Monday, June 30, 2008

NEW nockFORCE Guest Quickie

In celebration of a full year of quickies, we present a SPECIAL GUEST QUICKIE by the internet's
Matt Wilson! who yes used to make bonus stage. pretty coo. i remember watching bonus stage in the final cut pro at sva. it was coo.

Even special-er, the audio is from our appearance on Squid's Redoubt- Operation BSU:
Go there and give them a listen!

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I'll write about wall e tomorrow but it was really dam good. you should go see it.

Friday, June 27, 2008

wall e and cletus

today's the day for wall e. I'm seeing it tonite and for what i hear you probably should too.
Apprently Disney is pushing this one hard and is trying for a best picture oscar. Not sure if it has a chanc or not cause if i havn't seen it. but i'm hoping for them.
Pixar is a quality studio. And all 8 films they've made have been ok well not all but most were good. Even great. so how can u go wrong.

so yeah

This cletus was the second halloween special. i think i might like this one more but thats mostly cause cletus was dressed as spiderman. that was awesome. Also Iron man at the time wasn't a big deal so it's funny we picked him.
also i love the end theme for this

Thursday, June 26, 2008

dethklok is the awesome and RULEZZZZZZZZZZ

I saw Dethklok last nite. They were really coo. Seriously it was a good show. Not only did they rock and rocking out to them next to the moshpit. Which at one point was insanely crazy. actually for like alot of songs it was crazy. So yeah they did bring it.
While the band played there was a video going that was so awesome you wanted to stop pounding your metal sign in air adn just watch it. It even had a little bit of a story too. It looked like they spent alot of time on it. Like alot of time. In fact if they released it on a dvd or just an extra feature or something i would totally buy it. Also some of the videos i think were extended versions but not sure.
The band didn't get to talk much between songs but there were vidoes going in between songs and stuff. I think they just wanted us to watch the videos. And really they amount and skill of the videos made up for that. but they did talk at the end. and it was awesome.
Honestly i had an awesome great time and if you like the show this is a great thing to go to.

I know adult swim commented on why baltimore isn't sold out. And also made an awesome Omar joke too. But anyway point is the place they picked to play sucks. Rams Head is probably not the best place. Baltimore is a better place to play a small venue. People in baltimore know this but mostly its cause rams head sucks that they're not going. If you weren't from there it probably looks like a good place but i'm sure they'll maybe place some were else next time.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Best of Lists (afi part)

well two big lists came out. Or well two organizations put out several lists. Not sure how many there actually are out of them all but Entertainment Weekly and AFI both put out lists.
AFI's was the typical when there not doing the top 100 kind of list. Mostly cause I don't think we really care that much. this time it was several top 10 lists of various genres. Most were ok i guess. i never thought of court room drama as a genre. And Personally never cared that much for that genre. Mostly cause i see it like ALL THE FUCKING TIME ON TV!!!!!!!!! Like I don't watch reality shows in the theater. there are like 3 law and orders and then some other shows that i can't name cause i don't care about them. Point is really. like come on.
Then the animation list was like hey disney makes everything except apprently for Shrek. Which acording to afi is better then the iron giant. Which brings up the biggest thing. I know that we're only doing amercian films ok it's coo myasaki wasn't on there but no Brad Bird. Brad Bird is the best american animation director and might be the best in the whole dam world or at least one of the best. The incredbiles should have been on there and same with iron giant. Yeah maybe thats unfair but it's unfair that shrek go in there too. also no Dumbo. And the order ooooooo man. jesus. ok disney does take up most of the list no matter what but only one slot for non disney.(i'm counting pixar in the disney thing)come on give us at least like 2. maybe 3. and i'm gonna say this and i'm serious but the emperors new groove is the best disney movie post little mermaid. fuck yeah if you havn't seen it then go do so.

ew i'll do u later

least deserving to be on the afi





TITANIC (it's good but not that good)

Most Shocking to get on at all

Blue Velvet

Harold and Maude

city light number one in romantic comedy



Tuesday, June 24, 2008

batman and cletus

They've been playing this alot on TBS. I'm not sure why right now. I guess to build buzz for dark knight. But this batman movie sucks. granted it's better then batman and robin. But seriously how low are your expectations.
Looking at the that film now it's pretty forgettable film making. The whole robin thing doesn't work. I don't know i was just watching it today.

This cletus is pretty bad and thus why i put it out now.
I guess i used up all the cheat episode ideas.
Regardless this one is probably the worst one but arn't u glad it's on you tubes

Sunday, June 22, 2008

NEW nockFORCE Quickie

PARTY SUB!!!!! also rip george carlin

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Friday, June 20, 2008

the old days of tape trading

Currently I have been going through my incredibly lenghy vhs collection and converting them to dvd. Having to actually watch all the various crap I've recorded over the years is a big nostelga trip.
It reminds me of a time when VHS was king and to get your favorite shows newest season meant getting an episode guide from the internet and recording. Same with the music videos. Now you can just buy a collection. Back in the 90's you would have to know what songs got videos made. Then what videos actually get aired. Cause even huge bands have videos that don't get aired that much. It was crazy.
Then to get stuff you didn't have you'd tape trade with a friend who did have stuff you wanted or just cause you were nice. Mystrey Science Theater 3000 had a huge tape trading following. Me and my friend Evan would tape trade through the intrenet with people from where ever. We have some pretty nice episode because of it. Even special marathon airings and stuff. See Airings that used to matter.
Of course to get in to tape trading you havn't to have something that was kinda and rare and one you did people wanted it. Or just something coo.
I had several music videos tapes that people would start copying before i filled them up. which is weird that in someones parents basement in baltimore theres a different version of a tape i made in 96.
I made a tape for a girl in middle school with all the marilyn manson stuff i had. I had some good stuff a interview special at least 4 videos. so it was a good tape. I kinda had a thing for her. Turned out she was going out with this chick at the time. We actually sat together in like every class and she was a nice friend. So i kinda let it go. mature for a 14 year old. But she still got a sweet tape.
I love all those tapes but to be honest i don't wanna go back. I like the internet and all that stuff now. I know i'm a 20 something in brooklyn i should suck vhs dick like it's vinyl and act all coo. First off all though vinyl is a superior medium sound wise to cassettes, cd's, and ipods. (that is actually true) vhs is inferior to dvd and alot of the internet now. so i;m not really into downgrading like that. after i convert everything i have on vhs to dvd. I'll either stick in my parents house (sorry dad) or through it in a closet. Possiably even get rid of them all by giving them away.
Vhs was coo but really and seriously we need to move on.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Stan Winston

A huge guy in the special effects world Stan Winston died on 15th. Winston did some sweet special effects or make up for the following films





Galaxy Quest

Artificial Intelligence: AI

Iron Man

terminator 2

He won 3 oscars and was in the making of to, to many big blockbuster movies. that guy was great. I wish there was more coverage on this. It will be sad that he isn't working on films anymore

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hulk and cletus

so um the hulk wasn't that great. ok it wasn't horriable. it was ok. But it does kinda lead to what the avengers hulk will be. so in some ways i'm ok with this. As a movie viewer maybe not as much.
There were parts about it that were coo. The stan lee cameo was good.
Ok really this movie comes down to one thing. i never really liked the hulk. but the few i read are like this movie. does that make it a bad movie in someways it doesn't. But I didn't really care about Iron man and now i love him.
so really this is for people who like the hulk if you don't like the hulk then don't see this.
And yes it is better then the 2003 one.

I thought this episode was lame but i re watched it and liked it more. I think it was a coo one. Espically Jordan. The end theme is one of my personal favorites.

Monday, June 16, 2008


Today we're talking about our favorite comic strips! Which one is your favorite? Is it "Garfield"? I hope not! seriously. also special playlist for monday.

for more comic gold go to

adult swim was awesome last nite you probably allready knew that though

Venture and metal good together

Friday, June 13, 2008

lil wayne and more

ok last lil wayne post.
The question everyone asks is. is it any good? well yes infact i might put a fuck yes after that. is it perfect. well come on guys nobodys perfect.
the album is a star making mc album. lil wayne is all ready a star but this makes it stick. his flow is crazy almost all the songs are tight. sorry i alway skip track 9. also it fills the whole cd and you get a bonus disc.
If you like rap and recently it hasn't been that much fun pick this up and have some fun again. This is the new big mc and we should get used to it. well thats what i learned anyway.
Also the let the beat build is fucking awesome coo album seriously.

so nockforce is gonna be on this internet radio thing and they made a promo that is fucking awesome and i like it so much i'm putting it on both my blog and the nockforce one. check the link for more infro

Thursday, June 12, 2008


the ny post all ready did this joke as a headline. In typical post style. great headline. Which got me thinking there arn't very many times in life you can bring attack of the killer tomatoes so why not live it up poster and the theme song from the saturday morning cartoon. which came on at like 7 am on saturday i think. yeah i was that kinda kid.

I have to say going to subway not as good without tomatoes. tomato i miss u i hope that this ends soon.

greys anatomy not good enough for the emmys

well acording to katherine heigl. Even though she won an emmy for the show last year. she felt that the show wasn't good enough to be nominated against other shows. so she withdrew her name.
This is hillarious that a tv star would pull this. Cause i'm sure there on a show too long and the show starts to suck. just cause your under contract doesn't mean you have to give good press too.
This hurts more cause greys anatomy has dipped in ratings and also hasn't been the good appointment tv show it once was.

anyway thats funny you know

read story here

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lil wayne and cletus

today is obviously Lil Wayne's with his incredibly highly anticapted album Carter 3 today. will it be any good. Who knows. Diddy seems to like it. But will he deliver. I'm hoping so. I have faith but the guy has dropped a ton of great stuff on mix tapes but at the same time has he given away all his best stuff on them. I don't know but i'll hit up a review when i feel i can review it you know.
It's crazy that this guy is gonna have the biggest first week this year. The least will be 700k but the possiablty of doing a million is there. However knowing the current economic situation i doubt thats possiable anymore. anyway yeah.

the second cletus about the drink sparks. this one is alot funnier but i think the other one is better. ummm thats it enjoy

Monday, June 09, 2008

cletus and stuff

no nockforce this week but I put up a cletus last nite. this one came about when Ian and Zero just improved this when we were hanging out. I made them record it and thus is the episode. i think it's really funny

Last nite was All new Venture on Adult Swim. Coo episode another one directed by ian. So of course it was good.

Also metalclock was awesome too.

Friday, June 06, 2008

random note

On my continuing conversion of all my vhs. which should be over in like 2009. seriously i have too many vhs. anyway

I remember my parents made me go to this youth group for this church they belonged too. And I really thought everyone was stupid. But i realized now they were cause i remembered this quote from one of them.

"The wallflowers are great. They're way better then Bob Dylan"

girl behind him

"oh yeah totally better then bob dylan"

If i see you in the street who ever said that i'm gonna remind u cause that was really dumb. even at the time but well actually i think at any point of time that is kind of a dumb comment. even if you don't like bob dylan the wallflowers were never ever better. and even like bad 90's dylan is better then the wallflowers oooooooo suck it fuckforce wins


Moonraker was the James Bond attempt at captalizing off of star wars. in fact they weren't gonna make this one until star wars became a huge hit. But much like saturn 7 and black hole it isn't that good. In fact this movie sucks until they get to s[ace which is the last half hour. even though all the posters are him in space.
I know this film is one of the highest grossing james bond films but i can imagine seeing it when it came out and being seriously pissed off cause i wanted way more space. also this was too cheesy. i think if you wanna see this just watch the last half hour you'll have a much better time that way.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

pop soundtracks to movies

I'm currently converting my vhs collection to dvd so thats why i'm on such a nostelgia kick lately.


I remember when summer movies would come out and the other coo thing about them was the soundtracks. And they would be blockbuster soundtracks with tons of huge artists. about three or four would put actual good songs on there so they could be the big singles. then the rest would be b-sides they sold off or some groups that were kinda big but not really that big.
Then the videos for the big single would have some crazy insane budget with all sorts of special effects with movie clips.
I seriously would watch a video even if i hated the song to see clips. actually i only did that when the first spiderman came out. which is kinda of embrassing but i was really excited.
now soundtracks are either smaller bands or old material. i guess we can thank pulp fiction and american graffiti for that one.
There were two soundtrack of this era that were intresting ideas. maybe not excacuted very well but they were good ideas. The soundtrack for a movie i forget but it combined rap and rock groups to make songs together. most of which sucked. Then the spawn soundtrack which wanted to be as dated as humanly possiably by combining techno and rock groups. I'm not sure if that was a good idea but it's a fun thing to look back on. here's filter with the crystal method.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Spiderman and obama and also movie goers are old now

man if obama doesn't pick spiderman as a running mate. like that would be stupid if he didn't. see he wears both blue and red he can get people who are loyal to both parties.

other then that not much going on.

I posted a cletus last nite to discover the audio was out of synch i'll fix that tonite. but it's down now so wait til later

So sex and the city and indiana jones have done something that a summer movie never does. be a hit without a huge teenage following. exit polls for both are getting older people. Sex and the city getting women in there 20's and above. indiana jones getting people in there 20's and above.
Kinda coo that the summer blockbuster season is kinda changing. I'm sure they're not writing off teens all together. but maybe we don't need to rely on them as much.
This is also good for another reason. Teens ususally see a movie in it's first week and then thats it. older movie goers will go a few weeks later. so yeah i'm sure this trend will continue with don't mess with the zohan this coming weekend

Monday, June 02, 2008

nockforce quickie and venture bro.'s

nockFORCE is here to bring some fun to your work day! It's all work and no play! also this is a special office playlist

More work at

Last nite was a truly awesome nite for adult swim. New Episodes of both metalcolpyse and venture brothers with the television animatior directing debut of the nock in the nockforce, Ian Jones-Quartey. it was truly awesome. if you missed it watch it here i really liked it. it's a really awesome infact even super awesome.
Also metalcolypse was awesome and squidbillies was really coo too.