to know how much does that thing cost. Really I thought it was in the price range of like $50 or something. you know. I figured if it was that much i would totally get one. well I was off by like $200. yeah it's $240. There is no way anyone is gonna buy this ironically with that kinda price. I mean maybe if i was really rich or something but still. dam. can't wait for this shit on clearance

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Quantum of Solace

I've read other reviews of this film and they seem like just bullshit. Mostly complaining about how this new Bond is not the bond they loved from the previous films. Why complain about that now this is the second of the NEW BOND. should have complained about it last time. I really don't get it.
I mean I guess you could say Bond is not an action star. Sure maybe he wasn't in your day but he sure as hell is now.
This James Bond movie isn't about just solving the big mystery with some huge supervillian. James Bond id angry and upset and confused. The villians even discuss how crappy things are and even are asked to be paid in euros. This movie is a james bond for now.
Thats always been the franchises strong point. To make current blockbusters. So expect that going in.
This film may not be better the Casino Royale but it comes very close to it and whats so wrong about that. It's still a great bond movie and your missing out not seeing it.

Monday, November 17, 2008


This is a music video for a song off of our Third EP,
nockFORCE 3 BattleFight: The Offical Videogame

Download it at HERE

Listen to more of our music at

I'll give this video a better blog treatment later in the week

but shit we came out with alot last nite

tv sucked except king of the hill last nite

Friday, November 14, 2008

Hulk vs. Thor

I saw the trailer for what has to be the most awesome sounding title ever HULK VS. THOR. all i know is. it's 45 minutes and the trailer actually looks decent. And the animation looks good. Really most likely it will suck but with a short running time and the awesomness that could accur looks real promising. anyway check the trailer

Thursday, November 13, 2008

It wasn't really a hologram

So it turns out. what you saw on CNN on Election night was not really a hologram. what that shit is dumb. They said it was one and it looked like one.
Well it's not or according to Professor Hans Jurgen Kreuzer of Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
What we really saw was a "tomogram," a type of image commonly used in special-effects scenes in movies. If the image had been an actual hologram, The anchor would be able to see the hologram in real life and not just in a monitior off stage. So basically it's only a hologram in camera. In real life they were talking to nothing and probably hearing the voice only.
Apprently holograms are still ten years away.


but come on saying we have the first tomogram on tv doesn't have the same ring to it.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

sweet movie

for the record the film is seriously called "sweet movie". And yes it is a sweet movie but it's crazy isane.
Sure there isn't really a plot or anything but it's a fun rise and really thats what you want from a movie anyway. Of course it does have all this stuff about sexuality and feminism and stuff so it's not just visual. but the visuals are really odd.
I don't know describing this movie is really hard and if you see it you'll understand. anyway if you need another reason heres a coo fact from imdb about the movie.

Anna Prucnal (one of the movies stars) was exiled from her native country Poland for seven years as a result of her role in the movie. She was denied a Visa to enter Poland to see her dying mother during that time

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

effective advertising and new cletus

So i read the nielsen blog which tells me all sorts of things about tv shows ratings and commercials and stuff. You wanna know what the most memorable commercial on tv is. Well it's that annoying as shit Brooke Shields rutan commercial. that's the one most people remeber.

I realize i don't understand how commercials works cause i really don't get that commercial.

This cletus was made in 2005. This movie pardy was the second one and seriously it was made like i told zero the idea and made it. in the same day. i think it's kinda funny.

Monday, November 10, 2008


effnocka and FUCKFORCE finally have a new idea- vaudeville!

throw tomatoes at

Download our latest release The Seige of Death Mountain MixTape

Best Cartoons from last nite

King of the Hill


ummmmm can i put superjail again

Friday, November 07, 2008

The End of King of the Hill and all the bullshit that goes with it

in case you havn't heard Fox cancelled King Of the hill in it's 13th season. Frankly the show is really over they all ready started rapping up story lines last season. So I'm not really suprised and really it was something that was gonna happen. All though it is sad to see one of the longest running shows end. (It was in it's 13th season.)

Soon after this everyone was talking about ABC picking them up so it could be a lead in for The Goode Family. Mike Judge's new show on ABC. The only thing though is ABC never said that Daily Variety said this "but launching a new toon is always a risky endeavor. Picking up one with a proven track record may be the way to go for ABC, which Daily Variety has identified as a likely suitor for King of the Hill." So really there was a suggestion to ABC. ABC never said shit. they never said they were intrested and to be real frank I doubt ABC gives a shit.
A non FOX network launching a cartoon. Has that ever worked out. Even when the network seems like it cares it never works out. The Goode Family probably will get dumped somewhere and air a few episodes and then be cancelled. like most major networks do with animated shows. So i seriously doubt they would want another animated show they have pretend to like before dumping to somewhere. ABC is the network of Grey's anatomy.
Anyway it came out yesterday that Adult Swim will be picking up king of the hill reruns. and that the line up will start at 10 pm with King of the hill. This makes sense as parents of younger children usually won't let there kids watch family guy but king of the hill will attract a younger audience for that time slot. So in the end it's coo cause now king of the hill will join adult swim and that makes it all alot nicer.
the show needed to end but at least it will be in a good place for reruns.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

that's it

It's over and thankfully it turned out well.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

poltical voting videos

since it's voting day figured i'd put up all the nockFORCE and Cletus the Fetus about poltics and stuff.



Monday, November 03, 2008

blair witch and new cletus


I saw this late halloween nite with the lights off and it's still an intresting film. I remember the first time I saw this I was 15 and I was taking my first collage film class that summer. So it has a little nostelga value for me.
Seeing it now I was suprised how influentical it was. Also certainly it works better then most of the stuff that it later influentced cause it makes sense they were filming. Most of the other stuff seems kinda forced. this works more naturally.
The acting is impressive when you think those 3 carry the entire movie. There all good actors but they fall into acting cliches. But they did a great job of using the camera. which its funny that real cinematographers can't do this good of a job with shakey cam.
however who you gonna get mad at the director wasn't there so yeah. but it works for a nice low budget film and it's still a really different film.

side note: Also this film costs 22,000 according to some. I remember reading that most was spend on a high tech GPS system to know where the actors were. Think how low it would be now.

I only have 12 cletus episodes left to put up
This cletus is funny even though we did the concept all ready.